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    What's the most complicated contraption you've ever built in Minecraft?
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    What is your In Game Name: Ajama11
    How old are you: 13
    How long have you played Minecraft: Just over a year (Started 6/30/11)
    Tell us why you would like to join our server: I can find the bugs that are happening, and MIGHT be able to decipher why it's happening. It depends on what happened, and the circumstances, etc.
    How can you benefit the server: I can find the numerous bugs that are bound to be there, since it is Minecraft and Java coding.
    Any other info you think we should know about you: I was in the 24/7 livestream with you, and I suck at First Person Shooters, so I might be able to find bugs with missing hits, deathstreaks (If you're doing that), and the other game mechanics related to people that suck at shooting.
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    Seed: Clopin
    I searched Google, I believe that nobody has uploaded this seed to the internet, so here it is.
    (Clopin is the name of a character in Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    I remember that there were some cool stuff in 1.7.3 and such, but terrain generation has changed, and now the Seed Clopin looks AMAZING. Capital C, rest are lowercase.

    Sorry that I can't put screenshots, but here are the coordinates of the epicness.

    Z: 104
    Y: 100
    X: 259

    That should put you in the middle of SOME of it. The epicness expands pretty far. Let me tell you what is nearby those coords. Many caves in the mountains. One of the caves I explored had a dungeon in it that wasn't too far from the entrace. There is a spherical hole in the ground over at X: 56 ; Y: 67 ; Z: 159 that has a Abandoned Mine Shaft inside. Right next to the entrance is a river, and pumpkin patch.

    For those of you who can't get the seed to work, here is the numerical version of it: 2021311183.

    If I find any more cool features, I will edit this post and put it in.
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