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    posted a message on Looking For A Good Rpg Server !
    Like the Title Says I Am Looking For A Good Rpg Server Help Me By Posting Some Below.Thanks.
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    posted a message on Does Any One Have Any Good Rpg Server ?
    I Have Been Looking For A Good Rpg Server And I Am Having A Hard Time So Help Me Send By Posting Some Below. Thanks.
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    posted a message on closed
    Alvarok Or Something Like Erivena
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Sparrow] Doggy Talents Mod v2.2.3 (A day no dogs would drown!)
    You Should Do A Mod Like This For Cats

    I Would Install
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    posted a message on -CREEPERVILLE- RPG BUKKIT SERVER. (Factions, MCMMO, Stores, PvP, Mob Arenas, Catacombs!)
    Is there only one town?
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    posted a message on Savage RPG - [1.7] [Custom Bosses with over 250 Unique Abilities!] [Diablo Style Loot] [Dungeons] [Quests] [Classes] [Towns] [Pv
    Big Question If It's Roleplaying it Should Have Character, Right?
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    posted a message on o[New!] [Fantasy] [Medieval]♛Legends of Aetheon: Darkness♛ [Role-Play] [Races] [Events] [Factions]
    I might sign up !

    But I am not going to....
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Character Info

    Name (first and last): Aria Dawn
    Age (Current year 1261 3rd Age): 17
    Gender: Female
    Race (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc): Human
    Residence (choose one city above or "Wilderness" for living out in the wild): Mistwatch

    Profession (choose 1): Blacksmith
    Background info (A bit of info about your character. Please be as creative and unique/original as possible.): I can't really think of anything sorry

    Account Info

    Minecraft username: zippylove
    Roleplaying Experience (any roleplaying servers you've played on before): Lenavia, DragonsReach, and about three Fallout servers
    Have you read our entire rules?: Yes
    Have you read our entire server lore?: Yes
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    posted a message on .:{Makriem Fantasy Roleplay}:. [RP] [Magic] [20Slot] [Whitlist]
    Cool looking server
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    posted a message on Fallout: War Never Changes REBORN! Tons More Features and Epic Hardcore Role-Play Meet Again!

    IGN: zippylove
    Age: 17
    Role-Play Exp.: A steampunk server, about three fallout servers and a zombie server
    Why Us:I love fallout and I need a good roleplaying server
    Time You Can Dedicate:A few hours a week but not every week


    Name: Harmony Faith
    Appearance: 5,4, 115 lbs,pale,long brown hair in a side pony,small,skinny,hourglass figure,
    Fears: Monsters,
    Occupation: No job
    Nickname (Optional):
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):

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    posted a message on [LuckyHitCraft] SMP, Factions, Small, ZombieApocalypse, RandomPVPMatches. 24/7.
    Ok things to work on so more people will join

    1.Make it roleplay and whitelist

    2.Get Pics

    3.Alot of people hate pvp
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] From Ashes - Post-Apocalypse - Factions - Roleplay - PvP

    Minecraft Username:zippylove


    Previous Roleplay Exp:well i have played on about 5 walking dead servers and some fallout to

    Have you ever been banned before? If so why?:Yes on my friends server, and i was accused of greifing on another but i didnt

    Why do you want to join us?:you title looked cool at first and i liked your lore


    Name:Alice Dawn



    Personality:Shy,quiet,sneaky,nice and smart when you get to know her

    Occupation:Finding Food

    RP Example:

    Jeff:*shouts* Everyone,EVERYONE come here

    Alice*yelling* WHAT JEFF

    Jeff:Come here

    Alice:*walking over to jeff* What Jeff?
    Alice: Gota go sorry *yells* What SERIA *runs over to Seria* Here
    Seria: Good ,we need you to go get food we are almost out
    Alice: Ok, why not
    Seria: Alice don't start
    Alice:*goes of to get food* why do I have to do this
    Riesa: ALICE your back * hugs Alice*
    Alice: Hey Riesa, how are you doing

    Backstory (Make sure it’s long enough at least 1 decent paragraph):

    I haven't finished yet because it was 1:00am when I wrote this
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que

    Role-PlayExp.:I have played on many rping servers
    WhyUs:Your server looks AWESOME
    TimeYouCanDedicate:Not every day but alot
    BriefDescription of Yourself:I am a girl gamer you enjoys role-playing games
    ExplainRole-PlayInYourOwnWords:Role playing is when you do more then act a part or chacter you be them
    WhatIsPowergamingandMetagaming?Explainin your own words:Powergaming ex.*pulls sword out of my back and I kill 100
    people at once* Metagaming is when someone uses outside knowledge or information for an advange.


    Name:Aria Freya

    Race: Imperial



    Appearance:5'4,skinny,hourglass figure,long brown hair in a curly side pony,blue eyes


    Personality:Outgoing,Strong,Brave,but also shy at times



    [b]CanYourCharacterWield A Sword/Axe?:Yes




    Backstory(1-2[b]LONG[/b] paragraphs):Aria parents were Rois and Oleria Freya,they died when Aria was five,her parents were murdered.So she was then an orphan.At the age of fourteen Aria was adopted by a smith and so she learned how to smith and mine.At sixteen Aria sold things she made to people, when Aria was seventeen she got her first sword and tried to help everyone she could.

    [b]Open Response Questions - Answer them as detailed or briefly as you need. No powergaming,no metagaming, no rule breaking in these scenarios. They were made to test your character's personality and how you would ultimately role-play him/

    [b]As you travel the coast starving, you spot a ship around two miles away.It could be full of pirates or slavers.Maybe something worse.In all this time, they are close to the shore, close enough to spot you.Whatdo you do?[/b]Run in the opposite way.

    [b]While looking at wares inDolorpagus, you spot two men distracting a merchant while another man steals a large bag of wheat and runs away.Whatdo you do?[/b]Go get the guards then follow him

    [b]While traversing the outskirts of a small village, you hear some faint screams.Feeling curious, you peer over a small hill and see two bandits robbing an Elfin a dense forest.Behind the Elfis a large shack.[/b] Make my way very quietly and then cut the bandits'throats.

    Fus Ro Dah
    Ok so my backround isn't long i know but i am still working on it

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    posted a message on (CLOSED) ☢Fallout: Sins of Our Fathers☢[24/7][Serious RolePlay] #1 FALLOUT ROLE-PLAY SERVER!
    OOC: 2nd Time
    Time you can dedicate:if i get accept i will spend alot of time on it but not every day
    Why us?:I love fallout and i think your server would be super fun
    Define Role-Playing in your words: Roleplaying is when you do more the act a part you live some part or a life of a person that is made up
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: When information outside of a game is used as an advantage in game.
    Define Power-gaming in your words:Power gaming is when some one is say *pulled a knife out of my back now your dead*
    Name:Alice Dawn
    Appearance:5'4,Brown medium hair in a side pony that is curly,hourglass figure,skinny,blue eyes
    In-game RP example:
    Background: Alice grew up in the vaults with her parents and older brother, She was very loved but quiet.When Alice was seven her parents were accused of killing a woman and were kicked out of the vault.People left her fifteen year old brother take care of her,because of that she became quiet and lonely, none of the kids would talk to her or play with her,because they were scared to death of her whole family. At 14 Alice's brother died by starving to death, After that Alice was forced to live with the people who accused her parents of killing someone.At fifteen Alice had a crush on a boy named Eric Remina he was sixteen years old. When Alice was sixteen Eric asked her out and so they dated until they left the vault together. Before they left they promised each other to protect each other until they died.
    When Alice and Eric left they walked for miles until night, while sleeping Eric was killed.In the morning Alice saw blood on her face and freaked out. Later Alice started walking again.Alice found a small settlement and traded with the folk there.They let her sleep there for a few days,then she left and when out.A few days later she was shot in the arm and almost bleed to death.Alice fainted and had a dream about her parents,brother,and her all living in the vault in harmony.She woke up in the middle of no where.

    Nuka Cola is tasty!

    I haven't finished yet
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