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    posted a message on 18+ - Hermitcraft style server - Shopping district - good community - 7 seasons so far - active playerbase - datapacks

    im Airik

    im form illinois, specifically the suburbs of chicago, im 31 y/o and my IGN is GeneralSwede, and before you ask, no im not swedish. Everyone always asks, was the name of my first car which was a volvo! (lol)
    My Discord is GeneralSwede#8888
    im just looking for a good fun community to expirience all the new content minecraft has to offer!

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    posted a message on KingKraft 1.17.1 | Vanilla SMP [Whitelisted] [18+] [Since 2012]
    Your Minecraft Username: GeneralSwede

    Age: 30

    Country/Timezone: US / Central Time

    Discord Name (if you don't want to make it public you can PM it to me): GeneralSwede#8888

    Why are you interested in joining this server? Been Getting the itch to play Minecraft Again after a small hiatus and my old server is a ghost town, Heard about your server through a friend of mine from an old server and it seems like a good fit!

    Strengths (redstone, building, etc): Building and some redstone! Really loike to create mega structures and bases, as well as automating alot of the farming process!

    How many other servers have you been on and for how long? Will this be your primary server? i have been on 2 other community SMP servers over the course fo the last 5 years or so! and yes the plan is for this to be my main server

    What other games do you enjoy playing? World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Borderlands, Rocket League to name a few

    Tell us a bit about yourself. Hobbies, interests, etc. The more we know, the more information we have to base that decision off of.
    Im Airik, i am a car wash technician by trade (installing/repairing car washes) but in my spare time i like to play games and work on cars mostly old volvos! (hence the name Swede, im not actually swedish)
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    posted a message on | Narnia Craft | SMP | Whitelisted | 1.16.4 | 18+ | Server Started 14 November 2020 |
    Q: IGN[/b]
    A: GeneralSwede

    Q: AGE[/b]

    Q: Nickname[/b]
    A: Papa

    Q: Discord ID[/b]
    A: GeneralSwede#8888

    Q: You joined in our Discord Grup?[/b]

    Q: What is your favorite/preferred base/building style?[/b]
    A:big epic builds with automation if i had to classify id say Modern

    Q: Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities?[/b]
    A:been playing in communities on and off for about 5 years now
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    posted a message on (18+) MATURE laid back server

    - IGN: GeneralSwede

    - Age: 30

    - Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from? Name is Airik, im from US Specifically Illinois, been looking for a new server for a bit now cause my old one kinda fizzled out and the community you get from playing minecraft is one of my favorite aspects of the game, really like to play video games and work on my volvo in my past time (hence swede in my name i am 0% swedish, lol)

    - Why do you play minecraft? Whats your favorite part? What are you good at?:as i previously stated one of my favorite part of the game is the community that you can build within it, but i also enojy making grand base builds and redstone farms/automation (not great at redsstone but i manage)

    - Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them? i agree to all rules and they all soudns pretty straight forward and acceptable to me

    Why do you want to join specifically this server? just looking for a chill mature cummunity, and this soudns perfect based on description

    Anything further you'd like to say:excited to start playing

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    posted a message on 🌍 Limlight SMP 🌍 [100% Vanilla] [1.16.1] [Datapacks] [Mature 18+] 💚
    IGN - GeneralSwede
    Age - 30
    Country - US
    About you - Full time Mechanic, currently on furlough so got lots of spare time, been looking for a new SMP since my old one kinda died out
    Discord - GeneralSwede#8888
    What is your preferred building style? - i wouldnt say i have a favorite style but i def lean more towards a modern style i would say
    Redstone experience (1-10) - 7

    dont really have any saved pics of builds (got a new computer recently) but took some screen shots of a current work in progress in creative
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    posted a message on Junicraft ~ Just updated to 1.15.2 [21+] [Whitelisted] [SMP] [United States]

    Real Name: Airik

    Username: GeneralSwede

    Age: 29

    Timezone: Central

    Favorite Minecraft Activity: Big Base Builds, Redstone and Community Builds

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    posted a message on [Bentcraft IV] 1.15.2 Survival Only. Mature reasonably active players needed!! Current world started March 2, 2020

    Hello, im Airik, im 29 and live right out side chicago, my in game name is BF_Gravy, just came back to minecraft from a hiatus for past couple months and looking for a new server/community!

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    posted a message on Paxterya Season 3 | Vanilla SMP | 1.15.2 | Whitelist | YouTube channel, website, many features | paxterya.com

    Minecraft name: BF_Gravy
    Discord name: BFGravy#8888
    Age: 29
    Home country: USA
    About me: im a pretty laid back guy, in my free time i enjoy fixing up cars and playing games with my buds, nothing fancy
    Why I want to join Paxterya: looking to get back into minecraft after a hiatus since before the holidays, and looking for a good community driven server
    My previous buildings, dont have many pics so just grabbed some random ones i found in my screenshots

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    posted a message on Small 1.15 Hermitcraft Style Whitelisted Server

    (User)Name: BF_Gravy

    Age: 29

    Location: Chicago IL, USA

    Discord User: BFGravy#8888

    Favourite thing to do on Minecraft: Big base Builds, Automation, Community Projects

    Favourite thing to do out of Minecraft: Work on Cars, PLay other Videos games

    Minecraft Goals: just have an awesome community expirience

    How much you intend to play: more than likely daily

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    posted a message on Homiecraft Survival Server - [1.15.2] [Whitelist] [Semi-Vanilla] [Hermitcraft Datapacks]

    1. Username: BF_Gravy
    2. Discord Username: BFGravy#8888
    3. Why you want to join? looking to get back into the game after not playing for a few months, my old server is gone and im looking to find a new online cimmunity

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    posted a message on HermitCraft Styled Server - SMP - 1.14.4 - Whitelist - Vanilla Tweaks - Youtubers

    Age 28

    Username im assuming this mean IGN which is GeneralSwede

    im in USA

    and i dont have a youtube but i stream on twitch and looking for a new Server to do regular streams


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    posted a message on HERMITCRAFT like Youtuber-only SMP!

    IGN: GeneralSwede

    Age: 28

    Discord ID: GeneralSwede#8888

    Timezone: US Central

    Youtube Channel and/or Twitch: GeneralSwede240 on twitch (been specifically looking for a new SMP Server to stream on with good People)

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    posted a message on Cool + Friendly Server

    Real Name: Airik

    IGN: GeneralSwede

    Age: 28

    Im a car enthusiast in real life, love old volvos, i really enjoying doing big builds and doing community type builds. also been getting into redstone/automation recenty!

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    posted a message on new server vanilla (1 sleep) 1.14.4 hard survival (looking for builders)

    In game name: GeneralSwede


    Best book ever read: House by Ted Dekker

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