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    Another point here: according to TvTropes.org, a "wolfpack boss" consists of a group of elite enemies working as a team to charge you at once.

    Elder guardians are minibosses, raids are wolfpack bosses.

    In defence of the raids you do get some interesting loot, and having a raid farm could easily get you multiple chests full of stacks of emerald blocks if you're patient enough for the grind. I just wish they were less intrusive.

    in single player or when you're the only player on the server you can lure the pillagers away from the village before killing the captain then use milk to nullify the Bad Omen. But with friends on it becomes more of a nuisance to control when the raids start.

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    That's what most prior replies are supporting; that excessive cores are going to do little, and in the case of Minecraft, that threshold is very low as the game seems largely tied up by one thread/main gameplay loop or whatever you want to call it. For example, and this is far from all encompassing, but here's CPU utilization for me at this given moment (this is 1.14 with OptiFine on a render distance of 32 in the overworld shortly after loading the world and playing for a bit).

    But wait a minute, doesn't that lend credence to needing four (or more) cores (or at least threads)? No, take a closer look. While that LOOKS like four heavily utilized threads, each spike on one of the four apparently loaded cores comes only when there's a dips on the other three; what is happening here is one thread being shuffled around, but it's still one thread (should also be noted for similar, plus other reasons, that Windows Task Manager is good for getting a general idea but is far from the best precise measuring tool for this). This CPU has SMT too so every other graph isn't a proper core but to be taken with the graph before it, so even if all four of those heavier looking graphs were fully loaded constantly, that'd still potentially be "only" two threads as opposed to, and certainly less than, four anyway.

    Again, this one graph isn't an all encompassing claim that Minecraft might not enjoy the resources of additional cores and threads under certain circumstances; certain aspects might certainly briefly enjoy the extra resources (LAN play with extra players/chunks involved? Having the other dimensions loaded? Chunk loading?) but in my experience through the years is that is is largely ONE thread that ultimately limits and impacts Minecraft performance most, similarly to what the example above shows. So, yes, a faster architecture paired with a higher clock speed will win out over extra cores/threads in the case of Minecraft (something like a Core i5 10600K would probably be the "cheapest best" thing for Minecraft right now?), and since even the budget offerings of the current CPUs (not counting APUs or laptop chips) are now mostly quad core CPUs with SMT, it's largely something you shouldn't even factor for this game as you'll probably always have more than enough (and if not, you're likely dealing with either an older and/or lower clocked dual core or something, in which case the lack of cores won't even be the most pressing limitation).

    The extra money that could have been spent on CPU's with extra cores on them are better invested in a dedicated GPU of some sort, even a budget one that is not too old should be capable of Minecraft. GTX 1050's or GTX 1660's will work fine. Next to worry about is the solid state drive, and the RAM to go along with it. As you figured out already your AMD Ryzen 3700X is massively overkill, but you probably use your computer for more demanding things. The AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with its 4 cores would be a great low priced alternative to the i9 9900k for Minecraft, if building from scratch.


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    Jaws managed to cause worldwide fear of sharks because it's a well made scary movie, designed to make you afraid of the movie's shark. I'm guessing seeing that in a movie theater just further amplified the fear factor (Big screen). Minecraft is a block video game, and if sharks were added, or beavers, they would also be blocky. If Mojang won't allow sharks, why do they allow automatic animal farms, where tons of animals are cramped into tiny spaces?

    Given that shark attacks on humans are rare the Jaws movie sensationalized the problem.

    "But there is no real evidence that sharks are actively hunting humans, according to the scientists who study them. Great whites in the North Atlantic, for example, show seasonal movement patterns, migrating thousands of miles to warmer waters further south during the winter months. Some mature adults will venture out into the open ocean for months at a time, covering tens of thousands of miles and diving to depths of 1,000m as they seek prey.

    “We are like helpless little sausages floating around in the water,” says Naylor. But despite being potentially such an easy meal, sharks are really not that interested in hunting humans. “They generally just ignore people. I think if people knew how frequently they were in water with sharks, they would probably be surprised.”

    However, Naylor believes that the official statistics on shark attacks are probably an underestimate. Most reports come from highly developed countries with large populations and highly active news media. Attacks on remote islands or in less developed communities probably go unreported.

    Looking at the statistics for the number of shark attacks last year can reveal some fascinating trends. Last year, there were just 66 confirmed, unprovoked attacks, roughly a 20% fall compared to previous years. Just four of these were fatal according to the International Shark Attack File, although another database of shark attacks records seven deaths. So far in 2019, there have been four fatal shark attacks."


    "Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean – renowned for its beautiful, unspoiled marine habitats – has seen a dramatic rise in tourism but in recent years it has also suffered a growing number of shark attacks by the bull and tiger sharks that live in the surrounding waters. Since 2011, there have been 11 fatal attacks on Reunion, mainly on surfers. Those who survive often lose limbs. Researchers have found that around two-thirds of the Reunion attacks have occurred in turbid water and swells of more than two metres – the favoured environment for bull sharks, which are thought to be responsible for most of the attacks.

    Naylor believes that in most cases, sharks bites are a case of mistaken identity.

    “If these animals are chasing bait fish, the flash of the white sole of a foot from someone kicking on a board might cause them to dart at it,” he says. “When you have a large animal like a tiger or a white shark, which move quickly, a bite is far more likely to be fatal.”

    Great whites typically attack from below, delivering a massive catastrophic bite. In some cases they will withdraw while their prey bleeds to death before returning to eat.

    “A great white in full predatory mode is quite a sight,” says Greg Skomal, a marine biologist with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries who has been tagging and tracking great white sharks since 2009. He should know – last year, as he was leaning over the pulpit on the bow of a research vessel while trying to tag a shark, .

    “It gave me some idea of what a seal feels like,” he says. “I’ve seen that behaviour a couple of times over the years we have been doing this. Most of the time we put a camera in the water and the sharks are completely complacent. We must have done it thousands of times. But on a handful of occasions they attack straight away, breaking the pole and the camera. It is like they are in a heightened predatory state where their senses lock onto any kind of stimuli."


    and if these animals were to be put into Minecraft someday, surely it would make sense to only have sharks occasionally come after the player? in the event they do bite, upon player death, all meat items (i.e fish, mutton, beef etc) dropped from the player inventory should disappear (because naturally, they'd be eaten). I think this would be an interesting mechanic.

    The weapon used for hunting them being the trident, or alternatively introduce spears, a weapon crafted with wood, to kill them with.

    Armour would provide some protection while fighting them in the ocean although the player still risks dying, but the only way to truly avoid sharks is to either stay out of the water, use a boat or use frostwalker enchantment on boots and run across the sea. If players had taken none of these precautions just to save a few resources, then that's the risk they take.

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    posted a message on Has the most essential mod been made yet? (Monsters attacking while sleeping)
    Quote from Repton85»

    The word "mod" is in the thread title... :rolleyes:

    I tried the mod, but was not attacked while I slept outside (one night).

    I'm going to start a new game with cheats enabled so I can accelerate to nightfall in order to test it out more thoroughly.

    I understand that, but the way you talked about it you implied that the mechanics of the bed you discussed were some sort of design flaw

    the thing is even if it is, it's a very minor one because even if you programmed this into the vanilla experience, not just mods

    there's a simple workaround that doesn't even require you use lighting since monsters will not spawn within 24 blocks radius of the player position.

    I've suggested introducing a Very Hard mode of survival that disables beds from naturally spawning in villages, so players would need to craft them. This would make getting beds harder early game. Another change they could add is only allow wool to drop if shears are used.

    Changes like this would make the bed mechanics far more of a real challenge than what the mod you're after does.

    On lower difficulty modes, these changes could be made optional in world settings but be off by default.

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    posted a message on processor
    Quote from econbrony»

    The OP was asking specifically about the two processors listed. Minecraft is not going to use the 36 cores/threads or the 16 cores/threads for that matter, the higher frequency of the i9 9900k is most likely going to win out.

    In which case you're right, since the game isn't going to use 16 cores the one with the higher frequency within the same production line is going to win out. Even with the background processes factored in the i9 9900k's 8 cores and 16 threads will be plenty.


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    posted a message on Has the most essential mod been made yet? (Monsters attacking while sleeping)
    Quote from Repton85»

    Sleeping means one avoids night, when it's dangerous to travel overland. The sleeping feature means one can essentially skip the night, instead of standing around for several minutes waiting for dawn. It's also necessary for avoiding phantoms.

    "Essential" is my opinion of this feature. I've not used any Minecraft mods before, and the only one I am eager to use would be this one, which would correct what is, in my view, the biggest flaw in the game. That is my opinion.

    As I've stated, I view this feature as essential for immersion reasons. I think night time in the game should be a time of danger, as it is when one is awake. While the game departs from reality in many respects that I can accept without objection, I find it absurd that I can be immune from the dangers of night, in any exposed location, by setting up my bed and having a sleep.

    As was mentioned by one other person in this thread this could be easily circumvented by building the bed while in a hole in the ground that is sealed off from the surface, and since monsters do not spawn within a 24 blocks radius range of the player, you'd be completely safe doing this especially if you double layered the dirt on top in case of endermen.

    This serves no other purpose than to cause a minor inconvenience simply because another individual wanted it.

    If you want night time to be more of a challenge then go the entire night without ever using beds, not have big brother Mojang step in and impose it on everyone. Some people don't want this feature as much as you do, and they want to skip the night so they can continue their building without being pestered and without having to switch difficulty modes.

    edit: I don't believe there are any mods that do this, although I do think it should become a gamerule or world option. The biggest problem with the game is the lack of customizations to the Minecraft worlds, which goes against the concept of it being a sandbox in my opinion.

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    posted a message on processor
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Not since 1.3.1, and especially since 1.8, even when only referring to the client (in multiplayer, as singleplayer runs an integrated server on a separate thread, in addition to a file I/O thread and several other minor threads - and of course, the JVM itself, including garbage collection, the main performance bottleneck for Java applications, unless you are using REALLY outdated JVM arguments or Java version, as parallel/concurrent GC has been the default for a long time):

    Likewise, the creator of Optifine says you need at least a quad-core CPU to get decent performance for 1.8+ and even older versions would run best on a quad-core CPU (my old computer had a dual-core CPU and Optifine's multicore rendering setting caused lag spikes similar to vanilla 1.8+; unfortunately, Optifine removed this setting in 1.8 so it always uses the multithreaded option, then again, the old default would probably give even worse performance due to how much more expensive chunk updates have become due to the complexity of block states and blockpos and all that):

    That said, as mentioned above vanilla's multithreaded implementation can't be that good since chunk updates still cause lag spikes, which shouldn't happen if they were truly independent of the main render thread (which itself should only be telling the GPU what to render, it also possibly only multithreads chunk updates, as opposed to entity rendering, which is expensive since their entire model must be re-rendered every frame):

    MC-123584 Updating blocks creates lag spikes proportional to geometry in chunk section

    This is not a new issue, as suggested by the affected versions, but rendering has become more expensive due to internal changes; for example, even my highly optimized rendering code (single threaded) is highly bottlenecked by OpenGL itself, where it takes about 25 milliseconds to render a chunk section of leaves on Fancy, which is by itself a lag spike down to 40 FPS, from 1000+ on 8 chunks and 500+ on 16 chunks (even a worse-case situation like a Mega Forest still gets around 375 at max settings). Only about 10% of that time is in Java code, the other 90% is in calls to OpenGL to compile the data, and this is probably where 1.8+ multithreads things, but the Java code can still take too long, causing lag spikes:

    Multicore processors are still better for Minecraft, don't forget there are other applications running in the background on your PC like processes for your operating system and other software you have installed. And lag spikes are always a bad thing, you should try to maintain 60+ fps at all times imo.

    But dual core Intel CPU's with hyperthreading should still work fine, such as the one Princess_Garnet mentioned. AMD Ryzen is overkill for this type of game and there are plenty of older generation processors that'll run this game without issue provided you don't go too crazy with the render distances. With mods and/or higher render distances over 8 - 12 chunks, it gets more complicated though and the hardware demands increase if you enable either of these or run a multiplayer server. As a general rule you should run the game at the recommended system requirements or more for the best results.

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    Quote from tow4rzysz»

    If I want food right now, I eat food right now.
    If I have plenty of food, but need a reliable long-term source, I just set up a farm. It's especially easy in Jungle, because of how melons work.
    In fact, with enough resources, it's possible to be fully automatic.

    Then there is the other problem, people will not be as careful when facing beavers IRL.
    And they are damn vicious when you harass them.

    Doing everything personally with tools is better than both manual Orangutan trade and beaver woodcutting. Automatic beaver wodcutting is broken.
    Envy or not, when he shows you rational arguments you gotta reply in rational argument. And what I see is that he just doesn't want broken ideas to litter the game. The more reptitive assets that do the same thing, the messier the game feels.
    And he not the only person criticizing these two concepts. I'm another case.

    And by the way, flooding would be one massive mechanic in game. And it would ruin plains near river biome, turning it into massive swamp or lake.
    And now try to imagine how destructive it would be if lava happened to kill the beavers or someone just used /kill @e command.
    All this together is biome-killing I say.

    Lava would need to be coded to be exempt from the flooding mechanics, clearly.

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    posted a message on Minecraft needs more loot

    I agree with all of these ideas!

    if the spear were used specifically for jousting only, then it would be called a lance, mind you. ^_^

    but items should have some versatility, otherwise it gives them less of a reason to exist in the game imo.

    Glad you like the additions to your suggestion,

    I think sports equipment would massively improve the PVP aspect.

    Not all PVP has to be about griefing, even non anarchy servers can have PVP sessions in arenas where players participate for competitive events.

    I think Olympics and jousting is a great place to start and this shouldn't just be a mods only type of thing in my opinion.

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    posted a message on Will Java become more like bedrock in the future?

    I doubt it, also on bedrock edition there's still some differences you'd experience.

    on creative mode it is a literal god mode, not even the void can kill you.

    But on Java version, creative mode doesn't protect you from void damage, and plus you continue falling, you don't stand on a barrier.

    and that's only a minor difference.

    the big ones is obviously the mods, hardcore mode, spectator mode, amplified biomes etc.

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    posted a message on Grief Protection on Vanilla Realms?

    TileEntity is right on this one, you want to help yourself out by only letting players on whom you trust. The people you witness either griefing you or people who play with you, get booted from the server.

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    posted a message on Minecraft needs more loot

    I suggested daggers which is a craftable weapon which can be enchanted with loyalty to return to the players when thrown.

    and there's lots of different things that could be added, somebody else suggested adding silver, to deal with werewolves which would be fantastic, I also said to him (or her) perhaps we could have this as an effective material for a weapon against vampires too.

    Spears could be added, crafted using wood, but would be used for jousting (a PVP event) as well as dealing with hostile mobs featuring big knockback effect. Based on a suggestion a friend of mine made which is cool. It would be fun jousting with friends, with the right mechanics this could work, the shield could be used to deflect the spear to prevent being knocked off your horse by your opponent.

    Javelin would also be made using wood, but this object can be thrown at a great distance and deal damage to mobs.

    But this would be primarily used for hunting, and would 1 hit kill sheep, cows, pigs or the like. But this object could also be used for Olympics competitions in custom built stadiums.

    I agree with you. The game doesn't have enough variety of loot and that needs to change.

    Because the vanilla game doesn't have enough content we are left asking Mojang for more.

    The game still doesn't feel complete at the moment, it feels beta-ish.

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    posted a message on New Mobs, animals
    Quote from powerwindows83»

    Wow there's a lot to unpack here, so I'll just cover a few things:

    I think more passive mobs should be added with their own unique functions for two reasons: populate the world with more diverse life, and make a player choose which animals to farm and in what amount, since farming all the animals at max capacity would become unmanageable and thus encourage a player to choose what resource they want more of.

    Beavers would be a neat addition if they didn't have too much function. I think flooding rivers is a bit much, but it would be neat to come across a 1-4 block pile of sticks in a river (so found in river biomes only) with beavers coming and going from them like bees do with hives. What function would they serve? Don't know yet. But as a potential addition I like this idea. The dams would be able to hold back water, but water going over them would cause them to pop into a few sticks.

    I don't know if we need any more mobs giving us items (villagers and cats for example already do this), but I don't necessarily think any mob needs to have a big new function in order to be considered. Bear variants that go for hives and cause the bees to get temporarily annoyed and drop the honey value to zero sounds reasonable to me. Birds that fly with modified bat AI would be another nice addition. They wouldn't do much of anything outside of making the world look more pretty and dynamic, but that's the point of most of the animals I can see being added.

    I just think this would give beavers a purpose in the game instead of them just being dumb NPC's existing in the game for the sake of existing.

    and 5 blocks really isn't much, many river surfaces are actually deeper than this from the rest of the terrain, so this wouldn't have any effect on most builds or villages. Plus the floods can be prevented by, you know, leaving the beavers to do their work instead of slaughtering them.

    Under the suggestion I made for this a while back, it would be entirely preventable, and flooded villages or player bases would be the fault of the player who decided to kill beavers when they were an important part of the ecosystem, and not repairing the dam when it became damaged. Leave the beavers upstream to maintain their dam, or give them a chance to respawn if one was accidentally killed, and no flood happens.

    I don't agree that beavers should be able to cut down trees though, as that is straight up griefing and potentially biome destroying.

    If the beavers deforested your nearby biome getting wood becomes too much work, and I think it is unfair.

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    posted a message on New profession for villagers, guard
    Quote from senpian2»

    Uuuuuh, yeah... I don't think I'd ever hold my breath on anything like that. That is horribly trollish and has been hated since people have been suggesting bandits on this forum.

    Don't know about the "all" part but uh... no shade or nastiness or anything, but can you explain the reasoning of why you think that stuff would be 'cool'?

    it would be like making Herobrine a legit mob.

    I would agree with making him a non griefing ghost in certain biomes, ghosts would be cool to have for haunted house or castle builds, but that's about it. Having Herobrine be put in the game to go around killing players and damaging their builds would be equally as trollish as what I mentioned in the other post.

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    Quote from worfer27»

    What makes scrap a better choice than ingots?

    Technically we already have scrap iron and gold, they're called nuggets, obtained by using furnaces on used armour plates or tools.

    They're just not a very efficient way of obtaining resources.

    9 nuggets is worth 1 ingot

    but smelting a pickaxe of any remaining durability would only get you 1 nugget.

    Now if mob spawners were revamped to only drop items when the monster has chased players at a given distance before players killed them, to avoid cheesing, you can justify making resource farming from them be more efficient, because the risk is proportional to the reward.

    Another change that needs to happen with mob spawners is they need to be able to withstand Creeper explosions.

    I understand why they cannot be moved legitimately in survival, but why make the mob spawners destructible to Creeper explosions? sorry, but that's not an acceptable gameplay mechanic and needs to be corrected imho.

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