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    ^ Would very much be interested in seeing that if/when you ever do it. I've never done anything with mob spawners I find, and I tend to veer away from things that lean towards outright farms, but that's something built around one I could see myself maybe doing.

    Sure, I can post screenshots about it on this forum when it is done, in the thread "what have you done recently?"

    Figuring out the logistics of it though is something I have not worked out fully, the obsidian would protect the arena itself, but not the main entrance

    Would a waterfall stop a Creeper going near the Iron Doors? I am not sure, that part I never tested and I have never seen anyone else do their farms like that either.

    Bedrock edition doesn't show the light level, outside of developer or beta builds, there is no way to get the debug screen up that I know of that would show light level on a given block. Java edition has this with a simple press of a key, F3.

    So figuring out the lighting system to allow mob spawns but at the same time not make the place too dark that you can't tell what is going on is going to be the other hard part about the design. And if the lights are too close, Creepers can destroy them.

    Using the mob spawner itself to force the hostile mobs through a tube will be the easy part though, all you need is running water,

    and they will be carried along the current to the arena and water can also be used to prevent their fall damage, and if setup properly they won't drown,

    so the battle arena would provide a proper challenge.

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    Not for me, haha. I guess I want more of a horror game aspect for my experience, which is why I was asking about how likely it was to change any of the things I asked about. Once you know the mechanics of how it spawns, I feel it's almost impossible to spawn it unless you actively try to. I've still never seen one spawned.

    And like the above post, I was exploring the possibility of a higher mob cap for gameplay reasons (largely caving). I don't do farms.

    I intend on using my Skeleton spawners for making monster battle arenas with, I intend to make them an entertaining way to farm resources other than just stand at a grinder all day doing nothing but wave a sword through a half slab hole on a killing floor, which is cheaty.

    This project will require a lot of obsidian to prevent Creepers from tearing up the place however, but it would essentially be a large stadium complete with spectator seats, shielded by glass of course, and perhaps the use of Villagers to automatically spawn Golems in the middle who would then attack Skeletons from time to time, this would create a more risky environment however as if anybody who uses this stadium of mine I got planned, accidentally hits an Iron Golem, they have another threat to deal with, big risk big reward.

    The problem I find with monster spawners isn't the farmable resources, it's the fact that players are not forced to engage in active combat with the mobs in order to obtain those rewards fairly making them too easy to exploit. I don't have an issue with people obtaining multiple chests worth of valuables, what is the issue is current farms are highly abuse-able and for all intents and purposes, they may as well be considered AFK farms.

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    posted a message on A new upgrade
    Quote from Serpentines»

    I hardly understood any of that. And that would be because of that all-over-the-place grammar. Absolutely no support by the way. There's not going to be any emerald tools or armor. That idea gets posted here constantly, and rejected constantly.

    Emeralds are just currency. They have no reason to be weapons or armor.

    The only problem I find with emerald armour is emeralds are too easy to grind for, at least Diamond Armour costs you something from the Villager trades, but if emerald armour were to be added, they'd be far cheaper than 24 emeralds per plate.

    and what would replace emeralds for currency if emeralds were to be changed to an armour material? gold and silver coins?

    I admit having gold and silver coins as a replacement for currency would be more realistic, but it wouldn't fit Minecraft.

    Adding emerald armour only stands to make the game more broken, could result in the removal of emerald as a currency and it would affect many players who wish to use emeralds for building a beacon after defeating the Wither which is not easy to do, or players who had saved up emeralds in makeshift bank accounts for XP and loot from trades, those emeralds would no longer be useful upsetting a lot of people.

    does the phrase "be careful what you wish for" not occur to people making these threads?

    A feature like this if it were to happen would most definitely result in some abysmal nerfs down the road,

    which would ruin other features. So I hope it does not happen.

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    And be mutually exclusive to another enchantment I hope, the armour that already exists is powerful enough as it is, and with Shulker boxes our effective max inventory space has been increased, which if you include the hotbar, 36 times, although for practical reasons you wouldn't do that as you need your hotbar free for other things like your tools and food, bringing the total expansion of 27x or less.

    Instead what needs to happen is a rebalancing of the armour system so that armour becomes use case specific.

    Nether update 1.16 does this to some extent, but it doesn't go far enough.

    Caves and Cliffs made it so you could use leather boots to walk on powdered snow without sinking into it

    It would be nice if we could have cotton added to the game to protect players against frost damage or hypothermia in cold biomes and if they get added later to certain biomes, seasons.

    But an enchantment that expands inventory space would be useful, it's just that the problem with it is in theory, its effects could be stacked on top of the Shulker box as a held item which would be way too OP, unless this enchantment were to be made not compatible with certain kinds of enchantments, either Protection ones or Unbreaking.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Mojang is completely opposed to the idea of vertical half-slabs, and other similar "non-standard" blocks; we probably only even have half-slabs and stairs because they were added long ago, before the current regime (aka by Notch, who hasn't been developing the game for the past decade, or even had a stake in it since 2014. I can think of many other features, like many mobs, which would never be added today for various reasons, e.g. "animal cruelty", "too realistic"):

    In fact, the Minecraft feedback site considers any mention of such ideas as spam that can get you banned(!):

    Which shows not everyone who receives a ban did something which justifies their suspension,

    sometimes they even suspend people for something that happened years ago prior to the enforcement action, even when that person did change their behavior since then, which is wrong, in my opinion, people often do stupid things when they're young, but that doesn't necessarily mean they remain like that for the rest of their life.

    How can we trust either Microsoft or Mojang, to handle the development of Minecraft when they treat their fans like this? they're about as useful as a gasoline for putting out a fire.

    I do think vertical slabs should be added to the game to add more options for interior design, but it is clear it is never going to happen.

    And it looks like they pick the most absurd excuses for not adding a feature to the game. While I wasn't aware of this about the feedback site until you told us, I can believe it, given the ridiculous reasons people already receive a suspension for on Microsoft platforms including swearing, even if the conversation took place between adults only.

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    I wish we could officially lock updates on bedrock edition though

    Sometimes an update breaks something which we use for our build projects

    Knowing Microsoft though they probably would never do this outside of it becoming an option which enables cheats

    But I don't want achievements disabled on the world I play on, it would quite literally remove the incentive to play survival for me and friends on my server.

    On topic of your post, I would support this definitely, more crops, would be great if we could make cornfields in the game which would make farmlands in the game more fun to play around in. I've also suggested adding a scarecrow in the game which prevents the spawn of specific hostile mobs in cornfields, so that you won't get any nasty surprises from Creepers if you're within a given radius, undead mobs like Skeletons and Zombies could still spawn on blocks adjacent to the farmlands, but these don't explode making the threat more manageable or less likely to destroy your crops.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Both chests and barrels are "tile entities" or "block entities" and are pretty much identical in code except that chests are dynamically rendered in the same way as regular entities are since normal block rendering doesn't support smooth animations like the lid opening and closing (barrels do change their top texture but it only switches between open and closed, similar to furnaces and burning furnaces).

    They could however optimize them by rendering closed chests as a single piece instead of 3 separate pieces (base, lid, and latch), as I do for about twice the performance (the reason why shulker boxes aren't as bad is because they only have 2 separate pieces to render), and I've even thought of adding a setting to make chests render like a normal block without an opening/closing animation:

    if (lidAngle > 0.001F)
        // Normal rendering used when chest is opened
        lidAngle = 1.0F - lidAngle;
        lidAngle = 1.0F - lidAngle * lidAngle * lidAngle;
        chestModel.chestLid.rotateAngleX = -(lidAngle * MathHelper.HALF_PI);
        // Renders closed chests (including items) as a single unit for improved performance
        renderClosedChest(chestModel instanceof ModelLargeChest);
    // ModelChest; note that three separate draw calls are used to render each piece; each also applies various rotations and translations to OpenGL state, which all add even more to the render time
    public void renderAll()
        this.chestKnob.rotateAngleX = this.chestLid.rotateAngleX;
    // renderClosedChest; uses a custom model which only requires a single draw call, and also culls hidden faces (top of
    // base, bottom of lid, and back of latch)
    public static void renderClosedChest(boolean isLargeChest)
        if (!compiled) compileDisplayLists();
        if (isLargeChest)

    That said, the 500+ chests in my storage area in my first world still cause FPS to drop by a factor of 3 but I still get about 4 times the capped FPS so the effect is unnoticeable, and the layout means that it is large enough that when standing at one end the other end is so far away that chests are no longer rendering (they have a render distance of 64 blocks, and chests outside the field of view aren't rendered so even when standing in the middle only half are being rendered). It does mean that I have to walk around a lot to get to the chests further way but I only have to make a couple trips to put everything away.

    For comparison, I turned flower pots into a tile entity so they can contain any number of plants, but they use standard block rendering for very little impact on performance, even memory usage is not significantly impacted in the example shown, a Superflat world with a layer of flowerpots (each tile entity uses additional memory, which is 32 bytes if I calculated it correctly, but for the number that were loaded this only amounts to about 7 MB on both the client and server; this screenshot was also taken before I made various optimizations to rendering and memory usage in general):

    (there is however an issue with even a small number of flower pots with full-size tree models, like these, due to the complexity of the model causing a chunk update to take a long time and cause a lag spike when updated, but steady-state FPS is not affected any more than the same number of real blocks would. Barrels could cause similar lag spikes when opened/closed as they need a chunk update to change their texture)

    I have about 500+ chests myself so this explains where the performance issues are coming from, the entities and their chunk updates are putting increased strain on the CPU even with my newer PC that has an AMD Ryzen CPU, no doubt they cause lag on your PC too.

    On topic of the thread what me and a friend have done recently is visited the End, beaten Ender Dragon and obtained some Elytras each and Shulker boxes, and he obtained a Dragon Head, something I forgot to get.

    Now that I have Shulker boxes large scale builds are feasible, as I can carry supplies back and forth across territory without having to rely on an expensive minecart system.

    I would have built a minecart system on my current world to use for transportation of those resources if Mojang hadn't removed Gold Ingot drops from Drowned Zombies, now that they're gone since 1.17 I don't have as much luxury to do this. I could obtain Gold from the Nether, but it is a considerable grind, and I found it wasn't worth my time.

    In this case I have to transport items from a Mushroom Island roughly 384 blocks away across a lake surrounded by mainland, which only becomes partially visible with a 24 chunk render distance although I play with 32 chunks render distance most of the time, and this links to a Forest biome, and this is only for the initial project, when the city becomes large enough it would span 1,000 blocks away from the Mushroom Island and all the resources used to build it would need to be transported. I find Shulker boxes to be more efficient for this.

    Mojang isn't going to care about what I say though, I am only one person out of the millions who play this game.

    My refusal to use mods and cheats also limits what I can do in vanilla Minecraft.

    I play survival with friends because we enjoy the thrill of collecting resources then use them to build things,

    like the city I have planned, but because of the way Mojang designs their game out of fear of it becoming too broken or cheaty,

    build style players like myself don't have a lot of options in what we can do when it involves a time consuming project.

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    posted a message on Players get the option to choose what Mobs they want in their World.

    The problem with this is gamerules are considered or treated as cheats by the game so for that reason some people may choose not to use them for that reason alone as it would prevent achievement hunting for a lot of players, especially on bedrock edition.

    We can't even disable Fire Tick without it ruining the achievement system, as this uses gamerule commands, because of the strict Xbox Live policies they are bound by, this means it becomes too easy for players to grief your world, intentional or not.

    In this way it is treated in a similar way to Keep Inventory even though these are used for very different reasons.

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    posted a message on Iron and gold ores should drop nuggets sometimes when mined
    Quote from erictom333»

    No Support. It'd get annoying having to carry 2 extra stacks of items back which don't provide anything new.

    Then make a chest, wood is easy enough to obtain and you don't need much of it to make a recycle bin for extra items which may be useful later on like other players do, or carry a shulker box if you have one, if inventory space is an issue for you or you can use an ender chest. More inventory space taken up isn't in itself a good reason to prevent more items being added to the game.

    I think iron and gold ores occasionally dropping nuggets in addition to raw iron or gold would be a nice bonus and would reward mining a lot more, less strip mining needed to get enough gold for your powered rail system, if you even use them.

    Iron nuggets already have uses in the game, they are used for making chains and lanterns which would be helpful if you don't have librarians to provide you lanterns. Gold nuggets are used for making Glistering Melon and Golden Carrots, both are very useful and Golden Carrots are one of the best food sources in the game, with that in mind no, I don't have a problem with gold nuggets dropping from mined ores sometimes, in fact I would go further and suggest that if you use a Shovel enchanted with Fortune, these blocks should sometimes drop a nugget of either gold or iron, not just Flint all the time with Fortune level 3.

    allyourbasesaregone has already mentioned that gold nuggets already drop when you mine gold ore in the Nether

    I'd suggest having the probability of regular gold ores and iron ores in the Overworld dropping nuggets increases when Fortune is used,

    you only need a crafting table to make these into ingots, I do not see the problem with this.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite update?

    Aquatic update 1.13 is my favourite update because it adds a weapon to the game that is practical to use in many instances of combat and is sometimes more useful than bows, for example riptide allows for faster travel while wet

    Channeling allows for calling lightning to strike mobs or start fires and you can use it to obtain mob heads using Charged Creepers, which I've seen a friend do and Loyalty enchantment allows you to recover the trident you've just thrown.

    Drowned Zombies for a brief time used to drop gold ingots, but ever since 1.17 they were changed to Copper ingots, which is questionable because Copper isn't as useful in the game and has very limited uses outside of Lightning Rods and Spyglass, although 1.20 will add another use for it.

    Sure, 1.16 added gold ore in the Nether, but the problem is they only return nuggets, not raw gold, so they're not as efficient as one might assume in obtaining gold and if you plan on using that gold to trade with Piglin, you have less gold to use for other things in the game and the loot you get from Piglin is entirely RNG, sometimes it would return you something useful like Crying Obsidian, used for making Anchors, other times it would return you something as mundane as gravel, which isn't all that useful unless you plan on building a lot of structures out of concrete.

    I don't mean anything offensive here but I have a friend who wanted to use the gold mined in the Nether for trading with Piglin and I tried to explain to him that if he wanted to use some of that gold for making powered rails then it's probably not an efficient use of the gold.

    I've suggested instead using the gold obtained from Piglin as a compromise, whether he remembers that advise when he joins my bedrock server on PC I don't know. But math is important and it makes absolutely no sense to use a non renewable source of resources for trades, regardless of how broken people may think the trading system in the game is, it would in fact be worse if we were then forced to rely on difficult to get, uncommon or rare resources for trading. I would then ask, what was the point in adding trades to begin with if people are just going to sanction people for using this feature?

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    posted a message on Your biggest Minecraft fails?

    My biggest noob mistake on my current world is crashing into my greenhouse at warp speed using Riptide trident while it was raining

    I ended up losing a Netherite pickaxe as well, bothersome as it was I still kept the world and moved on.

    I ended up replacing the one item I lost soon enough.

    I've since learned to be more cautious with riptide and now I am too scared to use it while raining, even though it can be used for faster travel,

    I don't want to go through that hassle again.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    You can avoid lag by using barrels, which may not be as convenient due to not having a "double chest" variant but they are no harder on rendering than a block like stone, while chests are rendered like entities and have a severe impact (this was tested with 8,000 of each block):

    Yeah I should have thought about that at the time, I guess I didn't want to risk randomly causing Villagers in the trading system to change to Fishermen after failing to remember their job-site blocks which is closest to them, but the performance issue is a much bigger problem, I could amend the decision at a later time but I'd need to farm an enormous load of wood first.

    But chests being entities is the reason I am getting my frame rate cut in half to what it usually is, under normal circumstances it would be in the 100fps range, even whilst traveling, but when I am in the factory with the warehouses, it goes down to about 50fps or sometimes even less because of the redstone I use for the semi automated stone and basalt generators.

    Why chests count as entities in the game I don't know, barrels are just as good as chests space wise.

    It is true you cannot make a double chest variant of the barrels, but what you can do with barrels is place them side by side making the total capacity of them about the same. Additionally barrels can be opened even when there is a block directly above them.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    It shouldn't matter since eyes of ender just lead to the nearest stronghold, using a simple distance calculation so it doesn't matter if they are even right next to each other, and either way you'll be led to a stronghold. A much bigger issue is that the End portal can be overwritten, and often doesn't generate at all, and the fact that Mojang can't seem to fix this is shameful; this is impossible on Java since the game literally goes into an infinite loop until it has added one to the structure (the code shown is from my own mod, which also ensures they have at least 100 pieces, otherwise it is the same as vanilla):

    protected StructureStart getStructureStart(int chunkX, int chunkZ)
        StructureStrongholdStart start;
        // Changed getComponents().empty() to getComponents().size() < 100 to ensure that strongholds generate with
        // a minimum size (also changed portal rooms to generate at least 10 rooms from the start instead of 5).
            start = new StructureStrongholdStart(this.worldObj, this.rand, chunkX, chunkZ);
        while (start.getComponents().size() < 100 || ((ComponentStrongholdStairs2)start.getComponents().get(0)).strongholdPortalRoom == null);
        return start;

    At the very least, eyes of ender shouldn't lead you to a stronghold unless it has an end portal, which is easy to code in since that is how they worked until 1.7.2 (as shown in the code above you can check if a portal room exists, even if it leads you to the start instead, which is the better solution as otherwise you don't even need to explore the stronghold):

    Pardon me for being blunt but it is really stupid that an eye of ender could potentially lead you to a stronghold with no End portal

    I've not experienced this myself, but if this does happen I can see why people would be frustrated by it, all that wasted time and excitement, to then be left disappointed at the end of their journey which in some cases could mean them traveling thousands of blocks away from their base.

    It may be a legitimate and intentional feature, but this is one case where I would have to say I disagree with Mojang's decision,

    some of the so called legit and intended features should remain, but other ones are broken, either rewarding players too generously as in the case of stackable effects with different potions, or in this case, players finding strongholds with no end portal therefore being penalized for no reason.

    I understand the game will never be perfect regardless of who Mojang listens to or how they decide to update their game,

    but having a Stronghold with no end portal is basically like a Nether Fortress with no Blaze Spawners, and I mean the regular Nether Fortresses we are used to, not the newer ones I suggested adding to the "limbo section" in another thread to replace the topmost bedrock layer.

    Players should never be penalized for putting in work to obtain something in the game in a fair and reasonable manner,

    But that's the biggest problem with the game at the moment, good decisions are often penalized while bad decisions or mistakes are sometimes rewarded, as crazy as that sounds.

    One example where a mistake isn't punished in Minecraft I can give is when I went into the Nether without any gold armour, I got chased by Piglin through a tunnel I made to an outpost but somehow I got away with it, even when there were more than 3 of them on my case. I could have chosen to wear my Gold Boots in the Nether to prevent Piglin from picking a fight with me just by noticing me existing there, but I didn't and somehow I survived due to the OPness of my Iron armour.

    So I can see why some people allege the game to be too easy, it is sometimes, because the mechanics we should be using to evade trouble

    just aren't being used to their full advantage.

    I am sure it is a similar deal in End dimension assuming you even get there if you're lucky enough to find a Stronghold, to a lesser degree, you're not supposed to look at Endermen because then they will attack you if you're not wearing a Carved Pumpkin, even then players get away with it too often even when they attract attention from 2 or 3 Endermen at the same time, you don't even need a 2 block high bunker to do this.

    And I did this by using Iron armour, not the fabled Netherite armour which is clearly much more powerful in terms of protection.

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    posted a message on What Operating System do you use?

    I now use Windows 11 and I can honestly say it has been a substantial upgrade from what I had before, and while it takes some getting used to, when you're there you notice the difference almost straight away, and there have been benchmarks made by other people proving that apps are generally faster with this OS due to the way it handles software, I'm not a programmer but I have seen evidence that it is indeed quicker than Windows 10.

    Yes it does use a lot of memory but I am sure there is a good reason for it this time, you want your most used applications to respond faster so it makes sense for them to remain in cache. I have noticed some negatives, occasional crashes which wouldn't often happen on Windows 10 and didn't on my current PC, but those will be patched in future updates.

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    posted a message on Calm nights rare encounter

    Rare is implied, yes. Also welcome back

    Thank you, I do appreciate that, also I do see your point and is also the point of OP above our posts in the thread.

    But we do have other options in the game already for peaceful nights, the rare spawn of mushroom fields biome, which if you're very lucky, can generate close to original spawn, as it did on my current world and is where I built a base to protect it against aggro from Pillager raids and what not.

    But friends and I still have to deal with Drowned Zombies from time to time, I don't mind this though, the game spawns them by technicality of not being on the mushroom island so the game AI isn't cheating, it's a legitimate and intentional feature which can be worked around by fencing off the beach.

    But a Hallowed Night update would be interesting.

    I've proposed adding seasons to the game so having a Hallowed Night as one day per in game year thing would be nice,

    it could happen on "Christmas", to simulate a "temporary truce" between hostile mobs and players.

    Or alternatively you could have it happen on All Hallows Eve, either once per in game year or real life year if no season update ever happens, I don't care really, having something like this wouldn't hurt the game, it just means players have to wait the next night to grind for hostile mob exclusive drops.

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