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    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    Very true, it is easy to miss platforms and go straight to what benefits, strengths or feel each has especially as Java is the only option on any PC platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) compared to if you have the option of Console/Handheld, Mobile (iOS/Android/Windows 10 Phone at this point over 8.1) or Windows 10, that can't be ignored.

    I wished Microsoft would make it an option on Linux too, because realms and multiplayer are not compatible with Java on bedrock edition. So that's another disadvantage when using the Java edition. The best way to solve that is for Microsoft/Mojang to port it to Linux officially by allowing the Microsoft store on Linux.

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    Quote from Toadrunner»

    MumboJumbo has a YouTube video detailing how redstone works differently in the two versions. So anyone building a lot of redstone contraptions might want to take that into consideration when choosing a version.

    People might want to look into which version is best for them depending on the OS or platform they're using.

    Bedrock edition doesn't currently work on Linux.

    If people are stuck on Linux, then bedrock edition isn't an option for them.

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    Never used the cubic chunks mod in Java MC

    Never killed a Wither, Sea Guardian or explored an end city in survival mode.

    Never got totem of undying as I haven't been to a Woodland Mansion yet.

    Although I have killed the ender dragon on a world with friends on Xbox One once in survival.

    Will be getting an opportunity to fight the other bosses in survival on my current world on Windows 10 edition however.

    and if friends kill it before me, I'll just spawn another one going through the procedure you do to respawn it in End.

    Besides work, friends are busy setting up their farms on there. We tend to build large ones, at least I do anyway.

    Because if your world is full sized, you do need a large supply of food to safely traverse the world without starving on hard difficulty.

    It's either that or use a fishing rod or scrounge for more food by killing wild animals.

    Rotten flesh off zombies is my least favorite option.

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    Quote from GeoFor»

    Personally I like Sharpness III, Looting III, Unbreaking III, Knockback I, and mending. Knockback over level 2 seems excessive and Fire aspect gets me set afire as often as not. I only use fire enchants on a bow.

    It's overkill on the damage too, sharpness V or Smite V etc would be enough to do a lot of damage to enemies on its own.

    Fire aspect is decent, but beyond one enchantment that buffs damage output I'd rather have my sword last longer.

    TheCaveMaster is the type of person who wishes to limit the amount of enchants per item and that's fine, some like the challenge.

    But it doesn't hurt to have maximum enchantments if you have mending.

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    It depends on the purpose, obviously. But the best sword enchantment for me would be looting, because I like gathering more resources, more specifically it helps me collect arrows off skeletons faster.

    I don't care for fire aspect that much since with sharpness V it's 2 swipes with a diamond sword to kill Creepers. Sure it gets you easy cooked food by killing animals. But then if you've got agriculture all set up you're not exactly going to be desperate for food anyway.

    I'd use fire aspect if I had it, but I'd rather have mending, something which would allow me to avoid the nuisance of limited anvil repair.

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    Quote from Willymcfly»

    No the Xbox one does not have a capable GPU,

    However AMD is planning to release a RayTracing GPU and the next generation of Xbox is rumored to have RayTracing support but that’s just rumors.

    Only people that could run this are people with RTX Cards and high end GTX cards,

    I'm assuming the current Xbox One variant, the Xbox One X is likely to get 4k resolution support for Minecraft at least.

    It wouldn't be able to do the ray tracing the RTX video cards are capable of, obviously, but it should be able to run the game in 4k.

    an increase in the supported render distance on Xbox One X would be nice too, from 22 chunks to 32.

    Xbox One X has slightly more RAM than the Xbox One S and regular, (8gb vs 12gb, 4gb more) plus faster processors, so shouldn't be too demanding.

    Ideally a 64 chunks render distance (1024 blocks radius) would be supported, but that probably would be too much for it. I would expect the Xbox 2 or Xbox Scarlett to be capable of something like this though, as well as a big increase on simulation distance.

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    Quote from Willymcfly»


    This is what we need

    I almost forgot, world border. lol

    and certain commands should be allowed in vanilla survival gameplay imho.

    Not cheat related ones, but I think ones involving world border, whitelisting, adding certain changes to the properties file etc such as max players on servers, those ought to be allowed in commands as that wouldn't enable cheating.

    If I was able to set up a world border I'd place one at 1.5 million blocks X and Z

    unless Mojang patch that issue with severe lag and broken physics in bedrock edition when you go to 20 million blocks out.

    Then I'd reconsider it and place the world border at 29.9 million blocks X and Z.

    There are several issues, some severe, that need fixing with bedrock edition before it can be considered the definitive edition.

    Awesome PC specs btw, you got a GTX 1080! :)

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    Quote from Willymcfly»

    Correct, bedrock has a lot of potential over the java edition, if they can manage to hit these points we can ditch java and they won’t have to worry about running to versions of the game.

    - Make it feel more like java instead of it feeling like MCPE

    - Add real mod support instead of behavior packs

    - World converter made by mojang

    - Load different versions of the game support

    - Better server integration and plugin transfer from java

    and after these features are added which we listed, if they ever are, Mojang can hand over the Java edition to the modding community to do as they please with it while the bedrock edition becomes the "definitive edition" of the game

    Minecraft bedrock edition also needs amplified world types, hardcore mode, custom worlds with customized ore generation, spectator mode and legacy console world maps which lizking10152011 asked for.

    If they can nail all these features in, then bedrock edition won't have as much of a negative reputation it currently has from Java players.

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    Quote from Strahan202»

    Better to advise the saving of more money than to push a machine that is not sufficient to the stated goal.

    PS he'd be better off doing like this guy:

    ...and buying used; it'd be a much more capable machine than a brand new NUC.

    If he can get used parts that are working.

    There are refurbished systems on Ebay he could use, but even then you have to be careful about the sellers you're buying from as people do get scammed on there.

    The old saying is you get what you pay for.

    If it were me I'd rather have a new system that was at the recommended requirements, fewer problems that way.

    and certainly would cost more money than the budget he was aiming for.

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    Quote from Willymcfly»

    Indeed, Java editions optimization is completely broken, I think the java team should take a break from features and try to rework the engine.

    Which is why bedrock edition was chosen to do the shaders shown in that video.

    It shows the huge potential bedrock edition has over Java, it's able to do all this, supposedly without crippling a proper gaming system with an RTX graphics card.

    I wished Mojang had officially integrated a save file converter so people could safely transfer their worlds from Java edition over to bedrock edition.

    That's one of the flaws of bedrock edition, because of this people already on Minecraft Java would have no choice but to either stick with Java, or start a new world which would be an inconvenience for them.

    Another is it's not as convenient to install free texture packs on bedrock edition.

    and you can't load an older version of said game like you can on Java MC through a launcher.

    But it does have crossplatform support on Windows 10 PC, iOS, Nintendo Switch, android and Xbox One.

    I hope soon their home server application will support consoles online, giving people more freedom to customize their bedrock servers.

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    I have heard

    I don't have an RTX card in my gaming rig though.

    Mine is an Asus GTX 970, paired with an i7 4790k CPU and 16gb of DDR3 2400mhz dual channel.

    It runs Minecraft well, but it probably wouldn't be able to run this at all.

    I have tested the advanced shaders in Java edition, it worked, but it struggled and crippled my fps, barely making it at a steady 30fps.

    I now run Minecraft bedrock edition.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I doubt that will run the game well unless you are planning on running an old version like 1.6.4; the CPU in the system you link to has half the single-thread rating and 1/5 the overall rating as the recommended CPU:


    Note that newer does not mean better (2018 for the J4005 vs 2014 for the i5-4690), especially since single-core CPU performance hasn't improved much at all for many years. Versions since 1.8+ also really need a quad-core CPU to run well; even older versions would benefit since singleplayer runs two main threads for the client and sever, then you want garbage collection to have another thread (on my old computer, with a dual-core CPU, Optifine's multithreaded chunk rendering worsened performance, likely due to not enough CPU cores to handle it, likewise, vanilla has used multithreaded chunk rendering since 1.8 and there was a severe performance degradation). I'd also consider the recommended requirements to be the real minimum, considering that you should also have the render distance set to at least 10 chunks to ensure the game runs properly; e.g. mob spawning. At least in my case this means you should get a steady framerate at whatever refresh rate you have)

    He did say he wanted a computer that costs within the budget of 100 to 300$, so his options will be very limited for that kind of budget, desktop or laptop it doesn't matter, he isn't getting a high end computer with that budget.

    I do have a better Intel NUC for a Minecraft server which I am running which has an Intel quad core CPU, the Pentium silver J5005 with a base frequency of 1.5ghz and turbo up to 2.8ghz, however I don't know how much that would cost in his country or if they still sell that model of the Intel NUC with that processor anymore. They discontinued that model here in UK. That system only cost me about £300 including RAM and the SSD.

    But it runs the bedrock server application remarkably well with near zero lag at all. I've capped the max number of players up to 7.

    5 were invited. However only 3 people including myself are playing, the rest are too busy with work or chores at home for relatives.

    This CPU scores roughly a quarter of the CPU marks of the i7 4790k, so it's not a bad chip for the price range of the system.

    Point being is while there may be better options than the one I suggested for him.

    He needs to be prepared to spend a little more if he wants to ensure he meets the requirements.


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    Quote from superslayer570»

    I would like to buy a relatively cheap computer [$100-$300) to run Minecraft java edition. Also I would like it to be a desktop computer. Does anyone have any recommendations. Also I would pay the title is wrong and I can’t edit it.

    You could try an Intel NUC system which would cost you $162.05, has a 2ghz processor with 2 cores according to the specs.

    You will have to add RAM, but you shouldn't need more than 8gb DDR4 for this game.

    You can choose any 2.5" storage drive, a 120gb SSD shouldn't cost much. $22.99 from Crucial, link below.

    This can be attached to any monitor or TV with HDMI port and should work.

    Just get yourself a USB keyboard and mouse, and Windows 10 serial key with USB memory stick for OS install and you should be good to go.

    Or for Java edition you could use Linux, your choice.






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    Quote from jdc997»

    We shouldn't have a separate gamemode to create a different game. That would split the community.

    The existing gamemodes are all part of the creative sandbox mindset I mentioned earlier. In survival, you work to create what you want. Creative is the same but with a lot less effort. Adventure allows a player to better appreciate another's creation in both form and function. Spectator is a bit out of this mindset but still allows one to easily view a creation.

    "Survival+" doesn't contribute to creation, it just make the game more annoying. To fix that the game would need extremely major overhauls---so extreme you might as well be playing a completely different game. That's a ton of extra work for Mojang for a mode that may or may not be that popular.

    Making a feature optional does not make it good.

    I suppose if people wish to play more realistic survival games they should play Ark Survival Evolved or The Forest.

    But keeping the game as it is now means that some hardcore players don't get enough out of the game. Whitelight and his followers certainly don't get the features they're asking for, if the survival+ suggestion is denied and if those changes they're asking for are never added to survival as it is now.

    I like survival mode as it currently is, and some changes people have been suggesting (not related dehydration) would be incredibly annoying to deal with and the rest of us would rather not have those, For example, fishg, and someone else on reddit suggested making pillagers and their associated ravagers able to destroy any block, which I disagreed with. And I'm not the only one, a friend, lizking10152011 and a few others did. Because it would add more tedium and annoyances to the game and potentially result in hours or weeks worth of work on builds destroyed.

    Forcing new changes into current survival mode can ruin the game or the experience for players who would much rather play the game as it is now.

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    Quote from jdc997»

    Adding mechanics like temperature and thirst might make the game more realistic, but if they are just restrictions with no benefit then they aren’t fun. The “challenge” of these mechanics can be easily circumvented in a matter of minutes, so they’re just annoying.

    Minecraft isn’t a survival game, despite that being the name of the mode. It’s a creative sandbox, where you do what you want to do. Preventing the player from doing what they want for no benefit is not a good idea.

    Minecraft is also a casual game, which allows it to appeal to people of all ages. Making it survival oriented would make the game more hardcore and less accessible, reducing its popularity.

    No Support.

    What if it became a part of "survival+" which Whitelight suggested?

    if it were in a separate more realistic tier of survival mode then it wouldn't affect the casual or younger gamers you speak of, instead it would become a feature that is entirely optional. Current survival mode would be unaffected by the new dehydration mechanic.

    It is a sandbox game and this is precisely the point, people should have options to play the game which best fits their playstyle.

    I do not support denying more skilled and experienced players this, because that's selfish.

    If we want them to respect us and want us to have the current survival experience, we also have to respect their wishes too, in my opinion.

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