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    posted a message on The caves in the beta right now are great in theory, horrible in execution

    yeah in practice, it's best to either go for cheap armour or for netherite which offers the most lava protection before enchants.

    Netherite armour is also the most expensive to repair, and if mending were to receive the kind of nerf people have asked for, where you needed to use an anvil to fix it every time, it wouldn't be practical to use it all the time, not even if you were to use it every time in the Nether, there will be times where it'll be badly damaged but you'll not have enough XP or netherite ingots to do a full repair.

    So you'll be back to using leather or iron armour the majority of the time, enchanted or not.

    Caves and Cliffs doesn't force this on people, but it's closer to it than any of the previous updates

    because of the bad ore distribution problem I brought up earlier.

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    Quote from leangreen76»

    Thank-you, didn't know that. That would explain a lot.

    Yeah, been there tried that I'm afraid. Thinking (Due to swamps getting upgraded now) maybe wait until 1.19, maybe provrastinate a little longer. In some ways I'm like you I don't immediatly update. I updated to 1.13 due to the update aquatic and eventually went into 1.14, but stayed in 1.14.2 for a very long time as I wasn't originally fussed about just bees. (Ironic as I now have a giant bee dome and a mini bee-dome). Eventually I went to 1.16 because of the pull of the Nether update, but I could see may maybe staying in 1.17 for a little while longer.

    Swamp upgrades would be nice. I feel like forests could be upgraded too,

    and jungles could have a mountain plateau variant with gigantic waterfalls flowing off of them or into lagoons at the bottom

    of another part of the jungle.

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    posted a message on Minecraft is Pointless
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    Show me one. Just one.

    About the customization: I don't know a single other sandbox game, that is compareable easy to modify.

    The only difficult thing with minecraft is to have a selfmade modpack multiplayer-compatible.

    Therefore the server AND the players need the exact same modpack installed, including configs, scripts ect.

    Instead of posting rant's you could just ask how to overcome your problems.

    We all have different ideas on what makes a game pointless evidently

    Although if people are having to mod games to get the experience they want then it defeats the purpose I would say.

    Minecraft is a sandbox, some peoples mods actually reverse changes a developer made, like making mending compatible with infinity on bows, TheMasterCaver did this, but also changed the way mending works so you needed to use the anvil every time you wanted to repair your bow, even enchanted, which makes sense.

    I don't agree with everything TheMasterCaver says, he does have some good ideas,

    although I wouldn't like mob drops to be removed from manual mob spawners, some builder orientated players like myself do rely on these for our projects, and the rewards monsters give you for killing them can make monster battle arenas entertaining.

    His intention is to make players rely on naturally spawning monsters and mined ores for resources,

    but what he needs to understand is not everybody plays Minecraft for the same reasons he does.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.18 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from chaskuchar1»

    i guess i am missing out on minecraft. never been to the nether. still trying to live in the overworld.

    The Nether is fun, especially when you find Nether fortresses because you get to fight Wither Skeletons, sometimes Endermen will spawn and attack you on the bridges of Nether fortresses, because it is possible for Endermen to spawn in the Nether, anywhere, but will commonly spawn in Warped forests.

    If you find yourself a Blaze Spawner, you can get yourself all the Blaze rods you'd ever need, for making ender chests, eye of ender for the End portal, or brewing stands.

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    posted a message on Why am I the only one who finds Minecraft too easy?

    I'm sure there are non-realistic ways to add 'fair' difficulty.

    Just because there isn't a way to make difficulty perfect doesn't mean developers should go by the examples I gave earlier.

    Two things I hate most about certain video games are grind fests, and lackluster rewards for completing a task, especially when that task was hard.

    I remember when me and a friend did the Torgue DLC Campaign and beat Piston in Borderlands 2, even on ultimate vault hunter mode, what a waste of time that was, you get nothing for it, no decent weapons, relics or shields. It's an example of what can go wrong with a game that gives you somewhat of a challenge but then spits on you when you finish it. Tiny Tina's DLC campaign was far more rewarding.

    I don't want Minecraft to go down the same path where they ramp up the difficulty, without giving a valid justification for it.

    I do agree they should add in a more advanced game mode for people who are hardcore survival fans, though.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.18 Update Opinion Thread

    Perhaps *this* is why a lot of times the game goes from feeling soulful to soulless for some reason. The repetition isn't inherently bad but if it is too predictably timed or too frequent, it removes a sense of progress at the gut feeling level.

    I noticed how I stopped liking villages some point through 1.14 snapshots. When the structures became too similar to each other (as well as smaller and more intricate), it became less interesting to live in them. There also felt like less to change because they were more detailed, but that's another story.

    Repetition when done excessively in a game is always a bad thing, because this is what tends to make a game boring, it doesn't matter what reason it is done for, if it becomes too much of a situation of "been there done that" then it makes players inclined to not want to do it anymore.

    This is why people complain about grind fests when rewards are either excessively punishing to get, or are simply too time consuming.

    It's the reason why people got upset about the 1.17 ore distribution recently.

    and on the topic of structures, I don't like it when they're too similar any more than you do, nobody does, and I do wished Nether Fortresses would get an update because there isn't much variation in any of them. Yeah they've got chests with horse armour, diamonds and Blaze spawners etc. We've had this trope for years, a Nether Fortress update would be much appreciated, although there hasn't been any announcement of them getting improved.

    So far, with the Nether update from 1.16, all we've got is new Nether biomes and bastions, which don't get me wrong, they're cool,

    but I would like existing Nether structures to be improved. Beside from diamond armour which you'd likely already be wearing by the time you went into the Nether, and a few Netherite scraps, not enough to upgrade one tool let alone an entire armour set, all you get is a Snout Banner and Pigstep disc, and a low chance to get a Soul Speed book or two, which isn't a great enchantment, seeing as it damages your boots when you use it. I do find the lanterns useful however, saves iron.

    I hear 1.19 is going to have frogs, mangrove trees and fireflies, no mention of changes to the Nether, though,

    mostly Overworld stuff from what a reliable friend told me. Overworld is getting improvements at least,

    so no complaints about that one.

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    posted a message on We need (The Survival Update)
    Quote from Hazi_tru»

    The problem isn't skipping the first night, the problem is running around after the first night with a infinite use bed which is cheese your pretty much immune to night time. If you use your 3 sleeping bag uses and are somewhere with out sheep your screwed. You'd probably killed all your sheep in your vicinity depending primarily on sleeping bags and not invested in building a home with a bed. This mechanic is just to reduce the night time cheese and actually give incentive to build little huts around your map. Why have hostile night time mobs if all you need is a one time bed to avoid them forever ? Its pretty counter productive.

    I mean you could eventually do the same with sleeping bags if you get a sheep farm but at least the beginning wont be so damn easy, it will be at least mid game before you are able to make a boat load of sleeping bags. Sleeping bags should also have triple the radius at which you cant sleep if a hostile mob is near because your are outside and are victim to what ever near by, so sleeping bags would only work if you do it right before sunset or in desolate area to make some balance. Sleeping bags should really be last resort and a poor mans bed with worst qualities mainly for short travel.

    I'm getting totally off topic though lol this post is mostly about new mobs both hostile and passive, temperature, survival mechanics and even some sort of power. Mostly just life in general to the game, the dev focused pretty much on only terrain and biome generation for the last decade.. Mobs are sadly lacking far behind everything else they have updated.

    I agree with the sleeping bags idea, also it should only be allowed 3 times before a cool down is initiated.

    But the rebalancing beds desperately need are what I said earlier, they should necessitate a secure base or well lit hole or cave to be used, otherwise there's a risk of hostile mobs waking the player up in the middle of the night.

    Also if a player had recently logged out of a world whilst it was night time, beds should be on a 2 minute cool-down, to prevent them being cheesed.

    Or better still, the player who logged out has to wait 2 minutes before they can log back into the world. If they don't want the 2 minutes delay to return, then they should get their own bed and use them like everybody else.

    The only problem left with beds is their abusable explosive properties that have been used to kill the Ender Dragon in End and mining ancient Debris in Nether. If beds were nerfed so they could no longer be used for any of that, beds would be balanced and would function properly, meaning their purpose is to allow players to go to day time in Overworld when all requirements have been met, and to set a spawn location, all other benefits from beds imo is a cheat.

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    posted a message on Biome Improvement Ideas

    At this point I don't know whether or not I want larger trees because (mod-wise) I have seen both the good and bad side of them.

    If large trees can spawn on mountains, then the change to clouds is necessary.

    Pros of taller tree generation:

    More wood per sapling, more realistic looking trees, ideal for treehouse building etc.


    Hazardous in survival, and the wider treetops would facilitate more

    hostile mob spawning in daytime on the ground.

    Would be slightly more taxing on hardware, especially when trees have been chopped

    and more leaves begin the process of decay and converting to sticks and saplings.

    But be honest here, technology has changed significantly since when the game first came out,

    the extra load on hardware isn't going to be an issue since most people who play Minecraft

    would have computers more powerful than what the general consumer had back in 2011.

    If your computer didn't have problems with Caves and Cliffs,

    it will not have a problem with taller trees.

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    posted a message on Extending the limits of the new mountain biomes from their Y=256 cap
    Quote from OnixTheGr8»

    Hi all,

    I love the beauty of Minecraft's new mountains that are coming to 1.18. However, you might know that they have been capped to Y=256. This causes the mountains (if they're tall enough) to sometimes look rather weird. I'd really want them to be higher so that they don't get capped like this (and that I can build a nice house up there too!). I'd also want the height limit to be extended so that they can generate even taller.

    How can I do these two things? (Sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm new :v)

    I agree, also it would be better if the maximum height limit were raised to about 1024 for building, this would be high enough for anyone's project.

    And it would leave plenty of room to build above mountains that reach 320.

    Even if it had to be a separate world type that players had to create in vanilla Minecraft in both Java and bedrock edition.

    I'd be all for it, call it Maximum Biomes, which is a mix of amplified and large biomes.

    General mountain ranges could be averaged at about 256 blocks Y, but peak at around 320 and do a pointy mountain formation.

    Since the game is programmed to get colder the higher up you go, naturally some of these mountains will have snow on them.

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    posted a message on We need (The Survival Update)
    Quote from Hazi_tru»

    I Like that idea about beds. I feel as though you shouldn't be able to sleep in a bed if it isn't in a fully enclosed home or structure. This would give incentive to make many bases around your map on your travels. maybe during your journey just build a few 5x5 houses with chest, furnaces and beds in them. That might be too difficult for some and probably not liked so, you should be able to craft sleeping bags that have a durability of 3 uses and no respawn point. This would help with cheesing night time and traveling with no threat.

    As far as temperature goes campfire should be the best go to if your out in the cold and did not prep clothing or things to counter the cold. Furnaces, candles and lava pools should also provide heat. Meaning you'd probably want to carry around a bucket of lava with you as well. Dig a hole and dump lava in it. When standing close to it you heat up for a couple seconds, that shouldn't be cheesed though and only heat you up for a bit so your better off just carrying something like cooling clothing or armor. Same for overheating, soul torches should cool you off, as well as sitting in water or eating watermelon. Lastly new enchantments and potions, cooling 1, and cooling 2, heating 1, and heating 2 should be very rare enchants you could get on armor which are 30 lvl enchants. Potions should be craft able to give you temporary resistance against temperatures, cooling 1 or heating 1 for 60

    Yes, it fits within the context of sandbox and survival genre like Minecraft, which is fundamentally about building, in survival builds should serve a purpose and reward or encourage creativity, whether they are to protect players while they are sorting through chest items, enchanting or repairing stuff on an anvil or table, or provide buffs to statistics, that sort of thing.

    With items like the campfire, as well as fireplaces inside bases or houses, they can and should be used to keep players warm in cold biomes. If players are not wearing armour or clothes, then unless they are near a heat source their character body temp should fall, if it reaches zero, Slowness status remains constant until they manage to warm themselves up again. And if they are in water in a cold biome, hypothermia status could me made to cause damage over time if the temp is zero, if the player doesn't get out of the water in time, they die.

    The workaround for the hazardous water in the Ice biomes is Frost walker enchantment, magma blocks which warm the ocean floor in a small radius, or conduit, conduit could be used to protect players from the extreme cold in the water and drowning.

    As for lava, the heat radius of them could be limited to about 16 blocks, while regular fire and likewise campfire can be limited to 8 per block.

    So without armour or clothing, players would have to sit no more than 8 blocks away from the fire if they want to avoid the Slowness status from stage 1 hypothermia, stage 2 hypothermia would cause damage but is only initiated by being in water in an Ice biome.

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    posted a message on We need (The Survival Update)
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    The campfire is a great item!

    Why waste coal in the early game to cook, when a campfire can cook infinite food?

    It does require you to refill manually after the cooking process and it's certainly slow.

    The only downside i see with it is that you can only mine it with silktouch.

    So it's best use is for an early starterbase, where you know you stick around and mine a bit.

    And i don't go for coal. I just need enough for a stack of torches and to smelt the iron.

    Once i'm geared up, i start exploring. At that point the campfire becomes unattractive, unless i run short on coal & cooked food.

    It is useful, we just play different. ;)

    Charcoal is renewable and can be used in either smokers or furnaces, it's not difficult to use, and smokers have the advantage of cooking your food quicker in addition to doing a whole stack of 64, not just 4 at a time on a campfire.

    Hazi's temperature suggestion would make campfires better at something furnaces are not, keeping player characters warm in extreme cold climates.

    Otherwise campfires are already doing something that another item does with the exception of honey extraction. I'm not saying campfires are bad, but Minecraft never really suffered without them.

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    posted a message on Add more mobs instead terrain stuff
    Quote from Hazi_tru»

    If not leather then 2 new clothing types, one which is good for cold biomes and one for hot biomes. I agree with chainmail, it's useless and always have been. Maybe give it a buff against knock back and +1 strength. It's really no reason to wear chainmail over iron armor. I doubt you'll find chainmail before you are able to mine iron to its totally obsolete.

    Adding in cotton to keep players warm would be a welcome addition, so players either had to choose leather armour or cotton to keep them warm.

    This means they do without the protection of their OP god armour if they want to protect themselves from the cold or heat of deserts.

    Cotton could have the advantage of this, and be very easy to make, as well as have the advantage of being able to make string without Spiders.

    Cotton could also be compatible with enchantments, but only offer 25% of the total armour points. It's better than nothing, but it will not prevent you from being insta killed by a point blank Creeper explosion, and it'll offer next to no protection against fire without Fire Protection enchantment.

    But in the safety of your own house or base, why would you need to be wearing your god tier armour?

    your house is preventing hostile mobs from spawning to start with, even more so if you're in a mushroom field biome where nothing except mooshrooms would be spawning outside, and mooshrooms are harmless.

    Mushroom field biome should count as a neutral temp biome, unless it is raining or thunderstorm, then it should behave as if it is a cold biome imo.

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    posted a message on We need (The Survival Update)

    Structures with hostiles surrounding them shouldn't appear on the surface of the Overworld because of the risk of spawning besides one and being immediately under fire. Pillagers are weak but I've had cases of spawning near ocean structures, zombie villages, witch huts, or dungeons as well.

    The problem that often comes up about survival is it makes little difference whether you have a structure or not. If you've got good armour on as well as a milk bucket or two then night time isn't hard to survive.

    We need more reasons to spawn proof our areas or to build a house, protecting your chests and other placed items from Creepers isn't enough.

    Adding in climate and its affect on players and their crops would be a game changer, and it would definitely give survival mode the overhaul it needs.

    It wouldn't address the hostile mob issue directly, but it would change the game environment to make it feel more like a survival game.

    Cold water should also be a hazard to players if they don't use a boat, frost walker enchantment or something like the Elytra to get over the ocean or lake that is in a cold biome. While leather armour could be made to prevent players from freezing and initiating Slowness debuff while out of water but in a cold biome, cold water could actually be changed to slowly damage players if they remain in it for too long, adding in a hypothermia effect.

    Adding in the Phantom in the Aquatic update did make beds more necessary, but you can use beds outside, so beds are still overpowered,

    if hostile mobs were able to wake players up if they used beds in unsafe areas, then it would encourage more base building.

    Beds would be more balanced if players actually had to use them in a well lit house, cave or hole if they wanted to switch to day time,

    beds definitely should not be used outside in the dark where every hostile mob can spawn.

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    posted a message on We need (The Survival Update)
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    That realy is a good point.

    Now that you have mentioned it, i can't remember if i actually ever used a minecart-chest.

    Maybe in some form of complicated redstone, that was way over my head.

    Which i don't do anymore becouse i've learned enough to improvise to my needs.

    Shulkers realy are useful. As well as enderchests. Untill you realize that you could have had much more fun building railways.


    Another thing that could reward building and make builds actually functional is the greenhouse thing you brought up before. ^_^

    Having glass protect your plants from extreme cold and having light sources inside to melt the ice into liquid water for your crops and your trees would make greenhouse builds useful.

    Builds are more satisfying when they do a function, if you want to play on normal difficulty for hostile mobs to spawn at night time, that's fair enough, hostile mobs do have important loot in the game and without Skeletons you'd have a less efficient way of getting bone meal, compost bins kind of suck for that unfortunately.

    Neither Hazi nor myself are suggesting your build ought to be griefed or not be permanent,

    but we would like builds and likewise campfires to be functional in the game, at the moment, campfires are only good for cooking food and producing light, which furnaces already do, and extracting honey from beehives if you care about that, but it's not really that useful imo.

    But if temperature were to be a direct hazard to players and their crops on normal difficulty or higher, then campfires would have a unique use that is critical for survival. Easy difficulty could let players toggle temperature off.

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    posted a message on We need (The Survival Update)
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    I feel twisted about this. In my very first playthrough with my friend i traveled from our birchmountain biome to a desert where i build a little oasis camp, which would become my base. I loved the open terrain, where i could deal better with hostiles and had so much space to ride a horse.

    Things like this would become to time consuming if you had to build a greenhouse or something just to growth a tree outside it's natural biome.

    If it where just for the lack of water, i wouldn't complain. We have the opposit with warmth in form of lightsources in cold biomes, where water freezes.

    This stuff should be kept easy imo.

    Once again, if resource farming is to exist in the game at all it needs to have some logic behind it imo.

    I didn't say it shouldn't be made easy, it is a low level resource, however there does come a point where it becomes ridiculous.

    If you want to farm warehouse storage worth of acacia or jungle saplings why not just do it locally or in a warm biome? why do you or any player for that matter wish to travel thousands of blocks to an ice biome just so you can plant an acacia or jungle tree and then stockpile on them?

    To a point resource farming is okay as long as it isn't AFK, although in my view it ought to be a lot harder with enchantments, and it is, thankfully,

    but Hazi does make a good point, if temperature is to matter in the game then it does need to affect what plants you can grow and where imo.

    If you want to build something out of acacia or jungle wood in an Ice Spikes Biome or Tundra, then you can use minecarts with chests to import the logs from elsewhere. Otherwise you can just use Spruce, which will still supply you with all the sticks and fuel you'd ever need, it is still a renewable resource.

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