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    One of the features I loved about Minecraft bedrock edition is you could nullify fire status effect near instantly if you had two armour plates with Fire Protection 4 on, in addition to eliminating the status effect so quickly, it would mean fire would not block your view as soon as you moved away from a heat source.

    This increased incentives to use Fire Protection over the other Protection types. While I am not knocking the benefits of Protection IV, the problem with Protection IV is it is a jack of all trades and master of none, which may not provide as much protection as the other ones in some instances, but this made sense. On Java we don't have these benefits, which is why I don't use more than one armour plate with Fire Protection 4. Why would I bother when Fire Resistance potions grant immunity to fire anyway?

    I think the game needs to go in the direction of increasing utility of the different protection types, so people don't just throw the same enchantments on every armour plate. It encourages understanding of the benefits and cons of each enchantment type and learning strategic gameplay.

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    I have no familiarity with any of that which probably explains why I don't know where it's from. I just like the bird.

    I have that happen sometimes, but I didn't quote you there so that may be why.

    Supposedly there's an effort to try and recreate the early console experience on Java.

    As a disclaimer, I am neither familiar with the old console versions, nor how faithful the recreation effort is, but in case you're unaware of it and in case it's good, it's a thing.

    That would be nice actually, I am in favour of a revamped custom worlds option, and one feature I'd like for this to have is Xbox 360 and PS3 Edition worlds including their own world generation which they had at the time 4J Studios worked on those versions.

    World templates would be another nice addition to add to the game, which could possibly be used to replace world seeds in later vanilla versions of the game. The problem with seeds is they're easily abusable by players who use them to seek out structures and free loot.

    While some people may use seeds merely to have their preferred biomes closer to world spawn, which I think was their intention, the problem is people use world seeds for revealing the location of things they shouldn't by skipping the rules of survival with cheats on, leaked world seeds as chaptmc has mentioned has caused considerable problems for people's worlds.

    Seeds are usually hidden and known only by an admin of a server or owner of a world, but players on those worlds can request seed number which can then be used for cheating. Replacing seeds with world templates which only affect biomes, with randomized locations of structures is a better way to design world generation I think, but since Mojang don't seem to be bringing back custom worlds anytime soon, I don't see this happening.

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    Which is besides the point since it was specifically the additional impact of shaders that I was referring to? So why does it seem like you are you adding meaning to my words that I did not put behind them?

    Complaints about performance aren't exclusive to now. People have been complaining about Minecraft's performance since it existed. Modern versions get more complaints because that's what the overwhelming majority of people play and because expectations are way higher now. I've tried to explain this to you; to explain why "volume of complaints" alone isn't a good substitute for actual performance results, and to explain that variables matter. You can not ignore them, yet you often do.

    The very testimonial you are referring to is a good example of this (but you left those other parts out). That person claims "performance was always a problem"; they even claim to have been having lower performance on older versions in their own time, and that later they were getting better performance on (then) modern versions, but that it was still unsatisfactory. Does that not seem to echo something I often state which is "modern versions perform better on period appropriate hardware than older versions did on their period appropriate hardware, but expectations are higher now" to you?

    That person is also using a laptop, so extra care needs taken when accepting performance results from them since thermal and power limit factors may be at play. Since they seems to be saying they have to underclock to prevent this, I'd say that's in play here? So that would be a device side issue, and therefore these performance results aren't too meaningful. I'm very happy that person found an answer in your mod though (because that's what matters).

    The Ryzen 5 3500U is not a moderately fast CPU anymore (but if that purchase was made in 2021, that was pandemic times so things were tough and I get that). It's a Zen+ generation (which is what the Ryzen 2000 series is, despite the name, because AMD's been awful at their mobile naming consistency), which is like... Intel Skylake-level of performance I think? No, I'm not calling it's awful; I'm just adding context. It's five years old and merely matched stuff that existed years before, and it's a slower variant of that level of performance on top of that. Year of release means nothing; I knew that when I bought a 2013 laptop and its CPU was slower than my Core 2 Duo. Add on to this that the "U" class CPUs from both Intel and AMD are "ultra low voltage" and not meant for high performance or gaming but for low wattage (hence the 15W). So the fact that it's not blowing performance away, especially in a CPU heavy game in particular, is not especially unheard of.

    I'm not sure why you're even making an example of that though? You know as well as I do that "maximum frame rate" means little. If they were only getting 15 FPS at a maximum in some modern version, when a Core 2 Duo gets many hundreds, then it's clear there's something more going on. Something like, you know... thermal throttling might really explain this?

    But in the end, the person's problem was seemingly resolved, ironically, by throwing hardware at things that exceeded what existed in the time of those versions. The same "throwing hardware at the problem" approach that you seem to come down on me for even implying.

    I'm still not sure what any of this even has to do with the original subject of "shaders might not always be as demanding as you might think" though?

    we can't keep throwing more hardware at the problem though, at some point developers need to be asked to work with the constraints of existing hardware.

    Hardware can only get so powerful, and generally higher performance hardware of the same generation has higher energy requirements.

    As you mentioned, thermal and current limits are the main reasons why laptops can never be as powerful as their desktop counterparts.

    I have a cooling pad for my laptop which can help reduce throttling problems, but if I were decide to try to do gaming on my laptop, which is extremely old now and whether or not such an outdated model would adequately run Minecraft Java 1.19, even with Optifine and no shaders, is questionable, it'll work for basic things, can still be used for web browsing and music, but attempting to run Minecraft on it now is probably pushing it as it uses an i5 7200U processor, a dual core with 16gb RAM. The memory is enough but the processor capabilities are limited.

    I do see potential in low wattage hardware as time goes on though, I will be honest and I'd like gaming systems to be both more affordable and eco friendly, the throw away mentality people have isn't doing us any favours, and I think it's more sensible that this behaviour is discouraged in favour of a more sustainable future. I do want people to have access to computers, even if they're on low incomes, but it is also important that products be designed to last as well as be high performing.

    Not every gaming PC needs to have a 500 watt power supply minimum in order to run reliably,

    but there are some video cards, especially on AMD's side, that recommend PSU ratings of over 600w,

    which in my opinion is not a good measure of efficiency, and judging by the recent benchmarks between 6700xt and

    7700xt, they don't seem to be pushing the envelope in performance to justify this either.

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    Quote from chaptmc»

    Seems you got lucky, as since I noted above, it took me 81 Levels and 81 Lapis (27 tries) to get Channeling on a Trident as my most egregious experience with the enchantment table, though there have been other instances with it that were frustrating. One time was trying to get Silk Touch I on a Diamond Pick. The enchantment Table gave me Fortune III 11 times in a row before giving me Silk Touch I, wasting 33 Levels and 33 Lapis just for an instance of Silk Touch I. It's like the enchantment seed was stuck on stupid. At that point, the older system of paying 30 Levels and 0 Lapis while being able to reset the Enchantment Seed for free shines through as a better alternative as you can just reset the enchantment seed until your desired Enchantment shows on the Level 30 Option.

    The mutually exclusive enchantments (The Protections, Silk Touch/Fortune, Loyalty/Riptide, Sharpness/Smite/BoA) is where the cracks really show in the Enchantment Table, as it seems you likely experienced. Where you'll get an enchantment like Unbreaking III as your Level 30 Roll on an armor piece and you hope to either get just that; or that and Protection IV. You Click it and you get Fire Protection III and Unbreaking III instead and really shows how the enchantment table can be annoying due to luck dependence.

    And people have found means to manipulate the next enchantment seed through performing specific actions to get what they want, like dropping X Blocks of Cobblestone out of their inventory before enchanting again using a calculator, but that's annoying to do, not to mention basically cheating.

    This is part of the reason why I use a Loyalty III Trident over a Mending I Bow. Less power and slightly slower speed, but basically infinite ammo (As there is no ammo) and a projectile that can travel quickly through the water all while being able to be enchanted with Mending. That and the fact I can't really aim a bow that well. All that power does nothing if I can't hit my Target.

    Well, the Enchantment Table also isn't useless late game due to it being able to help keep NBT RepairCost down on items if you are lucky enough to get a good enchantment or two (I don't like to depend on the enchantment table for 3-5 enchantments as it seldomly ever happens) from it, before adding enchantments via books and the anvil to max out your item, again most expensive enchantments first, least expensive last so you don't get 'Too Expensive!' on the anvil. Enchantments from the Enchantment Table do not add to an item's NBT RepairCost value which is one of the few areas where the Enchantment Table is actually good.

    That is where the benefits of the Enchantment table stop, though, and while it is true it helps keep costs of enchanting down, the reality is you can max out many tools without this help, effectively negating the benefits of the enchanting table over other enchantment sources.

    I will admit a rebalance of Villager trades is a way to increase utility of the Enchantment Table, but Mojang handled it in the worst possible way.

    Players should never be punished for providing their Villagers safety from hostile mobs or taking advantage of trades to farm materials manually using items they worked for such as crop items, which is what biome dependency does, as you have to visit a fresh unprotected Village for each trade item you wish to unlock, increasing the odds of something going wrong.

    If they wanted to remove imprisonment of Villagers in cubicles, what should've been in place of it is a secure village or town, which players build for their Villager allies. Villagers could be assigned a job based on the materials you provide for their homes, whether or not there is a crop local to them, whether or not you place a Sheep pen next to their house etc.

    High level enchantments could be made master level exclusive trades, so players are required to put more work into leveling up their Villagers, before they can farm the enchantment books they need for their equipment. The enchantment table would still have more utility with this change I have proposed than it does in the older versions, as until you get to the point of reaching master level, you won't get the best enchantments from Villagers. A world option could be implemented so if players felt up to the challenge, mending could be a treasure chest exclusive book found only in Dungeons and End City chests. There are lots of ways to improve the game for people, without griefing player worlds for the sake of making the game harder.

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    I also agree with the suggestion on fixing the anvil, if we are to deal with the prospect of that thing breaking after a set number of uses each time, it's not unreasonable to ask Mojang to make the thing more useful, one change I'd like it to have is indefinite repairs on armour and tools, but with an XP cost that escalates only up until a certain point, depending on quality of the gear.

    People would not be in such a rush to rely on mending if the anvil didn't suck beyond enchanting, this is particularly evident when you factor in the Elytra and its limited repair times with membranes.

    Anvils are already costly to replace, as you mentioned chaptmc, half a stack of iron ingots down the drain each time,

    why should we have to deal with items becoming impossible or too costly to repair? it's ridiculous.

    The anvil should be having the functions mending already does, but for some reason, it does not,

    if it wasn't for mending, players would be forced to craft new sets of tools over and over again,

    which mean more boring strip mining sessions underground to obtain the same items they had already earned.

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    Quote from chaptmc»

    Part of the reason why people rely on Villagers so heavily for Enchanted Books for guaranteed enchantments is due to how luck dependent the Enchantment Table is with it's Enchantment Seed RNG. Older versions allowed you to reset the Enchantment seed free of charge by removing and reapplying the item to the enchantment table, at the cost of using 30 Levels once you found an enchantment you were happy with. I didn't mind paying 30 Levels this way if it guaranteed me getting the specific enchantment I wanted, sometimes with a bonus or two.

    Now, you have to keep a book with you as well as the item you want to enchant, so if you get a bad roll on the item, but a good roll on a book, you get a Good Enchanted Book. Otherwise, you have to choose the first tier enchant to reset the enchantment seed, wasting 1 Lapis Lazuli and 1 Level, use the grindstone to remove the enchantment, then try again. And it can get stupid. You remember me doing 27 Level 30 Rolls on a Trident just to get Channeling, Channeling. 81 Levels and 81 Lapis wasted just to get a single enchantment due to luck dependency.

    Between this and the NBTRepairCost Penalty on Anvils and the fact Anvils break after so many uses (Wasting about half a stack of Iron), these matters push players to use Librarians for Enchanted Books, especially for Mending due to this (As they likely put alot of time into enchanting their item and they don't want it to break due to that). Instead of Nerfing/Rebalancing Enchanted Book Trades, why don't they work on fixing the Enchantment Table and/or the Anvil? So there is a route they can fix here as well.

    In my opinion, the enchantment table is a waste of time. Given the two options I'd rather use trades for all the enchantments I need for my tools for clearing out terrain and building.

    I don't know why people value the enchantment table so highly, when the enchantments you get are based on luck of the draw, if you end up with bad ones, you have to use the grindstone and then reroll, it's a pathetic mechanic that for me, is way worse than having to reroll job blocks for Villagers.

    At least with setting up trading halls, you only have to lock their trades in once per book, only repeat if some glitch causes a Villager to suffocate in a block or something.

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    Quote from chaptmc»

    Chunkbase is a primary example of how /seed would give an advantage to a player as it can give them access to every known structure, biome, carver feature, and dungeon on said seed. I've played with alot of players in my years of playing Minecraft on Console Legacy Xbox 360, Java, and Bedrock Editions and the worlds that generally have failed are the ones where the World Seed is known, as it becomes a ratrace due to Chunkbase where players will rush the Abandoned Mineshafts, Dungeons, Villages, Buried Treasures, and Ruined Portals for fast free loot, and then try to kill the Ender Dragon as quickly as possible, and once that is done they stop playing, so the Server dies within two weeks to a month because players wanted a dopamine rush from fast easy free loot and only really played to kill the Ender Dragon.

    This is why I like AGTRigorMortis' approach on his Worlds with a Territory Format in addition to not knowing the seed (Unless you absolutely need to for reasons determined by the Admin, in this case him), as it encourages exploring and working together all while not rushing or cheating to getting things done quickly. Basically, you want fast free loot? Well you will have to blindly search in your territory; or trade something with somebody from another territory.

    All this is correct. Also if I'm not mistaken, Debug can be used to detect chests in a chunk as well with the debug pie, which means players can find Buried Treasure this way as well as hidden bases.

    My only issue with leaking world seeds is their massive potential for abuse as well as griefing other players.

    Obviously on a server where players have agreed to not cheat, knowing a world seed is not generally an issue, so long as they stick to playing on that same world only. But seeds can be used to generate worlds in single player and with creative mode on, to then find location of structures and ores.

    This is not what we use seeds for, we use them for preferred biomes, yes, but for building purposes only, not combat.

    When building my castle I don't want to have to deal with Pillager Patrols where raids can be triggered no matter which player killed the Captain at our base, which I find is an unfair penalty given we never used to have to deal with this problem prior to 1.14.

    So a mushroom island is preferred for major build projects.

    Had it not been for this or Endermen stealing dirt, sand and gravel blocks, I would've been okay with building my castle in any other biome in the Overworld except Deep Dark. Creepers and Skeletons I can deal with, they're annoying, yes, but light sources are usually enough to prevent their spawn, not the case with Pillagers, and this is a long list of things I have against Mojang, like their most recent nerfs, punishing players for grinding out large amounts of resources for build projects.

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    Quote from chaptmc»

    There are also certain people who like to keep their world size small and stay within a certain confines of a set of coordinates. The Villager Trade Nerf goes against this principal by forcing players to essentially travel even more if they want certain things. Considering this game is supposed to be a sandbox and give the player the choice of what they want to do, this nerf kind of goes against that. And I'm not sorry to say it, this is a nerf, not a rebalance.

    I'm okay with world exploration for certain things, but for trading it should never be a mandatory thing to have to visit different biomes to get trades, however powerful those trades are. I've proposed a much better solution to rebalance trades and it involves something which forces players to build suitable homes for Villagers, and build thriving communities with NPC's in order to earn their respect as well as rewards, you provide them safety and items they need, renewable items or not, you get the same treatment back in return, this is how economics should work, the same is true for Villager economy, if this rebalancing method doesn't go far enough for some people, then sucks to be them, they need to consider the nuances when they propose nerfing something in a game like how much of a negative impact it has on people who don't want it, especially a large number of people, I'm not interested in what some pompous clickbait Youtuber has to say on the matter when they fail to propose anything better.

    Mojang doesn't care about the major downsides of their nerfs though or how much of a negative affect they have on player experience, and that's the problem I have with them, or otherwise this wouldn't have been a common complaint to begin with. The game is already demanding of people's time as it is, without developers forcing in changes which clearly not everybody agrees with.

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    It's specifically graphics cards that are really going up in price though (other hardware parts are actually really accessible and cheap for what they are), so it's not as simple as silicon shortages, and there's a myriad of reasons for why graphics cards in particular are expensive, but it would be beyond the scope of such a thread to dig into it.

    The main statement I wanted to make was that your reaction probably came from the fact that the majority of Minecraft's user base is on hardware that's less capable, so they are going to have a certain skew as to how they label the performance of the game with shaders and when something is echoed enough, it leaves an impression, but in reality you don't need a lot of graphics hardware for shaders. Obviously if you want to play at increased settings, resolution, render distances, or with the more demanding (path traced) shaders there will be increased requirements, but just running them modestly doesn't need a whole lot. My old GTX 1060 ran the majority of them fine, and even graphics performance twice as high is basically entry level now. You really don't need a whole lot. It's just a lot of users probably have that little to begin with.

    I'm aware, a friend is using a GTX 1660 to run shaders with Minecraft Java edition on his own PC and it works without stuttering for him. This does demonstrate that light traced shaders can be done even on moderately powerful hardware, it doesn't have to be high end, as many people would assume. Not even my PC is high end, and I am using more powerful graphics hardware currently than him. A starting point for high end would be something with an Nvidia RTX 4070 or equivalent AMD GPU, even then, if the CPU isn't good enough there will be bottlenecks, severe ones.

    My point of my statement is that shaders do run well on moderately powerful PC's, and if people don't set their expectations too high,

    if they use a 1080p monitor and not a 4k one, they can get away with using shaders in Minecraft without a fuss, on my PC with a 1440p monitor,

    I'm able to average about 60-70fps using a shader mod that does have raytracing, and only dips below that when visiting a trading hall, which indicates a CPU problem, not a GPU one. In any case, the trading hall is outside the chunk simulation zone of the castle, so the castle is unaffected by this and I can get good performance even during thunderstorms, and when Phantoms spawn and come to attack.

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    Poisonous potato gets my vote.

    Can't even use it for poison potions, which is ironic considering its namesake.

    And yes, mould can indeed be deadly or at least make you sick even if it's not ingested, it's possible to inhale spores and be poisoned that way as well IRL.

    Fungus if it's of a toxic type, also known as mycotoxins, can have a myriad of adverse affects on health.

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    You don't need much compared to what's available, but the majority of Minecraft players probably use aged and much slower hardware, so a lot of this reputation comes from that. Shaders also take a game that typically cares very little for the graphics capabilities and makes it one that relies a lot on it, so it's going from nothing to everything in that regard.

    And to make it worse, the cost of modern graphics cards in particular is through the roof. And that's to say nothing of the physical size and power draw having gone up too. It makes it harder for someone with a typical OEM desktop with an unknown PSU in it to obtain or add something worthwhile.

    I blame silicon shortages for at least some of that, from what I understand of this they are looking at alternatives which can be used for hardware manufacturing, but research and development has its costs too, so for the time being, we have to wait and see what happens.

    I'm not denying that inflation and corporate greed are factors in why prices of products are going up as well. But shortages of natural resources do push up prices as much as everything else does in the economy.

    I would like powerful computer hardware to end up in the possession of many people as possible, within reason, with powerful computers, we tap into another important resource, people, they can use their skills to build a successful career later on, which we all benefit from, whether they get into programming or making informative hardware reviews, or informing other's about how technology works. Computers are pretty much a necessity at this point.

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    Been playing around with some shaders, surprisingly they are optimized with Optifine even on some weaker video cards, which a friend has tested this on. This makes me wished the vanilla version of Java had raytracing built into it, the lighting is greatly improved with shaders, instead of just a flat boring lighting, you get realistic shadows that are directional, and are dependent on position of the moon or the sun, or other light sources.

    I've used Endstone bricks for walls and cut sandstone slabs for staircases, a spiral staircase to be exact, one of the towers in the castle will have a column going through the middle section, which will then have rooms inside.

    I've also considered replacing the cobblestone in the corridor.

    Yes, cobblestone is cheap, but I think I could do better. Terracotta and sandstone are some considerations for flooring here,

    as they would add a sense of majestic feel to the castle.

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    Here's another image of the castle, the interior design still needs a bit more work, and I've thought of using wallpapers with glowstone blocks behind them to give the candles on the stone brick wall above them the illusion of being brighter. I cannot use glowing squid ink as I do not have enough for this.

    So for the time being the ballroom will have to remain dark, there are chandeliers in there, but these are nowhere near bright enough to light up the entire room and they're too far off the ground for that to be effective.

    But there is enough light for you to see what the place looks like from the inside.

    There will also be fireplaces eventually, so the lighting of the room will increase from those too.

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    An update on the castle build I said I was building on my survival world with a friend, I've recently added an armoury hall at the entrance corridor sector of the building, it is coming along nicely, it isn't completely the same as the one I built on the creative server, as there are some additions here and there which weren't present in the original build. For starters, the original armoury hall was decorated with stained clay, not quartz, the reason for the change to interior design was that first, quartz was more readily available via trades, second, it more closely resembles one of the rooms in Windsor Castle.

    And the original castle did not have soulfire firepits on the wall which back then was not possible, this was because the original was built on an older version before the Nether update, netherrack firepits would have been an option back then still, but the original wall did not have this either. I felt an upgrade to the wall design was a better fit for this build, hence the addition of the firepits to light up the pathway on top of the wall around the castle.

    The original castle build can be seen in the images provided in the link below.

    My Minecraft castle (creative mode) Minecraft Map (planetminecraft.com)

    But I've also added attachments to the updated version, which is not finished, but it is planned.

    I still need to put the ceiling on the first floor before I begin the second and third floor plus basement levels,

    but it is coming along much better than I had hoped. I do have some confidence that finishing it is feasible, even with the restrictions

    survival mode imposes on players.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    This is because you are not dying a white block but a reddish one (the default color of smelted clay), so all colors are affected by the underlying color:

    This can also be seen with the way I implemented colored beds; instead of adding textures for every color as Mojang did I just recolor a single set of grayscale textures when rendering them, with the same effect if you change the texture to a different color, this is also how swamp water used to be colored (the actual color applied was a light yellow-green but ended up as a darker blue color since the texture itself was blue, instead of colorless as it is since 1.13):

    (only the bottom half of the bed was recolored; this is not exactly the same as what happens with hardened clay because you can only recolor it to be darker, never lighter, by simply applying a color tint to the texture)

    That's not the issue, and all that's doing is arguing semantics, it is the mislabeling of the colors which is the problem. And the way dyed blocks are handled in the game are not consistent, as sheep wool color can be changed regardless of what color they originally were. And their original color does NOT affect the color of the dye afterwards.

    Yet on reddit a troll literally decides to poke fun at people for mentioning this problem.

    If players didn't understand how mixing of colors work, they would also had complained about the resulting colors after mixing two different dyes after,

    But they didn't, did they? literally, on no forum has any person I have come across done this as it would be completely absurd.

    The OP of this reddit post in link below never said such thing, that person only mentioned about the resulting color of a dyed block, which is a perfectly reasonable point to bring up, as well as alluded to the mislabeling of it. It may be intentional, but that doesn't make the improper language any more excusable, a lie is still a lie. Is it just me, or does the 'Blue' and 'Light Blue' Hardened Clay look more purple than blue? : r/Minecraft (reddit.com)

    Yes, blue has shades, but purple is not a shade, it is a completely different color and on a different part of the spectrum.

    that is not made up of a darkened or lightened blue.

    Colors are what they appear to the naked eye, and how the brain processes them.

    Without this, you wouldn't even be able to determine what color an item or what something is,
    language and how we use it is important, I don't know why this is so controversial to people
    as it's a basic thing adults should know.

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