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    If they're insufficiently tech-savvy enough to add their own texture packs, despite the program itself opening the texture pack folder for your pleasure... What makes you think they'll be able to figure out how to switch texture packs in the program itself?

    Also, help me out here... What precisely does "A less frequent look" even mean?
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    Quote from Jacsel

    This is waay too loong.... I'm sure you can shorten this up :wink.gif:

    Would it be a valid suggestion if I were to say "Hoes do nothing, give them more functions, such as:" without explaining exactly what I mean by "nothing"?

    No, I don't think it would. This is not a ridiculous amount of text.
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    I have a formula for crafting diamonds:

    :: :: = :Diamond:
    :Diamond: ::
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    I don't think this has been addressed; At least not in the first three pages of search, and certainly not in the pinned thread.

    Everyone knows how hoes work, right? You use them to till field squares so you can plant wheat... And so far, only wheat, in vanilla.

    Which is... Kind of pointless.

    Who here has a field of 60 squares of wheat? I don't, and I'm pretty certain I never will.

    Which generally means...
    One wood hoe, created to start the field; Average 30 or so uses. A well-built wheat field is generally protected from pigs and stuff, so maintenance is a rare thing. This means you'll average break it after maybe a stack of wheat, maybe two stacks, at which point you... Save your iron for more useful tools, and use wood to make another 60 uses worth of hoe.

    You with me so far? That all seems logical and straightforward. No excessive assumptions. It's not like tilling takes time or effort, right?

    Anyway, this sort of negates most of the usefulness of the higher level hoes. This, then can be "solved" (Insomuch that it's less an actual problem and more just a minor annoyance.) several ways;
    1) Increase the Wood Hoe's uses to 180, remove higher variations.
    2) Merge Hoe into Shovel, allowing the shovel to till blocks.

    3) When the hoe is used to strike a plant, such as a flower, or wheat, or sugarcane, that plant is immediately moved to the inventory, instead of flying off at wild, at the cost of one use of the tool.

    I doubt this will be much more complicated to code than wolves.
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    posted a message on Why Your RPG Ideas Will Not Work For Minecraft
    I'd just like to point out, for the record, that Minecraft does already have "RPG Elements"?

    Armor that effects how you take damage: Check.
    Weapons and items that have tiered or varied effects: Check.
    Health measured in more than one hit: Check.
    Inventory management: CHECK.

    (At least, the people who call Monster Hunter an RPG would like you to believe that these are RPG elements. Whatever, they're morons anyway.)

    You know what else has at least most these elements at any given time?
    Ratchet and Clank. Megaman Zero. God of War. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Deus Ex. Bioshock. Borderlands.

    To say that RPG elements wouldn't mesh with Minecraft would be to say that Minecraft is a schizophrenic mess of a game that doesn't even know what it's doing.

    Now, I'm not saying Encumbrance would improve the game. I'm not stupid. But RPG elements have never and will never be a bad thing, when done intelligently. The problem is limited solutions to expansive problems.
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