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    posted a message on (WIP) Adventure Backpack Mod - Beta 0.8c - UPDATED November 22nd 2015
    Quote from Darkona»

    I think I'm gonna make a lot of people happy.
    Including myself: I really didn't like pushing a button to craft in a different screen. What if I wanted to craft with the items in the backpack? A solution was born.

    Could you make a config option to switch between the two kinds of crafting? I personally prefer the button-table, but fully understand that others like this method of crafting.
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    Got to say this is an amazing mod. Found a curious not-so-bad-just-annoying bug: When I have both this backpack in my inventory while wearing the one from Better Storage, unless both "Open Backpack" are set to the same key binding, neither one opens while wearing them. But they open fine when worn if they're the same key.

    Using version 0.6.6c BTW, as well as Better Storage version

    Later .... Peace ....

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    posted a message on Cogs of the machine v0.1.4pre1: Back in action !

    If Deatrathias has abandoned this mod, somebody should take it over, if only because its a great mod....

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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Modded Lets Play series
    Quote from kc0rb90

    Dire never pastebined the digger command did he?


    Here's an idea: download his episode 51 map from the Opening Post of this thread, go to the Mining Age, and examine the entire code yourself since its right there for your personal use. And an FYI : In the Nether, you'll have to break and replace the chunk loader, resetting it for a radius of 3, since its currently primed for Direwolf only. You''l have to spawn in all his gear, since he didn't empty his pockets again.... *sigh!* .... but I was able to reconstruct a list you can spawn in using NEI. Its as accurate as I was able to obtain watching his videos:

    personal inventory:

    Quantum Helm
    Quantum Legggings
    Quantum Boots

    diamond sword: sharpness 3
    diamond drill
    51 torches
    minium stone
    63 cobble
    1 Enderpouch (default: White/White/White)
    1 string

    crescent hammer
    portal gun
    64 oak plank
    64 stone brick
    1 Enderpouch (linked to Myst Room EnderChest)
    3 empty buckets
    23 cooked steak
    portable hole
    default portal gun

    White Canvas Bag:
    - Axe of the Stream
    - Thaumonomicon (will NOT have any of his completed research, boo....)
    - Wand of Excavation (enchants if any unknown)
    - Pickaxe of the Core/ "Pickaxe of the Direwolf" >> Efficiency 5, Unbreak 3, Fortune 3, Repair 2
    - ruby sickle
    - diamond handsaw
    - Quantum Chestplate
    - EU reader
    - crowbar
    - shears
    - hoe of growth
    - electric jetpak
    - wand of equal trade >> Charging 1, treasure 2
    - solder iron
    - thaumium grafter (no enchants, but I advise putting Repair on it ASAP)
    - goggles of reveal (Again... no enchant known .... Repair ASAP)
    - wireless remote (all frequencies present YAH!)
    - vile sword >> soul steal 4, sharpns 4, Fire aspect 2, Knockback 2, unbreaking 3
    - Apiarist Database (no bees listed .... double boo!)
    - treealyzer
    - beealyzer
    - mining laser
    - sword of zephyr >> Disjunction3, Fire Aspct 2
    - Wand of the Apprentice

    You'll need to clear the Zombie Brains in the Router by the right side diamond chest; Turn OFF the Blaze spawner Farm and possibly the Wither Skeleton Farm; and replace the wooden golem that's gathering the chicken eggs.

    Otherwise.... enjoy

    Later.... Peace....

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    posted a message on MCreator Minecraft Mod Maker, Add-On Maker, and Data Pack Maker
    Website's completely down, Pylo .... time tah give the server box a kick r' two....
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    posted a message on [<=1.6.2] TehKrush's Mod Archive - Timber!, PlasticCraft, HiddenDoors, Squirrels
    Quote from IamSelendis

    I've tried MultiMC and can't figure it out for the life of me. I've read a lot of good things about MultiMC, too. Would you happen to know of anywhere the instructions for it are written down? Most of the youtube videos are rather useless to me since i can't hear. I've looked for written instructions, but have never been able to find any.


    Here you go, from the FTB forums, with pictures no less:


    Later .... Peace ....

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.0.5i (Outdated)
    I think you overlooked a few items when assigning Aspects, .... namely Forestry Apatite..? If you're doing IC2 rubber, why not a little love for Forestry?

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EXPower: A New Experience. (Update: 11-7-2012)

    Was browsing the Mods Forums, and found this surprising gem-in-the-rough. I find the entire concept of incorporating XP into the process of crafting/ refining very intriguing and quite original. A few thoughts, since I've been on forums long enough to watch Eloraam's RedPower evolve into what it is today (Its a bit long):

    I was especially interesting the Ignis Core, which if its stackable can serve as a stockpile strategy for people with very efficienct Mob Grinders. Nothing worse than having a solid source of Mod XP, and no place to safe-store it besides using it in an Enchanting Table.

    Marble is not new to me; RedPower has taught me that not every block I mine needs processing or even a use beyond decorative. I also use Painterly BTW, and the pattern you're using I use as one of my Stone Bricks.

    Soul Glass.... Hmm, a bit vague on what it actually does, though I read out of it that it involves light-generation in some fashion. I like the Toggle Light; however, I personally feel that if it accepts a redstone signal as a method of control, you should have redstone instead of glowstone in the recipe. The redstone glows a bit anyway; so the Soul Glass picks and amplifies it to a RedLamp's level.

    I foresee only 1 issue with the Energy Orb: The inventory Icon needs to be changed, so it doesn't look like a Painterly Pack diamond. It should resemble the final Block in some way, so its easy to spot in a crowded inventory or (as I find) a loaded Chest's contents. Also, a good idea would be a kind of Tier2 Core which holds more XPs, but can only be charged in the Energy Orb.

    When I saw the Ignis Rock, I immediantly thought to myself: Switchable Perimeter Defense. A ring of these blocks, hooked underground by redstone wiring to a simple grass-block DaySensor, allows you to "circle the wagons" by night, while keeping the option to not have unsightly fences around the property. And if these can be moved with sticky pistons, they could even rise up to form a wall when triggered. A nice idea, which would make a good Mod in itself.

    The Blaze Forge sounds amazing; It actually outclasses IC2's Induction Furnace which has only 2 input slots where this one has 3. The only thing I would change for balance's sake is the recipe a bit: I would have either Brick Blocks or NetherBrick in place of the stairs, and NetherFence or Blaze Rods in place of what I'm guessing is wood fence. The Blaze Forge - as I understand - burns hotter than any ordinary furnace, so its only logical it would need exotic ingrediants. Otherwise, excellent work.

    You'll never hear me growl about Block Breakers; Its the 1st RedPower machine I make after I have my Alloy Furnace. This is the first non-RP one I've seen; and while on the recipe is a touch rich, I have no complaints. That it automatically orients upon placement (I guess anyway) is a bonus in my eyes. In future, if this Mod is Forge-compatible, you might want to look at BuildCraft Pipe compatibility. If the Block Breaker can eject its spoil into Pipes, then you can link it to auto-craft tables and so on. Just a suggestion, since BC Forum has a section for Modders looking for that sort of information....

    I like the NetherBrick and Ornate Brick recipes; Balanced, and gives access to a nice, decorative block... Pavement.... We'll see....

    I like the Obsidian Tools, though (i hope) you made a typo on the Jagged Blade, which I think is a Sword and Axe, not a Shovel and Axe....

    The Ignis Tools is a prime example of creative thinking, replacing tool durability with a mystically based charging system. The Tier2 Core I suggested earlier could hold - say - 2ce the XP, and give a full 600 uses instead of just 300. I'm gonna have fun with the Ignis Rod, I know ... ;)

    The food items are a nice addition; but how about cooking the Egg Mash into Omelettes, which restore 2 hunger? Just a thought....

    Overall, .... an impressive start for a new Mod...

    Later.... Peace....

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Equivalent Exchange 2 - v1.4.6.7
    Quote from Chramar

    Thank you sooo much for this mod! It's hard to understand all of its components, but still - it's awesome!!


    You want 'hard to understand' .... try ThaumCraft! A nice Mod that works perfectly with EE2; but seriously mental in several respects, and w/o NEI's Recipe Mode, not a lot of help figuring out how much of it goes together....

    Pahimar, here's a suggestion: Since the 2 are so closely linked, would you consider giving EMC support for ThaumCraft, since its "Vis" system seems to be a liquid-based form of EE2's EMC system. And they have a very reliable conduit system with could be (with some tinkering) expanded to including the "piping" of EMC between existing EE2 machines....

    Just a suggestion...

    Later..... Peace....

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    posted a message on [B1.7 - 1.0] SaddleCraft! and updated mods from Sargunster
    Quote from beefrocks

    I think you can just hit the button above the "marked private" message. Not sure, though. Please confirm/deny this and I'll do what needs to be done. Sorry this has been such a mess.


    Here's the actual message:

    This file is currently set to private.

    When a file is set to private by its owner only the owner of the file
    can access it. If you are the owner of the file please log into your
    account to access this file.

    If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact support

    By a pure act of God, I managed to find a copy of it on an archive disc; so if you actually need a "clean copy" of the Mod, let me know. Personally, I use DropBox, since I get 2 Gigs of storage free, and whatever I put into my DropBox folder on my computer gets automatically updated to my account. Very useful if you update stuff frequently, and every file you make public get automatically assigned its own unique download address.....

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