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I'm the geekiest genius you'll ever meet in your life. I like History, Geography, Math, Science (All of the Four Main Branches: Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science (Biology), and Social Science.), and every subject a normal person would hate. You need help with your homework? After I'm done with that, you'll get an A+++. You wouldn't want to know my IQ.

Enough of this IRL stuff, its time for Minecraft!

I discovered le Minecraft in early 2011. It was Beta back then. What I really liked about Beta is the original texture of Cobblestone, it was one of the reasons I started playing Minecraft. The other reasons were:

* It's 3D blocky-ness!

* The naturally-generating worlds!

* The defying laws of physics!


<> Minecraft

<> Young Adult Fiction (Harry Potter, Hobbit, LoTR, Percy Jackson)

<> FPS Games (Team Fortress 2, CS:GO)

<> Polymaths.

<> Realizing that if you travelled as fast as light, you would reach the edge of the observable universe after 46.5 billion years. Large universe.

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