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    There's already a setting built in for split controls. For those who still haven't figured out what that means, it basically gives you cross hairs, just like PC. One side of your device is movement, the other is camera angle along with using whatever is in your hand. Anyway, the split controls is how the keyboard and mouse would work. Exactly the same input methods as PC.

    As for supporting the idea, I'm kinda on fence. I see no reason not to allow it. It's putting it together that would be an issue. Yes, Bluetooth is the easy part. Binding the keys... That'd take a lot of work, and some people might not have the time (and possibly resources) to do it.

    Here's my idea. Block Launcher, and a mod. Yes, a mod. A few months ago, there was a PC mod developed that allowed you to play using only a mic. If people are smart enough to make that a reality, then the keyboard and mouse concept shouldn't be impossible. Hard to produce, probably, but not impossible. But if a mod won't do it, then most likely a third-party app would.
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    Roblox, one of Minecraft's major competitors, has a built-in video recorder that can be used on any server. Any chance that can be built into vanilla? It would end up being on the pause menu, since that's where Roblox put theirs.
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    I've got an idea for mod makers, however, my idea isn't actually a mod. Rather, it's something I thought someone would might be interested in adding to their own mod. It's something I like to call a Blood Creeper.

    I've been working on a resource pack for a while, and it only applies to mobs. However, after the 1.8 update, the online program I was using changed and no longer works right. But this particular mob that not only did I really like, but my college friends also found it really cool. I've also created a couple of skins based on my Blood Creeper (which I'll share if you guys really want them).

    If you want to use my mob, let me know, and if it acts different from a regular creeper, let me know that, too. You can get the texture here.

    Mod makers, here's my suggestions. A Blood Creeper could have an explosion radius larger than that of a normal Creeper. Being an undead Creeper, it could drop rotten flesh. And upon exploding, it could create a poison effect for a certain radius and time.
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