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    A few days ago, YouTuber Jack Frost Miner sent out a Tweet asking for ideas for a Top 10 List for MCPE. In response to that Tweet, I built this map, 10 Hopper Uses. It showcases 10 different redstone machines that utilize hoppers in some way. Some you may know, some you may not. Either way, you should at least learn something from this map.

    This map was very easy for me to put together. If you want me to make more maps like this in the future, please let me know. Leave me a comment, Tweet me @AgentCPU0 or find me on MC Amino at AgentCPU0.

    You can download the map here.

    EDIT: The map was given an update to fix a few bugs. The new download link can be found here.

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    posted a message on General 0.15.0 Ideas

    I know for a fact that there's a section here on the forum specifically dedicated for suggestions for future updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition. But honestly, I feel that's a bit spread out, and would take quite a while for MCPE developers to search through. My idea behind this post is to collect those ideas in one general spot, make it a bit easier for Mojang to find some good suggestions without searching for hours. So if you have one, drop it here.

    Let me go ahead and get some of the common and more obvious ones out of the way first. Pistons and Sticky Pistons. Mojang already confirmed them for 0.15. Another common one is commands. Ender Pearls was an accident in typing the 0.14 Beta description, leaving a good indication for them in 0.15. What else can you come up with?

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    posted a message on A "Reverse" Crafting Calculator?

    I understand why you're asking. To me, such a program would be helpful. But you don't necessarily need one. A seasoned player has a ton of crafting recipes memorized, and can decide what needs to be made in about half a second. You said you're on a puzzle server, so ask yourself, what's best for the situation? Make a quick list, assess your inventory, and decide what in that list can be made and what can't. Basic math, is all it is, not too big of a problem.

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    posted a message on WIP - Hide and Go BOOM!

    I'm currently working on a minigame map called "Hide and Go BOOM!" It's a Minecraft recreation of the minigame from Mario Party 4 for Gamecube. 3 Hiders will be hiding among 4 cannons, and the Cannon Master must try to find and eliminate them by firing 3 of them. All 3 killed, Cannon Master wins. At least 1 survivor, the Hiders win. It's a game strictly of luck.

    The map itself should be done and published before the end of the week. Once it's done, I will be trying to get a PC version made. I just figured I'd share this project with the community.

    Interested in the project? Have any thoughts on it? Be sure to let me know. Again, it should be done before the week ends. But I cannot guarantee when. I'll edit this post once I have it up.

    UPDATE: The map is now live! Go check it out.

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    posted a message on HypeSkype MCPE builders))((Recruiting NOW!))((Minecraft PE Building Team Recruiting

    I wouldn't mind signing up for this. I absolutely love building maps, I''ve built some in the past already.

    My username is the same across the forums, MCPE, Skype, even my Twitter - AgentCPU0. I'd rate myself about 7, maybe 7.5. I don't have screenshots as of the moment, but I can get those easily. I'm not a redstone expert, but I do enjoy working with it. I have an entire world save dedicated to expirements.

    I actually have a map in progress right now. I'm rebuilding "Hide and Go BOOM!" from Mario Party 4 for Gamecube.

    Although I have a Skype account, I do not have it installed on my Android as of right now. But that's an easy pickup on Play Store if I need it.

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    posted a message on Maze Madness - Puzzle Map

    Ive been working on a map since 0.12, and I've finally finished it. So, why not start 2016 by releasing it? It's called Maze Madness.

    Now, Maze Madness isn't just about finding the exit. Each maze was specifically designed to contain some form of puzzle. You cannot finish each level unless that puzzle is solved. Some puzzles have clues to help you, so be sure to check out everything you can. There are 10 levels total. Can you beat them all?

    This map was started back during 0.12. Although it was finished in 0.13, no redstone is involved.

    Click here to download.

    YouTubers, I would love to see your video. Be sure to leave me a link. Thanks!

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    posted a message on About Profile Stats

    I've noticed on my user page that I have 7 thanks. I'm a bit confused as to what exactly that means on the forum. Are they good or bad?

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    posted a message on [WIP] PocketInvEditor: A Minecraft PE inventory editor for Android

    Will there be a version compatible with the 0.12.1 beta?

    Remember when it took forever from 0.11.1 release to INV being updated for support? Chances are, if there becomes a beta for 12 compatibility, we'll probably see the final version shortly after 12's release.

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    posted a message on Edit Chests in Creative

    There's something not currently in PE that probably ought to be. The ability to edit the contents of a chest in creative. I know PE is currently in 0.11 beta, so adding it now, I'm pretty sure won't happen. But this is a feature map makers could really use. Requiring the use of INV Editor Pro can be a bit annoying, and will take some time for the new user to figure out.

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    posted a message on More Sticks
    Simple idea for you guys - more sticks. Yes, this may sound weird, but it could end up being useful. You'll be able to make and use sticks with cobble, iron, gold and diamond. They'll make your sword hit harder, your pickax last longer, and your bow shoot father and straighter. And it all uses the recipes we already know.

    This would only end up working on the 5 basic tools (sword, pickax, axe, shovel and hoe) as well as the bow, and will increase durability and attack strength. As for the bow, your shots will also be more accurate, shoot father, and arrows fly straighter.

    If anyone likes this idea and is willing to make it, please private message me. I have an easter egg in mind.

    UPDATE: The idea is now a WIP. Myself, vincentmet, and skunkdonkey shall be putting it together. But no spoilers on that easter egg. Sorry!
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