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    posted a message on 4J steve-Let Me clarify Why Console owners like me are so upset...

    Fact: I never said the word EVERYONE. My title says "owners LIKE ME" which implies:( those that feel the same or similar to me).

    I want 4J and people like you to wake up and smell the coffee. Things are as bleak as ever for console edition owners. 4J Needs to Change there Strategy and fast if they want to continue to have any happy customers at all. And i am pretty sure my above post indicates exactly and SPECIFICALLY why that is.

    Lastly everyone deserves to know Just how awesome a job MOJANG is doing taking care of there respective communities. Why is it fair for the console community to get 4J shoved down our throats whether we like it or not? Why do we have to slug it out with some greedy company that only cares about making endless PAID DLC? Why is it that Everywhere i look in the world of minecraft it's almost entirely great news of all sort, While here on console it's either bad news or none at all? IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS WAY for only Console users. All you have to do is open your tunnel visioned eyes and see That when you compare Mojang's community and its treatment to 4J's .....There is no comparison.

    and everyone being divided and standing alone wont get any change thats sorely needed. stand together and we have a much better shot at getting some of the respect we deserve as paying customers.

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    posted a message on The Death of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
    Quote from Last_Crayon»

    He just said it's not his side of the issue, Microsoft has to fix it. If 4j tried to harrass Microsoft like you harass 4j, nothing would end up happening. Learn some tact, then try to approac this as a reasonable person.

    Ive got news for you pal but your the one that needs to learn some tact. the sad truth of todays world is if you don't speak up then people are not going to care or know to help you. And i am not saying to call them and yell at them like belligerent idiots.
    How about something along the lines of "Hey this problem that is taking you FOREVER to fix is Ruining our customers hard work and there ability to enjoy our game. What exactly are you guys doing to resolve this issue? What can we tell our customers so they can feel better that something is ACTUALLY being done to resolve this problem?" Its called Sticking up for your customers and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I am a service director of a boating facility in CHI, IL. I deal with many subcontractors that handle some of our overflow work. And in one particular situation i had a company holding up me returning a boat to his customer . He said they were busy but he could squeeze it in and get it done inside of 4 days. 4 days later it still was not done, so i called up there and politely asked for the status. Was told no more than 2 more days for sure. And guess what 2 more days came and went. So this time i called him back and explained to him: That he was ruining my reputation by making me look like i cant deliver on a promised date. That this particular deal was worth over $15,000 and if he screws it up for me i'm sending all of my business from now on to his competitor. I didn't yell or get irate, i explained to him the damage this was causing my company. And what do you know? by the end of that same business day i get a phone call saying he put more man power on it and it was ready for return...

    This is a business after all, both 4J and Microsoft and it doesn't have to be personal. But i would be damned to sit around as 4J and let Microsoft put 1 or 2 new interns on figuring out the problem because they had commitments already elsewhere. In this world if you don't stand up for yourself or your product then no one else certainly will. apparently you never heard the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Stand there and do nothing and thats exactly what you will get. Its already been over a year....how much longer should it take for a problem this serious?

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    posted a message on The Death of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
    Quote from drtydwg73»

    investigating for a year? lol

    Exactly right ....How Long are they going to be "investigating " this for? 4J even though this "technically" isn't on your side of the fence. This is still your problem. You guys should be ALL OVER MicroSoft pressing them on this issue! you guys are the supposed care takers of Console Minecraft, IF YOU DONT GET THEM TO FIX THIS THEN WHO WILL? This is very disturbing, That we cant even confidently play our own world without the threat of permanently loosing our IRREPLACEABLE Time and Hardwork... My God man, when you look at the big picture of how things are for all of us poor console players its just downright sad!:(
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    posted a message on 4J steve-Let Me clarify Why Console owners like me are so upset...

    Everyone in the community has been INCREDIBLY PATIENT, waiting and hoping and praying that 4J will heed there words and actually spend some time on the things that everyone is asking for! And to me the mob cap issue is just another dagger in the back and even more proof of what i have said many many times over many threads on this forum. 4J doesn't give a hoot about What the community is asking for. This mob Cap issue has been brought up from day 1 and has popped up many times on many threads and has 4J ever done anything about it? NOPE, even though pretty much EVERYONE Has asked for this. They have proven over the past few years and especially this year that they Spend 95% of There Time ON MONEY ONLY Features/ AKA Skin,texture,mash up, packs.

    And i am going to tell you all another thing i am sick of. The people on here that don't even try to understand why so many of us in the console community are upset. if your one of those people listen up! YES we Realize that we don't have to pay money for the actual game updates (the 1 we hopefully get every 12 months). But what you fail to understand is people are not stupid. EVERYONE including my self is constantly looking around and seeing all of these great things minecraft is doing on all the other platforms that are ran by mojang. you look at MCPE which only a few months ago Received a GAME CHANGING UPDATE for the MOBILE VERSION. They managed to add in a tremendous amount of really great and HIGHLY REQUESTED items from the community. Seriously click on this link and look at everything they managed to add. http://minecraftpocketedition.wikia.com/wiki/Update_0.12.1 now heres the best part. They Managed to Release 11.0 in june (a large update alone) then 12 in September (A GAME CHANGING UPDATE) and guess what! now as in RIGHT NOW, they just opened up the beta for testing of 13! which adds in THE REDSTONE MECHANICS BLOCKS AND FEATURES!. This is absolutely incredible work from mojang and really shows what a company can do when it isn't worried about making a ton of money on ENDLESS AND not NOT NEEDED packs of every kind.

    Then there is PC which hasn't released updates as often as they used to. But DO NOT FORGET that the guys working on these updates are not just recoding existing material for another platform! These Guys are on the bleeding edge of minecraft! They don't have any written roads or rules to follow. They have to deal with making brand new content for the game that not only makes sense and is cool but also and most importantly wont ruin the game or deviate to far from what its known and loved for! so to me it's totally understandable that these updates wouldn't come out every few months. The Sad part is that even though they have to make all brand new content they still often release these major and game changing updates more often then 4J can recode the old content.

    SO, Mojang can Re-code and make new updates about 4 x faster than 4J can while doing it for EVEN MORE platforms and devices that span the crazy world of Smart phones, Tablets, media players Etc. Again my hats are off to them for the awesome content of these updates and the amazing speed of them coming out.

    For PC, again Mojang you guys are awesome. not only for introducing awesome new content but doing your best to make it fast, less buggy and and fitting for MineCraft. There is a genuine feel of concern to get things right and we appreciate that immensely.

    And to 4J Studios i am not a mean and hateful person and i REALLY WANTED TO be a huge fan of yours but the Facts are undeniable. You fail to fix or put too little effort into fixing the most highly requested issues by the community. People have put SOO MUCH Hard Work and time in their worlds only for the world delete Glitch to claim victim after victim. That should have been Caught. The mob cap is another perfect example as said before. And the way you all go about updating the game is abysmal. You give 0 information, you don't release snap shots for us to help you test, and you certainly don't put very much man power behind this stuff as well. All your time is spent in PAID DLC. And i understand your a business enjoying making tons of money off us, just know that you go about your business in a very poor and unhealthy way. It breeds problems and uncertainty in the community and makes us feel like you don't give a Crud about us. Have you guys ever stopped to read the comments people leave on your twitter pages ect.? 1 out of every 2 is people begging for information on glitches getting fixed or if we will ever see another update and tons more.

    The best way i can put it to you is like this. I and many others in the community see how green the grass is for The pc players and the Pocket edition players/windows 10. The problem you have 4J is that people are seeing all of the great things going on and happening for everyone else not on a console. and i know i am always asking myself Why are we ALWAYS the UGLY stepchild? How come Mojang Takes such awesome Care of its community While 4J just keeps sucking money out of our pockets For endless paid DLC? How come mojang address's serious issues faster than 4J can even notice them? Point is all people want here is to be treated with some respect and made to feel like you appreciate our business. I have bought Almost ALL of your DLC 4J and even though i continue to support you guys i feel like you could give a crap less about investing in our relationship. And doesn't it ever cross your guys minds that Even though you don't directly make money on the update itself, That you are INVESTING in your own products future! You will be making your product more and more interesting and entertaining which leads to more and more SALES OF THE GAME ITSELF!

    Lastly- NO TROLLS ALLOWED.... This is a perfectly Honest Opinion and i am entitled to one just like you. If you disagree feel free to post back, but i don't want any thing like "your just a baby and have no patience". Be a Big Boy and give Reasoning and evidence to support your self. JUST LIKE I DID. Thanks

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    posted a message on I've been waiting months to play.... Here's why

    Xbox one edition is soo sad anymore....The fact that 4j wont even increase the pathetic mob cap and make the nether any bigger is a insult to the world of minecraft. you wonder why no one wants to play console edition anymore? well here's why i stopped playing, because 4j studios is a greedy and careless company. They could care less about fixing something that pretty much every single xbox one and ps4 minecrafter has asked for which is a reasonable mob capacity... i was in love when i heard about xbox one edition was coming out. But after its release when i and every other minecrafter in the world realized that they didn't even do half of the things they SHOULD have done. I became not only disappointed but honestly disgusted. How do you make the world 32 TIMES FREAKING BIGGER AND NOT EVEN GIVE US MORE MOBS TO FILL THE SPACE!!!!! How do you make the world 32 X bigger and not make the NETHER ANY BIGGER THAN ITS PATHETIC SIZE IT IS NOW!??...God i wish i was in charge of minecraft for consoles, Because i would at least show it the proper respect it deserves! UNLIKE YOU 4J !

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    posted a message on minecraft future tu updates spoiler? we need an info!

    Yea, your right maybe thats because you release an update that actually changes the game once every YEAR. Meanwhile Mojang that works on pocket edition and PC edition are making massive upgrades and INVESTMENTS into Their products FUTURE. The fact that your last REAL update to the game (the one that added horses) came out in december of 2014 says ALOT. Out of ALL these past months you have managed to release a whopping SINGLE and incredibly SMALL update which catered almost solely to creative players. The fact that 4J acted like it was a real update and not a small insignificant one (which it was) is disturbing to say the least. To me that shows that 4J knew people were going to be very disappointed with there pathetic excuse of an update. So they purposely avoided saying anything about it being small to avoid catching flack for it until it released.

    They Honestly Should have said this :

    Hi guys,

    Here is an extremely tiny update, we know many of you have been patiently waiting since december of 2014 for a real update like 1.8; but we have been way to busy making useless texture packs to sell to you guys while acting like were somehow working on actual updates to the game. So you all enjoy your stained glass and new colored fences!! And don't worry in just another 9 months we are going to add rabbits and the clown fish to the game!! And after just a few short decades and 200 skin packs later we plan on having the entire 1.8 update out!! WHOO HOOO!!!!!

    And i just love how around the same time that embarrassing update FINALLY came out u guys releases the GREEK MYTHOLOGY Mashup pack. Which included a GREEK Themed world built ENTIRELY FROM SCRATCH by 4J employees. It said that right in the description, just so you know 4J steve that basically says to me (and MANY others) that instead of worrying about releasing new biomes and new features into your version you would rather spend months and months making all of this fancy and utterly useless Skin and texture packs, just so you guys can turn out all of our pockets for some more easy money. I play with a lot of PC players and many of them ask me from time to time if the console version is worth buying yet. I always tell them the Truth which is NO! I tell them about how 4J only cares about and releases pointless skin/texture packs just to rake in more money off of us, and how you guys constantly claim to be working on real updates for the game, yet somehow if we are LUCKY we might get 1 REAL update per YEAR...

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    posted a message on Why the console editions is the forgotten dinosaur Of MC

    Its disgusting how all of you people keep trying to defend 4J studios for doing a disgustingly poor job. Mine Craft for PC and pocket edition are BLOWING THE CONSOLE VERSION OUT OF THE WATER!! they are 1 day away from the .12 update to PE being ready for a full release to all platforms. They had to do a hell of alot more work to add that HUGE LIST of NEW FEATURES to WAY MORE DEVICES THAN JUST A FEW STINKING CONSOLES!

    They have to work with the Ipads, Iphones, android phones android tablets, (all of which vary WILDLY!) the kindle devices ! windows devices! So somehow they manage to add in THE ENTIRE NETHER, ENCHANTING SYSTEM , ALL THE POTIONS, ALL THE FISH, HUNGER SYSTEM, EXPERIENCE SYSTEM, AND ALOT MORE all in a WAY shorter time frame from the last update they did to PE. Which was only a few months ago not 8 9 MONTHS! In Short Both PC and Pocket edition are growing in awesomeness and phenomenal rates while the console editions is so far behind and so boring compared to the others growth rate that many (myself included have ditched this abysmal ship of dusty lies and left for the far greener lands of PC and PE.

    Why should the console community keep making excuses for 4j studios? They dont give a dang about anything but making money off of things that the other communities ENJOY FOR FREE! such as there skin packs and texture packs. Why does 4J get to milk people for there money just because we want to play MC on our console and not something else? its just so very wrong . Mojang should have never gave this job to 4j studios they should have hired there own mojang staff (new members) to work on this very highly requested exstension of minecraft. So please Quit covering for 4js greedy ways. Start asking yourself why is it that mojang can produce and add more new content to both PC and PE editions in only a few months than 4J can COPY OLD WORK AND ADD TO CONSOLE IN OVER 9 months! (and still counting). No More LAME " they have to do it for several consoles crap " because the PE team has it WAY WAY HARDER THAN THEY EVER WILL. They Deal with WAY LESS POWERFUL devices and WAY more variations more OS's with WAY MORE BUGS QUIRKS AND Incompatibility to Overcome and they deliver WAY BETTER FASTER RESULTS. There is a petition on Change.org to remove 4j studios from minecraft. PLEASE GO SIGN IT.

    After talking to some of the PE Devolopers like shogi and tomasso it opened my eyes to how much those guys overcome and accomplish every single day. And more importantly just how much 4J doesnt give a rats butt about keeping there promise to update minecraft and one day catch PC version. IT HAS GONE ON WAY TO LONG. LET MOJANG AND MICROSOFT HEAR ABOUT IT!!!

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    posted a message on Should I wait?

    Yea but what makes me so mad is the fact that 4j studios spends ALL of its time making stupid mash up packs (that shouldn't even cost a dime since they are just mods in essence which the pc gets for free). Then they give us that last update which was honestly a freaking slap in the face to me and MANY others agree. they have the nerve to make us wait for over 6 months making us think and leading us to believe that it was going to be a BIG update with New biomes, blocks, new fishing, new enchanting ,new trading, underwater guardians and there temples, Ect. ect. instead they give us survival players (the heart and soul of MC) some stained glass and colored fences and doors?!?!

    I am still ticked off at there complete and lack of care for giving us the minecraft experience they promised us when they first were awarded this game to manage on console edition. They said they would catch us up to the pc in a years time....yet here we are and the PC is making BRAND NEW CONTENT FASTER THAN THEY CAN COPY IT FOR CONSOLE! you guys can be tolerant and understanding all you want, im not a impatient person by a long shot .. i just know whats right way to treat your paying customers and whats the wrong way. Considering i run a service department at a yacht yard for a living.

    Mojang/microsoft needs to fire 4J studios ASAP. You guys mark my words many more months will go by with no significant update to show for all of your never ending patience. But you can bet your Butt that they will release multiple new skin packs and even a mash up pack in that same time frame.

    Long story summed up....they don't give a rats butt about updating the game 1 bit, even though thats what was promised to us when we all Bought this oversold and under delivered rip off version of minecraft. 4J your greedy and shameless and i wont let you pull the rug over my eyes like all these other people so blindly do. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS!!

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    posted a message on Horses glitch?
    yea your right....the fact that we get free content updates is not something you find in most multi billion dollar games....we should all be grateful we are not charged for these things like COD map packs and stuff.
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