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    posted a message on Uploaded a demonstration video of the Microsoft Cape :)

    Check out my other videos too if you have time, please :)

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    posted a message on Please, mojang. Let us have one Realms world free.
    Mojang, please. Let us have one free Realms world with a max of one world and one other player[/b] on Java. Now that Microsoft accounts are migrated, this is even more reason to. It would be one free realms world per Mojang account, not per Minecraft account. Realms is insanely overpriced and even if it wasn’t we should be able to play actual multiplayer survival with the game we bought. It’s insane that we can’t.[/p] As a kid I begged my mother to buy me Minecraft so that I could play survival worlds with other players, just as the official purchase trailer showed. I can’t tell you how much of a letdown it was, honestly, because I was never even able to do that. Just survival by myself all the time, or some bad multiplayer servers nothing like the trailer or the experience I wanted.[/p] Please, mojang. if you allowed us to have one realms world free, with 1 other person max[/b], I actually KNOW[/b] that realms sales would go up[/b][/i]. TONS more people would be using realms, talking about realms, even irl.[/p] The word would get out about realms being a thing. aka actually playing and surviving with friends on minecraft, for once, finally. The word about Minecraft actually letting you play with friends for real, after so many years, would get out as well. The fact that we can actually play with friends. Which would also boost Minecraft's sales.[/b][/i][/p] The reason why sales would actually go up is because with more popularity, people would want to play with more than 1 other person, and want multiple friends in their worlds at the same time. If they bought realms, they'd have that and more worlds. But as of right now realms stands as an unused, overpriced thing that should have one world be free. It's really sad.[/p] All these years I've never been able to play minecraft with friends. We'd love to, but I don't have enough money to pay for any subscriptions, and my friends would definitely not want to pay such an insane overpriced price for realms. not even sure how microsoft thinks that price is fair or okay. But even beyond the price, like I said, one world should be free. period. Especially with microsoft migration it would make sense. One microsoft account, only one free world for all minecraft profiles attatched, to share.[/p]
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