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    Amazing! I'm glad you're back again, and I'm totaly stealing those window designs! :D

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    posted a message on Help needed as to why mana generating auto potato farm isn't working

    Which mod are you using? If it's botania, cause that's the only mod I know of that uses potatoes as a mana source, check the Lexia Botania. Also provide some screenshots and link the video you're talking about. We need more information to help you.

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    Which version? 1.7.10 or later?

    In 1.7.10, blood magic doesn't require anything other than vanilla meterails. No ores and such are added. Don't know about the later versions though.

    But, you need a way to get diamonds, gold, iron and all those things. I highly suggest you use either ex Nihilo or Botania and garden of glass since you can't really get diamonds, cacti or such in vanilla skyblock, as far as I know.

    Good luck!

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    This thread is over five years old. I can see that both of you are new to the forums, so just a friendly reminder, please check the date of the last post in a thread before posting.

    And welcome to the forums.

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    Quote from Julian_Will»

    THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE SEEN! IT'S BOTH INNOVATIVE AND BEAUTIFUL! Now, where did you get the resource pack that has compatibility for so many mods?

    Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)
    I've been using the John Smith Technicians Remix resource pack from the FTB launcher. It Wasn't compatible with all 160-something mods, but I downloaded the same resource pack for multiple modpacks. I have 3 versions of the same resource pack loaded. Kinda abundant, but It works and I don't know how to take just the needed files from the second and third version.
    Quote from Nyscole»

    your base is amazing afra! your base was soo much bigger than I thought. It is very heavily modded, each room seems to have items from different mods and they are all very nicely built. You even had a separate place for all your technological stuff. How long did it take to build everything? those mods look incredible! If you would like to share what mods were used visit my thread on best mods and mod packs. I would love to use some of your mods and my thread needs a bump.

    Thank you :) Yeah, I started with the Direwolf20 1.7.10 modpack and added several mods. I've been trying to make an organised base this time, so I made an area for each mod. For the magic mods at least. The tech mods are just there to provide the infrastructure and make my life a bit easier.
    I've been working on this world for over 9 months and it's nowhere near finished yet. I had a few breaks along the road and even got a corruption once, but thankfully, I had backups. The world is about 9.8GB in size, so that should give you an idea on how much I played on it.

    I've actually been considering on making a journal of sorts, to document my progress, but considering how old the world is, It would be like starting to read from the middle of a story and that's never fun.

    Anyway, glad you liked it! I hope it gives you some ideas too! :D
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    Ok, I finally got the time to take some pics of my world. Beware, there are LOT'S of screenshots.

    The Main base/Castle/tower/thing:

    First floor of the tower is my bedroom and it was also my storage room for a few months before I made an ME system(Applied energistics 2):

    The floor above this one is my Thaumcraft 4 Area. The node room is in the main tower:

    The infuison setup:

    Research and crafting room:

    Automated alchemy and essentia creation room:

    Room with an infernal furnace and one of my many nether wart farms:

    Next floor: Botania. The mana creation setup:

    Portal to alfheim and mana storage:

    Next floor: Witchery. The altar and stuff that needs the latar nearby:

    Magical circle platform for all my magics :

    The witchery room is the only one that does have an actual roof. And a familiar cat!

    Mystcraft room and below that, the library:

    Node bullying room for thaumcraft stuffs:

    My hungry node that's sitting in an obsidian box in an obsidian walled room. It's been eating crafting tables for over 3 months now. Pretty big:

    İt's aspects are crazy!

    Stables. They are underground:

    Blood magic room. The altar is tier 5:

    Demon summoning area:

    Blood magic's alchemy area:

    All my mob spawners:

    A ravine and the living quarters of my Blood magic demons:

    My smithy:

    Blast furnaces, coke ovens and a small storage room for the products. The storage room isn't actually working. Just decoration:

    Tinker's Construct Oreberry bush farm:

    Manual mushroom farm:

    The nether portal room:

    Right next to the nether portal room, I have a decorative nether wart farm:

    Again, next to the nether room, A dacorative potion brewery and potion storage:

    My in construction Hall of Armor:

    Underground tunnels that will eventually connect the world:

    My tech mods room. I'm slowly moving all tech related stuff to another dimension:

    My tech world which houses all my ore processing, Power generation, makanism ore pentupling and all required machines to make all that happen. Working on a building now:

    MFR mining lasers to get me enough ores to build all this and more:

    Also, My ars magica area, it's reaserch and spell crafting rooma nd the future-dark-obelisk-thing room:

    Also, my ME system, on demand crafting area, all my auto crafting stuffs and ME quantum rings:

    As for the rest of my world, First village I found, my mage tower and the castle nearby:

    I have many more stuff made in this world but I think this post is long enough. anyway, I hope you liked it! Thanks for cheking all that out, I know it's a long post. :)

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    posted a message on Show Your Survival House/Base/Estate/Mansion!

    I can't open the world today, but I'll post some pics of the world tomorrow first thing. Glad you liked it, Nyscole. :)

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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge

    You can upload the pictures to Imgur, or such sites and add them to your post from there. That way, you can add pictures that are bigger and they can be viewed easier.

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    posted a message on Show Your Survival House/Base/Estate/Mansion!

    I've got a work in progress tower-castle-thing. Still needs it's roofs and such completed though.

    I can show a couple of more pics in a few hours if you want.

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    posted a message on Sanctuary (A Survival Journal)

    That cliff is beautiful! Truly amazing, I can't wait to see how it it will look when it's done.

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    posted a message on When you start a new build project, how do you like to go about it?

    I usually have a plan for most of my builds. First, I have a general idea of what I want to do. Then, I choose a theme. Dark, light, nether-y, such stuff. Then I choose at least three blocks to to build with.

    After that, it depends on what I am building.

    If it's a base, I first plan the first few levels. I build a cobblestone layout and expand from that. If it's a fuctional and technical build, I lookup the most efficient designs. If it doesn't serve a purpose other that looking nice, I Improvise.

    However, When I build something, I usually tear it down and rebuild many times before I like it. I once moved an entire blood altar by one block, because it was one block too close to the entrance.It was a max level altar, so it took about an hour.

    For example, I have decided to build a castle in my current world. I know it's location: The nether, at the shore of the lava ocean. I have a basic idea of how it will look. I know the theme and the blocks I want to use. But I'll probably imagine it for a few weeks before I even place a single block.

    That's how I build stuff. Lot's of thinking and rebuilding.

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    posted a message on What do you do with your Nether?

    I have always avoided the nether until recently. Now, that I have created a proper home for my nether portal in the overworld, I decided to build a castle in the nether. Haven't started it yet though.

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    You just gave me a whole bunch of new ideas. I think I'll do some underwater construction in my world too. :D

    I really like how the lounge looks already. Can't wait to see what you'll do next!

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    Simply amazing.

    I do have a question though;

    Do you have any plans on making a safe nether route to other parts of your world? While watching your trip through the nether, I thought you'd die a few times.

    Also, When you said Starlight doesn't have a foundation, I must say that I disagree. In my oppinion, the lack of a certain theme is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives you the freedom to use many, many more types of blocks, instead of being stuck with just a few different blocks and colors. Of course, it has it's downsides which you already stated, but don't disregard the importance of such freedom.

    I wish I could create a base like yours, in which I could use different colors for different rooms, but I can't. I need to use the same colors everywhere.


    ^ Stuck with stone and nether brick.

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    posted a message on [Journal] Surviving in an Amplified World

    I wonder why I suddenly wanted to create an amplified world...

    On topic, I really like your town. I might do something similar in the future. :)

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