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    posted a message on Modded SMP that needs you to play!

    Our team made new minecraft rp smp project!

    We made a light-weight modpack for you to download and play on our server!

    To join to server you need to answer some simple questions:

    how old are you? (you must be at least 13-14)

    which type of minecraft player are you? (builder, explorer, farmer etc)

    your discord

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    posted a message on 1.18.2 Junicraft SMP - 16+ Mature and Casual Community

    Username: Jesars[/b]

    Discord: Jesars#7606[/b]


    Why do you want to join Junicraft?: I just like making new friends with people that playing Minecraft[/b]

    What do you look forward to most for 1.18? World is a lot bigger, so there are more space for new builds also I'm excited to see new cave biomes[/b]

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    posted a message on Origins based smp

    Were looking for new people!

    The rp is not really started (that's why we need more people)

    your requirements

    be 13-14+ years old

    Have time UTC+ 3:00 (we don't want you to stay awake at night c:)

    my discord Jesars#7606

    if you have all of this please answer these simple questions:

    #How old are you?

    #your discord id

    #have you been banned on servers for griefing/cheating?

    #do you ever cheated in game? if you did not say why

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