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    posted a message on Modded SMP that needs you to play!

    Our team made new minecraft rp smp project!

    We made a light-weight modpack for you to download and play on our server!

    To join to server you need to answer some simple questions:

    how old are you? (you must be at least 13-14)

    which type of minecraft player are you? (builder, explorer, farmer etc)

    your discord

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    posted a message on HermitCraft gameplay server


    my discord tag is Jesars#7606

    id love to join your server

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    posted a message on 1.18.1 Junicraft SMP - 16+ Mature and Casual Community

    Username: Jesars[/b]

    Discord: Jesars#7606[/b]


    Why do you want to join Junicraft?: I just like making new friends with people that playing Minecraft[/b]

    What do you look forward to most for 1.18? World is a lot bigger, so there are more space for new builds also I'm excited to see new cave biomes[/b]

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    posted a message on origins server

    Hello and welcome to my once again opening origins Minecraft server!

    server is on Fabric (1.17.1)

    We have couple rules:


    2. BE NICE

    3. HAVE FUN

    4. WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE (please)

    to get on server you need to send me in discord (Jesars#7606) your:

    a. Minecraft tag

    b. your age (you need to be 13 or older)

    c. why you want to join our server

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    posted a message on 💎 Luxumshire SMP ✨ (18+) Whitelisted Vanilla Survival ✨ Long-Term No-Reset World 💎

    1. Minecraft IGN: Jesars
    2. Discord Name:Jesars#7606
    3. Age:16
    4. Country and/or Time Zone: UTC+3
    5. About me: playing minecraft sinse age of 5, skinmaker, wrote couple simple datapacks for my old server, i always wanted to try something like hermitcraft because large amount of work that people do just for block game encourages me to do the same thing

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    posted a message on TrouvailleMC - Vanilla | Easy applications | 1.18 | NOW BEDROCK COMPATIBLE!

    Discord tag: Jesars#7606

    Minecraft username: Jesars

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    posted a message on Looking for SMP (pref lore smp or vanilla/ can do vids) (2 people)

    Let me introduceyou 2 my smp servers c:

    One of them Origins and second Hardcore that being reseted rn.

    If you wanna join my discord is: Jesars#7606

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    posted a message on Origins based smp

    I sent a friend request

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    posted a message on Origins based smp

    i sent a friend request

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    posted a message on Origins based smp

    Were looking for new people!

    The rp is not really started (that's why we need more people)

    your requirements

    be 13-14+ years old

    Have time UTC+ 3:00 (we don't want you to stay awake at night c:)

    my discord Jesars#7606

    if you have all of this please answer these simple questions:

    #How old are you?

    #your discord id

    #have you been banned on servers for griefing/cheating?

    #do you ever cheated in game? if you did not say why

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    posted a message on 🟢🟢 Unite SMP 🟢🟢 V1.16+, Whitelisted, Survival, Events - Looking For New Players!
    1. What is your Discord ID? Jesars#7606
    2. Where are you from? Russia
    3. How old are you? 16
    4. Are you going to grief, hack or cause trouble? no I promise
    5. Have you ever been banned off a server? If yes, what for? no i wasnt `cause i usualy dont play on servers
    6. Why do you want to join? i think i just want to talk with people and play minecraft ofcourse
    7. What is your favourite category of Minecraft servers? Survival
    8. What's your favourite block in Minecraft? soul bonfire or lantern
    9. Who are your favourite Minecraft Youtubers? MoDDyChat (russian) his video editing briliant
    10. What is a cool fact about you? understanding English talk better than writting on English by myself... if about minecraft i achivied 650+ hours in minecraft on phone ;-;
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