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    I posted this a few days ago, and it got quite a few views and a few likes, so I posted it on Reddit (r/redstone), and they seemed to like it. I wanted to share it here on the forums, and see what you guys thought.

    Please post any suggestions you have either here or in the comments section. Let me know what you think!
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    posted a message on Rock Paper Scissors Minigame
    Here's my first attempt at making a redstone minigame in Minecraft. It's very basic, and it's in its barebones state.

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    posted a message on Will This Build Run Minecraft Atleast over 100 FPS?
    Planning to get this combo from Newegg:


    And this GPU:

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    posted a message on Looking for Minecraft Hunger Games Competitors
    I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute.

    I added you on Skype Valco.

    IGN: Aeronnax
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    posted a message on Redstone Cinemas recruiting members! Join us now for minecraft film shorts!
    IGN: Aeronnax

    Age: 14

    Real Name: Aren

    Skype: Aeronnax

    Position: Actor, Redstone Engineer

    Reason why: I'm not prime time, but I can act, voice act and such. I love working with people, especially on something others will watch, and be able to laugh and relate to. It gives an amazing feeling to be like "Haha! I remember doing that!" I like making the quality of humor *SPARKLE* (not vampire-like).

    Maturity: I like joking around and talking, but when it comes down to working, I work. I believe I'm the right maturity for my age, if not, slightly more or more mature.

    Ability to listen: Very well. Or atleast I think so xD

    Examples of your work: I voice acted the first interrogator, voice acted the judge, and puppeteered the griefer in this video:

    I don't know what happened, but something got corrupted when sending my voice clips. It made my voice sound unaturally deeper xD

    Some redstone work (very simple 3 button door mechanism):

    A glass signal receiver clock:

    And for reading the entire first post? Oh you're welcome ;D
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    posted a message on Making Youtube Intros!
    Youtube Name: Aeronnax

    How Long You Want The Intro: 5 Seconds Long

    What Would You Like It To Say: AERONNAX

    Do You Want Music In The Background (Un-Copyrighted Of Course) : I would like to have thunder rolling in the background, then an eagle's cry almost instantly afterward. All sound should fade out at the end. Thunder Roll: Eagle's Cry: http://www.mediafire...r2cd4x92rkuz84s (Eagle's Cry)

    Do You Want A Specific Picture In The Background (If So Provide Link To Said Picture) : Just plain sky blue in the background (like the color in my avatar), then AERONNAX in white, zooming in (like how you have in the Pokemon Sapphire Intro), then zooming out.

    Did You Donate: No, I don't have a Paypal, and if I did I wouldn't be able to. But if I could, I would most certainly donate.
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    posted a message on Survival Games
    If we can do this some other time rather than today, like maybe next weekend I'd be definitely up for it.
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    posted a message on TheBirdsTalk - The Seed Of Glowstone Pictures - RECRUITING
    Hey Minecraft Forums! My name is Aeronnax and I am from the former productions group, Glowstone Pictures.

    - 4/22/12

    Sadly, the founder of our group, [REDACTED] , got extremely discouraged by one channel, taking the same name. We didn't blame him for leaving, however, because many of our members were inactive/ were online but not working/ working on their own projects in the background.

    Now, 4 individuals from the group and I, have come out of the rubble and will attempt to create was is the child of Glowstone Pictures, or what it used to be. We will not let this flame die out. And for that, we need new sparks.

    Those sparks are you.

    As of today, we have decided to continue on making projects and all, but we need help. Your help. We are recruiting.

    Put asterisks: *** at the end of your app
    -Need to be active


    -Do not complain

    -If you work on your own videos, please try to work equally with us

    What We Need:


    -Voice Actors


    -Music Producers



    -Set Builders

    -Minecraft IGN:

    -Special Traits/Abilities?:




    We won't judge you by age, we judge you by your maturity and your level of commitment. If you have talent and determination, we want you.
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    posted a message on Does Fortune III On An Iron Pickaxe = Fortune III On A Diamond Pickaxe?
    As the title asks.

    Does the amount of drops get affected by the initial efficiency of the tool?
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    posted a message on CURRENTLY ACCEPTING ★Starting a Video Productions Team★ GLOWSTONE PICTURES
    Some advice, read the entire first post before applying.
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    posted a message on My First Ever Let's Play Of Anything In The History Of Everything
    This is my first Let's Play of Minecraft, well actually my first Let's Play of anything. I hope you enjoy!

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    posted a message on Glass Signal Receiver Clock (GSRC)
    Save your redstone and stone people! Use that extra glass!

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    posted a message on 3 Door Button Lock
    Quote from samruxman

    "El usuario ha suprimido este vídeo".
    So... i think you deleted the video.

    Re-uploaded. The YouTube auto-brighten kinda made it too bright.
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    posted a message on 3 Door Button Lock
    This is pretty simple, but I felt like sharing this with those who don't know how to do it.

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    posted a message on Casual And Humorous Skin Request
    Title says it all. I am looking for someone to make me a skin that's casual yet has a humorous feel. Something that would make people chuckle a bit and say "Haha that's neat" but also nothing too "complicated."

    Any attempts are appreciated :)
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