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    What it does

    This mod adds musical instruments that allow you to play music in MML format. This is a format already used in some popular online games so there are many tunes available or you can create your own. You can play solo or in groups of up to eight players.

    If you experience a crash, PLEASE open an issue and include crash logs.

    If you are a MODPACK Author, please encourage your player base to send crash reports relating to mxTune. I can't fix things I don't know about. Please report issues on the mxTune projects page in CurseForge.

    What is MML

    MML, or Music Macro Language, is a simple way to represent musical notes, rests, and volume levels in ASCII text form. For more information please visit these sites:

    MabinogiWorld: MML

    MabinogiWorld: User:LexisMikaya/MML 101 Guide

    MML Compatibility with other games

    I've followed the Mabinogi version to a point, but singing is not supported. I plan to support MIDI channel 10 for General Midi percussion.


    Demo of the new Simple MML Editor Dialog

    Mod Spotlight by LeKoopa

    How to use it

    Grab some Music Paper from Creative mode or craft it from four pieces of paper and one ink sack. See more recipes farther down in the post.

    Crafting Music Paper

    Hold the Music Paper in your main hand and right click air to open the dialog. If you hold an entire stack you will create a stack of the same piece of music. Enter a title in the upper text box and paste or type well formed MML into the center text box. The Done button will not activate if the MML entered does not contain a proper header "[email protected]" and and ending semi-colon ";". The MML is parsed in real time and it cannot be saved it there are errors. Errors will be displayed in red. Click on an error and the cursor in the editor will move to the error. If the MML parses without error the Play button on the left can be used to play the MML. A choice of instruments is listed on the left.

    Simple MML Editor

    Click Done and the item changes into a piece of Sheet Music.

    Sheet Music

    Play Solo

    To play the enclosed MML, the Sheet Music must be placed into the inventory of an instrument. Hold an instrument, then SNEAK and Right Click. Place the Sheet Music into the slot and close the inventory.

    Balalaika Instrument Inventory

    To play the instrument, hold it in your main hand and simply Right Click to Activate. While playing you will be unable to move. If you want to stop playing you can press the ESC key. While holding an instrument the HUD will display the title and status in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This is currently hardcoded, but I intend to make if possible to configure the HUD layout.

    Piano Usage

    Piano Interactions. The piano does not have a inventory GUI like the handheld instrument. Once it's placed into the world it works like this

    1. To place Sheet Music on the Piano Rack, hold a piece of Sheet Music in your main hand and right click the the piano.
    2. To sit at the piano, right click it with your main hand. Note you can't sit at a piano unless there is a piece of Sheet Music on the rack. To dismount press the left shift key. To REMOVE a piece of Sheet Music SNEAK and right click the piano.
    3. To play the piano there must be Sheet Music on the rack and your must be sitting at the piano, then right click the piano to begin playing.

    This is going to be a bit buggy since I just added this new block instrument recently. It made me realize I need to review the current system and refactor it to make it cleaner. There are blatant holes in various interactions. See if you can find them.


    A basic party system was created that does not rely on the vanilla teams system. A party can have up to eight players. Members can be removed or promoted to leader. A member may leave at will. If a member dies or they leave the game they are ejected from the party automatically. Members of a party cannot sleep.

    Create a Party

    Press "J" to create or open an existing party. If it's a new party you are the leader and your name will be at the top of the list once you click OK.

    Create Party

    Party HUD - Upper Left with leaders name

    Join a Party

    Parties are not secure at this time so anyone can join. Security will be added later. To join a party look for a player with music note placard over their head and Right Click on them. You will be presented with a dialog that gives you the options to join the leaders party

    A Party Leader

    To Join the party Right-Click the leader.

    Party Join Dialog

    Click Yes to join the party.

    Joined Group

    Welcome to the Group!

    Are you ready to JAM!?

    Group Members. Note the Party HUD upper left. The leaders placard has a star.

    Leaders Party Dialog

    Leaders Party Dialog (J to open). Note the small buttons to the right of the 2nd member. The leader can (D)elete, or promote the member to (L)eader.

    Members Party Dialog

    Members Party Dialog (J to open)

    Playing Music while in a Party (Jam Session)

    The purpose of the group play is to ensure players are synchronized when they play. The leader initiates the start of the session, but before that can happen all the other members need to queue up their parts. The process is the same as playing solo: Place the music in the instrument inventory, then while holding the instrument right-click the air. While in a group as a non-leader your placard will turn green, but you will not begin to play. Once everyone is ready, the leader just starts to play the usual way and the music starts.


    These are placeholders

    Music PaperTubaMandolinFlute

    Jazz Guitar RecipeElectric Guitar Muted RecipeOverdriven Guitar RecipeDistortion Guitar Recipe


    Music Options

    Latest development release - Mute Options added

    mxTune Music Options Dialog

    Intended for multiplayer mode of course. At the moment players must be online for you to move them to the desired list.

    Here's a run down of the Mute options (Changes with each click of the button):

    • Mute Off - You can hear everything.
    • Mute Others - Just hear yourself. Others can still hear you though. You can't JOIN a JAM.
    • Mute Blacklist - Hear everyone except members on the Blacklist. You can still hear them if they are a member of a JAM, but not if they are the leader of the JAM.
    • Allow Whitelist - Only hear yourself and music from players on the Whitelist. If a member is the leader of the JAM then you will hear ALL the members of the JAM.
    • Mute All - effectively disables all MML Music.

    None of the options will STOP currently playing music, but they will prevent you from hearing newly launched tunes.

    Other controls:

    • Adjust HUD - Choose the position of the on screen mxTune status widget.
    • Arrow Buttons ">", "<" - Situated between the lists, these are used to move players between the lists. Click on a player to select them, then click the appropriate arrow button.
    • Done - Make sure to click this to save your changes.
    • Cancel - Abort changes and return to the game.

    Note: The mxTune volume is controlled by Players volume control from the vanilla Music & Sound Option dialog.



    mxTune on Dropbox

    Open Source

    mxTune on GitHub

    Current Beta Release Notes: mxtune-1.12.1-0.6.0-beta.4

    • The sheet music format changed. Added a song duration field and changed the internal nbt tag name from MusicBook to SheetMusic. Because of this I added a DATA-FIXER to update sheet music. It will only update sheet music to the new format in vanilla chests and player inventory. The sheet music loaded in instruments will also be updated provided
    • they too are in vanilla chests or player inventory.
    • New block: Band Amp - Lets you play multi-instrument MML Music.
    • Place the music into the instruments and add them to the Band Amp inventory. It is red-stone and hopper friendly. Use these features to automate playing tunes in sequence using mine carts, etc. That's right it's a low tier musical automata. There are 12 slots. Yes you can now play Maple Story 2 (MS2) MML 10 part, 10 piece JAMS, though you are stuck with current Mabinogi compatible instruments at the moment. The existing Orchestra and Standard percussion sets can be used in place of the MS2 Timpani and Tom Toms respectively.
      *** This is very much an experimental addition and suggestions are welcome ***
    • Hand held Piano. It's intended to be used in the Band Amp.
    • The sheet music format changed. Added a song duration field (automatically calculated). Allows improved server
    • managed play management.
    • Add buttons to the hand held instrument inventory GUI's to open the Music Options and HUD placement dialog.
    • Starting and stopping instruments is more reliable now. No more clicks and pops when force stopping a play session.
    • *De-Wonkify the Music HUD adjustment screen.
    • A lot of back end code cleanup and improvements:
    • SonarCloud for mxTune
      IntelliJ IDEA Rocks:

    Upcoming Additions and Changes

    • Add the ability to load MML files from 3MLE and Maple Story 2 ms2mml files downloaded from https://musicalnexus.net/
    • Please support the folks at the Musical Nexus and don't use an Ad-Blocker on the site.
    • For MAP MAKERS: Per Chunk/Area MML based background music system
    • Improved advancements
    • More Musical Automata
    • A personal MML player - i.e. tune lists, shuffle, etc.
    • Music Themed MOBS and recipe changes for instruments that use common and rare drops.

    Your input is welcome

    Feel free to make suggestions to shape this mods future,


    Apache License Version 2.0

                                     Apache License
    Version 2.0, January 2004


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    Use in Mod Packs

    This is an WIP BETA mod. Use at your own risk.World Breakage Possible.


    • Archeage ©2016 XLGAMES Inc. ArcheAge has been licensed by XLGAMES Inc. ArcheAge and XLGAMES are trademarks of XLGAMES Inc. Trion, Trion Worlds, Glyph, and their respective logos, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trion Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved.
    • Mabinogi copyright by Nexon America, Inc.
    • Mabinogi World Wiki Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
    • Maple Story 2 © 2019 NEXON Korea Corporation and NEXON America Inc. All Rights Reserved
    • Musical Nexus Please support the folks at the Musical Nexus and don't use an Ad-Blocker on the site.
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    2017-08-21 mxtune-1.12.1-0.5.0-beta.2


    • Update to using Forge
    • Refactor block, item and recipe names to allow disabling mxTune recipes via the configuration file/GUI. Mappings will be updated automatically in existing worlds.
    • Switch to using the Forge Configuration Annotation System. Now have 3 configuration files under the config/mxtune directory: mxtune_client.cfg, mxtune_general.cfg, and mxtune_recipes.cfg.
    • Sheet Music Converter has been removed.
    • Recipes can be disabled via configuration file/GUI. A Server Restart is Required. Ideally these should be disabled before a world is generated.
    • Localize the sound font instrument names.
    • Added advancements for playing instruments.
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    I mean I know it works in MP, but the idea of using a real piano to perform for others inside of a video game is new to me.

    It would be pretty much for preforming solo. Due to lag, etc you'd have hard time staying on beat with other players.Hmm but I think I've heard of some software that does let you jam on the internet in real time. I could be wrong though. So much variation between client capabilities too. Some users playing on dedicated gaming systems, others on old laptops.
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    McJty has a wiki with some good information: http://modwiki.temporal-reality.com/mw/index.php/Main_Page

    Darkhax has some tutorials too: http://tutorials.darkhax.net/pages/tutorials/

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    Another mxTune dev release today. Now features built-in sound-font featuring Mabinogi style instruments, plus a few extras. The main focus of this release is getting feedback and suggestions for improving the sound-font.

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    Current development is on a custom soundfont. With it mxTune will have the same sound qualities on all systems. The soundfont is similar to the Mabinogi DLS file, but built from publicly available samples and soundfonts. It will not have the song and choral voices initially, but it will have some additional instruments not currently available on Mabinogi. In addition I've been careful to ensure the voice ranges and octave repeats for certain Mabinogi instruments are replicated in the mxTune soundfont. I've pretty much ignored those conventions up until now, but they are important for being able to play available MML files correctly. Some instruments like the Electric Guitar have a split setup that allows for the note bending effect.

    WIP - Subject to change - Size is about 11 megabytes so it won't bloat the mxtune jar file too much. One goal goal is to keep it small so the entire soundfont can remain in RAM all the time.

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    Today's build release notes:

    2017-02-20: mxtune-1.10.2-, mxtune-1.11.2-

    • Turn off logging for the SoundSystem endOfStream events. On some systems this was causing the fml-client-latest logs to grow very large.
    • Troubleshoot and make some changes to the ClientAudio classes thread use, and use of the synchronized specifier.
    • Poached ConfigureSound from Dynamic Surroundings and added configuration options for it. This allows using all of the available sound channels.
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    posted a message on LLibrary - The lightweight Minecraft modding library [1.5.1]

    LLibrary is very nice! I figured out how to load a Tabula (*.tbl) model via the Forge/Vanilla json model loading system. I've seen it in the code, but never saw any example of its use. I really wanted to use a Tabula model for items. It's actually pretty easy. Tested on MC/Forge 1.10.2 and latest LLibrary.

    Note: All the textures must be ^2 squares. That is 16x16, 32x32, etc. a 64x32 will not work.

    In your mod just make a simple Item class as usual.

    Example JSON:



        "forge_marker": 1,
        "defaults": {
            "model": "llibtest:ItemTabula.tbl"
        "variants": {
            "normal": [{}],
            "inventory": [{}]


        "parent": "builtin/generated",
            "textures": {
                "layer0": "llibtest:items/model_wax_tablet"
        "tabula": "llibtest:models/block/ItemTabula",
        "display": {
            "gui": {
                "rotation": [ -45, 45, 180 ],
                "translation": [ 0, -3, 0 ],
                "scale": [ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ] 
            "ground": {
                "rotation": [ 0, 0, 0 ],
                "translation": [ 0, 4, 0 ],
                "scale": [ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ] 
            "thirdperson_lefthand": {
                "rotation": [ 90, 0, 0 ],
                "translation": [ 0, 4, 4 ],
                "scale": [ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ]
            "firstperson_lefthand": {
                "rotation": [ 70, -20, 30 ],
                "translation": [ 0, 4, 0 ],
                "scale": [ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ]
            "thirdperson_righthand": {
                "rotation": [ 90, 0, 0 ],
                "translation": [ 0, 4, 4 ],
                "scale": [ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ]
            "firstperson_righthand": {
                "rotation": [ 70, -20, 30 ],
                "translation": [ 0, 4, 0 ],
                "scale": [ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ]


    Kudoes to iLexiconn and his team!

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    Quote from Emex_Denvir»

    I have multiple programs to play live MIDI and visualize it, but I've never seen it in Minecraft before.

    I wish you good luck in case it's going to be hard ^^

    I'm considering a midi-jack item, that like sheet music, can be placed in the instrument inventory allowing midi-in from your PC. It might work well for local play, but maintaining timings via a multi-player server might be a bit network intensive, but maybe a UDP stream could work. What are your thoughts?
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    posted a message on mxTune - a music mod that lets you play MML files
    I can add the idea to the wish list. It's a fun idea, but poses some real challenges too. I believe there are existing programs that support live MIDI jamming over the Internet. Thanks for your input and the comment.
    Quote from Emex_Denvir»

    This mod is awesome!

    How about a live MIDI input?

    I'd love to play on my keyboard in MC if that's possible.

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