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    Important Note: This is a pre-alpha release of the new Magic Chest, which does neither provide all features nor does it run anywhere stable due to a lack of testing. Magic Chest is currently in active development, so please do not use it on your server or in a world you want to keep. This is only for the curious among you who would like to test Magic Chest prior to alpha. All features included may or may not change in the future, as well as Block and Item IDs and other stuff that will be saved in your World file. If you do not follow my advice and thus harm your savegames, it is your very own fault.
    The layout of this post will change to a more catchy and informative version when the actual release comes near, but for now this has to do it.


    For the beings among you who complain about adfly: Alternative

    1. Get possibly the latest universal version of Forge for Minecraft 1.4.7.
    2. Copy Forge into your "minecraft.jar".
    3. Create a folder "mods" in the minecraft folder.
    4. Put the downloaded Magic Chest zip file there. Aaaand Done!
    You can try to run Magic Chest on a server, but I did not test it with more than one player, thus client should work more stable.

    Bugs & Suggestions

    Bugs should be posted as an issue in the repository on Github. Suggestions can be posted there or, of course, here in the thread. Don't be shy to tell me minor bugs or make suggestions that may be already in the concept. My artist also asks you to criticize his work.

    Further Development

    Me and my team want to make Magic Chest a high quality mod, but this takes time. If you want to know how it goes, you can check my Twitter feed @marcopennekamp, the repository (mentioned above) and of course this thread. Magic Chest is and will be an open source mod, but it still means that redistribution outside this thread is not allowed. You may however link to the adf.ly download link.

    The official alpha release will include some upgrades and softwares, sorting and filtering, as well as a more or less tested server version.

    Next on my list: More Upgrades. Stay tuned!


    You may call this credits, but these people are or were responsible for Magic Chest:

    Aero96 - That's me, folks. Coordination/Programming.
    HotheadHoncho - Graphics, good graphics.
    Hexicube - Programming. Currently idle.

    Now for the actual "description", craft this (you can use different wood types for different appearances):

    Get this:

    There is more like filtering and sorting, but it should be self-explanatory for now! :D

    Have fun!

    And last but not least, for nostalgic reasons, the original Magic Chest description:

    Magic Chest - Wood on steroids!
    V0.9.1 for Beta 1.7.3

    The Magic Chest is an intelligent chest, which can do many many things to provide you with comfort!

    Aero96 Coder/Project Leader
    Hexicube Awesome Coder
    Sage1700 Artist

    Table of Contents:


    (0.8.1) Magic Chest by Pictogon

    How you can help me!

    Share the link to this thread
    If you want to support Magic Chest you can share a link to this Topic in your signature/on Twitter/on Facebook/to friends etc.
    It´s the best thing to make Magic Chest popular. Banner will come (If you want to make one, send me a PM).

    Report bugs!
    Please report any bug you can find. Even performance issues coming along with Magic Chest.
    Without issue reporting I can´t make Magic Chest bug-free.
    More information here: Troubleshooting

    Make videos!
    If you want to improve the presentation of Magic Chest you can make videos that show the functionality of Magic Chest or the super awesome construction you have created! They may be added to the "Preview" section.

    Craft the chest!
    To craft the magic chest you need a chest or some wood, iron, and redstone. Simply follow these blueprints to make your very own Magic Chest!

    First step: Make a Magic Lock
    Our Engineers in the labs could make a Magic Lock with 1GB storage size. According to our awesomeness nearly all of the data storage is reserved for the source code. 16MB is reserved for extensions.
    The Magic Lock is the heart of the Magic Chest and will turn any chest into an intelligent one. Its high-tech redstone wiring gives the possibility to detect any item in a small radius around the chest and the built-in teleportation unit will get all of them.

    Let´s have a look at the blueprints:

    Second step: Fix the Magic Lock on the chest
    With our patented silicon based technology, the Magic Lock will do the fixing process automatically and secure itself onto the chest. (Explosions can occur It´s 99.9% tested and safe)
    The lock can even build a chest out of 8 pieces of wooden planks on it´s own and directly make a Magic Chest.

    Have a look at the two blueprints:

    Basic feature

    As explained before, your Magic Chest can take up anything that has been dropped on it.
    Don´t you wish your wood was this intelligent?


    Every intelligent chest should be able to filter incoming items.
    Your Magic Chest can! The filtering methods are chooseable in the GUI with a button.

    Chest filtering
    Our Engineers made a simple filtering system for big storing solutions. Just put an item in the bottom-right slot of the chest, make sure that no item of a different type is in there and enjoy the full automated filtering!

    Per Row filtering
    To fit more complicated requirements we developed a per row filtering system. Put an item in the last slot of each row and make sure that no different item is in this row. Every last slot has to be filled! Now you can enjoy the per row filtering!

    Furnace filtering
    To make the furnace software more comfortable we decided to add a filtering especially for these purposes.
    The furnace filtering filters material into the first row, fuel into the second and the third row will contain your smelted items!


    Many years of researching gave us the talent to develop a chest, which sorts it´s content stand-alone. And it recognizes two or more stacks and puts them together, if the slot capability suffices.
    The Magic Chests full item mappings allow the chest to sort it´s content alphabetically, by ID or even by Type! You can choose your favorite sorting method in the GUI, where the sort button, which sorts everything, is as well!

    Usefulness: (Integer.MAX_VALUE * Integer.MAX_VALUE / 100)%!
    Sorts the contents by Type, extremely USEFUL!

    Usefulness: 150%
    Sorts the contents by ID, ascending (1 first).

    Usefulness: 120%
    Sorts the contents by Alpha, A - Z.

    Redstone support

    Are you bored of always destroying a chest to get the contents quickly, then replacing the chest?
    Well no more will you have to! When you power the chest with redstone, it drops all the items!
    Note: This only works with DropX Software, which was introduced in 0.9


    A software is an extension for the Magic Chest. You put it into the major or minor slot of the chest. You might ask how you can actually put a whole DVD into a simple lock...well, our clever engineers made some compression technology! It's 100 times more effective than the Base64 algorithm! You wonder what software compression technology has to do with a physical DVD?
    It´s Minecraft, man. Or did you lost the link to reality and found another world in a game?


    The DVD is the base for all softwares. By itself its useless, but it's a storage device for the other softwares.

    Furnace Software [Major]

    The Furnace Software adds an interface to interact with nearby furnaces. It has the awesome capability to maintain furnaces in range.
    Just put the material you want to smelt in row 1, the fuel in row 2 and the product will appear in row 3 of the chest.

    Quantum Software [Major]

    The quantum software gives access to a network of chests, which all share the same content. These contents are safe and can be accessed from anywhere in the world! There are five networks selectable in the GUI, but our engineers are working on allowing infinite amounts of channels! Inhaled air around the chest may transform into blocks inside your chest
    Remember that the software uses Quantum storage, which is unavailable in the Nether. Instead, the inventory will exhibit wild behavoiur. The Magic Chest may become a lava spring

    Save System updated. If you have problems converting to the new one (e.g. missing data), read the troubleshoot section.

    Music Software [Major]

    Note Blocks are a powerful music composing device in MineCraft, but they take up a lot of space. Our scientists found that 95% of a note block is made up of wood and can easily simulate the remaining 5% in some new software!
    Every slot in the chest represents a note. An item stack can have 1-25 items which represents a note. The type of the item (Dirt, Stone, Sand, Glass, Wood) represents the instrument. You can set the speed of the music in the GUI, where 1 is the fastest.
    A full (64) item stack restarts the music.
    It works like the Note Block !

    Repair Software [Major]

    The repair software has the awesome capability to repair tools and armors slowly, by relying on specially adapted nano technology! They can repair any damaged item from Diamond Swords to Fishing Rods! (Items may turn into flying, fireball shooting spiders It's 99.9% safe). It gets even better: When you put a block of gold in any slot, all items will be repaired instantly. We are not responsible for blue creepers spawned by this software

    The upgraded software features new nanobots which can repair items three times as fast!

    Farming Software [Major]

    *better scanning explanation will follow*

    The Farming Software does several things. It plants seeds, harvests crops, harvests reed, duplicates flowers and collects seeds from wild grass!
    The blocks around the chest and above the chest are scanned, so it looks like this:

    C = Chest
    S = Scanned
    Chest level:
    Above chest:

    To harvest crops and plant seeds place the chest on the dirt level.

    S = Stone Hoe
    D = DVD


    Crafting Software [Major]

    Ever got tired of crafting masses of the same item? Want to create an automated factory?
    We did! Use the brand new crafting software!
    Just place the desired item in the bottom-right slot of the chest, and it will start crafting this type of item, if there is enough material.

    R = Redstone
    D = DVD
    W = Workbench


    Miner Software [Major]

    The Miner software automatically mines all blocks above it. It has the same speed as the player and uses tools. Combine it with vortex software to get the best results!

    Healer Software [Major]

    The healer software heals you when you walk near it, but you have to put in food first. What good is a chest full of food if you have to get it out again? May burn your pork

    Cloaking Software [Minor]

    You are a mysterious person and want to hide your chest? Well, use the cloak software to achieve this!
    Just place a block in the bottom-left slot, and enjoy your new skinned chest!

    DropX Software [Minor]

    The DropX Software simply allows the chest to drop all items on redstone current!
    We did this change, because of some people losing their diamonds in lava, because an evil player (which is not possible

    R = Redstone
    D = DVD


    Scanner Software [Minor]

    The Scanner Software takes items out of the player´s inventory. Just put the desired item in the bottom-right slot and it will automatically store all items of that type!
    But be careful: It does not scan the quick access bar!

    Destroyer Software [Minor]

    It destroys every item which comes into the chest. If there is an item in the left-bottom slot, only items of this type are destroyed. Your intelligent bin!

    Vortex Software [Minor]

    The vortex software turns the chest into a wild vortex, which pulls in all items within a 3 Block radius into the chest.

    The newer vortex software has upgraded pumps...so the range has doubled!

    Immunity Software [Minor]

    The immunity software makes the chest almost complety immune to any explosions, because of the obsidian powered protection matrix. You can even use it as a creeper wall! We accept no liability for Creepers who go around this wall


    v0.9.1 for Beta 1.7.3


    For the work I've put into Magic Chest, I would appreciate some donations. These aren't required to download the mod but would be nice anyways.

    Hexicube also helped a lot with new Softwares and bug-fixing, so please also donate to him, if you feel generous!

    Information about Adf.ly
    To get some money for the work I have done, I use Adf.ly links to link to the download file.
    You have to wait just 5 seconds until you are redirected to the file. Please support me and don´t flame because of adf.ly. For further information look up the copyright. Thanks!


    Before you install Magic Chest you should install Risugami´s ModLoader.

    Installing Magic Chest
    1. Go to your .minecraft folder
    2. Open the minecraft.jar in /bin with WinRar or similar tools
    3. Drag all .class files and the easyChest folder (shipped with the Magic Chest .zip archive) into the minecraft.jar
    4. Delete the META-INF folder
    Installing the config file (optional)
    1. Go to your .minecraft folder
    2. Copy the MagicChestConfig.txt (shipped with the Magic Chest .zip archive) in your .minecraft folder
    3. Edit it with Notepad or any other text editor (don´t use Word, OpenOffice or similar RTF text editors)
    • Did you delete META-INF?
    • Do you have the right version of your ModLoader and Minecraft?
    • Are all class files at the right place?
    If you can answer all of these questions with "HELL YES!", post the issue with
    • a description of what you have done
    • or/and an error log
    More information here: http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=199761
    Thanks for posting the issue.

    Issues with quantum software
    If you have renamed your world once, converting to new save system will probably fail, because of different folder and world names. To fix this, rename the world name part of the files in mod/MagicChest/ to the folder name.


    - fixed furnace bug
    - added recipes
    - fixed vortex V2

    - 1.7.2 fixes, Bug fixes
    - Added DropX Software
    - Added Crafting Software
    - Added Hiding Software
    - Added Farming Software
    - Added preview Blackhole Software
    - Added preview Quantum Repair Software
    - Enter your own names for quantum channels in the config
    - Changed quantum save system from CSV to NBT, may cause problems

    - Fixed double items on double chest collision
    - Fixed quantum drop bug
    - The Magic Chest can be opened, when a block is above it
    - Added Pre Versions of Farming Software and Crafting Software (use InvEdit or similar tools to get them)

    - 1.6.6 fixes
    - Added Type Sorting!

    - 1.6.5 fixes
    - Fixed the shift click bug
    - Added forgotten Miner Software recipe

    - New GUI (with software "support" [Quantum channels, Music pitch] )
    - Quantum channels added
    - Quantum bug fixes
    - Miner software added
    - Music Software
    - Inventory Searcher
    - Repair V2
    - Vortex V2
    - Minor bug fixes

    - fixed quantum software bug
    - fixed furnace software bug
    - added immunity software
    - added healer software
    - GUI: Sort method choosing
    - GUI: Filter method choosing
    - minor bugs

    - added quantum software
    - added repair software
    - added vortex software
    - added destroyer software
    - now with minecart support
    - new GUI, now with a sort button
    - sort alphabetically
    - fixed some bugs
    - furnace software is compatible with saplings now

    - awesome new GUI !
    - new software system
    - furnace software bug fix
    - row filtering bug fix
    - minor bug fixes

    - basic function
    - filtering (chest, row)
    - sorting (by ID)
    - softwares (basic, furnaceSoftware)

    If you want to use Magic Chest for anything else than playing minecraft with it, read the following license notation carefully:

    You may...
    • Use Magic Chest
    • Link to this thread with limitations (read Adf.ly and others notation)
    • Copy it in binary forms (.class)
    • Read the source code with limitations
    • Decompile with limitations
    You may not ... (without my permission)
    • Publish Magic Chest
    • Link to an (un-)official download
    • Copy the source code
    • Link with Adf.ly or similar services to this topic or a download
    There may be other things that are not stated in the explanation above.

    The License:

    Magic Chest Minecraft Mod ( "the software" )
    Copyright (c) 2011, Marco "Aero96" Pennekamp ( "the copyright holders" )
    All rights reserved.
    Web: http://accord-games.de/
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Minecraftforum.net: Aero96
    Minecraft.net: Aero96
    Due to the copyright notation of Mojang AB, the copyright holders of minecraft, any modification is the intellectual property of the authors of the modification, as
    long as you don´t mark original modified or non modified minecraft files as your own.
    See also: http://minecraft.net/copyright.jsp
    "Decompilation" means the translation of binary forms of the software into source forms of the software with or without the help of programs (including, but not limited to, decompilers).
    1. The use of the software in binary forms without any modification is permitted.
    1.1 Copying the software in binary forms without any modification for private purposes is permitted. Do not publish without a written permission of the copyright holders.
    2. Redistribution of the software in source or binary forms, with or without modification, is only permitted with a written permission by the copyright holders.
    2.1 You may not link with advertisement services (including, but not limited to, adf.ly) to any of the software´s information or a download source of this software without a written permission by the copyright holders.
    3. Modification of the software in source or binary forms is only permitted with a written permission by the copyright holders.
    4. Reading the source code of the software is only permitted with a written permission by the copyright holders or a special permission.
    4.1 A special permission is automatically achieved, when the usage of the source code of the software is only for private, non commercial, reference purposes. (Including, but not limited to, learning, inspiration)
    4.2 Copying the source code of the software is only permitted with a written permission by the copyright holders.
    5. Decompilation of the binary files of the software is only permitted with a written permission by the copyright holders or a special permission.
    5.1 A special permission is automatically achieved, when the usage of the decompiled source code is only for private, non commercial, reference purposes. (Including, but not limited to, learning, inspiration)

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    posted a message on Using ticks as delay?
    The usual thing you would do is a slightly modified version of Kovu's:

    if (counter % 100 == 0) {
        // ...
    // ...
    // Want to execute something every 20 ticks with the same counter?
    if (counter % 20 == 0) {
        // ...

    This basically allows you to use the counter more than for one delay as stated in the code, making it more effective.
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    posted a message on NanoCraft
    We will start with the development of NanoCraft when the Minecraft modding API is out.

    NanoCraft is open-source

    Current Team:
    Aero96 - Programming/Focused on API structure and frontend
    Hexicube - Mainly AI programming
    Se1by - Programming/Background logic
    Sage1700 - Programming here and there :P
    HotheadHoncho - Arts and Modeling
    Overdoser94 - Arts

    NanoCraft adds blocks, items and new entities to the game, which have the goal to take the worst work from your worthy hands. The core of NanoCraft are Nanobots, little robots, which perform a specified task. Every Nanobot has equipment, an inventory and tries to do what is specified in it's AI script.

    Note: A base point is a chest or Void Storage where the nanobot can store items.

    Anatomy of a Nanobot

    Equipment slots

    Right hand - The Nanobot can carry any tool, a bow or a sword in the right hand.
    Left hand - The Nanobot can carry a sword, a quiver or a sign (as a shield) in the left hand.
    Storage - The storage block which is used to extend the inventory.
    Accessories - The Nanobot can carry four accessories.
    Armor - The Nanobot can wear human armor.

    Nanobot types (included scripts)

    The Miner - The Miner needs a pickaxe in the right hand. When you have given him a base point he will immediately start to find minerals. When the inventory is full he will return to the base point, store the items there and start over again.

    The Woodcutter - The Woodcutter needs an axe (oh, what a surprise) and a base point. He will search for near trees and try to cut them down as far as he is able to do. When specified, he will remember the locations of the trees and plant a sapling at this point in the next run. You can also tell him to plant seeds in the near area. This requires saplings available at the base point.

    The Farmer - The Farmer needs a hoe and a base point. The starting point is the center of the farming area. Before he can start, you have to give him a plan. This plan specifies where to build what, so he can act like you would. He will remember the plan, so you can give multiple robots the same plan. And if you change this plan, you don't have to give it to every robot another time, the robots will notice and adjust the area.

    The Soldier - This isn't really a surprise, is it? You can give him a point to defend or tell him to defend a player. If you tell him to defend a player, he will follow him and attack nearby entities which attempt to attack the player. If you give him a point, he will attack all hostile monsters in range and also players, who try to destroy the block he defends. If you give him a base point he can pick up the stuff that the enemies drop. He will act like a hunter then.

    The Medic - The Medic follows any entity and heals friendly entities in range. It needs a rucksack to carry the food, healing potions and iron (yes, nanobots are healed with iron).

    The Carrier - The Carrier is the heart of every economical infrastructure. You can tell him to bring items from point A to point B. He can even remember multiple routes. You can give him a weapon so he is able to defend himself on attack.

    The Jukebot - The Jukebot is the consequent answer to iPods. You don't need to carry him. He follows you. Well, you can also tell him just to stand there or to follow another entity. Give him any note sheet (they work like the Farmer's plans) and he will play that music with his Noteblock! The best is: You don't need headphones!

    The BurstBot - Didn't you wish to have your very own creeper? This Nanobot will carry around a TNT block and follow any entity. When the followed entity marks a target with the BBRemote, the BurstBot will follow this target and explode on contact.

    Nanobot equipment

    Nanobots carry stuff around. With some new and expensive technology they can increase their power significantly!

    Small storage [Storage] - The standard storage every Nanobot has built in. It grants the storage of 21 items with the maximum stack size of 32.

    Medium storage [Storage] - It grants the storage of 28 items with the maximum stack size of 32.

    Large storage [Storage] - It grants the storage of 35 items with the maximum stack size of 32.

    Jetpack [Accessory] - Nanobots can use Jetpacks to be able to fly around.

    Plan [Accessory] - A plan for a farmer to tell him where to put what. Almost like a map, but different.

    Note sheet [Accessory] - Contains instructions for the Jukebot how to play the notes.

    more accessories to follow :D

    Functional Blocks

    The Constructor - The Constructor crafts any recipe with the use of energy, as long as it gets the resources either by the player or carriers.

    The Deconstructor - The Deconstructor deconstructs (as the name says) any item into the ingredients with the use of energy.

    The Generator - The Generator converts items into pure energy. Fuel is far more effective. The energy is saved in batteries.

    The Repairer - The Repairer can be used to repair any damageable item in a long and complicated process involving items, energy and some luck. There is no 100% success chance, though. The less the item is damaged and the more high quality refine materials you put in, the higher is the chance of success.

    The Void Storage - The Void Storage is a powerful storage, which does not store the items locally like chests, but in the void dimension (Where a lot of space is available :P ). It can also be told to soak in any item that's near the void storage itself (not sure yet). It will use some energy when for example creating channels.


    Batteries - A battery can save up to 20000 fuel time. That's 100 furnace burn cycles. :D

    This was a lot of text, but I can't provide any screenshots yet, since I haven't started yet. And since this is generally the functionality of Magic Chest I will abandon Magic Chest. Well, it is not abandoned, I just tried to make it possible in another way. And this way is explained above. If you haven't noticed: The Void Storage is literally a Magic Chest with Quantum Software put in. Therefore I will also include the sorting and filtering options.

    I am also aware of a texture pack called NanoCraft, but I don't think that there will be any conflicts or confusions involving the similarity.

    I hope you like this concept (in it's early state) so far and I appreciate any suggestion and critic. Thanks ;)
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    posted a message on how do i learn java?
    Quote from Flutterwry

    Ignore anything above, I advise so. Java has a entire guide by Oracle "makers/devs of java" how to easly learn java. It is free, and very simple layed out. It gets in detail on everything.


    I highly suggest you use that instead anything else.

    It is good for people who are into programming, but want to learn Java. For complete newbies it's ******** :P
    Always prefer a good book over tutorials, I'd say.
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    posted a message on Does mcp56.zip work for Minecraft 1.2.3
    The problem is, that Minecraft is obfuscated. This means that all variable, method and class names are replaced by a string (e.g. aaa) and since MCP is essentially a deobfuscator one version can only fit to a specific Minecraft version.
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    posted a message on WinCraft
    Alright, just a shoutout by me:
    You don't know how to create a GUI, then I suppose you are not familiar with some basic stuff. You may know Java, but not as well as you should to create a "fully working windows 95 OS". I am also sure you haven't heard the term OpenGL in conjunction with Minecraft before, so I guess you should look that up, too. And if you do not know how to create a simple GUI, you should learn Java and especially programming first, because it is a matter of reading already existing source code.
    I don't want to destroy your dreams, but everytime I see a "modder" who can not learn from Minecrafts source code, asks simple questions every Java newbie can answer or posts a wall of code that "does not work" and there is a typo somewhere, I just want to go right into a corner of my room and cry for a bit.
    Please, do me a favor and start with something SIMPLE.
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    posted a message on NanoCraft
    Quote from PsychoSupreme

    If you go the plain code route, please make an extensive and detailed tutorial and help file for those of us who are stupid with coding. Accessibility is key to something like this. You probably already knew that, but being who I am I'm compelled to remind you anyway. :tongue.gif: (sorry)

    And this is a prime example of why I'm hoping for an extensive help/tutorial file. This sounds complicated and scary, and I'll need supreme amounts of help grasping it. :ohmy.gif:

    Of course I will write (a) tutorial(s) how to script for NanoCraft (but I have not decided which language I will use, yet). I hope, though, that the GUI editor is suitable for most of the simple tasks.

    Quote from PsychoSupreme »

    Dude, your English is better than most of the Americans around here. I honestly wouldn't have guessed that this wasn't your first language until I looked at your location tag. Seriously, props. :biggrin.gif:

    Thanks :wink.gif: At least my written english, I suppose ^^
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    posted a message on NanoCraft
    Quote from Autorun

    Deutsch: Das wird mich wie ein hater klingen, aber ich denke, das wäre viel komplizierter als die magische Truhe Modifikation. Vielleicht könnten Sie tun beide Modifikationen?

    (Nicht LIEBEN Sie gerade Google Translate?)

    English: This is going to make me sound like a hater but I think this would be a lot more complicated than the magic chest modification. Maybe you could do both modifications?

    (Don't you just LOVE Google Translate?)

    Oh, I hate google translator, but I hate people, who think they have to put everything in my native language, more. I mean, it is certainly an offense against me, because you indirectly say that my english is crappy, which is not true.

    And no, I won't make Magic Chest AND NanoCraft. I said this before.
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    posted a message on NanoCraft
    Well, I still don't like the idea of fuel. Maybe they will get some maintenance costs or similar stuff. Like, there is a chance that they break or they fetch a virus and their AI craps. So they have to be repaired by medics or freak out (regarding AI). Breaking would be enabled from difficulty normal upwards and AI virus needs hard to happen.

    And I will try to get out a concept with pictures before christmas hits the households. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on NanoCraft
    That's hilarious. I don't have to comment further!
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