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    The Aerilon Legacy Mod intends to give the game a more fantasy feel, and accomplishes this via unique items, weapons, tools, blocks, armor and biomes. The mod is based off of the Aerilon Legacy CIT pack, and is made in collaboration with the members of the Aerilon Legacy SMP.

    This Mod Was Helped Made by Mcreator


    Links And Special Thanks

    Mod Developers & Contributors
    legodamen (Head)
    Finchy (Modling) (Website)
    Nibroc (Modling)
    Damen's Music (Music Support) Youtube

    Forum Contributors
    legodamen (Writing & Digital Artist)
    BlueBowTie (Writing)

    Legacy Members
    legodamen (Youtube)

    DidSomebodySayCollin: (Youtube)

    Zer0's: (Youtube)

    SenatorSeatBelt: (Youtube)
    UnspheredLeek74: (Youtube)
    Aerilon Youtube Channel

    Mod Download & Older Versions


    V0.3.0 August 9th 2021

    + Added H.E.V Display & Charger
    + Added Diamond Captivator and Captivator Tank
    + Added Galaxy Matter Ore
    + Added Galaxy Matter Dust
    + Star Crossed Brew
    + Added the Fiery Core, and the Soul Of The Under World
    + Added ReinForced Magma Scales
    + Added "Electronic Chip" and "Large Battery"
    + Added Zer0's LED Mask
    + Added PlateCutter
    + Added "Iron Plate
    + Added Polar Crystal Ores
    + Added Polar Crystals.
    + Added "Time Leek Sonic", With 4 Main Modes, Block Function (Main), Ore Detection, Analyze, and Stun Mode
    + Added Sonic Tool & Assembly Table
    + Random Ancient Meteors Spawn (Plains, Ice Plains, and deserts)
    + Crashed Meteors spawn with fire.
    + Added Black Diamond Tools and Armor
    + Added more Venusian paste
    + Added Burnt Mossy Cobble & Recipe
    + Added "The Titians Corridors", a dungeon that spawns in the Legacy Stone Valley
    + Added Legado Stone Bricks, Cobble, Smooth, and Mossy Cobble.
    + Added Stairs, Slabs, Walls, and Fence variance.
    + Added craftable Legado Lamps
    + Log In Message

    - Revamped H.E.V Suits Abilities and protection
    - Revamped H.E.V Suits Recipe
    - Revamped Galaxy Armors Abilities and protection
    - New texture for Galaxy Armor and Enchanted Galaxy Armor.
    - Changed name of "Blue's Saber" to "Galaxy Saber"
    - Galaxy Armor new Crafting Recipe
    - New Way to make Black Diamonds
    - Galaxy Matter Dust Gotten New Texture
    - Remade Model For Venusian Crystal Cluster
    - New Texture For Venusian Crystal Ore
    - Revamped Magma Scale Armors Abilities and protection
    - Hell Ingot New crafting recipe
    - Renamed "Magma Armor" to "Magma Scale Armor"
    - Renamed advancement " Fire Feet" To "Magma Scale Armor"
    - Changed Flame Sword fire duration
    - Increased Flame Sword Duration
    - Renamed the Fire Orb to Fiery Core
    - Changed Damen's Sword V3 fire duration
    - Damen's Sword V4, has a 75% chance to do 1-3 hearts damage. 25% for each heart. It does not multiply with sharpness and or criticals!
    - Nerfed effects of "Ice Blade"
    - Fixed The Eldorado's Model when thrown on the ground
    - When holding shift with walking with the ice boots, you no longer turn water into ice.
    - "BlackStone Spouts" renamed to "Legado Magma Spouts"
    - LegadoStone Spouts mechanics reworked
    - Added Legado Magma Spout (Redstone Switch)
    - Revamped Generation Of BlackStone Valley and Mountains
    - Renamed BlackStone to "Legado Stone"
    - Fixed BurntPlains structures and Crashed ship
    - Update Reinforced Steel Block texture
    - New recipe for reinforced steel plating, and new recipe for obsidian Chunks.
    - Colored Names to certain Items & Tools
    - Fixed UI Bugs
    - Fixed block rotation of "Proton And Electron Modifier"
    - Renamed "Tool Assembling Table" to "Tool Forging Table"
    - Better Totem Generation
    - Fixed "Scarred Oak Log" Name
    - The "Ionizer" no longer is effected by gravity
    - Reorganized the Creative Inventory
    - Removed ability to push some unbreakable blocks with Pistons.
    - Removed Compressed Air Canister from mod
    - Fix Particles Around The Galaxy Bloom
    - Changed Black Diamond Armor Texture
    - Revamped Black Diamond Armors Abilities and protection
    - Renamed "Reinforced Iron" to "Reinforced Iron Ingot'
    - Renamed "Reinforced Steel" to "Reinforced Steel Ingot'
    - Rearranged Advancements
    - Renders Daggers removed from Creative inventory
    - Cobras Armor removed from Creative inventory
    V0.2.1 February 20th 2021

    *Bug Fixes

    V0.2.0 January 25th 2021

    * You will now get a achievement for a wearing a full set of Damen's, Magma, and HEV armor
    * You will now get fire resistance when wearing it the full set of Magma armor
    * You will now get slowness when wearing it the full set of Damen's Armor
    * Teleportation cool down with the rift sword is now 80 ticks (4 seconds) rather than 100
    * Damen's armor and magma armor protection buff.
    * New HEV Suit Armor Model (can not be worn by Alex model)
    * New HEV Suit crafting.
    * Added achievement for the ice boots
    * Fixed The Ender Eye Bleeder, now you have to be holding a Ender Eye when right clicking the bleeder.
    * Fixed required tools for disassemble table. Now needs a axe like a crafting cable.
    * Removed recipe for Black Stone
    * Changed Black Diamond Recipe
    * Re-enabled and fixed The "Nether Reactor Core"

    Newly added stuff
    * Added "Steel Plating"
    * Added "Damen's Fedora" & "LD Suit"
    * Added "Damen's Scavenged Armor" & "Damen's Reinforced Wither Skull"
    * Added 3 New Music Discs into the Mod. Featuring songs from the Aerilon Legacy Album (You're fine with playing these in your video, as long as it's from the game) "Legacy", "No One", and "paradise"
    * Added "Shawn's Awesome Shades"
    * Added the "Burnt Plains","Burt Forest", "Burnt Plain Hills", " Burned BlackStone Valley" And "Burned BlackStone Mountains" Biomes
    * Generated structures, burnt/destroyed houses
    * Added "BurntZombie", and "Burnt Fire Zombie"
    * Added a new type of flower called "Galaxy Bloom"
    * Added "Galaxy Bloom Paste"
    * Added "Galaxy Bloom Soup"
    * Added "Venusian Crystals"
    * Added "Venusian Crystals Ore"
    * Added "Venusian Crystals Block"
    * Added "Black Diamond Block"
    * Added "Black Diamond Armor"
    * Added "Galaxy Armor"
    * Added "Enchanted Galaxy Armor"
    * Added "Nether Reactor"
    * Added "Cobras Armor"
    * Added "Rende's Dagger"
    * Added "Rende's Dagger v2"

    V0.1.1 October 27 2020
    Fixed naming of some items, and removed unused potion effects

    V0.1 October 26 2020
    Official First Release

    How To Install?

    1. Download the .Zip or .Jar File, (DON'T EXTRACT NOTHING OUT OF IT!)

    2. And drag into your mods folder

    To get To Your Mods Folder
    Look up %appdata% in your computer and go to .minecraft

    Future updates & 1.16.5 release?

    This is currently being written during the release of version 0.3 of The Aerilon Legacy Mod. The mod is planned to go into full release (1.0) here in a couple of months, as the mod goes in to 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16. The next couple of updates have been already planned, and will most likely be in 1.16.5 if 1.17 isn't yet available for modding.
    The current plan of updates is as followed.

    -1.1 - (Name to be determined) new biomes, adds generated structures, new plants, new armor, and new tools.

    -1.2 (The Melongelic Update) This update is about the melon aspect, purposely dorky, but will add a whole nother dimension to travel to.

    -1.3 (The Shadow Fall Update) with the new boss from the main Aerilon lore being incorporated into the Mod.

    -1.4 (Name to be determined) expand more upon the lore of Galaxy Armor and Magma Titians.

    Copyright: The Use Of The Mod & Contents

    Use Of Mod
    Of course, you can use my mod in a modpack, as long as you give credit.
    Same thing with YouTube videos and so on.

    Music In The Mod

    All music in this pack is provided by Damen's Music, and you sell the music discs and YouTube videos is fine.
    But directly ripping the music out of the game files and using it in the video is not allowed.
    The only people who are allowed to use Damen's Music is the Aerilon Legacy Members.


    Most textures in the mod is made by the legacy members. Some textures are source from other places, but credit will be given if found.

    Offical Posts

    You are not allowed to repost this mod on any other website.
    The only sites the mod is officially published on besides this forum is:

    • Planet Minecraft: Link
    • Curse Forge: (Coming Soon)

    -Just Real Quick
    Some of the swords and tools are made in custom work benches that JEI does not support.

    -Most of the swords are assembled in the The Forging Table. While some swords can be disassembled in the Tool Disassembler Table. More about the tables (here)

    Unique Armor In The Mod

    Legacy Armor

    - Damen's Armor

    Damen's Armor is heavy duty, it is composed of reinforced steel, with a condensed diamond core at the center. The intense amount of steel makes it heavy but durable. The armor has the highest protection out of any armor in the Legacy Mod, with the downside being it's weight, encumbering the player in the process. However it is possible to enchant the armor via anvil, but not with an enchantment table.


    27 Armor Points

    +2 Toughness

    Resistance Buff

    Slowness 1 De-Buff



    - Magma Scaled Armor & Enchanted Magma Scaled Armor

    Magma Scale Armor is a durable armor that is impervious to fire and any other form heat-based damage. The armor is made out of Magma Scales, a weak keratin based substance. These scales can be combined with Hell Steel to make a harder variant called Reinforced Magma Scales. When Reinforced Magma scales are combined with the so-called Soul of The Underworld, magma scale armor can be fabricated. Magma Scales have a unique property that makes them especially susceptible to enchantment, therefore making it so one can utilize an enchantment table to enchant them.
    The armor can also be upgraded to a more powerful variant with the use of Galaxy Bloom Paste. This variant enables the wearer to run faster, and jump higher. If you are below 5 hearts, the effect is multiplied, your strength is increased, and regeneration takes effect.


    23 Armor Points

    +1 Toughness

    Fire Resistance Buff

    Stats (Enchanted)

    23 Armor Points

    +1 Toughness

    Fire Resistance Buff

    Jump Boost 1 Buff

    Extra Speed 1 Sprint

    --If Health is below 5--

    Strength 1 Buff

    Speed 1 Buff

    Extra Speed 2 Sprint

    A common Regeneration Buff

    - H.E.V. Suit
    The Hazardous Environment suit, otherwise known as the H.E.V. Suit, is a reinforced suit of Armor that gives you agile abilities and defense buffs. It makes you faster, stronger, and able to jump higher. Its defense is less than that of diamond armor, but is higher iron armor. The suit requires reinforced steel planting, electronic chips, and a battery. When damaged the suit can be repaired in a H.E.V. Suit Display & charger, however this will remove any enchantments the armor might have.


    17 Armor Points

    +1.5 Toughness
    Haste 3 Buff
    Speed 2 Buff

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - Plate Cutter

    This armor is inspired by the H.E.V. Suit from Half Life.

    - Galaxy Armor & Enchanted Galaxy Armor
    Galaxy Armor is a powerful set of armor comprised of black diamonds, reinforced steel, Venusian Crystals, and Galaxy Paste. The armor is extremely powerful, one of the strongest armors in the mod in terms of resistance and toughness. It also gives you night vision, and faster movement speed and mining speed. When exposed to the night sky, the armor will give you additional resistance while doubling your movement and mining speed.

    Stats (Normal)

    26 Armor Points

    +2 Toughness

    Stats (Enchanted)

    26 Armor Points

    +4 Toughness
    Night Vision Buff
    Haste 1 Buff

    Speed 1 Buff
    --When Exposed To The Night Sky--

    Haste 2 Buff

    Speed 2 Buff
    Resistance 1 Buff

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - Plate Cutter
    - Diamond Captivator

    BlueBowTie Made this texture for the armor. It looks too damn good.

    - Ice Boots
    The Ice Boots are allow you to turn water into similar to boots with the frost walker enchantment. Ice boots are identical to iron boots, with the same stats, only these boots allow you to obtain the same effect as frost walker without needing to find the enchantment book. They are crafted using normal iron boots along with ice crystals and the fabled Ice Element.


    4 Armor Points
    Turns water to ice if not pressing shift.

    Legacy Other Armor

    Damen's Scavenged Armor

    Damen's Scavenged Armor is a beat up post apocalypse version of Damen's Armor.
    The helmet is a carved out with the school with reinforced steel for extra protection. While the chest plays a weaker version of Damen's Chestplate.


    23 Armor Points

    +1 Toughness

    Fire Resistance Buff

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - Plate Cutter


    Armor was heavy inspired by Scale Mail from Minecraft Dungeons.

    Legacy Cosmetics

    There is cosmetics in this mod. The purely just for the player to wear. They usually aid no benefit whatsoever.

    Damen's Tux And Fedora

    Gold and classy

    Zero's Mask

    Based on the Payday wolf mask.

    Zero's LED Mask

    An upgraded version of Zero's Mask where you are able to change the expression.
    "B" To turn Off, "N" To turn On/Turn back to Normal (Normal = Eyes Only) , "M" To cycle through, Happy, Meh, and Sad

    Shawn's Shades

    Shawns cool glasses... thats it

    Legacy: Black Diamond Armor

    Black Diamond Armor is similar to diamond armor, but has mystic properties that allow it to be enchanted effectively. The same applies to the corresponding tools. Black Diamond Armor has an enchantment level of 42 as opposed to regular diamond armor’s level of 10. It can also be further amplified using Galaxy Paste.

    - Black Diamond Armor (Normal)


    20 Armor Points

    +2 Toughness

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - Diamond Captivator

    - Enchanted Black Diamond Armor (Speed)


    20 Armor Points

    +2 Toughness
    Extra Speed 2 Sprint
    --If Health is below 10--

    Extra Speed 4 Sprint

    - Enchanted Black Diamond Armor (Jump)


    20 Armor Points

    +2 Toughness
    Jump 1 Boost

    --If Health is below 10--

    Jump 3 Boost

    - Enchanted Black Diamond Armor (Golden)


    20 Armor Points

    +2 Toughness

    --If Health is below 5--
    Glowing Boost
    A common Regeneration & Absorption Buff

    Unique Sword And Tools In The Mod

    -Damen's Sword V3

    The third version of Damen's Sword, Damen's Sword V3 is comprised of steel, likened to many other swords, however their are higher traces of steel in this sword particularly. At the center of the blade lies a compressed diamond. The diamond is so dense, it starts to compress in on itself, similar to a star, as a result it gives off a fiery signature. It is estimated that a square meter of the extraordinarily dense diamond has been compressed into the sword. As a result of all of this heat, the blade is able to burn enemies for up to five seconds.`

    Attack Damage: 9
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 3,108
    Repair: Reinforced Iron Ingot
    --Special Abilities--

    Fire Damage 5 Seconds

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table

    -Damen's Sword V4
    Damen's Sword V4 is just like the previous model. But the compressed diamond in the middle is now ionized, making the sword do more damage, having a chance of doing an extra 1 to 3 extra hearts of health on top of the regular damage output, but at the cost of not burning mobs anymore.

    Attack Damage: 11
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 2,910
    Repair: Reinforced Iron Ingot
    --Special Abilities--
    75% Chance to inflict 1-3 extra hearts of damage

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table
    - Ionizer

    -Unstable Ender Sword
    The Unstable Ender Sword is a diamond sword with a very unstable variant of the common ender eye embed in it. Since it's so unstable, the sword can be very unreliable in combat. As a result, when struck, the target will immediately teleport out of view. The unstable ender eye is crafted via an ender Eye Bleeder. Witch requires end stone to fabricate, which means a trip to the end is necessary to obtain the sword.

    Attack Damage: 8
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 1,633
    --Special Abilities--
    25% Chance to randomly teleport the entity outta this world.

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table

    -Rift Sword
    The Rift Sword is just like the Unstable Ender Sword, however unlike its counterpart, it is crafted with Reinforced Ender Pearl Shards. As a result the sword is more stable than its predecessor, allowing the user to use its teleportation abilities on themselves which enables you to teleport up to 10 blocks away. The blade does all of this while still maintaining a relatively high damage rate.

    Attack Damage: 11
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 3,514
    --Special Abilities--
    25% Chance to randomly teleport the entity outta this world.

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table

    -Flame Sword
    The Flame Sword is mainly comprised of hell steel, but it still requires many materials from the nether to make. It needs the fabled "Soul Of The Underworld" to fabricate. Though little is known about the soul's properties, it seems to give the sword a fiery effect. It has the ability to set mobs on fire for up to 20 seconds, all while doing a good amount of damage as well. This sword is extremely powerful, and definitely matches the dimension it comes from.

    Attack Damage: 11.5
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 2,910
    Repair: Hell Steel
    --Special Abilities--
    Fire Damage 20 Seconds

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table

    -Ice Blade
    The Ice Blade is a solid choice, with high attack damage and durability. Because it has the ice element inside of it, it gains the ability to stun enemies in a way, the blade has a chance to give mobs slowness, mining fatigue, and Weakness.

    Attack Damage: 12
    Attack Speed 1.6
    Durability: 3,201
    Repair: ice Crystal
    --Special Abilities--
    70% Chance to inflict on mobs: Slowness 2, Mining Fatigue 2, And Weakness 2. Weak Against Enchanted Magma Armor

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table

    -The Eldorado
    The Eldorado is unlike any other weapon in Legacy's world because it is actually a hammer. Because of this the speed in which it can be used is very low, however the damage is extremely high. The hammer's effects are similar to the ice blade, however they are much more intense, unfortunately only one effect can be applied at once though.

    Attack Damage: 12
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 4,912
    --Special Abilities--
    50% Chance to effect entities with Slowness 6, Mining_fatigue 6, And Weakness 6.

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table

    -Galaxy Sword
    The Galaxy Saber is a powerful weapon forged from galaxy dust and black diamonds. The sword has a modified wither star with the ability to corrupt the person who holds it. However the effect seems to be mostly negated when the star lies within the sword itself. The saber is a fast and powerful option, suitable for any adventurer, (or a Minecraft player that is good at texturing and building...) though crafting it is quite the task.

    Attack Damage: 13
    Attack Speed: 1
    Durability: 2,871
    --Special Abilities--
    Effects Wither againts entitiy

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table
    - Diamond Captivator

    -Melon Sword & Reinforced Melon Sword
    The Melon Sword is very unique but very weak. This is why there is an upgraded version of it. If you take the Melon Sword apart and reinforce each part, you can recombine them and make a powerful blade that is stronger than diamond. It's a basic weapon, but very reliable, it's good for any basic combat situation.

    Stats (Normal)
    Attack Damage: 3
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 21

    Stats (Reinforced)
    Attack Damage: 8
    Attack Speed: 1.6
    Durability: 1,245
    Repair: Reinforced Iron Ingot

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - The Forging Table
    - Tool Disassembler Table

    -Time Leek Sonic

    Still A W.I.P.

    The Time Leek Sonic is like no other. Assembled in the Sonic Tool Assembler with a ionized polar Crystal in the center, the Time leek sonic has many function modes, including: Block Function Mode, Ore Detection, Stun Charge, and Analyze mode. There is also a way to amplify the waves of the sonic, you'll have to mess around with it to see. The sonic is a very complex electronic, comprised of redstone and advanced circuitry on top of the previously mentioned ionized polar crystal. All the abilities of the sonic include:

    Custom Work Benches Required:
    - Ionizer
    - Sonic Tool Assembler

    Sonic Controls

    Switch Functions "R"
    Amplify Wave (Secondary) "Y"

    -Block Function
    *Shift Right Click Rotate blocks with
    *Shift Right Click to move block up and down (Experimental)
    *Right Click to turn Redstone Lamp On/Off
    *Shift Right Click on RedStone to Expand radius of RedStone lamps activation
    *Click on TNT to Prine
    *Right Click on sand to convert to glass
    *Right Click on Glass to shatter

    Block High Frequency & DeadLock (Secondary)
    *RightClick on Lamp to Dead Lock
    *Right Click TNT to **Immediately** BlowUp
    *Right Click on Storage Unit to DeadLock

    -Ore Detection Mode
    *Detect Vanilla Ore
    RedStone Ore Radius 4
    Coal Ore Radius Of 6
    Diamond Ore Radius 6
    Emerald Ore Radius 6
    Iron Ore Radius Of 8
    Good Ore Radius of 9
    Lapis Ore Radius Of 10
    *Shift Right Click to smelt ores

    -Stun Charge (Melee) Mode
    When Hit Entity, 8 Slowness
    When Hit Entity, 8 Mining Fatigue
    30 present chance to get NAUSEA
    60 Present Chance To get Weakness
    70 Present Chance to deal 2-3 damage

    Stun Charge (Range) Mode
    On Bullet Collide, Block: Breaks Glass (Buggy)
    On Collide with Entity: Slowness And Blindness for 2 seconds, 2-3 Damage, 70% to get 2 seconds of weakness

    -Analyze Mode
    *Right Click in air go analyze surroundings
    *Shift Right Click for advanced analyze mode

    Black Diamond Tools


    Materials & Plates!

    Common materials used for crafting the various amount of items, Tools, and Armor in the mod.
    Steel plating is made in the Plate Cutter, along with obsidian chunks.

    Compressed Diamonds

    The compressed diamond is in the condenser. This block allows you to compress a whole diamond block into a single item. To do this, all you need to do is insert diamond block into the condenser by right clicking. And then powering it with Redstone. Right clicking again will remove the item. And you have yourself, a condensed diamond that is very hot in nature because of the intense compression.
    The condensed diamond can be been ionized inside the Ionizer which makes it a lot more power if used right.

    Electronic Parts

    These electronic parts can be used for various electronic items in the mod.
    Some of them are easily craftable. But items like the positive charged redstone isn't. Positive charged redstone is made in the proton and electron modifier, this redstone can be useful for ionizing certain items, because of redstones conductive nature.

    Ender Eye Bleeder & Unstable Ender Eye!

    The ender eye bleeder is crafted from end stone. Once you have a fresh ender eye bleeder, you can insert a ender eye inside of it. Once inside, you can use a redstone signal to break at the eye, and make it unstable. Right click to remove it and you have yourself an unstable ender eye. It's extremely powerful in nature, and with the right weapon, and can be used for very useful purposes.

    Magma Scales & Soul Of The Underworld!

    Ice Element & Crystals!

    The Ice element is a mystical stone that can be obtained by crafting it with ice Crystals. These crystals can also be crafted. Once having the ice element, you can use the element to craft it into a Iced Ore which can be used for a mystical type of hammer called the Eldorado.

    Black Diamonds & Galaxy Matter

    Galaxy Matter is a mysterious type of dust that is only found in ancient asteroids, and occasionally underground. You can use this just to craft Star Crossed Brew. Which return can be used to make black diamonds. These diamonds are incredibly enchantable, and can be used for tools and armor.

    Black Crystal

    Black Crystal Star is a powerful Star made from Galaxy Matter, Black Diamonds, and Ghastly Tears. It can be used for the Galaxy Saber, but can also make you invincible while holding it. But invincibility comes with the de-buff, of becoming not able to move, and be corrupted from the galaxy matter.

    Galaxy Bloom & Galaxy Paste

    Galaxy Paste is found by a flower that only blooms and forests. This flower is called Galaxy Blooms, and they have a weird enchanting property to them. The origins of the flower is unknown. But when crafted, they are able to be turned into paste. This paste is a weird substance that can be used to enchant certain items. But these items have to have a very rare enchanting property.

    Venusian Crystals!

    Venusian crystals are found deep underground. The origins of with is unknown, but they seem to be not from this planet. These crystals can be used in recipes.

    *The lore of this item is bound to be redone*

    H.E.V. Display & Charger

    H.E.V. Display and Charger is a way to display your armor and repair it with out any fee. It is portable as well, so you can break it with your armor inside and place it back down later.
    Once you build your H.E.V. Display and Charger, you can place it down and power it with redstone to activate it. Once activated, you can right click and open the GUI to place the armor inside. Once charging is activated, taking take up the 2 minutes to charge the suit. Once in charging, you are not allowed to remove the suit until done. The indication light will be orange if charging, and white if completed. If you break the charger while charging or in a idol state, you will get the machine with the suit of armor still in it back. But once placed back down and activated with redstone it will be forced to charge again back to full.

    Custom Music Discs

    Custom Music Discs are found in dungeon chests and rare drops from special mobs. All music is provided by Damen's Music.

    Information about copyright can be found here: Link

    More discs will be added soon!

    Mobs & Bosses

    Burnt Zombie & Burnt Fire Zombie

    A Burnt Zombie is a special type of zombie that is only encountered in the Burnt Plains, Burnt Forest, Legado Stone Valley, and Mountains. The zombies being burnt is associated with the burnt nature of the biomes they are associated with. You can tell when they're nearby, because they're deep voice is easily noticeable. And when attacked by the zombie, it deals more damage then a normal zombie and has more health than a normal zombie.
    The alternative variant that is a little bit more rare to spawn but is the Burnt Fiery Zombie, it's stronger than the burnt zombie & sets players on fire when colliding with them. And the Fiery Zombie only spawns in the burnt Plains, no other biome but.
    But both zombies can be found in The Titians Corridors via spawners as well.

    Burnt Zombie Armored

    Burnt Armored Zombies are stronger and tougher than the normal versions. Plus, the zombies have bone swords and bone armor. This protects them greatly from attacks with basic gear. The zombies are found in the Titians Corridors via spawners.
    The armor that they wear is not craftable, but it is obtainable from them dropping it via death.

    Magma Scaled Creeper

    Magma Scaled Creepers, is a genetically modified creeper that are encountered in the Legado Baluster, and Titians Corridors. These creepers have toughened scales to make them impervious to fire. Their origins are unknown, but they seem to have more intelligence in the average creeper. In certain sections of the world they orchestrate a leader, they call it a Titian and guard him alike the treasure in the dungeon.
    Their scales can be used to make armor that is impervious to fire. Protecting the user who wears it.

    Occasionally, on death, they will also drop a Key. This key will be able to open the Scaled Magma Titian boss room.

    Scaled Magma Titian

    The Scaled Magma Titian is a fearsome creature that is modified way beyond the normal creature. He's so modified that his own explosive power doesn't even work anymore. He has 400 health, and when wounded he activates his adrenaline feature which amplify his movements and abilities. His skin is so hot that it burns the player when touching. Unless the player has a protective gear. When the creature dies he drops 1,500 experience. Along with with a room key for the treasure room that lays behind. He also drops a piece of TNT and a trophy. You will also get a special reward of a custom music disc, of the boss music that will plays during the fight.

    The adrenaline feature is which gives the Titan its power. No one knows how the creatures have develop such power, but some say its because of ancient Totems built with the Netherstar.

    All stages of adrenaline when you encounter him during the fight.

    First stage of adrenaline
    Health is below 300

    On collision Normal = 2 health, Easy = 1, Hard = 3.
    Destroys blocks around him

    Second stage of adrenaline
    Health is below 200:
    Start to extinguish water
    Arrows will no longer work
    Normal =Resistance 2 buff, Easy =Resistance 1, Hard =Resistance 3
    Commonly sets fire to ground.
    Health is between 180 and 200
    Will start occasional regeneration and visibility

    Third/Last stage of adrenaline
    Health is below 100:
    On collision Normal = 3 health, Easy = 2, Hard = 4.
    Easy, & Normal = Strength 1 and Speed 1 buff, Hard = Strength 2 and Speed 2
    Leaves a trail of fire

    Structures & Biomes

    Burnt Plains & Forest

    A burnt plains biome with destroyed houses and scarred trees.

    Burnt Forest Burnt Plains Hills

    Burnt Plains & Forest is a biome that went through hell and back. All the inhabitants of the said biome is are dead, theorized to be the very said creatures that inhabit the land now. The new creatures that inhabit the land now are burnt disfigured zombies, they kill anyone on sight. The trees are pure charcoal and resemble what used to be an oak tree. The grass is burnt brown, and the water is full of ash. The harsh conditions with the ash makes it hard to see the blue sky.

    Old Ruined Houses

    Legado Stone Valley

    Legado Stone Valley & Mountains is a warm Rocky mountainous like region. The mountains can reach massive heights. There's also lava spouts that can occasionally shoot magma from below the surface. Burnt zombies also inhabit this place, so be careful.

    In the Biome Legado Creeper Statues will spawn. Occasionally, one will spawn leading to a dungeon deep inside. This dungeon is called The Titians Corridors.

    A very large legado stone mountain

    Legado Stone Creeper Statues

    The Titian's Corridors (Dungeon)

    The Titians Corridors is a dungeon with a very long hallway leading to the Titian boss at the end, with branching junctions that can lead to a treasure and a mysterious, ancient rooms.
    This dungeon is heavily guarded with burnt zombies and skeletons. So be careful. Also take to realize that this dungeon can be massive. Even stretching over a 1KM long.

    The Many Corridors

    Boss Entrance & Room

    The boss room is located at the end of the main hallway. To order to access this boss room you need to get a Titian Key to drop from the Magma Scaled Creepers. You are not aloud to break into the room or break out. It is completely indestructible. Once you enter, there will be a lever you need to flick to order to start the fight.

    Other Generated Structures


    These ancient meteors contain a mysterious substance called galaxy matter. The composition is on known but it has mysterious properties. Using a diamond captivator, you can combine galaxy matter with diamonds to make black diamonds. A diamond with a lot of enchantable properties.
    The ancient asteroids are found in the ice Plains, Desert, and plains.

    Legado Baluster

    The legado baluster is a tall structure that spawns over the pits of lava in the nether. On top of the baluster you can find Magma Scaled Creepers, along with 1-4 chests containing materials. One of the very rare items that can spawn in the chests is fiery core. This item can be used to make Magma Scaled Armor and The Flame Sword.

    Ancient Totems

    These ancient legacy totems are mysterious nature and only appear in the Plains and Desert biome. It is unbreakable, and by giving it random items, it can Grant you an ability.

    This Structure is a WIP.

    Build-able Structures/Buildings

    Legacy Totem

    The legacy totem is assembled with a stonebrick base, 2 legacy bricks and one legacy totem block, using the blueprint below. By giving it random items, it can grant you certain abilities.

    This Structure is a WIP.

    Nether Reactor Core

    The Nether Reactor Core is straight from pocket edition, it works just like pocket edition except it doesn't create a giant spiral tower, and instead corrupts the land.

    Work Benches & Special Crafting

    Work Benches

    The Forging Table

    The forging table is used to combine swords and hilts. Usually consisting of the blade, a special element and the hilt, you will be able to make one of the Legacy Swords. The picture above shows basic knowledge of the table.

    The Google spreadsheet below shows the recipes.
    -Full list of recipes is found here

    Proton And Electron Modifier

    The proton and electron modifier can modify the protons and electrons of Redstone. This can be used for the Ionizer.


    The ionizer, ionizes items into a charged state for tools and swords.

    Input Output
    Compressed Diamond = Ionized Diamond
    Blue Polar Crystal = Ionized Blue Polar Crystal

    Tool Disassembler Table

    The disassembler table allows you to this is symbol certain swords for upgrading. You can reassemble these tools in the forging table.

    -Full list of recipes is found here

    Plate Cutter

    The plate cutter can take items like it on ingot, and reinforced steel, and process them into plates.

    -Full list of recipes is found here

    Diamond Captivator

    The diamond captivator can take star crossed brew and mix it with diamonds, to turn it into black diamonds.
    Take the star crossed brew right click the captivator tank, to fill it up the full. One bottle can make 4 black diamonds.

    Sonic Tool Assembly

    Sonic tool assembly is able to make the Time Leek Sonic screwdriver. The said parts is listed above. And pretty self explanatory.

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