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    posted a message on Carpenter's Blocks

    will you be update this mod to 1.11.2?

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    posted a message on Custom Main Menu 1.11.2

    How would i add new images into the menu using ATOM?

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    posted a message on Singleplayer

    add a mod to the mods folder and singleplayer worlds wont load, multiplayer instantly crashes, optifine works fine but thts pretty much it

    *edit* please ignore this, i messed up

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    posted a message on [1.14] Chocapic13's Shaders

    when looking through stained glass, the sky is pure black, everything else seems to be fine though, non stained glass works normal though

    using lite version

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    posted a message on Journey to the Core Modpack

    only one problem, cannot make my screen bigger, i do not use fuscreen mode (hate it) but with the game only taking up half of my screen it sucks, cant seems to maximize it either, or it just wont respond, it is something to do with the mudpack cause i tried it many times, with a nd without the modpack

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    posted a message on NationCraft | A Small Community Modded Server | 1.12 Custom Modpack

    Hello fellow minecraft person!! My in-game name is Aeriiss, and i am currently 16 years old. Found this while looking for some modded servers, and thought it might be nice. Idk much yet, but the community does seem pretty nice ^^, i get along decently well with others! I may not be the best minecrafter, im no pro, but i really enjoy building and take pride in my skill with the hammer. I am not really sure whether this server is still online or not~ but i really hope you will have kind judgement upon this reply to your forum!!

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