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    I have been looking to do some interesting things related to the Enchantment Glint/Effects on items/blocks and ran into something interesting that I want to see if people know where to look/modify.

    Currently, through commands, the enchantment tag can be applied to pretty much any item and it displays as such in your inventory, hands, item frames etc. (Not counting blocks when they get placed). But I noticed that tile entity items, like maps, player heads, banners etc, can get the tag, but they wont display the glint over them with they are in inventory or in an item frame. Question is why? Is there a list within MC somewhere that keeps the glint from showing on those items? Or is the tile entity textures being loaded after the glint so it gets "hidden"?

    I want to see if I can reverse this so that player heads and banners can get the glint over top of the tile entity textures for fun new effects.

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