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    posted a message on WizardPvP Applications
    Staff on other servers?:Yes SquidCraft
    Skill:World Edit , Building , And Being Nice and Trusted Alot! :D
    Rank You Want: Mostly Mod or Admin , Head Builder Oke To
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    posted a message on BADGERCRAFT! In need of staff! Admins, co-owners, and mods!
    Hi This Is Some Thing For You To Know!
    1.I Would Like to be a head admin
    2.i am 13
    3.i have had experiance is admin or staff
    4.i can be on the server for 3-4 hours
    5. i live in pst time zone one
    6.would help users and any anyone in the server

    Thanks for reading this hope you accept me

    P.S. My IGN is xXadvid_venomXx and i have skype my name is l008800l
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