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    posted a message on [V1.2] King's Mods - Neutral Creepers, Nether Tools![V8.10]
    This doesn't work for me. I added this packages to my minecraft.jar in this order:

    ModLoader 1.2.6v2
    Spawnlist 1.01
    Advanced Tools
    Obsidian Crystal
    Obsidian items

    I don't have any other mods in my file so its nothing like compability errors. I'm using Minecraft beta 1.1_02
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    posted a message on 500 Things to do in Hell
    1.Get lost because your portal moved
    2.Kill Ghasts
    3.Defelt Ghasts fireballs
    4.Kill an army of zombie pigs
    5. Grow your own forest
    6. Research pigmen.
    7. Start useless thread about 500 things we can do in hell.
    8. Find a way to place water in hell WITHOUT hacking or spawning
    it on SMP.
    9. Try to reach bottom of the map but realize that bottom is just
    pure lave you wont survive not even with cheating.
    10.Try to ride on a boat in lava
    11. Go exploring assuming your compass will lead you back to the
    portal, only to find out compass just spins.
    12. Do 491 other (useless) experiments.
    13. loose all of your buckets of water
    14. fill all of your buckets with lava
    15. fail at riding a boot in lava
    16: Die
    17. Lose your Diamand pickaxe ... -.-
    18. Getting located at a really shitty place
    19. Ride a ghast
    20. Go over hell and take a look
    21. Make a zombiepig town
    22. stockpile a large chest of 64 stacked red mossy cobblestone
    23. stockpile a large chest of 64 stacked glowy glow blocks
    24. stockpile a large chest of 64 stacked screaming creeper blocks
    25. build a ghast trap
    26. have to re-number your to do list because of typing-times
    27. Try to make a wooden house
    28. Try to stop all the fire
    29. Go into a portal which the other end is in a FREAKING CAVE
    WITH 2 GHASTS!!!
    30. replace the sound files for ghasts and pigmen with 'rabble
    rabble rabble'
    31: Attack a pigmen, It gives a cookie!
    32. PROFIT
    33: Realize the Halloween update was drastically over-hyped.
    34. Realize that #9 is false and that it is actually bedrock
    35. Build a hotel on the ceiling
    36. Get Yo Ass Outta There!!
    37. Marry A PigZombie
    38. Find A Glitch, make a stupid video about it, send to notch.
    39. Get Bored, Come Onto the Forums and post a line of Creeper
    40. Die again
    41. Create a shelter of wood to see if Ghasts will burn them.
    42. Draw a Notch face on the back of a ghast.
    43. Build a Brick house around a Ghast and leave it there. Repeat
    until you've enslaved the entire population of Ghasts in the
    44. go fishing for ghasts
    45. kill a ghast with it's own fire ball
    46. try jump ontop of a ghast
    47. go afk and eat pie :biggrin.gif:
    48. Make a cobblestone shelter
    49. Force a ghast into a cobblestone box and close the box
    50. Lure a ghast into the main world
    51. Let the ghast free in the main world
    52. Befriend some zombie pigmen
    53. Make a Ghast do a barrel roll.
    54. Find the god of hell.
    55. Kill the god of `The Nether`. (Not hell)
    56: Spend alot of time destroying the obsolete portals which made
    you get lost
    57: build chair
    59: Place meat
    58: build table
    59,5: realize 59 is before 58
    61: be autistic
    62: Build a villa with pet ghasts
    63: Let a ghast fly to the lava
    64. attempt to build a shelter before pigmen and ghasts find and
    kill you...
    65. harvest all the lightblock ever and light your house with it
    66. Lead the pigmen army against the onslought of ghasts
    67. Create your secret hell base in the middle of a lava ocean,
    complete with sniper towers to kill ghasts
    68. Make obsidion tunnels to use for fast travelling between your
    overworld bases
    69. LOL 69 AMIRITE?
    70. Keep going through the same Nether portal to make random
    Obsidean C's everywhere.
    71. make a castle and hire pigmans as guard
    72. Realize that some forum members have lost all sense in
    73. Actually do something outside of the nether
    74. Go fishing
    75. Fill entire inventory with fish
    76. Kill farm animals with fish
    77. Try to kill zombie pigman with fish
    78. Get gangraped by 5 zombie pigmen and a ghast
    79. Name and brand every ghast in the nether.
    80. Meticulously write a journal intitled "The Life of Ghasts"
    where you describe the... well, life of ghasts.
    81: Spend stacks of diamonds on surgery.
    82. DIE
    83. DIE!
    84. DIE!!
    85. Lava sizzles all your **** :@
    86. Build a base.
    87. Transport all your resources to said base.
    88. Move into said base.
    89. Destroy all outgoing portals.
    90. "Accidentally" drop your spare obsidian into lava.
    91. Befriend local zombie-pigmen
    92. Live happily in The Nether.
    93. Partake in zombie-pigmen immolation suicide rituals because
    you're stuck in a small cavern and bored.
    94. Jump from a high cliff in the Nether and ontop of a Ghast.
    95. Shoot a fireball at the roof and make an opening to the normal world.
    96. Keep difficulty on peaceful for fear you will be eviscerated.
    97. make a pig men farm (with a fence) and trap them there.. :biggrin.gif:
    99. Fill Nether with Ghasts made of TNT
    98. Laugh at the next poster who will number his post "99."
    100. Find some really freaking weird bug that managed to generate
    an entirely new normal world, then swap back to the original after a while
    101: Try to fish for fish in the lava lakes.
    102: Play football with pigmen.
    103: butt **** a creeper and get creeper AIDS
    104. Take buckets to hell, fill them with lava and come back to
    your obsidian molding station in the normal world. Make nearly
    infinite supplies of obsidian.
    105. **** your pants when you hear screaming
    106. look for a void
    107. relize that you been on since 3:00 playing in hell then goes
    to sleep
    108. burn those red cobble
    109. see if watches work in hell
    110. try to make a teleporter to heavon
    111.notice 111
    112. die... lots
    113. gorge yourself on roast pork.
    114. play tennis with Ghast-Spit
    115. Fish a Ghast fireball and throw it back.
    116: Go in a ghast-fest of 7-10 ghasts and barely survive.
    117: Kill a ghast using an ugly fish
    118: Make a pigman commit suiside
    119: Lag
    120: laugh loudly at pigman death
    121: Use fishing rod on a ghast and kill him
    122: use a fishing rod on lava and burn it.
    123:fill the hell with TNT.
    124:try to harvest a TNT.
    125:accidentally defuse it.
    126: se the hell and youself explode
    127. Bring all your items in the nether
    128. Build a house in the Nether
    129. Start living in the nether
    127. Bring all your items in the nether
    128. Build a house in the Nether
    129. Start living in the nether
    130. Employ a Creeper to shout "Zeeky Boogy Doog"
    131. Enforce a restraining order on the Pigmen when you
    accidentally tap them on the head with your shovel. Poor X.
    132. Turn black
    133: punch a ghast to death.
    134: tell everyone.
    135: don't tell anyone that it was stuck between two walls.
    136: build a roller coaster and hit a ghast with it
    137: Realize that both the top and bottom of the Nether are coated with Adminium.
    138. Read a thread on the Minecraft forums about Hell. (Inb4 Hurr hurr, it's nether.)
    139: Make a tower of portals
    140: the sounds drive you insane.
    141. Run away from the Ghasts and get totally lost
    142. Ghast destroys portal middle
    143. In both cases jump into lava to get back.
    144. Walk through the portal back to the real world, just to realize that you are in a little/narrow underwater cave.
    145. Dodge Ghast fireballs while trying to enter portal.
    146: Make portals in the Nether to farm the extra ones in the Normal World.
    149~ due to misscount errors.
    150 build sprawling base in nether and watch as zombie pigmen commit suicide on hard to reach flames
    151 shat pants when ghast fireballs do damage through cobble without breaking cobble
    152 turn on peaceful to farm hard to reach glow stone
    153 build glow stone
    154 build observatory
    155 wonder why i bothered posting when i could be playing
    156: Build a tower, only to be stopped because of the bedrock. :sad.gif:
    157: Look for minerals deep underground to see if you can be self sufficient.
    158: Find nothing but Illumidium and Bloodstone.
    159: Fall in lava right before you would have given up.
    160: Respawn.
    161. Go back through portal in Hell only to find yourself in an unlit cave with the only man-made(well not really) object to be the portal
    162: Fap
    163. build a giant fortress out of obsidian that can serve as a base as you launch endless attacks against the undead menace.
    164. jizz at how awesome number 163 sounds -> then do it
    169.build a creeper
    170.Pigmen zoo
    172.eat some pork
    174.load a textured pack
    175.search for villages
    176: Train A Ghast
    177: Ride a Ghast
    178: Feed a Ghast
    179: PROFIT!
    180 : try to reach the top\.
    181: Build a portal to leave Hell.
    182: Go through portal.
    183: Respawn inside of a spider dungeon.
    184. Try to find the stair way to heaven
    185. Remake the song Thriller with PigMen,
    186. Make useless defense house,
    187. Commence Synchronized Swimming in Lava,
    188. Burn with Joy,
    189. Get bored and begin looking for trouble,
    190. Pray to Devil Notch.
    191. Build command center at the top overlooking the Nether.
    192. Find a way down to the ground level.
    193. Die.
    194. Mine enough glowing rock to build a small house.
    195. Rebuild your command center with cobblestone instead of the new red stone.
    196. Die. Again.
    197. Try killing a Ghast.
    198. Fail killing a Ghast.
    199. Kill a pigman.
    200. Get killed by the pigman's now angry friends.
    201. Go back to your own world.
    202. Find your home from the new portal.
    203. Get killed by a skeleton on the way home.
    204. Reenter the Nether without flint & iron.
    205. Get your portal deactivated by a Ghast.
    206. Die.
    207. Enter the Netherworld on Peaceful.
    208. Forget to look over the edge without "shift".
    209. Die.
    210. Forget it, close Minecraft and go to sleep.
    211. Dream of the screams of Ghasts.
    212. Find Herobrine
    213. Attack as many pigmen as possible.
    214. Use this zombiepigman image i found in minecraft.jar file as a skin
    215. Get burned to a crisp by ghast
    216. Ragequit.
    217. Log on again.
    218. Try to get some of your stuff back.
    219. Fail.
    220. Ragequit again.
    221. Build a lot of portals in various distances
    222. Never stop moving in fear of fireballs
    223. Bring lots of cobblestone in and build covered walkways
    224. Hit a Man-Zombie-Pig and run.
    225. Look back, there's 20 of 'em.
    227.go inside a ghast
    228. push a pig into a portal
    228. Get to the bottom adminite barrier (it is true!)
    229. Pour water all over hell and get rid of lava.
    230. Put dirt and plant trees.
    231. Get rid of enemies and annex animals into the dimension.
    232. Make a tennis field, using pigmen as the net. Don't forget to invite 1 to 5 ghasts. 6 and the field will be overcrowded.
    233. Play Catch with 2 ghasts untill the ghasts start ignoring you and kill each other
    234. Realise this is 234 lol
    235. Play on peacefull
    236. Mining time!
    237: Fantasize about Ghasts giving you a BJ.
    238: Edit Ghast's skin so they **** fireballs at you.
    239: Change Pigman's skin to smurfs.
    240: Change your skin to Papa Smurf.
    241: Make Smurf village.
    242: Post pics of it because that would be awesome.
    243: Rape a ghast
    244: Make a ghast kill another ghast with his fireball.
    245. Watch the ghast attack the pigmen behind you.
    246. Use a way i did to get buckets of water in hell.
    247. Die from digging down into a steep cliff into lava and slow sand.
    248. Never turn on "Peaceful" or "Easy" modes.
    249. Build a fortress out of cobblestone to secure your landing.
    250. Loose two diamond picks to fire and explosions in the effort.
    251. Include lots of windows and even a glass observatory.
    252. Thumb your nose at Ghasts that can see you but apparently refuse to shoot you.
    253. Build a pathway back to your home area from wherever you get sent from Hell when returning.
    254. Flood hell (using hacks of course)
    255. Make your base in hell to big and realize a ghast has appeared in it.
    256. Arrange a giant ghast rave party, encouraging them to bring glowstone instead of sticks, while they are raving, go play a big heavy metal concert with pigmens as the fans, include special TNT effects. When your done with the concert, go back to the rave party, kill all the seizuring/high ghasts, harvest glowstone.
    257: do things with a ghast that you normally wouldnt do
    258: try making a ghast and a pigman have an egg
    259:make a nice omlet out of the egg
    260:race against a pigman in creeper sand
    261:make a pigmen zoo
    262:find some more things to do in hell
    263. Read all the 263 things to do in the NETHER and read the ones you haven't read
    264. starts to dig in hell, later to relaise theres no point
    265. ragequit for dying in hell
    266. search for hacks to get revenge
    267: Write a song about the Nether.
    268; Make sure the Nether song has at least 4 lead electric guitars shredding away.
    269. make all the lava obsidian.
    270: Get a creeper in the Nether
    271: Build a house in the Nether, get some flowers, and invite all your MCforum friends!
    272.go lava swimmming in god mode
    273. teach zombie pigs how to get resourses then make them become ur slaves
    274. epic fail at making a portal with obby and have to destory the whole thing cuz u messed up
    275. count how many times some1 says die or ride on ghasts
    276. relize 269 wasnt ur number
    277. complain to notch that hell ruined ur life
    279: Get too drunk to remember 278
    280: wonder why hell portals work. but real world dont. then spawn up in a new biome world
    281. Start a cactus farm only to realize hell refuses water.
    278: Start a thesus and research why that happens in 280.
    282. Remember where is 278
    283. Make zombie pigmen indestructible houses so they wont die
    285. forget about 283
    286.write tiiny text for fun
    287.burn (oe well offa course)
    288. ragequit
    289.return in hell with godmode
    290.(try to) kill ghasts
    291.ragequit no2
    292.write epic topics about what to do in hell
    293. hack sponge and see if it work with lava
    294.fail at it
    345.realise you dont know how to count
    467: go with previous post's numbering
    296:hack in water
    297:make greenish island
    298. return to the original numbering
    299. try and get the goldstone stuff from the ceiling and fall of your tower and die
    300. destroy and exit several portals because you know they spawn near your house for free obsidian
    301. Spend hours painstakingly building a replica of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and SGC to contain your slightly rounded portal.
    302. Ignite the portal while humming the stargate theme to yourself.
    303. Explore the new world for a bit, gathering samples of all of the new materials.
    304. Head back through the portal, praying that the nether portal goes to the original portal.
    305. Step back through the purple mist and breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of the Gate room.
    306. Realize the person above him messed up the numbering.
    307. Go back and edit numbering to further obfuscate the people who went ahead and corrected the mistak
    308. kill a pigman
    309. eat pigman meat.
    310. get raped by more pigmen.
    311. push pigmen in lava and scream This Is Sparta!!!!!!
    312. Cry and go back to what you were doing before
    313: repeat steps 1 - 313
    314: fish for pigmen
    315. Find the heart of darkness
    316. Laugh at this post while playing in hell.
    317. invent lava fall traps using the bridge block m to kill ghasts.
    318: Hack the portal block and make a portal penis.
    319. Try breaking through the top layer of nether (bedrock)
    hoping youl find a whole in it,
    320. Digging endless hours finding a whole in the real world thinking
    321: Get killed by ghasts trying to do any of this things.
    322: .
    323. Party in the hell :biggrin.gif:
    324. Party with pigmens :biggrin.gif:
    325. Row tunnels and take fun
    326. House under lava :biggrin.gif:
    327-Try to hook a pigman with a fishing rod
    328- Set off their aggro
    329- Throw them bacon of their dead friends as an apology
    330: Smack a pigman into the face with a piece of raw bacon.
    331: Make some TNT from ghasts' gunpowder and blow some lightstone up.
    332: Make a water-based zombie pigman trap/farmer
    333: 333(:
    334: Make a huge wheat farm into the Nether.
    335:beat a ghast with a fishing pole
    336:get raped by ghast
    337:punch ghast's fireball directly to pigman's face
    339: Take a sauna in the Nether.
    340: Take your all valuables and dig straight down in the Nether.
    341: Take a relaxing bath in a lava lake.
    342: Make a ghast trap/farmer.
    343: Dig away ALL the red cobblestone and watch the emptiness.
    344: Hack some ice blocks and make a house of them in the Nether.
    345: Find a way out of The Nether without using the Portal
    346: Die. Again.^^
    347. Become a pigmen.
    348. Make love to Pigmen.
    349. Try to ride Pigmen
    350. go on pigman killing spree
    351. Dine
    352: enter hell with only a diamond sword.
    353: play "how many ghasts can you kill before dying"
    354: post on the forums about how many ghasts you killed in one run
    355. Retexture ghasts to give them a Doom cloaking effect.
    359: Eventually get bored and figure out uncreative Minecraft Nether sentences to post on the Internet;
    360. Build pathways to keep the Pigmen safe.
    361 get hungry and dine on hell bacon
    362 connect path to hell bacon factory
    363. Start a dedicated server with hell turned off, let it generate the world, then close it, turn hell on and start the server again.
    364. Swim in water with zombie pigmen under a red, hellish sky and burning trees everywhere.
    365. Lose ability to spell. ("Defelt Ghasts fireballs", "bottom is just pure lave", "loose all of your buckets", "riding a boot in lava", "Diamand pickaxe")
    366. Attack pigmen, kill the rest using flint as to not anger any more pigmen.
    367. push shift repeditly like ur tbagging ghast
    368. get ghast aids
    369. lolz 69
    370.build base in hell then use TNT
    371. try to kill gahsts with F5 enabled
    372. Kill pigmen
    373. Kill charging pigmen
    374. Kill more charging pigmen
    375. Kill more charging pigmen
    376. Kill more charging pigmen
    377. Kill more charging pigmen
    378. Kill more charging pigmen
    379. Repeat step 373
    380. Kill more charging pigmen
    381. Kill more charging pigmen
    382. Kill more charging pigmen
    383. Kill more charging pigmen
    384. Kill more charging pigmen
    385. Kill more charging pigmen
    386. Kill more charging pigmen
    388. Enter nether with a portal from saved up Obs from before the update.
    389. Build a base around the main portal.
    390. Die in lava.
    391. Remain sane while listening to ghast and pigman noises.
    392. Try again.
    393. OK now you believe you are sane.
    394. Build several passages into nether rock, collecting new block-types.
    395. Try to return to normal world and then dig yourself out of the cave the new portal appeared in.
    396. Return to Nether. Kill pigman spawned in your base. Avoid ghasts while digging.
    397. Think: now to store my new blocks.
    398. Instead go and have a look out the door of your base. Be eaten by pigmen.
    400. Find out that your portal is now surrounded by multiple pigmen so that reentering it with a sword means death in 1 second.
    401. Ragequit.
    402: Jump on a Ghast, fall through and land in lava.
    403: Build a tree farm inside your base only to realize a Ghast spawned in it and burned your trees.
    404: Try to kill a Pigman with a Ghat's fireball.
    405: Mine in Hell only to smack a Pigman and get gang raped.
    406: Build second portal to Overworld. Come out face to face with a creeper and die.
    407: Find out this list has many duplications.
    408: Get corrected by a Gammer Nazi.
    409: Get your face corrected by a Nazi Zombie.
    410: Get raped by Pigmen, again.
    411: Get raped by Pigmen, again, again.
    412: Get raped by Pigmen, again, again, again.
    413: Get raped by Pigmen, again, again, again, again.
    414: Wonder why you keep coming back to hell.
    415: Have nightmares about the screaming Ghasts.
    416: Hack your inventory.
    417: Survive in Hell.
    418: Die in Hell.
    419: Abandon your home that's flooded with Pigmen.
    420: Laugh at stupid Ghasts.
    421: Laugh at stupid Pigmen.
    422: Make a Pigmen friend.
    423: Watch your friend walk into lava and die.
    424: Repeat steps 422, 423.
    425: Morn for all your lost comrades.
    426: Eat some pork.
    427: Find a rainforest in the Nether.
    428: Hack infinite snow and ice blocks, drain all the lava and stare the frozen Nether.
    429: Then hack infinite TNT and blow the frozen Nether up.
    430: Repeat steps 428 + 429 ten times.
    432: Realize that I missed number 431.
    431: [unknown message]
    433: Mine ALL the lightstone and replace them with gold blocks.
    434: Mine thirty-six stacks of gravel in the Nether, and don't get any flint.
    435: Find a pigcat and survive.
    436. Build a castle out of all the Australium you've collected so the pigmen can live in style.
    437: Try to mine all the adminium from the ceiling of the Nether.
    438: Shoot arrows at ghasts and fish for pigmen at same time.
    439: Hack lots of sponge and build a base of them in the Nether.
    440: Throw all your gold bars/blocks into the lava hoping to get a wish.
    441~450 - Raise a Zombie Pigmen Army, doing various things from researching skills and technology to giving them supernatural powers!
    451. Put my stick in female zombiepig.
    452. Have a zombiepigwedding.
    453. Raise zombiepigkids.
    454. start a zombiepig family
    455: mine the red rock.
    456: use it to make a temple to the hell god (the place were my portal is)
    457: sacrifice a pig on the alter of my temple
    458: go to hell to have a roast pork banquet with the zombie pig men
    459: try to make a shelter on the cieling so you could ambush ghasts from on top
    460: fail while doing 459 and accidentally fall in the lava.
    461: Somehow believe that portals conserve momentum in The Nether and find yourself accidentally falling off a cliff into lava because you didn't stop in the portal
    462: Put your "Portal" game for XBOX in the shredder
    463: Hallucinate with rage that the shredder is a real-life portal and take three of your fingers off in the sharp blades
    464: Ragequit life
    465. Make a Notch Statue
    466. Try to make a glass roof then realize that ghasts destroyed your roof and your chests inside your house.
    467. Mine with the hope you will reach earth just to realize that on the top layer is adminium.
    468. Make your base with yellow blocks you harvested with hard work just so the ghasts destroy it.
    469. Build a ghast monument made of cloth.
    470. Pray to the ghast god
    471. Marry a ghast
    472. Harvest trees
    473. Use an arrow to deflect a ghast-shot
    474. Realize that most of the things in this list are impossible
    475. Burn all the red stone outside your house so the pigmen won't kill you
    476. Make you door have a button unlock so pigmen can't enter you house.
    477. See how your compass and watch spin.
    478. Hug the pig man and eat bacon with them
    479. Realize you just reached over 478 things.
    480:Find a ghast and offer it bacon as a sacrifice then proceed to get killed
    481:Build another portal
    482. Hit a Pigmen in the face.
    483. Play hide and seek with the Pigmen, while evading the Ghast's
    fireballs and doing #465. It's fun :biggrin.gif:
    484. Actually do the 500 things to do in Hell.
    485. Get a life.
    486. Admire hell only to get blown up by a fireball.
    487. Realize that Ghasts are weak.
    488. Laugh at all the funny photoshops of Ghasts.
    489. Find out that there's no rare resources in hell.
    490. Leave hell only to die from a creeper.
    491. Start the Hell survival challenge only to realize you can't keep track of days in hell.
    492. Hack your inventory just cause you can.
    493. Try to fit a Ghast into a minecart.
    494. Ragequit because a Ghast spawned in your 4x4x4 house when they supposedly can't.
    495. Save a Pigman's life.
    496. Die in hell on peaceful.
    497. Get your portals to work.
    498. Realize the end is near.
    499. Take epic screenshot of Hell.
    500. Make an epic commment about number 500, wait.....
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    posted a message on 500 Things to do in Hell
    484. Actually do the 500 things to do in Hell including .
    485. Sending a private message to the thread starter asking him to change the thread name to "500 things to do in the nether".
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    posted a message on 500 Things to do in Hell
    479. Copy and Paste all the posts and renumber the ones that were wrong into a notepad.
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    posted a message on 500 Things to do in Hell
    466. Try to make a glass roof then realize that ghasts destroyed your roof and your chests inside your house.
    467. Mine with the hope you will reach earth just to realize that on the top layer is adminium.
    468. Make your base with yellow blocks you harvested with hard work just so the ghasts destroy it.
    469. Build a ghast monument made of cloth.
    470. Pray to the ghast god
    471. Marry a ghast
    472. Harvest trees
    473. Use an arrow to deflect a ghast-shot
    474. Realize that most of the things in this list are impossible
    475. Burn all the red stone outside your house so the pigmen won't kill you
    476. Make you door have a button unlock so pigmen can't enter you house.
    477. See how your compass and watch spin.
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    posted a message on You should click on this right now.
    but I read the first paragraph and it seems to be cool.
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    posted a message on Glass sucks!
    I have used many materials to make bases in the nether and none of them got destroyed by the ghasts so I thought:
    "Hell, I should make a glass roof" :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Notch:

    Then 2 ghasts apeared and destroyed my roof with 2 shots and a chest I had in the middle where I stored like houndreds of the yellow stone got destroyed :sad.gif:

    Never use glass unless you are on peaceful mode :/
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