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    Quote from MineCrak

    LOL! Got any screenshots?

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    Quote from blakmajik

    The clouds are probably due to the fact that when I call isOpaqueBlock() on them, it says no. And unless it's one of the special cases I take into account for (stairs, half-blocks, trapdoors etc (only vanilla MC blocks)) transparent blocks are non-collidable (otherwise redstone wires and levers would take up a whole block).

    Restone activating the control block is becoming a bother... I'm wondering if I should just take it out until I can get redstone actually working...

    The torches duplicate because they are not on the 'fragile' block list internally (no config to add to that yet). So the duplication bug will continue on non-vanilla objects.

    Just making sure to be clear, the thing I used to activate it was an adjacent switch - there was no redstone connection. I didn't dare to try direct redstone - lol.

    With regards to the other two, it's understandable. I'll just have to go to the config and make it so it doesn't recognize aerclouds for the time being, and just use regular torches on my vehicles.
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    Things that I have build:

    Airship (duh)
    Air... motorboat?
    Flying top hat
    Flying igloo
    Flying temple
    Flying italian restaurant
    My house now flies (though I don't do it because it would be annoying to have to refill my Aether chest.)
    Flying TNT kamikaze platform (this is going to be great in SMP)
    An elevator down a deep mineshaft
    A cold aercloud (don't try this, it doesn't work.)

    Flying watermelon
    Flying dutchman (just a big bearded guy)
    A bird
    A meteor
    A bomber that I just thought up how to make.

    Some feedback:
    There was a glitch on my airship when I tried to activate it using an adjacent switch. It caused it to re-activate every time I de-activated it, and all of my Ambrosium torches kept duplicating. I also noticed that when it was in the state of flux between activated and de-activated, I was able to break blocks. I was able to take it out of this state by placing and activating TNT nearby.

    There was also a glitch when I tried to turn an aercloud from the Aether into a ship. I just fell through, and it took several tries for me to be able to deactivate it, as if it had activated several times on the same ship. I know this is an issue of mod compatibility, but it may be related and worth looking into.

    Switches that activate the ship preclude all other activations. I find that when there is a switch next to both a TNT block and the controls, it only activates the controls and not that block. I wouldn't expect TNT to activate on an already active ship, but it's worth looking into.

    EDIT: Created my bombership.
    Pretty simple design. It can be edited.
    This will be a mean tool if this mod is made SMP compatible.
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