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Oh why, hello there! Out of 4.9 million users on this website, you clicked on mine! There's absolutely nothing interesting about me so thank you for clicking on my profile! You're awesome! May your day be a good one.

Alas, I'll have to tell about myself. I am a hypersomniac, procrastinating, meaningless bundle of atoms that lives in a mildly passable excuse for a country. I like creating stuff, whatever it is and I also try to not be mainstream because it pleases me when people look at something I like and they go 'What is that?'. My favourite colour is indigo because of the fact that it's a mix of red and blue, both are colours I am fond of. I really like geography, with different land, cultures, flags and stuff. Also world history and vexillology somewhat. Japanese culture is also intriguing for me but don't expect to go into deep and engaging conversations with me on the subject. I also like being sort of a sub-par renaissance man. I am decent at drawing, writing, programming, composing and thinking. At least I like to think that. I am fluent at two languages, understand another two languages and self-learning yet another two languages. I am also unsure of my nationality.

And computers. I like them.

P.S. Nation waifus are the best.


Creating stuff! That's why I like Minecraft.

Other things include doing nothing, sleeping, not being mainstream, KONPYUTAHS, playing games, geography, world history, vexillology, obscure questionable Japanese digital media, interesting facts and news, cute things like cats and occasionally losing my mind by making erratic movements, voluntarily hurting myself, composing nonsensical sentences or simply blabbering a bunch of meaningless gibberish. Also looking at the time for some reason.

Location Dutch East Indies

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