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Sometimes I come out of the shadows and say something. Just not very often, that's all c:

Edit 6/22/14
(This stuff is largely outdated, but here it is just in case if you still want to read it c: )
People don't really seem to be satisfied with my previous about me and a few of you insisted that my about me actually be put to some use. Consider this a quickfire round, i'll either replace it or edit it larger as time goes by.

-Name's Entei Suzuki-Minami. I'd prefer you call me that, though Addux or AdduxP works as well I suppose

-I've been a MCF staff member since January 12 2013. Yeah, yeah, I'm old.

-I'm currently a moderator of the Show Your Creation subforum. Over there, I'm responsible for the "How to make your shop not suck" guide, as well as cleaning up here and there.

-I used to be a moderator for Servers, but I still do read through a lot of threads over there, especially the ones in the Hosting sections. I'm responsible for creating and maintaining my Guide to Sponsorships over there. (by far my most popular guide). I'm also responsible for a guide on Multicraft and one on TCAdmin, but nobody seems to remember them anymore. Don't worry, I'm still taking good care of them c:

-Skype doesn't work properly for me, so I'd prefer you not contact me via that. But if you must, I'll see what I can do c:

-If you want to actually talk to me, add me on steam. At least Steam actually notifies me of chats, and i'm usually on there playing warframe or something.

-If you don't have a steam, PM me c: I try to respond to every PM I get, and if I don't respond to yours within a reasonable amount of time feel free to give it a small bump to the top of my list. Would be much appreciated c:

(also, koumus is a really nice person and everyone should go give him a big hug ^____^)
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