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    I have a confession to make...

    I like the portal bug/problem and personally wouldn't mind if Notch keeps it the way it is.

    I like fixing portals manually, it is either really easy or really difficult to fix each individual portal. The problem area has to be dealt with in it's own way and it adds a unique challenge that, to me, is fun to overcome.

    But maybe i'm alone in thinking this way...

    [b]This is what the problem is and how to fix it, sort of...
    I have fixed more than 15 portals, so far... the vast majority of mine have not worked the first time and i've become really good at fixing them, i thought I'd share my methods.

    So far i have a 100% success rate and i've had almost every problem possible.

    I hope this helps at least 1 person.

    [b]The basics:[/b]

    1. The Nether correlates to the surface world with an 8:1 ratio. (1 chunk = a 2x2 area.)
    2. Building a portal on the surface will spawn a portal in the Nether (after you activate or use the portal)
    3. Building a portal in the Nether will spawn a portal on the surface (after you activate or use the portal)
    4. 8 blocks on the surface = 1 block in the Nether. = 8(1)
    5. The surface and the Nether share the same cardinal directions.
    6. You maintain your direction when you enter the Nether.
    7. The correlation spots only change as you move horizontally through either world. you can freely change the elevation of your portals in either world and it will maintain its correlation spot in the other world.
    8. The minimal distance between [b]perfectly aligned portals**[/b] is 16 blocks on the surface, 1 block in the Nether, which is 16(1)

    [b]**[/b]If portals are not perfectly aligned i recommend [b]at least 80(10)[/b] 80 blocks on the surface, 10 blocks in the Nether as recommended in my example. For the best results I suggest [b]at least 128(16) because there seems to be a 1 portal per Nether chunk (16x16 area) limit, further testing required.

    [b]The Problem[/b]

    You build a portal on the surface and name it Portal A.
    You enter portal A and get a loading screen: “Entering the Nether”
    The game looks "down" at the correlated spot in the Nether but it is unsafe for a portal,

    [b]The problem is because it does NOT build Portal B![/b]

    In this example it cannot build it because a mountain is in the way.

    The game finds the nearest safe place to create a portal, which is 10 blocks north, and it is named Portal C.

    The Nether loads and you are standing inside of portal C.

    You don’t realize the problem yet, to you it appears that everything went smoothly.

    You step back into Portal C, you get a loading screening: “Now leaving the Nether”

    The game looks "up" at the correlated spot for Portal C which is exactly 80 blocks north of your original portal, it is safe and the closest spot, so it creates a new portal. Portal D.

    You load back on the surface in portal D, 80 blocks north of Portal A.

    Portal C and D are connected as entrance/exit, but Portal A only acts as an entrance to Portal C.


    [b]How to Fix.[/b]

    You need to build Portal B!

    The first thing you need to do is find out where Portal B needs to be built in the Nether by measuring the distance between Portal D and portal A.

    In this example they are 80 blocks apart.

    [b]Divide by 8.[/b]

    [b]For long distances, 100+ blocks, simply count how long it takes to cross that distance and divide by 8[/b], this is approximately how long it will take to walk to Portal B's spot in the Nether.

    Enter Portal D facing in the direction of Portal A.

    When you load in the Nether you will be facing the direction in which the obstruction exists.
    Remove the obstruction.

    [b]- If it is a wall/mountain you will need to dig out a space for a portal.
    - if it is a lava lake you will have to build a platform
    - If it is lava fall you will have to divert the falls.[/b]

    with the obstruction cleared count 10 blocks and build portal B

    When you enter portal B the game will look at the surface and find Portal A.
    Portal B and portal A will now function as 2 way portals connected to each other.
    You can now destroy both Portal C and Portal D if you don’t want them.

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