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    Awesome map,

    I ended up with 107 gold and 7 NPC's.

    Without giving out spoilers, I feel like I didn't get to see the true ending to this map. I love the exploration value of this, it's really amazing.

    One thing to note as well, was I entered a place a little too early, but I was forced to solve it anyway. I'm trying to be vague here cause I don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading lol.

    Other than the issue of entering something a little too early, I definitely loved the map. It was really fun to play through and experience. Great job.
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    Quote from 04hockey

    I don't see a point in this, you can still make a redstone contraption that allows for the same functionality of what you mentioned.

    Which is based on the unreliable speed of unoccupied carts, especially in multiplayer games. Or a physical pressure pad which happens to also be unreliable in whether or not the cart will keep moving. The point is, it would be a solid means of detecting whether or not the minecart has something in it.

    Since unoccupied minecarts don't travel at the same speed (duh lol), this means if you build a track leading somewhere and you have a system designed for minecarts with riders, chances are the unoccupied minecart is going to stop somewhere - leading to bumping into them, and the player going the other direction. Simple stuff like this always happens with the current form of un/occupied detection.

    I did mention all this in my first post.


    Not to mention signal length varies, which can be controled, but it's still another obsticle when designing something that could easily be fixed with the addition of a new type of pressure for detector rail.
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    While minecart timing is somewhat easy to predict whether it's occupied or not, it's also unreliable and, let's face it, not very effective.

    I think a new detector rail should be made for the game that allows for wooden pressure pads as well as stone. Change the stone ones to allow for detection when the minecart has either a person/mob/chest or furnace in it. While the wooden detector rail will detect a minecart no matter what is in or not in the minecart.

    This will allow for a much more effecient way of detecting if minecarts accidently ran off by themselves, if the minecart is carrying a passenger or cargo and trigger just like it does now. While this isn't a high priority suggestion, I still think it is worth looking into.

    The customization for this would be highly useful as it's a pain to try and make sure minecarts always go one way if not occupied or another if so. Since sometimes they travel at different rates, especially on multiplayer. Lastly, it would also allow for safe cart storage, with knowing that if a player/mob is detected you can divert the occupied cart to make sure it doesn't potentially mess up whatever means of storage.

    Thanks for your time.
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