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    posted a message on Recently set up a new server, can't join on local or nonlocal connections

    Let me preface by saying I've made more private servers than I can count. I'm on a 2017 Macbook Pro running catalina, the server is showing up as fully functional and I haven't changed any of the settings at all. I have centurylink fiber connection and I have pretty decent upload/download speeds. The router is a Calix C844G. I've port forwarded on TCP/UDP and I've also added a custom service to the firewall in the router config. Even now I can't connect to the server whether I'm on the computer the server is running on on the same network or on another computer not connected to the network. I'm at a total loss and I've literally never run into this before. Usually with the same symptoms I've made a mistake with the port forwarding or my ipv4 address changed because of a reboot or whatever but everything seems right? Also I have my computers firewall turned off and that doesn't seem to affect it at all.

    EDIT: I tried just disabling the firewall in the router config and it didn't have any effect (also added router info)

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