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    posted a message on Pet Peeves you have about Minecraft Servers...

    Something that bothers me is buying an unban. If you get banned for hacking you should remain banned. You don't really learn your lesson if you buy an unban. A lot of servers make a lot of money this way. It's a money making thing.

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    posted a message on Opinions on the upcoming mountain update.

    What do you think about the new update coming to Minecraft? Taller mountains, rock outcroppings, snowier snow, and goats. This update is going to make the mountain biome fun to explore. The mountain biome currently does not have a lot of life to it. Tell me your opinions and thoughts about the biome winner.

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    posted a message on Ambient Overworld Sounds

    Recently the nether got updated with ambiance sounds depending on which biome you are in. Wouldn't it make sense if the overworld had new ambient noises? Besides, they already have unused game files of birds chirping and stream sounds. Honestly, it would make the game a lot more atmospheric. The game seems too quiet and should have some life to it. The sounds would also go perfect with the music. Here are a couple of ideas I have for the new sounds.

    1. Day sounds: These will play only in daytime. For example Forests could have birds chirping and Jungles could have rainforest ambiance or maybe the slight noise of insects flying around in flower forests.

    2. Morning sounds: These will play when the sun rises. The sound of morning doves might go well with this reminding the player that a new day is starting.

    3. Evening Sounds: These will play when the sun sets. Some examples might be crickets chirping or a wolf howl.

    4. Night sounds: These will play in the nighttime. Owls hooting would be perfect example for this.

    5. Swamp Sounds: These will play in swamps. Frogs Croaking and mosquitoes buzzing might be cool.

    6. Wind sounds: These will play nonstop and will increase in intensity the further up you go i.e on a mountain or above the clouds. Maybe some unique wind sounds could play during storms or when its snowing. Or some biomes could be windier than others like deserts and tundras.

    7. Water Sounds: These will play when near water. Springs and rivers could have the sound of bubbling water. Large bodies of water like lakes and oceans could have wave sounds. Maybe when on a beach you can hear seagulls and the waves crashing on the shore.

    8. Cave Sounds: These will play in caves. Dripping water might be cool or Lava springs having a roaring effect. These will fit with the already in game cave ambiance noises.

    What do you guys think about this?

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    posted a message on Bee Trap in Survival

    I'm going to test this in java to see if it works in that version. Thanks.

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    posted a message on Warrior Villagers!! - A different and more complete sugestion

    No support

    Villages are left unprotected on purpose so the player has motivation to protect them. i.e building up walls adding more iron golems etc. If guards were added it would be too easy and would leave no reason to protect villages. That's why zombie hordes/swarms and zombies breaking down doors were added to add challenge to protecting the villagers. I think iron golems are a nice balance. They have a ton of hp and are strong but are very slow. If guards were added it wouldn't make any sense because we already have something protecting the village. Also this is a build off the previous reply and what bandana_ree said, villagers are pacifists".

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    posted a message on Some Farming Oriented Ideas

    Over the years I felt like the farming side of the game is lacking. I have come up with a couple of ideas to make farming more enjoyable and fun.

    1. Corn

    Found naturally in plain biomes and in their corresponding variants. This will have multiple uses such as a food source. If you smelt the corn you get corn on the cob. You can also make corn bread by crafting raw corn and bread together which will give you 6 extra food points. They will grow faster when there are cornflowers around in a 5 block radius. You can also make scarecrows from it to protect your crops from crows which I will mention later.

    See the source image

    2. Rice

    You will find this crop in jungle edges and swampland's in large patches around water sources. This crop you plant in one block of water and will grow 1 block out from the surface. You can make 2 sashimi from it by crafting 1 rice 1 dried kelp and 1 fish (salmon or cod only) in the crafting grid which will give you 4 hunger points. You can also make rice sheets which is crafted from two rice which will give you 1 hunger point. Chickens can be bred with rice as well.

    See the source image

    3. Fruit Trees

    These will spawn in the new orchard biome. You can find 6 types of fruit trees orange, apple, apricot, peach, pear, and cherry. Each tree will spawn up to 6 pieces of fruit every day and a half. Each tree has its own sapling and will take 1.5x longer to grow than regular trees. They are mainly used as a food source and each one will fill 2 food points. Bees have a higher chance to spawn in fruit trees as well.

    See the source image

    4. Garlic

    Found in birch forests, regular forests, and dark forests this can be used to make garlic bread (1 garlic and 1 bread) and will give you 6 food points. You can also hang them up outside your house and will fend off zombies who try to bust down your door. And will be useful in villager protection.

    See the source image

    5. Blueberries and Strawberries.

    These can be found in flower forests in bunches. When crafted with 1 sweet berry 1 blueberry and 1 strawberry and a bowl you can make a berry salad and will restore 8.5 hunger points.

    See the source imageSee the source image
    6. Pineapples
    These will spawn in Jungles and is hidden by the jungle foliage. When crafted with 1 milk bucket and 1 pineapple you can craft pineapples and cream and will restore 5.5 hunger points. You can also roast the pineapple and make roasted pineapple which will restore 4 hunger points.

    See the source image

    7. Pumpkin and Melon Variants
    When growing pumpkins you have a 25% chance to get a white pumpkin and a 1.5% chance to get a golden pumpkin. A golden pumpkin can be a trophy of some sort. For all the pumpkins when a soul fire torch is put into the pumpkin the jack' o lantern will emit blue light, a redstone torch red light, and a normal torch the default light. Melons have a 10% chance to be purple and is purely for cosmetic use.

    See the source image

    8. New Flowers
    Each flower can spawn in a specific biome or multiple biomes. Hibiscus, hydrangeas and birds of paradise (yes that's a flower) can spawn in jungles. Buttercups can spawn in any lush biome. Lavender and Iris's can spawn in any forest biome. And Carnations flowers can spawn in birch forests.

    See the source image

    9. Crows and Scarecrows
    Crows have a chance of spawning when crops without a scarecrow within a 8 block radius is present. They will destroy the crops if crops are left unprotected. You can craft a scarecrow from 13 corn 2 sticks 1 haybale and 1 sheared pumpkin.

    See the source image

    10. Cheese
    You get this from smelting milk in a bucket. It yields 3 cheese every time you smelt it. 1 cheese gives you 4 hunger points.

    See the source image

    11. Coconuts
    These will spawn in desert lakes as palm trees. Each palm tree will yield 3 to 2 coconuts when you shake it by right clicking the trunk. You can eat the coconut as it is and get 4 hunger points or is you shear it you can get 3 coconut shreds which will give 2 hunger points each.

    See the source image

    12. Wax and candles
    You can get 3 wax from a beehive if you right click it when full. You can craft candles from it using 1 wax and 1 string. The candles will burn forever and can be lit with a flint and steel. You can also craft wax blocks.

    See the source image

    That's just a couple ideas I had for farming in Minecraft to make it more fun and exiting and trying to get every crop by exploring the world a bit more. Not every feature I mentioned has to be in Minecraft. Let me hear what you guys think about this. Minecraft definitely needs a farming update.
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    posted a message on Ziplines for 1.16 Or Possibly 1.15


    Since mountains were the winning biome to get updated, wouldn't it be cool if we can place down ziplines on top of high places to get to a lower place. They would look awesome in bases on elevated places such as on top of mountains or on treetops in jungles and mega taigas. It would also be really handy to get across vast pools of lava in the nether or end islands if you don't have an Elytra yet. They would serve as a form of early game transportation over obstacles you would previously have to bridge over with cobble or dirt. Yes, your days of placing precarious 1 block bridges over voids and lava pits are over.


    Some downsides to this are as follows:

    • Having to get to the higher place to place down the first point of the zipline in order to place the lower one. (Although once the ziplines are down and the string or leads are placed you can always go back up to the higher place if you forcefully press the W key although you will go slower.)
    • String being a cheaper option has a much shorter range in order to complete a zipline vice versa for leads. (Although for string you can always make a midway section island to place another zipline but string will be lost when the line is broken but leads will return to you.)
    • Accidentally pressing shift while on a zipline and consequently falling to your doom.
    • Could possibly be very glitchy when storage units or mobs are put on a zipline especially with flying mobs.
    • Chunks have to be loaded around you for a zipline to transport mobs or storage units in order to work.


    Some upsides to this are as follows:

    • Cheap crafting recipe makes 2 when crafted.
    • Safer than 1 block bridges in the Nether in End because Enderman wont take blocks from it and its resistant from Ghast fireballs.
    • Can get you from point A to point B very quickly when going to a lower place.
    • You can bring chests and barrels down a line by right clicking the zipline to place a chest or barrel on it and then right clicking it again to make it go down, making a way to transport your items over large gaps. (Sadly no shulker boxes or enderchests can be placed on it)
    • Can be redstone powered when a hopper is connected to the storage unit on a zipline and when powered again can go up and down on zipline rather than only letting you make the storage unit go down manually.
    • Mobs can be transported on a zipline.
    • It will look flipping awesome (sadly I cant find any actual photos of it in Minecraft although there are some mods but they make ziplines function in a different way and are more "Mod Like" than these Vanilla Minecraft suggested ziplines.
    • The pros outweigh the cons!



    • When placed place it in a high place first then in a low place.
    • Right click it with a string or a lead a string will go a shorter distance and you wont get it back when broken but a lead will go much farther and you can get it back when broken.
    • Shift right click to get on the zipline press shift to get off.
    • Will have a cool little animation of you hanging on to the zipline when in 3rd person
    • Right click to put a storage unit on a zipline right click again to release it can only go down but redstone can power it and redstone can bring it back up.
    • Mobs can be put on a zipline by leading them then right click shift to put them on similar to putting chests on mules, donkeys, and llamas right click shift again to take them off.
    • Multiple entities can go on a zipline at once including yourself.
    • Hoppers can put items in storage units hanging on ziplines.
    • Shulker boxes and enderchests cannot be put on ziplines.
    • The steeper the angle of the zipline the faster you go down and when going up on a zipline by pressing W forcefully you will go slower the steeper the angle is.
    • Mobs are the only entities that cannot go up ziplines except players.
    • Wood types change the appearance of the zipline.
    • To place the string or lead right click the upper zipline pole with it then go down to the lower zipline pole and right click it to connect it.


    I really enjoyed making this suggestion. And if this gets enough positive feedback and comments I will remake this thread on the suggestion/feedback section on the official Minecraft website and hopefully I hope in the next coming updates it does not have to be 1.15 or 1.16 because thats already planned out this suggestion will be put under review. Until now let me know what you think about this idea and share any concerns on it.

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    posted a message on Any opinions on my Starter House?

    I started a new survival world a couple of days ago and spawned in a bamboo forest. I walked a little bit to this lake area and decided to make a house there. I'm planning on making a whole entire jungle bamboo village. Any feedback or opinions on my house and what I can improve on?

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    posted a message on New Mob: Sprites (Fairys)

    It would be cool dark forest and swamps are really bland I just stated in there that it will give more life.

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    posted a message on Idea on "death/revival"

    You could just use a totem of undying lol.

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    posted a message on New Mob: Sprites (Fairys)

    Swamps and dark forests always seemed a bit bland and less updated compared to other biomes like jungles. Wouldn't it be cool if forests and dark oak forests were given a little life and mystery. I Have a suggestion for a new mob called sprites or Will O Wisps. Which spawn in dark oak forests and swamps. Basically, when you come across them they will give you a random affect and can give you almost all the affects in minecraft. They will spawn in dark areas like hostile mobs and will glow mutiple colors like red, orange, yellow, green, lime, black, cyan, magenta, pink, purple, gray, light gray, and white. Heres what they look like I cant find an exact image of it in minecraft but I found something that resembles it.

    A blue Sprite

    What do you think about this idea?

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    posted a message on Bamboo & Seagrass Blocks.

    Ugh its all messed up.. Might need to make a new one because I dont know how to delete this.

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    posted a message on Bamboo & Seagrass Blocks.
    Wouldn't it be nice if we a compact version of Bamboo and Seagrass that looks nice as decoration and also at the same time is used as compact storage for bamboo and seagrass not to mention it being a fuel source. We already have kelp blocks why not also have seagrass blocks and bamboo blocks. This suggestion is what it might look like and its properties.

    Seagrass Block




    Transparent: No
    Luminance: 0
    Blast Resistance: 12.5
    Tool: Any Tool
    Renewable: Yes
    Stackable: Yes (64)
    Flammable: Yes
    Fuel: 15 Items

    Bamboo Block





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    posted a message on New Biomes
    Quote from erictom333»

    You can't just throw together 45 different pictures you saw on a nature documentary. You need to state what you can find in the biomes, how rare they are, what they would look like in Minecraft, et cetera.

    Thanks for the criticism. I will do that next time i'm pretty new to the Minecraft forums not much of a forumer.

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    posted a message on New Biomes

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could have more interesting and unique world generation? I made up a biome list with some biomes from the mod Biomes O Plenty and some I made up on my own. Not all have to be in the game but it was fun to come up with a biome list. Please make sure to read all the biomes it will help out a lot! What are your thoughts and which biomes do you want added from this list? I need feedback. This took me 5 Hours to make all of this.


    1. Lava Beds
    A relatively flat biome covered in rugged black volcanic rock and volcanic craters from ancient eruptions some occasional dirt patches with bushes and stunted trees grow here.

    2. Joshua Trees
    A desert like biome covered in spiny Joshua trees dotted with large boulders patches, dead bushes, and mesquite.

    3. Boulder Mountains
    A hilly biome covered in large boulders with infrequent grass patches and moss.

    4. Salt Flats
    A flat biome with large quantities of salt, no vegetation is present here

    5. Lakebed
    A dried up lakebed with cracked mud, dead trees/shrubs can spawn here although uncommon.

    6. Saguaro Desert
    A desert with tall saguaro cactuses, dead shrubs, mesquite and barrel/prickly pear cactuses.

    7. Oasis
    This rare biome located in the middle of deserts has aquifers and springs as well as palm trees and shrubs bordering it with lush green grass, animals can spawn here.

    8. Fynbos
    Native to the cape of south Africa this rare Mediterranean climate like biome contains bushes and a wide variety of flowers and fauna.

    9. Chaparral
    Only found in California this uncommon rugged biome contains patches of stone, and bushes like manzanita or sage, short stunted oak trees also grow here providing a source of wood.

    10. Outback
    Found in central Australia this rare biome contains orange colored sand and rocks, short stubby plants and dead bushes also grow here.

    11. Arctic
    A cold desolate biome covered in ice and snow with gravel patches vegetation is nonexistent here except a couple dead shrubs popping from the snow

    12. Tundra
    A cold flat biome with short stubby vegetation and moss/lichen covered rocks some occasional patches of snow and ice.

    13. Moor
    A cold/wet highland biome with water pools and short mossy grass, trees are not found here but there is occasional rock outcrops.

    14. Headlands
    A steep rugged biome that borders oceans; coves, sea stacks/arches, and tidepools are common in this biome as well as stunted spruce and oak trees made to look distorted by the oncoming wind from the sea.

    15. Tropical Island
    A very rare biome with lush forests of palm trees and hibiscus flowers no hostile mobs spawn here.

    16. Hydrothermal Vents
    A rare deep ocean biome with vents spewing out black liquid magma blocks can also be found here.

    17. Kelp Forest
    A common aquatic biome with kelp much closer together and in larger quantiles than in normal oceans

    18. Volcano
    An island biome with towering volcanoes with lava running down its size pools of lava and steam ash rain are common.

    19. Volcanic Beach
    Borders the ocean of volcanic islands contains black sand.

    20. White Sand Beach
    Borders the ocean of a tropical island biome contains white sand.

    21. Gravel Beach
    A beach made from gravel blocks

    22. Rapids
    A river biome with faster moving water and rocks pultruding from it waterfalls are common here as well.

    23. Delta
    A marsh like biome with reeds and slow moving brown water occurs when a river enters an ocean.

    24. Wetlands
    A biome with lakes of cattails and reeds and Lilly pads surrounded by muddy beaches with cottonwood trees.

    25. Mangroves
    A water filled land with mangrove trees reaching their roots in the water.

    26. Bayou
    A swampish land with bayou trees with their thick trunks in murky algae filled water.

    27. Moss Forest
    A dense forest covered in moss and lichen dead fallen trees covered in moss are common here as well.

    28. Thicket
    A dense forest filled area with thorns and bushes that hurt the player when walked on.

    29. Rice Fields
    A biome of terraces of water containing rice plants.

    30. Karsts
    A landscape of towering pillars and mountains of limestone with dense foliage on its slopes surrounded by waterways.

    31. Batholith
    A mountainous landscape of exposed granite outcrops and occasional spruce trees.

    32. Cloud Forest
    A dense mountainous tropical rainforest shrouded in clouds and mist.

    33. Crag
    A steep mountainous biome with jagged peaks, gravel patches and snow

    34. Hot Springs
    A landscape of geysers mud pots and hot springs with steam particles emanating from them.

    35. Shield
    A landscape of spruce trees mixed in with exposed areas of stone and ores.

    36. Boreal Forest
    A forest of mixed deciduous and coniferous trees.

    37. Frost Forest
    A mixed forest covered in frost and snow

    38. Seasonal Forest
    A forest of multicolored leaves in perpetual autumn with fallen leaves and logs.

    39. Flower Fields
    A rare plains like biome covered in flowers.

    40. Cherry Blossom Grove
    A forest full of pink white and white cherry trees in full bloom.

    41. Orchard
    A biome full of trees bearing fruits including apples, peaches and oranges.

    42. Lavender Fields:
    A biome full of lavender flowers.

    43. Eucalyptus forest
    A uncommon biome of clustered eucalyptus trees.

    44. Redwood Forest
    A rare biome of tall coastal redwoods.

    45. Pasture
    A biome of open fields full of dry grass sheep and cows are common in this biome.
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