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    posted a message on [$6.00 PROFESSIONAL GIF BANNERS] Acp's GFX Shop Version 2.0 | I specialize in all kinds of animation!

    Hello, I'm Acp, and welcome to my shop! You are currently looking at my new and improved graphics shop. I got overwhelmed with the amount of orders I was receiving, and I closed down. I'm back now, and ready to start taking orders again! I started this shop in 2012, and I've improved, and learned a lot since then. I've been making graphics since 2010, and I specialize in making animated GIF banners. I love making Minecraft server banners for sites like MinecraftServers.org. Interested in getting some graphics? Take a look at some of my examples!

    I recently bought Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After effects. These two products have doubled my work speed, and my overall quality. Now that I have this professional software, I have access to so many things that I could never do before. Before I had these programs, I couldn't fulfill some of my customers requests, but now, I am much more confident that I can make all my customers happy.

    Check out some of my recent work before you consider ordering anything. :)

    Since I just re-opened, these are all the finished orders I made, if you want to see more, go into my templates area!

    Usually finished in less then 24 hours.

    Don't have a specific design in mind? Or maybe you have to stick to a small budget? Then my pre-made designs will work out great for you! You simply pick one that you like from the list, and you can change any text and colors you want.

    Pre-made Banner Choices

    Remember! All colors and text can be changed!

    Banner #1:

    Banner #2:

    I just opened, so there will be more coming soon!

    Order Form

    Remember! You can order through Skype if you prefer! My Skype: HelpMeThinkOfSkypeName

    #1. Which pre-made design did you choose? (Example: #4)

    #2. What is the server name (Example: "Minecraft Hunger Games")

    #3. What is the server IP address? (Example: "McHungerGames.net")

    #4. What should each keyword say? (Example: Text 1: "Feasts!" Text 2: "PvP!" ect...)

    #5. What colors should the text be (Example: Server Name: Light Blue, IP, Dark Blue ect...)

    #6. What is the best way for me to contact you? (Example: Skype: "YourUserName")

    Question #6 is very important! This is how I will receive my payments, and how you will receive your banner!

    Usually finished in a day or so.

    Want a banner that's bit more unique? Want to choose exactly how everything animates? Then you need a custom banner! Just tell me how you want it. Example, you want certain keywords to come in from a certain side of the banner, or images and text to have different transitions then the pre-made ones. You name it, I make it!

    Order Form

    Because custom banners or much more specific, you have to give me the details through Skype, or through E-mail/Private Message.

    My E-mail: [email protected]

    My Skype: HelpMeThinkOfSkypeName

    Check out what some of my past customers had to say!

    "Acp is a nice guy, and helped me very quickly. Within 3 hours the banner was done, and the result were stunning! Well done, amazing shop" - Snowyboy

    "ACP just made me an incredible banner, I'm very pleased with it. Professional Service and done reasonably quickly. Seriously, buy one before his prices go up!" - AssassiinGamer

    "I just received my animated banner from this guy, very professional and cheap. Get it while you can." - LordPQG

    Questions? Contact me through Skype!

    My Skype username: HelpMeThinkOfSkypeName

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    posted a message on Circles? You must be joking, Jeb.
    I honestly don't see a reason for Jeb to a add block rotation thing. What did he think it would be used for? Did he know it can make circles? I don't like it. I'm sure hypixel or sethbling will make something awesome with it though.
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    posted a message on [$6.00 PROFESSIONAL GIF BANNERS] Acp's GFX Shop Version 2.0 | I specialize in all kinds of animation!
    I currently have no orders! Does anyone else need banners? I am not busy at all and could get it done by today.
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    posted a message on [$6.00 PROFESSIONAL GIF BANNERS] Acp's GFX Shop Version 2.0 | I specialize in all kinds of animation!
    Quote from iDiamondGirl

    #1. Are you a paying customer?: No
    #2. What type of graphic do you need?: Server icon
    #3. What is the best way I can contact you?: PMing or Skype: diamondgirlmc
    #4. Explain in detail how you want your graphic.(Colors? Size? Text?): The letters DG on any cool font and color and just do whutever you think would look nice
    #5. Anything else you would like to add?: IGN is iDiamondGirl (Just in case)

    Here you go:

    All server icons have to be 64x64, so I made it that size.
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    posted a message on Looking for staff! [MODS,BUILDERS,MECHANICS]
    Quote from Jstylish_GoStyle

    Builder Application Form

    #1. What is your Minecraft username?

    #2. Have you ever been a builder on another server?( If so, Please specify)
    Not with the rank as "Builder", but I've always been categorized as a builder due to my building projects without the need of a rank for it. Most of my builds were made solo, but to save time and to get things done faster, I've brought in my girlfriend and a buddy of mine to help with my projects.

    #3. Please show a picture of your best Minecraft build.
    These is our most recent builds from 1 - 2 weeks ago. It's still in contact with the current server that it resides in if you want a closer look. They're probably are best ones as of date.


    #4. What time zone do you live in?
    -8:00 Pacific Standard Time

    #5. How old are you?
    21 Years Old

    #6. Will you stay active to our server AND website?
    Yes, as long as the community is fun and feels like home, then it's a home to me. I'll even bring my girlfriend and my buddy to support you guys. Why not right? The more, the merrier.

    #7. Why should we choose you to be a builder?
    In reality, I'm studying under Architectural Designing so any builds that I do here in terms of builds is actually a small plus to my studying. I'm a promising builder and can be a great asset to the server with the things that I'll end up creating with the help of my buddy and my girlfriend. Dedication is also a key feature to myself as I do put a lot of time and effort into the ideas that I come up with for building projects and many other ideas that are to come.

    #8. What is your skype or e-mail?
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: jstylish_jing

    What sort of building can/would you bring to our server?(Spawn,PvP arena,ect)
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