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    posted a message on ArcGaming Minecraft Server- Vanilla, 1.4.7, Whitelist
    IGN: MidAshGuy will eventually be getting a new Account i'll tell advise you when made. (:
    Skype Name(If any): izlvki (Weird lol made 1-3 years ago.)
    YouTube Channel: TheAbsoluteEntity have made a couple videos from last year or so, but havent made any recently will start making them once i get on a good server.
    Age: 13
    Recording Software used: Fraps
    Have you been banned from any server before?(Please be honest, if we find you have not been honest you will be banned.): Yes i have but mosme its because i go on random servers and start whoring diamonds and stuff then go around with a couple of friends griefing and stealing but wouldn't do it on a serious server, Suck as this one.
    to contact me if i am whitelisted add me on skype and message me.
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    posted a message on New Small Whitelist - Vanilla Server
    In Game Name: Kljyz

    Age: 12

    How Long You Have Had Minecraft: Since 1.7.3 beta

    Why You Want to Join: I have always loved Whitelisted Vanilla servers just like the MindCrack server :D

    What You Can Offer: good builds and fun to the community.

    Skype: iZlvKi
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    posted a message on Craftable Survival Server [Mindcrack] [Whitlisted] [1.3.1]
    1. What is your age? (Does not affect application) 12 Turning 13 this November

    2. What is your in game name? Noahassasin

    3. Why do you want to join? So i can make my New Minecraft Series for youtube My Youtube : Mine CraftLP [Google+ youtube account]

    4. Some other stuff you would like to share (optional) I would LOVE to be on this server and i make Minecraft Videos i would like to start a series on this :D

    My YouTube account

    Mine CraftLP

    Subscribe! :D
    :Bacon: :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Lookig for a Mindcrack-like server
    Im looking for a good Minecraft whitelisted server that is kind of like the Mindcrack server
    If you own one please tell me if i can join it. :)
    Have a Nether Hub Perferrably if not i can help make it. (:
    Please Help!
    :SSSS: :Skeleton: :Zombie:
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] <Undecided Name> Minecraft Server [Whitelist] [Small Server] [Survival] [MindCrack]
    IGN: Noahassasin

    Age: 12 almost 13

    Location: United States, Texas

    What do I know about Mindcrack? It's a pure vanilla (except optifine) server started by Guude They operate on a nether hub system in order to connect all the houses. They also have pranks with 3 rules: No fire, no lava, and no TNT and no griefing of course. I Watch Etho, Pause, AnderZEL's and Beef's adventures in the mindcrack server.

    Building abilities: I can build pretty well and my redstone is not that good. What I really like doing is PvP, mining, and Building.

    Skype: iZlvKi (But i don't get on it much)
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    posted a message on ★★★[1.2.5][MINDCRACK FAN SERVER][WHITELIST][24/7]★★★
    Age:12 Almost 13

    Location:United States Texas
    How much will you be on? 3-4 days a week
    Will you be nice? As nice as i can be:)

    Hope i can get in. :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Mindcrack like fan Server (Dedicated Hosting)
    1. What is your Minecraft Username? Noahassasin
    2.How old are you? 13
    3.When did you start playing Minecraft? (Ex. Beta 1.5) Beta 1.7.3
    4. Have you ever been banned? If so why? Yes, because i broke someone elses house down as a joke but won't happen again.
    5. Have you ever griefed? Yes, that one time i broke someones house down
    6. Are you willing to donate to keep the server running? I would if I could but im broke and i don't know how. :(
    7.What is your timezone? Central
    8.How often will you play on the server? 3-4 days every week.
    9.Why do you want to join? So i can play with trusted people and not get griefed and get to know new people.
    10.Will you be respectful to other players? Yes, all the time.
    11. True Mindcrack test: Name Your Favorite Player from the server: AnderZEL
    12. Do you agree to all the rules? Yes
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    posted a message on Looking for / to start a MindCrack Type Server
    IGN: noahassasin

    Skype Name: iZlvKi

    Age: 12 almost 13 but very mature in most matters.

    Why would you like to join a Mindcrack server? I would like to join, because i can't find a server where i can play with some cool people in peace without getting Griefed.

    Who is your favorite "MindCracker"? AnderZEL, Vintagebeef, Pauseunpause, and Guude

    InGame Specialties?(Builds, Redtone, etc) Building, Pvping, and Mining

    Experiences in other Servers? If you mean by Whitelisted servers, i have never tryed to get on one until this one

    Any experience running a server? No, I've never been able to make a server.

    Anything else you like me to know? I wont be that active on my Skype (only on my phone) and on the server i would only be on 3-4 days a week. And im really looking forward to Maybe getting on this server :)
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