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    It's fine there are 10 pokemon slots, but those are first come, first served, hence the two reserve slots
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    Reserved Pokemon spot for Waskom_Frost. One reserve pokemon slot remaining. Two reserve Ghost slots are still remaining

    Trusted Individuals/Mods -

    Three Pokemon Slots are used. One reserved. Six Pokemon slots remaining.
    No Ghost slots used. None reserved. Ten Ghost slots remaining
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    Welcome! This is my first RP since coming back to MCF and I've come back with a whole new arsenal of RP styles! Now then, I usually write in my normal text color for most things, but for this, I will revert back to default MCF.

    The pokemon crept through the dark pathways of Pinwheel forest. There was no moon that night, so the forest was in total darkness, only the pokemon's senses helped it find it's way. There had been news of many pokemon disappearances, most of them mentioned a strange green portal that sucked the pokemon in and then disappeared from sight.

    The pokemon that was venturing was nervous. It's frame was tense and rigid, jumping at every sound. The pokemon eventually found itself coming across a strange cave that wasn't there before. Upon entering the cave, the pokemon found the walls etched with runes, and even some pictures. Taking a step closer, a click sounded and a green portal sealed of the entrance, effectively negating the pokemon's escape. The force from the portal was too much for the pokemon to handle, and it was sucked in, only registering an eerie voice in it's head.

    "Now your journey begins. Be cautious, this world is no longer safe."

    When you arrive out the other side of the portal, you see a large sign in front of you. Upon further inspection, your able to make out some words.

    Amity Park
    A nice place to live

    This obviously was once a nice place, but to your eyes, the place is in ruins. Bright green creatures fly above the city, cackling maniacally, but aside from these creatures, the place is deserted. Tall buildings are crumbling, and some are already rubble.

    There is a white building with a green shield of sorts around it, but that seems to be the only thing that was in somewhat good condition. the roads were cracked, and plants are growing through the cracks. It was obvious the place had been abandoned a long time ago.

    Maybe you can find someone to help you in this messed up town. Those green things don't look friendly...

    2. Only trusted individuals/moderators are allowed to have a power like the 'Going Ghost' power
    3. You are allowed to have unusual colors.
    4. No fakemon.
    5. This is a random rule.
    6. Only three powers. None of them can be too OP. I will decide what is and what isn't OP.
    7. Only 10 pokemon characters allowed in this RP
    8. Only 10 ghosts allowed.
    9. No Legendary Pokemon allowed!

    Name: (Self explanatory)
    Gender: (Self explanatory)
    Age: (Self explanatory)
    Species: (Are you a pokemon? or a human? Or a ghost?)
    Moveset(POKEMON ONLY): (Self explanatory)
    Pokemon (HUMAN ONLY): (Maximum two. Not to be RPed as a character, for defence only)
    Powers: (Only three maximum)
    Appearance: (Description and/or picture)
    Bio/History: (2 five lined paragraph minimum.)
    Other: (Anything else that doesn't fall into the other categories?)

    My App(Example)
    Name: Dusk Phantom (AKA Dusk)
    Gender: Female
    Age: Adult
    Species: Absol
    -Perish Song
    -Ice Beam
    -Dark Pulse
    -Faint Attack
    Powers: Ghost sense (Blue mist appears from mouth when ghost is near)
    Dusk has ash grey fur covering most of her body, with four white stocking markings on each of her legs. Her tail is white, along with her face and the fur atop her head is white as well. A single white band sits on her waist and a 'D' symbol on her right flank. Her eyes are a bright green.
    Bio/History: Dusk was always different than other Absol. Her grey and white coloration made her a magnet for teasing, but it was usually her who got the last laugh. The clan of Absol she lived in was always terrorised by ghost types. Before Dusk came, they had no warning when the ghosts would come.

    Then Dusk realized that whenever a ghost was near, a blue mist came from her mouth, alerting her to the ghost's presence. The clan depended on this sense, and they were usually ready for whenever the ghost types attacked, and eventually they stopped attacking. Dusk however, was not seen as a hero and the taunting still continued.

    Dusk eventually had enough and left the clan, surviving on her own. She lived on her own, never staying in the same place for more than a week. One day, she was leaving her most recent place of residence, a cave behind a waterfall, when a green portal opened up, sucking her into it. She awoke in a strange town, with no idea where she was.
    Other: Merp.
    The ghosts will be going under a pokemon type to stay close to pokemon canon. They will be the 'Ecto Type'. These are the only 'Fakemon' allowed due to the tie in with Danny Phantom. The Ecto type has different weakness depending on whether it's attack or defence
    Offensively, strong against: Ghost, Bug, Flying

    Offensively weak against: Dark, Fighting, Normal

    Defensively strong against: Water, Ice, Ground

    Defensively weak against: Fire, Dark, Fighting

    The reason why I have a limit on how many pokemon and ghosts allowed is because I want to have humans in this RP as well, not just all pokemon. This is not Mystery Dungeon. I will keep a close eye on how many ghosts and pokemon are being applied for, and I will deny any that apply after that limit. It is first come, first served, unless you reserve. Even so, I may reject your reserve. Maximum two reserves for pokemon, two for ghost.

    To make the ghosts make up for their disadvantage in the defence, each ghost has this stat build; Low Defence, Moderate Speed, Moderate Health, High Attack. This means they may not be the best defenders, but they hurt when hey hit.

    You are allowed to merge the Ecto type with other types. Like Grass/Ecto, Steel/Ecto, Flying/Ecto ect.

    Due to a fluctuation in the portal, pokemon levels were destroyed, and you learnt/forgot many different moves due to the fluctuations.

    Quote from Evanist

    Name: Erion Letendre
    Gender: Male
    Age: Adult
    Species: Quilava
    Move Set:
    -Rock Smash
    -Aerial Ace

    Powers: For now, none

    Appearance: Instead of having red flames, his flames are of a light blue color, with a touch of green. The top of his body is of a dark green color, and his eyes are of a deep blue sea color.

    Bio: Where to begin…
    Erion was born near Pinwheel Forest. His mother was a Typhlosion and his father a Zoroark. When Erion hatched, his parents were surprised by how he looked. Instead of having normal flames and a normal body color, he had light blue flames, and the top of his body was dark green. Even if he had these differences, his parents still loved him.

    It cannot be said the same for the pokemons in the forest where their lived. Already, they were being tolerant towards Erion’s mother, being a fire type. They did not like fire types that much, scared that they would one day attempt to burn down the forest. Anyway… back to the story. Because of Erion’s different color, they did not tolerate him, and only though about trying to get rid of him.

    Each day it was a fight for his life for Erion. Each day he had to train up to survive in this world. His parents would defend him most of the time, but he sometimes had to fight by his own. And each time they wanted to leave the forest, they were stuck with trying to pass a city full of people in one side, and the bridge in the other.

    Erion trained so much, that only a couple of weeks after his birth, he had evolved into a quilava. He did not want to live a life of fighting anymore. He told his parents that he wanted to leave, to see the world, and no longer suffer those others that were bullying him. The trouble is… they were scared they would be caught by humans in the end. So Erion, in the night, ran away from his home, and headed east, at full speed.

    Arriving at Nacrene City though, Erion was able to slip by any trainers that were moving around the city. He moved quickly, and then a couple of hours later in day light, was able to run away from the city and escape to the other side.
    He continued to travel for a day, until he found himself near the pokemon daycare and the school. He was about to continue moving until he heard some people talking in the classroom, from a window. He moved to it.

    He knew it was risky. His mother once was owned by a trainer, who used her as a tool for battle. She told him that it was not always the case with all trainers. There were some trainers would actually consider the Pokémon’s that were with them as part of a family. She was unlucky, but one day she was able to escape her trainer and run away from him, never to see him again.

    But the language that was being teaches in that school yard was interesting him. Human language… He might actually be able to use it for his advantage if one day he was stuck or something. So he started to listen and watch from the window, learning, and even speaking a bit of the language.

    Time pass, months maybe, and he would go back to that school to learn, while sleeping and feeding himself in the nearby forest. Then one day, when he was listening to the teacher from outside, he heard some footsteps from behind. Suddenly, he was attacked by a water gun attack. He turned around and came face to face with a trainer with a dewott. He backed away, scared. Seeing how the dewott was acting, he knew it was the type of trainer his mother told him about. He was scared. He then dodged another water gun attack. The kids and teacher heard the fight, and started to move to the window.

    Erion started using every move that he knew. Rock smash and switft principally, but it was not enough. He was feeling week. Suddenly, he felt despair. He looked in the air.
    “Help!” he cried out. The trainer, the kids that were looking were surprised by what they heard, and the teacher looked at Erion. The trainer shook his head, and commanded his dewott to attack again. Erion was about to get hit again, until a group of lillipup and patrat jumped in the way of the water gun, and started to rush to the dewott, attacking it. It then fainted, and a group of kids ran outside, surrounding Erion. Then Erion’s vision faded, feeling too weak.

    When he woke up, he was in the school, the teacher patching him up, and the kids looking at him.
    “Are you… alright?” the teacher asked. Erion looked at him, tired a bit.
    “Y…Yes…” he says, unsure. The teacher and the kids looked at him, and smiled.
    “A talking Quilava… that we don’t see every day…” the teacher then said.

    Since then, Erion had been staying at the small school, and learned about human language and how they lived slowly. He was actually considered an equal to the other kids, and learned a lot. No one actually caught him, because they knew he only wanted to be free. He also trained up with the kids in fights, but not actually hurting himself too much. He was getting stronger and stronger, learning a bit more about himself.

    Then a couple of months later, he decided to go back to Pinwheel forest, wanting to talk to his parents about what happen to him. The teacher gave him a custom made trenchcoat and a hat to hide what he was, knowing how trainers would react if they saw a wild quilava actually running around. Erion smiled at the teacher, thanked him, and then he was off, the disguise on him.

    2 days later, he arrived back at pinwheel forest, only to discover that his parents were missing. He heard rumors about green portals dragging pokemons into them. Erion wanted to find his parents… and knew that the only way would be to find one of these portals. So he started to search for one of them.

    A day passed, without any luck. He had looked in the forest, in dead ends and in caves, with no luck. When finally, when he entered a strange cave with symbols in them, he felt like something was pulling him backwards. He looked back and saw the green portal. He knew what he had to do. To find his parents, he had to go in. He breathes deeply, and then ran towards the portal. He just hopes he would find them soon.

    When he passed the portal, he opened his eyes, seeing the sign about Amity Park, a nice place to live. He looks around, seeing only ruins. He chuckles a bit.
    “Nice place… more like use to be a nice place…” he says. He sighed, and then removed started to walk, looking everywhere. Now…. Where should he even go?

    Others: I am planning on getting him some powers later on, but right now he will only have his pokemon moves. Maybe I will make him be able to see or feel ghosts… I am just not sure.

    Quote from Lugia

    Name: Robert Morris
    Gender: male
    Age: 22
    Species: Human / pokemon (Dragonite)
    Moveset(POKEMON ONLY): -Dragon Claw -Thunderbolt -Flamethrower -Fly
    Pokemon (HUMAN ONLY): none... unless you count himself...
    Powers: The amulet of Aragon (he doesn't know what it is yet) allows him to change into a dragonite under certain conditions. It also seems to augment his strength while in human form, though, it's still not the form he'd prefer fighting in. He may also occasionally weild the 'Pearson Sword', which seems to deal tons of damage to dragons and dragon-types (though, at the start, he doesn't think it works).
    Appearance: While in human form, he's just an average-looking guy with shaved black hair, and brown eyes. He's about 5'7", and tends to wear shirts which lack things such as designs or logos... all of his pants are the same, ordinary denim-blue color, making his wardrobe a little bland... of course, he doesn't care. While in Dragonite form, he's actually somewhat shorter than the average dragonite, and has larger wings. His scales in this form are a black color, with his underbelly being a light grey coloration. His eyes in this form are white, but don't lack a pupil. He seems to see much better at night than usual because of this oddity.

    Bio/History: For the first fifteen years of his life, he was actually rather normal, if somewhat of a nerd. That was, of course, until his parents saw a supposed 'dragon sighting' on the News. Said sighting was proven to be a complete hoax soon after, but, his parents weren't convinced. That was the very day they decided to find and destroy any dragon they got their hands on. They started inventing weird machines that usually didn't even do anything, and constantly blamed everything on dragons. At first this was a bit of an issue for Robert, as he always really liked dragons, and his parents would come into his room and destroy every item in it that resembled one. This stopped after a year when Robert finally convinced them that his little statues and figures were not coming to life every night at midnight. They continued creating away, and putting the rest of the family, that would be Robert and Jake, Robert's little brother, in danger until they came up with the 'Pearson Sword'. Robert's parents thought it was a revolutionary device, but Robert just saw it as a regular sword... a sword with the word Pearson on it. More dragon sightings happened, and more hoaxes were revealed until the Pearson name was mud. At this point, Robert was glad he didn't share his parent's name, given that his mom divorced his 'real' dad only a couple days after Robert was born.

    After being ridiculed through middle and high school, his parents found some weird new place that they thought all the dragons were hiding... Amity Park. It was in some other state, and a very far move, but... given that Robert still couldn't find a job, mainly because he's been laughed out of every job interview thanks to his family, he had to come with. It was okay, though, a fresh start, a clean slate. After a long and tiring trip to the airport, thanks to the family being unable to afford any kind of movers, he noticed a strange, almost ethereal person. "You... this amulet, it must stay in the bloodline... I sense that you and I... we're related... please... take it. This belonged to my brother, but.... I don't think I'll be seeing him anymore." she said to Robert. This was particularly strange, given that they were on a plane, and half of her body was in the ground, or, in the air below the plane, or whatever. "Uh... what?" Robert asked the woman, who didn't respond, simply handing him the strange amulet. This... could probably sell for quite a bit... not enough for me to move out, but it's a start! Robert thought as the plane continued on its course. Robert stared into the green gemstone of the amulet, as if that would help to determine whether or not it was pure emerald... wait... it WAS emerald, right? Of course, since Robert is no jeweler, he had no idea, and eventually just stopped looking at it. Though, the cat's-eye design in the center of the gem was intriguing.

    Then, of course, they actually made it to the place. This 'Amity Park'... it was a complete ghost town. It even had weird, green floating things... those couldn't be ghosts, right? RIGHT!? Robert shook his head at any thoughts that those things were ghosts, and instead turned his head towards the odd building. He didn't get much time to look at it before his dad had him basically move the family in. Gah... once I get my own place, I'm NEVER MOVING AGAIN Robert thought as he struggled with the typically heavy boxes and beds. His dad came up with an excuse that he was getting too old, and that the plane ride messed with his back. It took hours, possibly even a full day to get all the stuff in, with Robert's dad eventually helping, thankfully, and once he finished, jet lag wasn't the only thing making him tired. He got onto his bed, and just passed out. The next day was supposed to be his first day at the new college, but... Robert... kinda missed it. He slept through half of that day, and when he got up, class was already over. Of course, a new day, and this time, he doesn't have to go to college... maybe this day will be better?

    Other: By the way, Absol, I noticed another must/mist typo... in your bio.

    Quote from Gunia

    Name: Elaine Hanson

    Gender: Female

    Age: Approximately 13.67 Years

    Species: Human inside and out.

    Moveset(POKEMON ONLY): She’s not a pokemon, so..

    Pokemon (HUMAN ONLY): Eh, nope.

    Powers: She does not possess any supernatural abilities.

    Appearance: Long dark brown, almost black hair that goes down most of her back, pale Irish skin that burns within ten minutes of sun exposure, and dark green eyes. She is often found wearing a short sleeved black shirt imprinted with the white silhouette of a skull with a raven perched on top along with dark jeans and black tennis shoes. She is around 5"6'.

    Bio/History: Elaine grew up in the world of pokemon, in a decently sized house with her parents and two younger sisters. Although Elaine never really took an interest to pokemon, spending most of her time at a computer screen talking to her friends and gaming. When she wasn’t glued to a screen she was either reading or drawing, which she did so constantly.

    Elaine knew that pokemon existed; she just never really saw the point in traveling around and training them. It was much easier to stay hidden in her stories and games, lost in the world of fantasy.

    One day after school she decided to take a small detour through the forest that bordered her house. The air was cool and crisp, the leaves showing the beginning of fall. She had heard talk of pokemon disappearing at school, but dismissed it as a mere rumor as she enjoyed the crisp breeze fall brought. As she was walking a flash of green light suddenly blinded her, a swirling green vortex that looked vaguely like a portal appearing before her. Before she could say or do anything the portal forced her inside, and she dropped into unconsciousness.

    Other: Ehm... noo... Why would I have anything else to say? >.>

    She actually has terribly eyesight, and can only see up to three inches before everything starts to blurs. She has a pair of glasses, but seeing as she usually wears her contacts to school she only has her contacts and not her glasses that she left at home. And one pair of contacts with no solution to soak them in only last so long...

    Quote from KaBling

    ((Name: Milloon Hall

    Gender: Male (please?)

    Age: 36 (I don't understand the concept of aging in Pokemon...)

    Species: Porygon-Z

    -Signal Beam


    -Has thrusters - on back and at the ends of arms and tail. Used for flight and somewhat a flamethrower.
    -Can scan, although not detailed.
    -Can cloak, although not effectively - a shimmer can be seen if one focuses. Will be temporarily exhausted in the end from the energy drained.

    -Neon-cyan Porygon-Z.
    -Has a roll of bandages covering arm, neck and tail - underneath are graphics which light pass through (think partial cloaking).

    Biography: Milloon was just a string of coding from the beginning, an unfinished project after the owner's heart stopped and lay slumped on the desk. His two sons fiddled with coding they learned from him, passed down from two generations. After many years or endless typing and weeping, Milloon was created. Unfortunately, he wasn't stable as the coding wasn't exactly an expert's example. Not only he couldn't float, but he had a gender and was missing graphics in places. They were covered with bandages and was further tinkered with, eventually being given thrusters for movement.

    MANY years later, the brothers split and one left the house in disgrace. With Milloon. However, he was lost on the way, the owner suffering the same fate as the previous owner. He spent most of his life on the streets and wilderness, avoiding trainers and making headlines several for being an elusive and mysterious Pokemon. One trainer nearly actually caught him, although he had a big heart and let him go - they became friends. They would bump into each other occasionally, the trainer catching Pokemon and Milloon quietly passing by.

    One day, the trainer didn't turn up to his usual spot. Milloon didn't notice for about several days until he realised something was wrong. Tracing him back to his house, Milloon didn't remember what happened next, waking up on some rubble and grass. He did remember that he was looking for the trainer somewhere here though. As a result of his certain cloaking ability, he is sometimes mistaken for another ghost.

    ((Apologies, but I'm not familiar with one half of the RP. Therefore, biography is terrible.))

    Other: Getting information mixed up will be awkward...))
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    The models are going great! I love the work your putting into all this, and I'll help out any way I can.
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    sure, we need all the beta testers we can get :3
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    Nice choice bro, Umbreon is cool! Okay I have three choices 1. Absol 2. Absol Vaporeon 3. Absol Houndoom
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    "I reckon any place that's not here is good.. We don't want any walkers to find us." Kilkira said as Shade jumped onto her shoulder. "And where have you been?" Kilkira said to Shade, not expecting a response. Shade just meowed and sat on Kilkira's shoulder.
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    Oh boy, now comes the update beggars.... The minecraft 1.4.2 update JUST CAME OUT! Mo'Creatures will update when it updates, be patient. I refuse to update till this updates, however, others probs don't share my opinion. ANYWAY... The update for Mo'Creatures will come out when it comes out.
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