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This is where you can learn all about the one here on MCF known as Absol!

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General Information
I go by my online aliases, which are Duma, Glass, Absol and Wildsilver Abbreviations of these names are Dooms, Wild, Silver, Kitten(Only used by close friends) and Kat. Due to fall outs with my mother every-so-often, that has practically voided any want for a romantic relationship with people so I consider myself a Demiromantic Asexual, and I class myself as Genderfluid, so I don't mind what gender you call me by(and I will neither confirm nor deny if you ask, but I am technically female as far as physical appearance). I class my close friends as family, and I will stand up for them. My birthday is the 25th of August, and I am a Virgo, but I have more Leo traits. I am around 5'8"-ish, and I live in Australia.

I'm sensitive about the topic of my past life as I've had a pretty violent school life up until recently. I steer around topics such
as my blood family as I don't get along with most of them, but if I do talk about them it'll mostly be short and to the point. I have zero tolerance for bullying and liars, and I am no stranger to violence, but that doesn't mean I condone it. I'm fine with people calling me out on my flaws, and even teasing me on it - I'll just ignore you, but as soon as you turn to one of my friends and bully them, you've stepped onto ground you won't come back from. I don't take compliments very well, but eventually I'll accept them(Sort of anyway).

Contact Information
The best way to contact me is through Skype or
DeviantART, as I frequent them.
My DeviantART is Glass TheAbsol
My Skype is glass_the_absol. Keep in mind I will
only add you on Skype if I know who you are.
My E-Mail is [email protected]
My Steam is glasstheabsol.
My Facebook is neglected, but for those who
are wondering it's Glass TheAbsol
My Tumblr is glasstheabsol

Interests and Fandoms

Favorite Music Artists

Broadway Karkat
30 Seconds To Mars
Green Day
Bullet For My Valentine
Breaking Benjamin
Framing Hanley
Linkin Park
Imagine Dragons
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Adam Lambert
Jeff Williams
Of Monsters And Men
Three Days Grace
Cobra Starship
Creature Feature
Guy Sebastian
Bon Jovi
Cold Chisel
Poets Of The Fall
Get Scared
Evans Blue
The Fray
Matchbox 20
Mumford And Sons
Skylar Grey
Ed Sheeran
Meg And Dia
Block B
Maroon 5
Fort Minor
Motion City Soundtrack
These Kids Wear Crowns
Typography Animation
The Highwaymen
Black Veil Brides
Attack! Attack!
Go Periscope
Arrows To Athens
Blue Oyster Cult
Chris De Burgh


Mayday Parade

I Prevail

Hollywood Undead

(And may others)

Artwork Mediums
Pastels (Oil And Chalk)

Miska - Husky, Female, 7
Tiger - Labrador, Male, 3
Mystique - Shorthaired Ragdoll, Female, 9
Tatts - Domestic Shorthair, Female, 4
Samurai - Water Dragon, Female, 2
Ashen - Rat, Female, 1
Ghoul - Siamese Fighting Fish, Male, 1
Pepper - Siamese Fighting Fish, Male, 2
Zombie - Siamese Fighting Fish, Male, 1

Other Interests
I love to write, and I consider myself an experienced and fluent Roleplayer, and I strive to be better. I have written a few Fanfictions, and I am in the process to writing my own book. I take a lot of pride and effort in making my characters, and I don't appreciate flamers. I have a few sonas (Glass, among a few others), but this does no make me my character, so do not get mad at me for what they might say/do. Thanks~

Hunger Games
Wolf's Rain
Danny Phantom
Shingeki No Kyojin (Attact on Titan)

Soul Eater

Tokyo Ghoul

Assassin's Creed

Death Note

Black Butler

Angel Beats

(Plus a few more I can't recall as of now)

That's all for now! Come back soon!

Location Unova [Australia]

Profile Information

Minecraft Wildsilver Xbox Glass The Absol Steam glasstheabsol

Contact Methods

Website URL Skype glass_the_absol