About Me

Yooo I'm Krome/Glass. Trans male he/him, 22 years old and the proud dad of 3 cats and 3 dogs. Keep screaming crotch mandrakes away from me (I really don't like children) and let me cry over games and anime. Demirom Asexual, autistic, an artist and happily taken. Always dying inside and outside some days. Fun fact, I am Australian and my sleep schedule is always a mess. There is no sleep for me, ever. My fursonas are a mess and so am I.

Also, want some fancy art that's drawn by a starving budding art business? Want to support independent artist businesses and all that cool jazz? Consider giving my art a look, and a sweet peek at.

I run my art under the official business name Shatter Glass Art, and I am always accepting commissions! I'll draw nsfw, gore, mech, anything really as long as it's not super gross things like toilet kinks. That's nasty.

Feel free to message me in DMs, or contact me at any of the links below.

:e_mail: [email protected]

Services Offered: 2D digital drawings
Portfolio/Website Links:


Average Wait Time:
■ Roughly 1 week for most pieces of art. Extra detailed stuff may take longer.
Pricing: (All my prices are in USD!)

》Headshot: $10
》Bust: $20
》Waist-up: $40
》Fullbody: $50

》Headshot: $20
》Bust: $30
》Waist-up: $60
》Fullbody: $85

Flat Colors
》Headshot: $25
》Bust: $35
》Waist-up: $65
》Fullbody: $90

Cell Shade
》Headshot: $30
》Bust: $40
》Waist-up: $75
》Fullbody: $100

》Headshot: $35
》Bust: $50
》Waist-up: $85
》Fullbody: $120

Preferred Methods Of Contact:
■ Discord! (KromaticGlass#6145)
[email protected]
Favourite Visual Artist
Neytrix, DarkEdgeTV

Favourite Movies
HTTYD Series, Watership Down

Favourite TV Shows
Danny Phantom, a lot of animes

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anything that sounds nice.

Favourite Books
Song of the Summer King

Favourite Writers
Tamora Pierce

Favourite Games
Ark, Assassins Creed

Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox, PC

Other Interests
Writing, roleplays, streaming.
Location Unova [Australia]

Profile Information

Minecraft Wildsilver Xbox Beta Pers3i Steam glasstheabsol Twitch kromaticglass Nintendo SW-1520-3601-5635 Discord KromaticGlass#6145

Contact Methods

Website URL Skype glass_the_absol