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Um, I don't know what to type here. Um, I like command blocks and MMORPGs and salty things and...I'll stop. Oh I know. Um, I'm a libra and I hate injustice and I love helping people with things I know. ^^'' I guess that's all.


I'm interested in physics, chemistry, command blocks and salty things. One of my new favorite things that make me smile is helping people on the minecraftforums with questions. I've started visiting a thread that allows me to do that (Yay!) and when people appreciate what you're doing, it makes me happy and I feel like spending all my money on salty things to celebrate. ^_^

I love cats and dogs, I also enjoy seeing conflicts get solved (sometimes I won't mind my own buisness, 'cause it makes me sad if others are sad).

I don't like sweets, except: Spongecake? Muffins, Pancakes, Waffles, French toast, Ice cream (I'm lactose intolerant T^T), less-sweet cakes, anything with whipped cream on. I also don't like ignorant and selfish people. I like people that have decent grammar. I LOVE the people that ask me requests for command contraptions and anyone that'd ask ME for any sort of help, that makes me so happy I'd like to cry T^T.

I'm interested in finding a group of redstoners/mapmaking team to work with or just hang out with. My dream is to become an artist of some sort, hopefully with tablets and stuff. My second dream is to help a ton of people with redstone and teach them stuff on a server were I'd help them with basics and concepts too, whilst also learning things myself! Hehehe...? Um, that's all.

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