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    Quote from al97729

    the reson you two ^^ get a black screen is because minecraft forge comes with its own "META INF" folder you have to delete it again, i know this because it happened to me and i saw the folder in minecraft forge folder

    Well that's stupid. Thanks for the help! :biggrin.gif:
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    I really think the whole nether wart growing process is unnecessarily long. I don't want to AFK in the Nether to be able to make potions. and I don't want to cheat and use INVedit either.
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    Quote from Tehninjah

    Hunger. Damn pigs keep running away =C

    At least you can still find pigs. My world is barren of all life.
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    posted a message on How Do You Feel About The Direction Minecraft Is Going?
    People used to say that Terraria was a 2D Minecraft. Now Minecraft is becoming a 3D Terraria.
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    posted a message on Corny Minecraft jokes
    In my Algebra class we were once using X and Y coordinates to graph stuff. I made up a funny way of remembering how this works:

    X (horizontal) is how far away I set my house from my initial spawn (zero.)

    Y (Vertical) is how deep my mines are or how tall my buildings are.

    -Y coordinates meant I'd find diamonds and iron but +Y coordinates meant I'd find less.

    So my teacher eventually pieced together my formula using the little notes I scribble in my paper's margins and when she did she put it on the bulletin board in the teacher's lounge. Everyone laughed... until I got an A- on my final using the same method.

    I once also did a problem where I had to graph to -15 and I just sort of blurted out "DIAMONDS!" The teachers thought I was nuts until the above story happened.
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