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    posted a message on Terrain regeneration mod.
    That actually sounds pretty sweet. I'd vouch for it!
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    posted a message on Building blunders! (Everyone has them.)
    Quote from Purechillos

    *Builds huge epic wall of awesome*
    -Realizes, needs to move one of the walls over 2 blocks-
    "FUUUU-" Then I delete my world :D

    I think deleting your world is a bit overkill.
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    posted a message on Swamps must go!
    I agree with you. Swamps are friggin' ugly. I have one behind my house and I hate it.
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    posted a message on First Minecraft World?
    (TL;DR warning)

    I joined Minecraft a few days before beds were added (I think that was around Beta 1.3) and I really only bought it to see what the fuss was all about. I ended up loving it.

    My very first world I did not enter a seed and simply named the world "New World." I spawned at the base of a big mountain and set off to survive! Except surviving is hard without the wiki and I CONSTANTLY kept it open in a spare tab to help me. I played on peaceful until I learned how to survive.

    I started out building a shallow underground shelter and making a ladder and a hole in the ceiling my only way out. I lined the walls with wood, set up some furnaces, a chest, and started surviving. I stayed in this shelter for about two days beforeI decided it sucks. I eventually built a cobblestone building on top and made a hallway to the hole to my shelter. I lived here for two weeks.

    Then one day, inspiration struck. I looked at the top of the relatively flat mountain and decided it needed a castle or some other stone building on top of it. I started digging a staircase THROUGH the mountain and eventually wound up at the top. I dug a staircase mine tos supply me with stone and began building my town (that was what I decided I would want.) The first thing I did was make a water spring in the center of the mountain and make a cobblestone channel that flowed off of the side. It was the first ever decorative thing I've made and I eventually added a second channel to it once the town was built. I built a plaza, two housing buildings, one MASSIVE storage building that protruded off of the side of the building, and two unused houses. A month later I added two more housing buildings on them and started building around the base of the mountain.

    I replaced an entire side of the mountain with cobblestone. The wall was about 50 blocks tall and 25 blocks wide. Could you imagine how long that took me? I built a giant cobblestone staircase up the side of the mountain and crafted a cobblestone waterfall for the aforementioned channel to flow into. The entire thing emptied into a giant swimming pool I made at the bottom that extended INTO the mountain itself. I made an entire cobblestone plaza and town at the base of the mountain before I finally decided to name the place. I decided to call it "Smoothstone" and even made a sign declaring that at the entrance to the staircase. To this day it remains my favorite world.

    Other things I did:

    -Botched an attempt to make obsidian from a lava pool by falling in. This was 15 days in.

    -Build a staircase mine that went to bedrock (I called it The Center of The Earth.) This is what supplied the cobblestone used to build Smoothstone.

    -Made an entire field of lit Netherrack and found out it was a good way to acquire cooked pork. I named the area "The Valley of Burnt Meat" and even put up a sign.

    -Killed 159 mobs in the same area and christened it "The Valley of Corpses."

    -Built a gigantic railway with boosters to take me down the mountain.

    Alright, that's enough. But yeah, that was m first world.
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    posted a message on What new foods would you like to see?
    I just find the lack of variety of food somewhat disappointing. We have three types of meat, two of which are the same. One USELESS crop, one crop that gives you an abundance of the fruit, basic bread, worthless cookies, Fish which aren't worth your time, and mushroom stew; the only thing worth using (for me at least.)

    I'd like to see things like roasted pumpkin seeds, boiled pumpkin, frozen watermelon slices (not sure how that'd work :P), beef stew, seasoned bread (seasoned with crushed seeds) and generally more options when it comes to food.

    Yet I feel like MANY of you are going to disagree with this idea. Whatever. I'm just suggesting new things.
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    posted a message on Beaches are back! Now they are better then before! (with poll, pictures and suggestion!)
    I remember when I was building a small outpost I happened to fine a gravel beach very close to it. I named that outpost "Black Sands" because of it.
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    posted a message on What is your favorite biome to live in?
    The middle of the desert for me. Build a few buildings and erect a huge wall around it.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [SSP/SMP] More Uses For Pumpkins [V1.6]
    Love this mod! I started on an island with a LOT of wild pumpkins growing on it and now I have a reason to use them! :biggrin.gif:

    Five out of five!
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    posted a message on You wake up to a real creeper in your house. What do you do?
    Take the crowbar I keep on my nightstand (I really have one) and go Gordon Freeman on that thing's ass.
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    posted a message on Your funniest "OH CRAP" moment!
    My first Enderman fight.

    I was out filling up some unexplored space on my map and I see a dirt block in an odd place. I stop and look around, and then I see it. I CAREFULLY approach it with my diamond sword and brace myself.

    I look at it.

    It screams, teleports, and proceeds to make me run like a little girl while utterly destroying and eventually killing me.

    I had to go maybe 2 biomes to get my stuff back.
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