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First of all, you're probably wondering how you saw my name or what it came from (obviously not but I'm gonna tell you anyway.) My name is -something- I sort of made up on my own. I play the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series a lot and one thing I've always noticed is that other STALKERS always say "abreevyat" or something similar when you walk near them. I took it, spelled it as best as I could, and made it my name. You say it "A-breevy-YAT (say the "y" like it was an "I".)

Now onto my Minecraft stuff... (Warning, probably Tl;DR)

I use Alyxandor's Link To The Past texture pack as my default. I've been using it ever since I first got Minecraft (1.2, 1.3.1) and I couldn't be any happier with it. :biggrin.gif:

I currently have two 64-stacks of diamonds and 78 blocks of iron (nine times 78... that's a lot of iron.) But isn't that expected when you have strip mines and quarries that go all the way into bedrock?

I'm currently on my 9th world. Whenever I feel as if a world has lost its appeal or whenever I have so many resources I'm set for life, I move on. I've had three worlds from the planetoid map generator tool (the fastest ones to go), four from the actual mp generator, and two from my friends. All (if not most), of them went in a month. Although I still the saves in a backup folder if I ever feel nostalgic. ;D

Wow... Did I really just sit here for ten minutes and write all this without any shred of what I was saying? Apparently so.

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