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    Quote from Robert2058

    Yeah! Congratulations on winning ablakac!

    Quote from Lavahandler123

    Congrats abla! Maybe next time you can help me win? Lol like I'll ever win XD



    Thanks :) As always, I wish everyone else hoping to win Event Wars the best of luck as well. (gl3nn and Josh, please don't kill me D: )
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    Ok, so I've noticed that people seem to not be trying very hard to get their guard applications and ban appeals look good. So I've decided to help all of you with guard applications and ban appeals. First off, let's start with some ground rules that you should follow if you want to get accepted.

    Guard Applications

    1: Do NOT say things like "I have noticed that guards are not doing very well in the server." or "There are not enough guards in the server." They make the guards on the server sound bad and will make it sound like you are telling the staff that they are bad at their job.

    2: Use proper grammar in your app. This I cannot stress enough. The Alphas and Wardens will read over your app and check various traits that make you fit for guard. Your grammar can say a lot about your age and your maturity.

    3: Make sure how you act in-game is fit for a guard. Acting immature and childish will make you look bad. Also in the rules, do not nag ANYBODY to read your app.

    4: Do not lie in your app. The Wardens have their ways of finding out your lies. If you lie about your age, the wardens will be able to tell by how you act in-game (I.e. swearing, jokes, skins, overall personality)

    5: Be mature about it. I cannot stress this rule enough either. The Wardens will not give a child guard because they asked for it. You have to be mature and take your job seriously. Always goofing off and not doing your job as a guard will get you a bad reputation.

    6: (This is not so much a rule, but more of information) The Alphas and Wardens will select guards by other things than just your application. You must be mature enough to handle guard. You must be active on the server. Your application must be of a good standard.

    Ban Appeals

    1: Do not spam your appeal. The Alpha/Warden that banned you will make the choice whether or not to unban you in their own time span. Do not repeatedly ask them to unban you or post your appeal again.

    2: Be mature about it. Same as guard, being mature is a big thing in ban appeals. If you make an appeal following like this "I was banned for false Xray" or "I was banned UNBAN ME NOW" You will be denied. The alpha/warden that banned you knows that their choice to ban you was not false. And I doubt they will unban somebody who is begging for it.

    3: Similar to the last rule, do not tell the alpha/warden that the ban was false unless you are positive that it was. They will almost definitely not unban you because they had a true reason to ban you. They would not ban you if it was false.

    4: Try to make it believable. Do not ask them to unban you, tell them that you are sorry and you have learned your lesson. (Just make sure that you are actually sorry. Also make sure you have your hacks uninstalled if you were hacking.)

    I will now give a demonstration application for both the ban appeal and guard application. These are just examples that you should try and use to make your app better.

    Guard Application

    1) Username: My username is _______
    2) Your age: (Do not lie here)
    3) How long have you been playing the server?(Minimum of 3 days) I have been playing on Convicted for ______ (Days, Months, Years)
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? (Read the rules if you haven't already. There is some IMPORTANT stuff in there. Noakii said so)
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? (Yes if yes, No if no. Either one works)
    6) What is your time zone? My timezone is ______
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs) Here is where you will get judged the most. Write a 1-2 paragraph summary of why you should be guard. Max is 4 if you want to put some effort into it. Make sure it is detailed and has good grammar and such. Do not lie here either.
    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline? All I can say here, is do not nag them.
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard?
    My current prison rank is (C, B, A, Elite, Free + Donor ranks) And then take a screenshot in-game incase you get accepted.

    Ban Appeal

    IGN: My username was ______
    Current rank on the server: My Current prison rank was (C, B, A, Elite, Free. Donations really don't matter here.)
    Reason you were banned: I was banned for ______
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know) I was banned by (Warden/Alpha name/N/A)
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone) I was banned at (Time of ban. You may not know this, so just put an estimate of days/months) My time zone is (Timezone)
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: Make this area of the appeal a significant amount of length to show that you really do care about the server. Be mature and use proper grammar as well. Pour your heart out and make sure that you do not tell the server they falsely banned you or are horrible people for banning you.
    Any additional information: Tell them any additional information. Say sorry, tell them how you did it. Tell them that you will never do it again etc...

    These were meant for educational purposes and were teaching people how to properly write a ban appeal/guard application.

    Thank you.
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    Let the Happiness Subside!


    Let it subside in all of us. Now, there is another victor to the very difficult quest upon the name of World Quest! Now, if I beat Factory Quest and Couples Quest, I'll have beaten all the quests on the server so far!
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    Hey Convicted Admins! Just a video that contains a reason I believe that one of the server's quests is not possible. No I am not nagging you to fix it. By all means take your time. I'm just informing you so that you do not have people (annoyances) responding with annoying posts saying to fix it with no evidence of it being impossible.

    Sidenote: I sound a lot younger than I actually am. (A.K.A Please do not judge me by my voice!) And in case somebody was wondering, The microphone I am currently using to record Is a Blue Snowball (Grey Color)

    Thanks for considering my hypothesis.
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    Something Isn't Adding Up Here

    Sorry if this is taken as spam but could somebody please read this as I think what i say through most of the time.
    I have recently made a Ban Appeal (sorry for cheating) and somebody made a Guard Application Directly after i made my ban appeal.
    Now I am not too sure what the system is for the Guard and Ban Apps but i made my Ban appeal before the person made his guard Application and his got answered before mine.
    Now somebody is going to read this and say "dude stop being impatient and wait for your appeal to be answered" But i think that if I made my appeal first shouldn't it be answered before the Guard App was?

    Now for some of my thoughts on why it was answered before mine.

    [1] Guard Applications have higher demand to be answered than Ban Appeals do because there are more Guard Applications than Ban Appeals.

    [2] Ban Appeals are less important because the people who are banned are banned and there is no changing that.

    [3] The person who issued the ban has to answer the ban (for me that would be Builder1028)

    [4] (This could very well be wrong as I got banned about a year ago and have not appealed until today) Ban Appeals are being automatically denied because the person who was banned was banned too long ago for it to count.

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