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    God man, Convicted has really gone a long way from when I first started. I really met some good people on it, and I won't type forever, but ever since starting when I was just a 12 year old boy, I've met some of my closest friends on the server. God knows that if I wasn't only 15 and knew how to, I would totally take it upon myself to recreate and provide a place for the old convicted people to rejoin. I'd love it but it is just a dream at this point. Cheesy as it may sound, I almost would go as far as to say that Convicted treated me better than reality ever has. I got my first taste of fame ever on Convicted being a famous parkourist. I have honestly never felt better than when I saw my name under the "famous players" tab on the wiki for my excel in parkour. I will never quite be as good as Charsmars was though. Anyways, to wrap up, Convicted wasn't just a server. It was a community, a society and a place that felt like home. It was one of the only places that would accept an annoying twelve year old who was kinda good at the game. I have never been more thankful, and if anyone ever gets any ideas on how we could possibly bring any essence of the server back, contact me and I'd love to hear it.

    Sincerely, Ablakac.

    I miss you all so much.

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    Hello, Convicted. As many of you have realized I am quite inactive. This is for many reasons and one is just because I`m sick and tired of convicted. There isn`t enough to do. The main reason is because my Minecraft won`t work, and I`ll talk more about that at the end of this. The third and most obvious reason is life and school. I won`t go into too much depth with this one because I`m not one to share a lot of my life, but those are just my main reasons, I`m not dead or anything I`m just not motivated to, and can`t play. I would love to make a comeback sometime soon but convicted just has a few problems with it`s server. These problems mostly consist of;

    ~The main problem, and the most easily fixable is that the server is too boring. Now I know that you can't please everyone with this one, but convicted has been doing it wrong for quite some time. It just needs some touching up for the prisoners and more things to do when you get to free. Doing the same parkours over and over again can get mind-numbing, and PvP can't always be fun either because once you run out of diamond gear, opples and OP swords you really can't have fun with it anymore. Summarized, just give frees more stuff to do.

    ~The second thing is favouritism. This is also extremely fixable because it can easily be solved at the discretion of the players. I wont stay too long on this one because it's self-explanatory. Wardens and other people of power, just don't favourite certain people because the people who get ignored find it quite irritating and eventually will quit.

    ~Relating to my last topic, the third problem is that there are too many people of power. People of power being: GUARDS, Alphaguards, and Wardens. Guards and alpha guards shouldn't be as plentiful as they are, as for wardens, they aren't as big a problem. but they could still behave better towards their players. Guards and alpha guards are far too plentiful, when you are, for example, rioting or doing a single man battle, you will kill one person and be bombarded by about 7 guards and 3 alpha guards. It makes PvP extremely obnoxious and with all the people, there isn't one time on the server that there are only frees and prisoners on.

    ~Another not so large, but still very important problem is that wardens and alphas are too forgiving when it comes to giving punishments. Simply put, if someone gets a punishment they deserve the full punishments. No questions asked.

    ~A problem that many players find EXTREMELY irritating is that the wardens and alphas only listen to the players that they like. I have seen countless great suggestions go to waste because nobody wanted to listen to the person giving the idea, and never even gave them a chance at trying to make this server better. In fact, I doubt anything is going to happen, even with all these problems, and all the time I spent typing this will go to waste.

    ~Most likely the biggest problem in the server making it put me on edge is that the server is extremely unbalanced. Parkourists and PvPers are given things far too easily than they should be. If a parkourist wante a sharpness 8 sword, I'm sure there's some way they should get it through a parkour.

    ~PvP, simply put, is absolutely atrocious to do. Shortly, if you don;t have 2 stacks of opples, a sharp 7 or more, double chaos and armor and a bow with loads of enchantments, you wont be able to PvP at all. These things need to be fixed. Yes, it will make some people angry to try and fix them, but it will be a lot more balanced.

    I very much apologize for making you read this enormous wall of text, but I'm just trying to get my point out that the server is extremely broken. I will try to get back on the server whenever I can. And in the meantime, try to make something happen about these.

    And if anyone wanted to see what was the issue with my minecraft launcher, everytime I open the minecraft launcher, I get the exact same text:

    FATAL ERROR: net.minecraft.fatalbootstraperror: Unable to download while being forced.

    If you have any idea what's going on, please respond with a solution to the issue.

    Thanks for listening to my little rant, I'll try and be back soon. ~Ablakac
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    1) Username:
    My username is ablakac
    2) Your age:

    I am currently 13 years old.
    3) How long have you been playing the server?

    I joined the server in August 2012, but I can already assure you that I haven't been playing for 2 years yet. Altogether, My playing time is roughly 9 months.
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?

    Yes, I have read them to the point that I know them off the top of my head. Noakii
    5) Any experience with the prison genre?

    I have played on multiple prison servers through my time. Some examples are Killion, Mumau's Prison, Cityprison, and of course, Convicted.
    6) What is your time zone?

    My timezone is Pacific Standard Time.
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs)

    I believe that I am the best choice for guard because I am experienced with the position. I am also experienced with Moderation, and I'm aware that alpha is basically a position of moderation. Along with being experienced, I am also quite a good PvPer, as my early days of Minecraft were filled with PvP related games, mostly Survival Games. I'm going along with the gear that trainees and guards get. I know that the gear they are equipped with isn't all that good, but I can cope. I'm not the kind of person that needs good gear and opples to be successful in PvP. Yes, I have buffs and potions that I may use to help me guard well, such as chaos, but I can assure you that I don't need them to PvP at all.

    I also believe that I am a good choice for guard because I am a loyal member of the server and refuse to give up on anything, no matter how hard it may be. I admit that I'm not one who likes to work together with others, but I will if I must do so. However, guarding is an exception. Guarding by yourself is no fun, and I can tell you that straight out. Guarding is better as a team effort, and I will cope with all the other guards when told to. Speaking of which, I will not work together with other people such as frees when it comes to guarding. I'm a relatively unbiased person and am determined to stick to a task, and finish said task.

    One of the last reasons I believe I am well fitted for the guarding position is that I can take a lot of abuse and get angry only rarely. Some may disagree with what I say, and tell me that I get angry a little too much. Most of this is towards certain people that I take as exceptions, as usually these exceptions are very obnoxious people that not many people like in general. Or, on other hands, the anger is straight out sarcasm. A lot of everything I say in-game is sarcasm. Getting angry very easily can result in emotional changes, and may cause you to abuse your guarding powers, which can never be good. I am also very knowledgeable of the rules, and what counts as abuse and what doesn't.

    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline?
    Yes, I am patient and will wait as long as I have to.
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard?

    My current rank is Free and I have loads of screenshots stored if I ever need any.
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    Quote from Randoman200

    I 100% agree with your statement but the difference between me and you I like to be a little be more controversial.... I think there should be a complete WIPE of stars (except donor for obvious reasons) and having it how we did back a while back ago where a warden has an event to try to obtain a stars and the only other ways of obtaining them is winning special events that are not hosted very ofter if you are not good at the other Wardens event eg. Dusty's Parkour. If we make Chaos harder we should also make the prize better for when you achieve chaos.

    Another thing that needs help is the economy the tribes was a good idea and a step in the right direction but they are hella expensive. A good way to lower the money count is to allow anvils before everybody boos hear me out. People should pay a good 300k-500k to be teleported into the a room to allow people to repair swords and items (Swords higher than sharpness 5 CAN NOT BE REPAIRED ANVILS) it allows people to repair things if they have levels and the money and also allows a new trade of enchanted books to be released into the market.

    Huh. I expected a load of people to argue with me. Not that that was what I was trying to get, but I honestly expected more arguments. Good to know I'm somewhat relatable :D
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    Hello again, Convicted! I haven't made a post on the forums for quite some time, so why not come back with an argument...
    I have been having commitment issues with the server lately, and as a result, I can't play as much as I used to. I was contemplating whether or not to quit Convicted for a relatively long timespan to keep commitment, and not play against my own will. But the activities on the server have recently been sealing the thoughts for me. I understand your opinions, and they are valid to me. What I'm about to say will make a countless number of people angry. Convicted was once dying, but is now being reborn, but not in the way I expected. The server has gone downhill since it's recent rebirth and such. A few problems have arisen that have caused commitment issues for me the most. One of these being the economy being unstable. Tribes and other rares have been thrown out into the economy, and have been thrown in there as an attempt to clear some money from the unstable economy. I'm fine with that decision, but that's not the only factor to it. Recently, 8Q was brought back, harder than ever. However, people have remastered it, and can get loads of rare items and stars from it easily, thus making the economy unstable. This next thing I'm about to say will make several chaos and non chaos users EXTREMELY upset. You have been warned. I will come out clean with this. I'm quite hypocritical, and I am cocky as well. I can't deny those factors of myself. But this is outright ridiculous. When I rejoined the server in December 2013, chaos was still relatively difficult to achieve, seeing as the two red stars still had to be won from events. The rest of the stars were completely easy to get, seeing as depending on how good you were at parkour, or how rich you were, you could get chaos easily. I had taken this route for stars. But this has gone too far. With the recent re-release of 8Q, chaos can literally be bought using nothing more than BP. You can buy pink, black, and the tokens for dark red scroll and the other stars. You can even pay somebody to do the parkour with the scroll for you. A certain individual got upset at me for arguing about this in game. Seeing as he had gotten chaos back in the day when you could get it from nothing more than events. If anyone would like to complain about what I just said about the new stars, go ahead, sue me. I cannot stress enough how easy and boring the server has gotten since my days as a C and B blocker in 2012. With the whole chaos thing going on, I can suggest 2 solutions to the problem, or you can keep it as is.

    1: Nerf the chaos buff. Too many people with haste III = nightmarish convicted.

    2: Make chaos unachievable except through events.

    I understand the sheer rage building up inside of your head right now, I know how much you want to kill a baby kitten. I understand that 90% of the server will hate me after I post this, and frankly, I could care less that any of you hate me. I'm not liking the server right now, and I'm not sure that anybody cares about me after what I've just said, but either this month or in May, I'm going to quit Convicted for a few months, and take a break.

    Now would be a good time to start killing baby kittens.
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    Haha sloth, I knew you wanted the eye ;)

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    Quote from Dachimp101

    Hello again community of convicted, let me reintroduce myself I am DaChimp I previously quit but have returned :D hello old friends and hello to the newer players of the server that I have yet to meet anyways lets begin.
    How long have I been playing the server: Around 2+ years maybe a little bit more
    Have you read the guard rules: Yes I have read the guard rules and i'm acquainted from previous experience on Convicted.
    Why are you the best choice for guard: After previously climbing to Alphaguard and experiencing the full prison genre this server has to offer I can proudly say i'd be more than experienced to return to trainee / guard. On top of that I used to be one of the strongest guards this server had to offer my pvp skills have not weakened and i'm ready to become active once more I know all the alphaguard staff very well as they're old friends and most of the wardens.
    I've experienced being alpha through some of the harder times this server had to offer so needless to say I think i'm suitable for trainee
    Ontop of this i've made numerous server decisions with the help of fellow alphas. I believe myself to be fair and just with the guard rules and i'm sure most of the alphas will agree.
    My current rank is : Free
    ^^^ Picture proof
    Also my timezone is gmt+0
    Noakii has [email protected]
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my application >;3

    Welcome Back, Wez ^_^
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    Lava caught me during my worship ceremony.
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    Quote from Mongoose_Lover


    I tried selling weed to a guard named "sloth_girl". The guard did not pay and took my weed and jailed me, that is police brutality and you will be hearing from my lawyers.

    You are aware that "weed" is contraband and a guard will jail you if you don't hand it over if they see it. I hope you're joking about abuse.
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