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    Hey, I'd like to apply for both me and my girlfriend if possible.


    MC Username: Abedamame

    Discord Name: Abed#0209

    Age: 21

    Minecraft Play Style: Love the community aspect, looking for a server that's close knit and safe to where I don't have to hide my things. Mainly a builder who likes to set up the fancy farms here and there but mainly looking to build and participate in a town environment.

    What is your Ideal Server: One that is long term and where I can interact with others in the form of events, alliances, trade deals, etc. Create lasting friendships!


    MC Username: poyomon94

    Discord Name: poyo#0531

    Age: 19

    Minecraft Play Style: same as mine

    What is your ideal server: same as mine. We are gonna probably build together :)


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    posted a message on Get Good Gaming SMP is looking for a few good players.

    The Invite link is invalid

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