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    Ok, I know I have done this a couple of times but this time im sticking with it, I am hosting a UHC free-for-all match. Rules are in the list below:

    1. Keep chat with PG language

    2. No teaming (teams are hosted at seperate times)

    3. Have fun!

    4. No raging

    5. NO HACKS

    Those are the rules here are the requirements to join:

    1. You must be at least 10+ years old to join (if you are under I will 1v1 you, if you win, you can play with the others.)

    2. You must reserve a spot to join (reply to this forum and message me at my gamertag: AbashedRex1087)

    3. You need to join the party I will host to play in the match

    Those are the requirements to join and 1 last thing, before the match I will be hosting a short warmup match for anybody who wants to practice before the match. If you have anymore questions you can ask me in the party. Ok guys see you there, BYE! ;)

    Btw the winners reward is a slot for the next match I host (if I win the reward goes to the last person alive besides me)

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    So, I am hosting a Build UHC match as soon as I get 7 people asking to join, things to know and rules are below:

    No trashtalking to others (keep chat clean etc.)

    No mic is requested or needed

    No teaming (this is a FFA, teams will be hosted if this goes well)

    Age that is recommended is 10+, if you are below I can see if I can work that out

    Last thing: HAVE FUN (I know it sounds a bit cheesy)

    Other than that I will start (message the gamertag AbashedRex1087 to join)

    Thanks and bye 😀

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    posted a message on New survival server

    Can I join?

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    To join you must msg me for an invite (my GamerTag is AbashedRex1087 caps included). The gametype is Build UHC.

    Btw no mics pls and it may take 1-2 mins for me to inv you

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