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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from Drakortha»

    I'm pretty disappointed there's nothing related to this in the upcoming Cave update. It would have been the perfect opportunity for them to introduce much deeper worlds. Is there any hope for this anymore?

    I'm pretty sure Mojang has rejected this suggestion in the past. Something to do with weather, especially snow getting messed up by it. Don't know the details though.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.17 Update Opinion Thread

    How does archeology not fit with the game?

    I think it's just doesn't really interact with other aspect of the game. It won't ruin the game or break immersion for sure but it just feels out of place I guess. Although the pot thing is cool.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.17 Update Opinion Thread

    Everything in the update was great. Apart from archeology which doesn't seem to fit with the game. We'll have to wait and see until its implemented i guess.

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    posted a message on New profession for villagers, guard

    Villager guards would look very derpy ngl

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    posted a message on Iron Stairs, Gold Stairs, Diamond Stairs, and Lapis Lazuli Stairs

    While I get where you're coming from. Gem blocks like diamond and gold block look awful when turned into stairs and slabs because their texture are made to pop out instead of blending in when tiled. Just use a texture pack that replaces oak plank with diamond block for example and see how good the stair would look.

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    posted a message on Potion Visual Revamp : make potions more pleasing to look at
    Quote from deadpisces»

    First, awkward potion. If the awkward potion is the only "non-potion" that gets a unique texture, then there would be inconsistencies. You must include new texture for the mundane and thick potion otherwise you wouldn't get my support.

    This comes down to personal preference. On the one hand, it would be great seeing new textures for those two potions. On the other hand, it would feel kind of redundant since those two potions are useless and could misdirect player into thinking that those two potions have some significance on brewing.

    The colored cork idea while sounds good on paper is horrible in practice. With the glint that surrounds the potion, the color of the cork would still be indistinguishable so yet another failure for attempting to create the solution.

    But I've explained the next point that the glint would be removed. Also, even with the glint, one can easily compare which of the two is enhanced or extended or regular simply by looking at it. Even if it is still difficult, at least they're different instead of sharing the exact same texture.

    The change from a layer of glint to full-fledged gif seems pretty redundant. I'd argue that the animated GIF is more jarring than the enchantment glint so no support on this one either.

    This is pretty subjective.

    The last is the name change, I don't personally like it but seeing that you can change it with a resource pack is useful, however, I don't see the need of it. No Support

    • to make them more compact and covers less in the inventory menu
    • to make potion even more distinguishable with the colored name when scrolling through the Hotbar
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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing
    Quote from Leed»

    Wow, I didn't know people could be this ignorant. You even just resorted to looking for a reddit post where someone found a extremely rare enchanted book to try and prove all of AFK fishing is way to OP. That book is only possible with the best of the best luck and circumstances.

    Your statement actually supports my case. So not only is this a tedious, monotonous grindy mechanic, it also very heavily relies on luck. Justifying OPness from "effort" by minimizing the chance of obtaining a godly item to 1 out of 1 thousand is still broken, period. While luck can make an aspect of a game exciting, like a random encounter of a dungeon. But luck in AFK fishing is just tedious and broken, no one should get a very big advantage over pure "luck".

    Please check the attachment below to see what I just got out of a night of AFK fishing.
    I already have the best fishing rod, so half of the slots are now being taken up by worthless fishing rods I don't need. Same goes with the bows.

    Saddles? Junk. I don't need one right now and I don't need the 10 I get from AFK fishing every night.

    But if you get those saddles from exploring, or defeating raids. Suddenly the value of that "worthless" item suddenly becomes a worthwhile treasure you can at least keep. That's the broken thing about AFK fishing.

    Leather boots? Lillypads? Bones? Hooks? Nametags? Bottles? Cownfish? Rottenflesh.

    Clownfish can be useful for water breathing potions thought. Name Tags can be useful if you don't want a certain mob to despawn or for your pet. Actually, your statement made me even realize that the existence of AFK fishing can greatly diminish the value of the variety of Minecraft items, which makes them even more harmful to the game.

    Worthless. I already have the couple name tags I need and you don't need them very often.

    And that's the thing! AFK fish farm broken nature made what's supposed to be a cherished rare item you used on special pets, animals, or any mob into a worthless junk that yu excessively get, thus reinforcing my previous point. :)

    I went over the books and most of them had worthless enchantments. I only took a efficiency 4 book from that entire chest.

    I mean you're getting what is essentially a level 30 enchantment from doing nothing. So it's still broken.

    The rest of the seven hours was thrown away. The reason I have that broken fishing rod in my hotbar is because I accidentally pulled it out of the chest, so I am not lying when I say I only could salvage one thing from all of that.

    You can grindstone that enchanted items for a hefty amount of experience. You haven't even shown what's the enchantment are for it to claim it's junk.

    That is 1/54 slots of useful items. I often search through multiple chests and only find a mending book every couple days or so.

    The fact that it relies very heavily on luck and allows you to access powerful items makes AFK fishing a broken mechanic.

    Nowhere do I see diamond blocks, fully enchanted diamond gear, fully enchanted books, stacks of wood. Just none of that.

    With all due respect, you can't just give what you think is a "powerful" item and concludes that because you didn't get said specific item makes them balanced. That's like saying finding a diamond block randomly in bonus chest is balanced because it's not enough to craft an entire set of armor and enchant it.

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    posted a message on Potion Visual Revamp : make potions more pleasing to look at

    Title lolololololPotions are useful for many Minecraft players. However, they are pretty flawed visually. The appearance of the potion and how they look like in the user interface can be greatly improved. Today, I'm going to suggest improvements to Minecraft potions in order to make them more visually appealing, easier to manage, and accessible to more players. Since this is a tweak to the potion visual design, there won't be major gameplay change.

    I. Awkward Potion

    It sometimes bugs me how awkward potion looks exactly the same as a mere water bottle despite being created out of a magical plant straight from the depths of Heck. This seems trivial at first, but then I realized that without giving the player some indicator of progress. Some new player might think they're wasting their material or did something wrong. Giving the player a new visual for the awkward potion alerts them that they've done something new that is someway crucial to brewing. Even if you didn't have the previous problem, double-checking the item name to make sure the thing you're going to add material to is in fact an awkward potion and not a switched out water bottle is pretty tedious. So I present you the texture that I have created:

    This is an awkward potion in case you're confused d:
    As you can see, the texture I have created matches the ingredient to create this thing (nether wart) and also make them obviously appear differently from a water bottle. With the new texture, no longer should you double-check if the slot is filled with water bottles or awkward potions. Also, it aesthetically looks more pleasing and adds a bit of a flavor into the game.

    II. Extended & Enhanced Potion
    Have you ever struggled to choose which regeneration potion from the creative menu has longer durability? With this tweak, you won't have that problem anymore. Extended Potion refers to potion which effect's durabilty is extended by adding redstone into the potion. Enhanced Potion refers to potion which effect's potency has been increased at the cost of the effect's durability which can be created using glowstone.

    Regular Potion, Extended Potion, and Enhanced Potion will have different colored cork as shown in the picture below:

    yea I forgot to change the "Regular" font color, sorry d:
    With the regular potion having brown/orange cork, extended having scarlet cork, and enhanced having a yellow cork. I hope that this could make potions easily more distinguishable. Originally, I thought of adding ribbons that partially cover the glass bottle. However, I realized that would cover up too much of the liquid.

    III. Potion "Glint"
    Personally, the enchantment glint that covers makes potion seems jarring to look at. The "magical wave" the item emits not only looks overwhelming but can also make some potions with similar liquid color more difficult to differentiate. So, I propose to remove the enchantment glint from potions and instead replace it with:
    A fancy liquid animation. I do admit this may not be everyone's favorite so maybe there's some sort of toggle in the options menu since this is only a cosmetic change anyway. As you can see, the GIF makes the potion looks more "magical" and less jarring personally speaking. And this is obviously would not be the representation of the final product. Point is, remove the enchantment glint and replace it with fancy new animation.

    IV. Potion Name
    Potion name will be slightly changed to make them more compact and covers less in the inventory menu. Example:
    Potion of Swiftness —> Swiftness Potion
    Splash Potion of Swiftness —> Splash Swiftness Potion
    Potion would also have a different name if they have different modification in them (Extended and Enhanced). They'd also have different font colour.
    Extended Swiftness Potion
    Enhanced Swiftness Potion
    As you can see, the color of the font resembles the material used to modify the potion. This is useful if you have multiple potions in your hotbar and you're in a situation where you don't have the time to check which potion is the modified or regular one. This tweak can be easily reverted by changing the language file inside the game in case someone doesn't like it.

    That's the suggestion. I hope that even if you don't support this suggestion, you'll have a fantastic time reading it. I've worked hard to make this suggestion looks uniform. Also, apologies for much grammatical error since English isn't exactly my native language. Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing

    Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the benefit of AFK fishing, you have to realize one thing: it is not fun. The only reason people like AFK fishing isn't because it's engaging or there's something satisfying about it. It's the fact that you can get item, rare ones even, at the cost of virtually nothing. Good game design is when Player enjoyed getting engaged in the game they're playing. The rewards shouldn't be the only thing that keeps the player engaged, but also the journey.

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    posted a message on Chest vs Barrels

    What's your favorite non-mobile storage block? Chest or Barrel?

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