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    posted a message on Eidikos Academy, School for The Gifted [OOC, Accepting]

    Name: Valand Cylius

    Age : 14

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Yellow T-shirt covered in grey jacket. Wears standard jean and black gloves.

    Race: Human

    Personality : in a very crisis circumstances can be manipulative and resourceful, otherwise he's Friendly and Kind-hearted,

    Powers: Astral Inventory. Allowing to store items, tools, weapons, at reasonable size into nothing while allowing to "Summon" the stored object from thin air into his hand. The process has to be aided with the gloves.

    Back Story: Valand came from nowhere. No one really knows his origins. He came somewhere from the north and love to experiment from his found power discovered in elementary. He loves helping people but in a critical situation, he can be a person who cares only for himself.

    Equipment: Particle Stabilizer Glove, Knives (Astral Inventory), Foods (Astral Inventory), Books (Astral Inventory)

    Weaknesses: He can't use his power correctly without his glove (resulting the object's shattering when attempting to store it or deformed the object when trying to summon it). Despite his eldritch pocket reality understanding, he's still a normal human

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    Did you have any other ideas for new minecarts that fit in with vanilla? I'd be very interested to hear them; more minecarts than the ones I've suggested would be awesome, but I haven't been able to think of any that completely fit in with vanilla.

    Minecart with Droppers

    Minecart with Redstone Block

    Minecart with Lava/Water (right click the bucket into Minecart). Releases the fluid once Minecart is broken.

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    posted a message on Improved Minecarts (w/ Pictures)
    Quote from Wolftopia»


    Minecarts have always been clunky, and are very overdue for an overhaul. Agreed


    Minecart.png Minecart with Chest.png Powered Minecart.png Minecart with Hopper.png Minecart with TNT.png

    Above are the minecarts that currently exist in the game. While I am going to propose new minecarts, I first want to make some changes to the current system through which minecarts work.

    Improve Minecart Physics

    One of the reasons the minecart system has always been clunky is the fact that both players and other minecarts can pass through minecarts. This should be changed to make minecarts easier to manage and more predictable. Minecarts should now be "solid" as boats are; walking into one is akin to walking into a block, and you are able to stand on them. Similar to cauldrons, you can stand inside a minecart. This'll make the game more polished

    Minecarts should also follow this rule when colliding with one another, meaning two minecarts can't pass through each other. When two minecarts hit each other, they should also not get more reaction momentum than action momentum. At the moment, a slowly moving minecart can make another minecart go very fast with just a small touch. Oooh... Interesting

    Improve Minecart Speed

    According to the Official Minecraft Wiki, boats have the same speed as minecarts. While boats do have a decent speed for a vehicle that is placed down and used immediately, this speed should not be equivalent to that of a vehicle that requires a preliminarily-built track to work.

    What I am saying is that minecarts should be faster. Once built up to full speed, minecarts should travel at twice the speed that they currently do. For those who think this would be overpowered: minecarts are already this speed on the Legacy Console Editions.

    Make Rails 3D

    This is obviously much less of a priority than the previously mentioned changes, but I still think it should be implemented. The game actually has support for 3D rails, and there are even resource packs that make this change. So, why not add it to vanilla? My guess is lag or doesn't fit Mojang vision of the game currently. Also, 2D textures are more versatile in builds in my opinion.

    3DCraft Default 3D Models -NEW Ladders & Rails- - WIP ...

    Image from 3DCraft Resource Pack

    Increase Rail Output

    Now this is something that is definitely high priority. At the moment, these cost one gold ingot per rail excluding the cost of sticks and redstone. This sounds reasonable, but it's still pretty expensive for players who don't have a gold farm. Thus, the output should be changed from 6 powered rails to 8 powered rails. Personally, I think the recipe itself should've changed to 4 Golds instead of 6. With the two top Golds recipe being replaced with Iron Ingots.

    Chunk Loading

    This might be one of the most important changes to minecarts. When they are moving, they should load chunks. This would mean that you can send a minecart off and it would continue moving and loading chunks until it stops. Potential Lag.


    When a player or mob is hit by a minecart that's moving quickly, it takes damage. The minecart will also slow down slightly. This is fun, instead of the current behavior where the Minecart completely changed it's direction.

    Linking Minecarts

    This is one of the most asked for features, and I am sad Mojang still hasn't put it in the game. Minecarts should be able to be connected with leads. Simple as that. Perhaps a new chain Item.

    New Minecarts

    Dispenser & Dropper Minecarts

    Just like actual dispensers and droppers, these minecarts can be placed in any orientation. They have an inventory of 9 slots, and are activated with a powered activator rail. This can create interesting traps and minigames.

    Locomotive Minecart

    (The current furnace minecart would now just be used for cooking items.)

    The locomotive is crafted with the following recipe:

    Just like the normal minecart, it can be ridden by players. However, it requires water and fuel to move. To fill it with water, simply right-click it with a water bucket. One bucket of water will last 10 minutes of usage for the cart. Now that the locomotive has water in it, you can get it to start moving by right-clicking on it with fuel. Each fuel powers the minecart for half as long as the fuel lasts in a furnace. The locomotive starts out very slow, but its speed can be increased by giving it more fuel while it is moving. The "Filling with water" is just tedious imo.

    The maximum speed of the locomotive is 3 times the current maximum speed of minecarts, meaning it would be 1½ times that of the new maximum speed.

    Locomotives would be balanced because they require a player to keep going more than 10 minutes. Also, when a locomotive is traveling at a speed greater than the new max. minecart speed (so more than 75% of its own maximum speed) it explodes when crashing into blocks or other minecarts, and will even derail at turns.

    The locomotive minecarts would make sounds similar to those in the following video (skip to ~20 seconds in):

    Cow Catcher

    Crafted like the following, cow catchers are able to be placed on any minecart (including locomotives, of course) via right-click and do extra damage and knockback to any mobs or players on the tracks.

    They also prevent minecarts from slowing down from hitting mobs/players.

    Support Banner

    If you would like to show your support for this suggestion, consider using the support banner:

    Just copy the image above.

    Responses in Bold Blue. Support

    Perhaps Locomotive Minecart can be filled with Potions like for example Swiftness Potion can make the Locomotive Minecart to be faster.

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    posted a message on What is an Update you Think would Restore Minecraft to Another "Golden Age"?
    Separate single and multi-player once again!

    In what sense did you mean separate? They have already been separated. Singleplayer means you play offline, Multiplayer means you play online.

    Once that's done remove all the combat and new entities from single player except the minimal amount that was in the original singleplayer!

    Because the majority of the player totally hate the existence of combat! no, not the combat system and how they were executed. The mere existence of combat itself! It must be fun breaking a crap tons of adventure maps and rebalancing the game from the ground up due to how vital the system is! /S

    Those single players wanting combat can always play alone as a multi-player.

    And also, Mojang have to balance two modes while also worrying how to tell the players why singleplayer means no combat system whatsoever due to how unintuitive it is.

    There was a reason Notch separated the two versions.

    Because it's not something only genius game designer think of, genius. Separating multiplayer and singleplayer isn't rocket science or something that can only be achieved by an award winning game.

    IMO we need his guidance back again! With absolute veto power!!!

    Ah yes, from the same person who thinks Slabs is a mistake

    The same person who rejects the idea of corals because it's "too hard to texture"

    The same person who don't want in-game guide in a ludicrous crafting system

    The same person who don't want his game coming to other platform like VR.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to demonize Notch or something and i also know the great thing he had done for the game. But acting like he's some sort of flawless saint is beyond absurd and just blind bandwagoning in my opinion.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    Frostlength can be renamed to Shivvern to add originality and avoid repetitiviness and cliché.

    Shivvern "herb" isn't exactly accurate in my personal opinion. Perhaps "seed" is better.

    The Gear blocks seems like it fits more in the nether rather than the frost dimension. The alternative to this is probably make it rustier and also remove the glowing bits

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    posted a message on Anyone else agree that Minecraft needs more realism, and less fantasy?
    Quote from nuttapillar»

    I'm getting sick of all these new updates mostly adding weird fantasy items

    Ehh... Fantasy stuffs in Minecraft are actually much less than "realistic" stuff in the game. Take 1.12, Glazed Terracotta and Concrete definitely existed in real life. As well as colored beds.

    when I'd prefer more realistic and practical things that don't exist in the game, like more ores, more tools/weapons, real animals, (not shulkers etc, whatever the heck a shulker is), more realistic weather and biomes, terrain gen, and more plants, more immersive world, more realistic looking trees, etc.

    Shulker - Shell Lurker. An animal that lives in a freaking alternate dimension inhabited by purple-eyed dragon, a literal blocky SCP-096 with teleportation capability. This is a game where you can make a portal to literal hell. And this statement seems very bias for a suggestion, instead of trying to back up with reasoning, you just spout the "i want dis!"

    The aquatic update is the perfect opportunity for them to add sharks as a danger in the ocean, but still, the only animal danger is a guardian?!

    I've already mentioned it. Shark is very generic and a bland choice for hostile underwater mobs. Also, you forgot to include Drowned, Pufferfish (they poison you) and Hostile Dolphin.

    Last time I checked wikipedia, Guardians are not hostile sea creatures!

    Because Guardians doesn't exist... in real life?

    Sharks have been a popular suggestion from the public for a long time, along with many of the other things I've listed.

    Logical Fallacy here. Just because an idea is popular doesn't mean it's true.

    Sure, I can add things with mods, but can mods also remove all the fantasy crap?

    TerraFirmaCraft, ToughAsNails.

    Also, Shaders should be supported in Vanilla without Optifine.


    Surely I'm not the only one thinking this?


    Some other things I'm thinking:

    More detailed caves

    Decent looking villages are aren't compltely deformed most of the time.

    Decent villagers that are interesting and have more functions. (and aren't deformed lol jks)

    Slightly higher tech items, like water pipes, steam machinery, windmills.

    Holy Notch. This isn't vanilla. (except for detailed cave)

    Again, yes mods can add these, but the mods aren't as optimized as vanilla items. Mods aren't always made to work well together, and things get messy. Also mod makers often start to add things beyond the scope of their mod, and then we start getting more fantasy items. Sometimes I'll look for a mod to simply add some more plants, or some more ores, and sure, some nice mods will have those, but then they will also add a bunch of things that don't exist.

    TerraFirmaCraft my dude.
    Quote from nuttapillar»

    Do the developers even read the suggestions section? I heard that they read the suggestions section on Reddit

    Mojang doesn't visit this website. But they visit the reddit.

    but they hardly ever add the suggestions from there, even the most popular ones.

    again, just because an idea is popular doesn't mean it's true. And the minecraft suggestion subreddit isn't exactly filled with worthy suggestion. I mean most voted suggestion are either 5 minutes joke content (smelt water bucket into nothing, lol!) or just lazy easter egg (renaming pumpkin to grumm will get us reverted view). Also, they do implement suggestion from the subreddit.

    By the way, I do recall seeing a poll on this site recently, in which more people voted for realism content than fantasy, so I'm not unique in my preference.

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    posted a message on Sharks!

    I would Love if Minecraft Developer's add this animal as a mob to the game

    Unfortunately, it may never happen because of their stance on sharks being misunderstood.

    Special item:Both Sharks Variations will spawn a special item called "Shark's Fin",it can be used on potions and stews,if you use the Shark's Fin on potions it will give two benefits: 8-3 minutes of breathing in water and,and a increasing of 50% of the speed on water

    That's the weakness of shark as a hostile mob. They're very bland and generic, and also hard to apply use to in Minecraft. So Shark Fin is basically a discount water breathing potion? Why add sharks when their role can be covered with Pufferfish (water breathing potion). And the quick swimming can already be covered with Dolphin's Grace and Conduit (in fact, conduit also gave you water breathing).

    I Hope you like this idea,if you don't like it,say how to make this suggestion better.

    Think about this: Why Shark? There's literally thousands or millions other option that Mojang can choose for underwater hostile mobs other than the cliché generic shark. In fact, it can be infinite if you consider fantasy fictional mobs (which fits more of Notch's vision of the game)
    Quote from nuttapillar»

    While sharks would be great, Mojang is too busy adding random fantasy crap that makes no sense.

    So what you're saying is that Mojang wouldn't add this to the game because they're adding fantasy mobs? That's quite absurd. Also, you do know they consistently added real life mobs in the game from previous update, right? (with the exception for 1.9)
    1.8 - Rabbit
    1.10 - Polar Bear
    1.11 - Llama
    1.12 - Parrot
    1.13 - Turtle and Dolphin

    Also, the fantasy mobs. It's called fantasy. Of course it wouldn't make real life sense. And i wouldn't call them "crap". They have a place in their game and their fantasy behavior make each of the mobs retains their uniqueness.
    For example the method of which Shulker attack and defend is different from skeleton despite the fact both of them are hostile and shoots projectile. Shulker also drops their shells which can be made into a backpack-like item. They also poses a threat in the End City which expands the End dimension. I think Shulker makes the game better because of my previous statement, and it wouldn't bothered me if they're still a fantasy creature.
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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from coolcat430»

    Why would you want to avoid the use of "frost"?? It's an icy dimension of ice and frost, I can't think of a more fitting word. It would be like saying Magma Slimes should be renamed because they shouldn't use "magma".

    I mean it's too repetitive and quite unoriginal. I can think of name like Shivine or Bline. Also, i think magma cube is still way more original than "Nether Slime" or whatever.
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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    Can we rename the Frostlength into something else. Personally, i want to avoid the use of 'frost' in the dimension.

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    posted a message on Weird Minecraft to RPG rant?

    Just dwelling on the internet on Minecraft forum (not the website name, just implying the fact that it's a forum for Minecraft) and there's a post where a bunch of nostalgic people (based on my assumption) said that Minecraft has now shifted it's genre from a simple sandbox game to a content bloated rpg game? Does any of the Minecraft feature resembled of those full-fledged rpg? I'm confused by these "Real Minecraft Players"

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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't going to die.... Its going to be murdered...

    This video bring up a good point on how the game is dying:

    Okay, let me analyze the video:
    First, the guy talks about his nostalgia on how he likes to watch YouTubers play hunger games and now they're quitting. Which is, normal? What, you can't expect a YouTuber to play Minecraft continuously as their main content. It's normal that people got bored of the game eventually. And even if 1 or 2 or even 100 YouTubers supposedly quit Minecraft. There will still be more content creators. And hey, surprise surprise. YouTubers like Captain Sparklez still makes Minecraft content.

    Next, he jump on to the Uuughh, Microsoft ruins Minecraft!!!!1!!1!1!!!! Bandwgon which is, not surprising. It would be near impossible to find rant video about how minecraft is dying without the mention of Microsoft and Notch leaving. He talks about how the game has "culture" in it, which i think is just based on nostalgia and has nothing to do with Microsoft purchase the company.

    "Then they begin to release pointless update hat just adds more complexity into the game hidden as another feature to explore that made the game mundane"
    > 1.8 added the first ever underground water dungeon with functional sponges
    > 1.9 literally improve the combat system and expanding the barren end dimension, and we can all agree how Elytra is not a mundane feature.
    > 1.10 is barren, but it's one update. And while it is barren, it improves structure block which creates big impact in mapmaking.
    > 1.11 allow flight using elytra, and added what is known to be Minecraft version of Backpack
    > 1.12 is VERY RICH of feature that i won't bother add any detail.

    "But Microsoft did just that (implying the previous point)"
    Right, cause microsoft want to buy Mojang so that their suggestion of the game will be implemented

    "And i agree with that (Microsoft) is reducing the quality of the game and pushing people from playing the game"
    No citation whatsoever.

    "Minecraft could've just used more blocks and more things that made sense that could've just been modded in to the game. Instead they implemented feature which confuse new player"
    Like what? The video doesn't provide new example. You want new blocks, 1.12 literally added 48 new blocks into the game. What does the video mean by confusing new player?

    "Even though the game has been significantly worse for nearly a year or two"
    No reasoning, no backup, no evidence, just a statement.A vague statement.

    "The second thing that killed Minecraft was the pedophile standard (basically YouTuber scandal where the Youtuber was "exposed" to date underage kids"

    Okay, this point is beyond ridiculous. Okay, so what? Someone exploits the game to do bad things. that doesn't mean every YouTuber is suddenly a pedophile. And, surprisingly if this scandal is that big. Why did i not know about this?

    Next, he rambles about the Popularity of Minecraft among Youtubers and Twitch and how they're not in the top anymore which has nothing to do with how the game is "dying". Correlation is not caussation.

    "Things that should've been added in like new realistic biome, new materials and ores, and many other things not added in"

    Did he even check updates for Minecraft. Besides, we don't need realistic biome and new ores at the moment.

    "Popular let's player have quit minecraft bla bla bla"

    Has nothing to do with the game dying

    "Minecraft would never reach that level of success again"

    Considering that the sales keep growing, okay?

    "Even Notch is somehow begin to redevelop the game again"

    Ooooh, another Notch circlejerk even though ironically before he sold the company to Microsoft he's not the one who develops the game.

    "Console edition gets less and less updates that are fall behind the java edition are instead getting stupid map packs, 4 mini games, and stupid costumes"

    Microtransaction is optional

    The one who design the skin are different team

    The console edition still gets update

    "Microsoft constantly monetizing the game more and more instead of instead of making the game better is killing the game"

    >Implying that Microsoft takes place on the game development

    "And we all can't save the game from it's demise"

    Minecrat community is still active

    The game is still sell well

    The game isn't even died yet.

    The guy who makes the video doesn't provide an actual evidence and his source is probably from some kid who hates 1.9 update and write their rant in some sort of blog post or forum.

    I dont know but this might be just me but It's hard to even perceive minecraft ever dying, I mean its just so damn good unless the devs do something dumb like not add sharks to the game but even then we would still forgive them, but seriously the devs should add sharks to the game. I know your reading this devs give us the sharks NOW.

    I think the devs not adding sharks in the game is actually a good choice, and i'm saying this not because of the animal cruelty bullcrap.
    Fist, Shark is a rather pale choice of hostile ocean mob. If they decide to make the shark hostile, what would it drop? Maybe shark fin and Shark teeth. And what could we make from Shark Fin? Shark Fin Soup. Why should we eat Shark Fin Soup if hunting animal and fishing is way easier. And Shark teeth is probably just another mid-tier weapon which can easily be outmatched with Iron Sword. If the Shark is neutral, then they would repeat the same mistake as adding polar bear, right? So, instead of Mojang thinking about an actual use for shark that is worthwhile, they can instead add other alternative animals, even fictional creature. And let's be real here, act of killing sharks in Minecraft will create scandals in the game and hurt their reputation.
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    posted a message on The Update Civilis
    Quote from steam66»

    Right! Thanks for the responses so far- I really appreciate the support!

    I did toy around with making the initial "village guards" into surcoat-wearing bow-toting archers, but this ran into three problems:

    • Archers fire weaker shots, thus making them less effective at fighting things like zombies and skeletons, which outnumber them. Because the arquebus has a longer range than the bow in mobs' hands, it allows them to defeat Skeletons more often. That's where the Golem came in. And if a villager is outnumbered. Wouldn't it makes more sense for them to lose?
    • Archers fire weaker shots, thus making them less effective at fighting murderous players (after all, who ever had problems with Skeletons after they got iron armor?). Because the arquebus fires armor-piercing shots it can be a threat to the player. But i think Villager were supposed to be the "support" guy in this case. While golem do the work. Besides, They can potentially be wielded with tipped arrow (by the help of alchemist)
    • A bow is worthless in melee where an arquebus can at least be used as a club, explaining why they can knock enemies back and deal a little damage. I didn't want to give them iron swords or anything because I think mobs should only have one kind of held-out handheld weapon (exceptions being things like Witches, who don't hold their potions until they throw them or drink them). So you want Villagers to be a Melee guy before? That would make them look weird. Also, the Fletcher (or archer or whatever) could perhaps shoot arrow of Slowness + Blindness when being provoked by the player.

    Overall the arquebusier is a lot more unique and interesting IMO than an archer, as well as a more useful friend if hired or more challenging enemy if you're the sort of person who burns villages for fun. Besides, he doesn't really clash with the feel of Minecraft; the arquebus itself was invented in around 1475, and the full Iron plate armor (of the types we see in Minecraft) coexisted with guns of the arquebus's type for over 100 years. I think what he meant with medieval is medieval fantasy. Perhaps, you can change the Musket to Crossbow. And make the Brigand still wield Musket.

    I originally wanted to imply that the Illagers have lots of money but little manpower (hence why they hire brigands as soldiers, they won't really spare any members of their weird cult order unless they have to), but this actually sounds great. Maybe they took their Golems with them and just never devoted the time to repair the things. I think it would probably work better as some kind of "abandoned" Golem that might madly pace around zombie villages, having "lost its mind" after failing to protect its people.

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    posted a message on The Update Civilis
    Quote from steam66»
    rt. Little outposts of civilization in the Overworld, besieged by darkness, where little stands between prosperity and destruction.
    But they've never been very interesting or large. For a long time, villages have just been little trading posts or iron farms to be for most people, places to block villagers into their houses and then fleecing them for all they're worth.
    Villages deserve better.
    As the latest in my line of constant enhancements, updates, and revisions to my concepts of village improvements, I'm proud to present:

    The TL;DR:The role of this suggestion is to make villages better. That means intelligence improvements, aesthetic improvements, item improvements- heck, revamp everything. And it's not just villages themselves, too- the entire Testificate race will see updates, including their dark cousins the Illagers. This would probably warrant an entire 1.1x update on its own by my reckoning- but you can never have too much content, can you?

    1.0 (2/21/18): "Initial Release". 2.0 (2/23/18): "The Hired Help Update". Added hiring bonuses. Added global popularity. Added Rusted Golems and Wilted Poppies. Added popularity interactions and hiring to Illagers.
    Current Version: v2.0- "The Hired Help Update"
    Village Generation ChangesAffecting how villages generate and their buildings.

    Villages now “flatten” the terrain around them slightly instead of exactly conforming to terrain for generation.
    Villages will not generate on the sides of mountains or other inhospitable places. A village will be more likely to spawn on flat land, ideally with water nearby.
    Buildings no longer spawn if they have water under a part of their foundation.
    Villages generate larger on average with more varied buildings.
    Doors will spawn with one cobblestone stair. If there is space under this cobblestone and a ladder will spawn, so houses will no longer be inaccessible.
    All village houses now have doors, either cobblestone or wood flooring, and are well lit.
    Villages now have random names (Tarnhill, Redport, etc.) that are automatically generated upon first encountering them, and which pop up when you enter or leave a village. This both flavors things and helps you know exactly where a village starts and ends when creating ones.
    You can edit the name of a village with the command /editvillagename [Name of village] [New name], which is not considered a cheat.
    General Village ChangesAffecting villagers themselves.Credit to Wolftopia for certain ideas (e.g. reading).Credit to fishg for certain ideas (e.g. Mad Libs style books).Please tell me if I missed crediting you.

    Villagers are divided into “low” and “high” class depending on their profession (e.g. a farmer will be low class, but a librarian will be high class). This doesn’t really mean anything but what kind of hats they can wear and how embellished their robes are.
    Low-class villagers can have leather hoods, simple caps, or be bare-headed. High-class villagers tend to wear hats more often, and can have more elaborate hats, including feathered caps.
    High-class villagers can sometimes read a book, opening and holding it in their arms for a while. Cartographers can sometimes read maps.
    Villagers now have a highly-improved movement AI. They avoid long falls (unless there is water), damaging things like lava or cacti, and pathfind more effectively. They can also climb ladders now if they want to reach a place above or below them.
    Villagers now check to see if there’s villagers in a house they’re going to at night. If there is 1 villager in a small house or shop already they will go to another house. If there is at least 3 villagers in a large house or church already they will do similarly. The sole exception is when running from mobs, in which case they will go to the nearest house regardless of how many are inside.
    Villagers can barricade doors now. They will quickly run up and make a hammering noise, then a few boards will appear over the door texture. A barricaded door takes twice as long for a zombie to break, but a villager can only barricade the door once. They will only do this when they are cornered (i.e. have no second door or ladder with which they can escape).
    Villagers now run from all threats, including players punching them. If they are running from a mob, they will go into their house, but will simply keep running if the player is chasing them.
    Skeletons now attack villagers, and villagers run from skeletons and creepers. To avoid villages becoming Somme battlefield-esque crater fields, creepers won’t attack villagers.

    Villagers now go to the nearest Church (or just Priest if one’s not present) at high noon. The Priest will pull out a book and start mumbling for around a minute while the other villagers watch. After this they will disperse and go back to what they’re doing. Attacking a villager during this “sermon” will anger the defensive mobs at once, but staying near it while it goes on will net you some popularity.
    Villagers have some places (like Taverns) that are considered socialization spots. These are not preferred as houses to shelter from the night, but Villagers like to go inside them during the day.
    Villagers now have needs. Just like players, they must eat periodically and if they are hurt they will seek healing. They emit hunger particles if they are hungry.
    All villagers now engage in active trading or crafting to achieve their needs (for instance, a Farmer will throw wheat to a Baker for bread, and the Baker will throw emeralds to the Farmer). These items will prioritize going into a Villager’s inventory over yours, but if you still take them you will lose popularity for theft.
    Trading is now based on stock, much like in Skyrim or Fallout. You can see the inventory of the villager in the trading GUI as well as yours, and two boxes in the center of the GUI in which you can drag what you want from them and what you’re willing to offer. A trade can go as many times as you have emeralds/something to trade for emeralds or they have what you want. All items will net a certain amount of emeralds, but villagers generally only trade for what they want (so you can’t trade a villager 3 stacks of dirt for 20 emeralds).
    Villagers will try to acquire a certain “stock” of items depending on profession (so a Baker will trade with a Farmer for wheat, and then craft that into Bread) via trading.
    All villagers have a starting stock of emeralds with which they can conduct certain trades. How much they have depends on class- a nitwit has none, a low-class has a moderate amount, and a high class villager can have more. If a villager runs out of emeralds others will throw food as they need it, but less than if they traded. This is how Nitwits can survive.
    Villagers now do their jobs more. Farmers still harvest and replant crops, Blacksmiths will take ore from Miners and smelt it into ingots or weapons/armor/tools, and Butchers will periodically feed their animals and butcher one for meat. If a villager has no way to acquire what it needs for a job (such as a Blacksmith never getting any ores, because there are no Miners) just enough will pop up in their inventory for the task. This ensures that all working villagers can do their jobs and have a stock to trade with you or others.
    All villagers can be “hired” with a button on their GUI. This cost depends on the profession- a Nitwit can be hired for just a few emeralds, while a Cartographer costs a lot more. Hired villagers will follow you much like Wolves and respond to stay here/follow me orders, allowing you to transfer them easily or build an “adventuring party” if you wish. Hiring sometimes unlocks special abilities or behaviors- for instance, a Cartographer can map out an area as he goes (in that same old black-and-white style) if you give him an empty map. Farmers, for another example, will increase the yield of crops you get from harvesting if they're close by, because of their agricultural knowledge.
    Popularity ChangesHow Villagers think of you.

    Villagers are far less tolerant of violent players. It only takes two killed villagers to anger defensive mobs now, and killing a baby villager automatically angers them.
    Villagers do not like players who steal. At first, items in village chests will be marked with red boxes and a text warning will come up telling you that you are stealing the item. If you place it in your inventory you will lose popularity points. However, at higher popularity, you will be allowed to take things from the village chests without problem.
    Testificates (both Villagers and Illagers) now have "global popularity". This works at 1/5 the rate of normal popularity per village and is persistent. It affects how your popularity slider starts at each village. For instance, you always start with 0 global popularity. If you're a good samaritan, your popularity village-to-village will rise, until it reaches the maximum of +10 starting popularity.
    Conversely, if you do terrible things, word will spread, and you might be greeted at each village with hostility by defensive mobs. Villages you start yourself will have 0 popularity regardless of global pop, so you can gradually regain favors even if you've done some bad things. You can use the cheat command /setglobalpopularity [name] [number] to affect things for yourself or someone else.
    New VillagersProfessions and careers- more noses around the place in general.Please excuse my terrible MS Paint skills.

    Bakers are low class villagers with white aprons and brown robes. They live in Bakeries. They will trade for wheat, milk, eggs, and other required resources from other villagers and then craft bread, cake, and other prepared foods to trade with. Nice! More variety is needed.

    Miners are low class villagers with dark gray robes. They will periodically go into Village Mines and will mine out any exposed ores. If there are no exposed ores they will simply stay there, representing mining. They will trade their ores with blacksmiths. Yeah, but i don't think it's quite "fitting" for villagers to Mine or break blocks.

    Lumberjacks are low class villagers with dark gray robes. They will cut down trees for wood, collect any saplings they see, and replant trees after cutting them down. They will trade wood with Builders. Again, i don't think it fits too much for Villagers to break wood. Perhaps only make them trade wood.

    Builders are low-class villagers with dark gray robes. They will buy wood from Lumberjacks. They only need wood to build; after a certain amount it will be deleted from their inventory when they start to build, and they will temporarily have infinite resources. Builders will construct a new village building (more often smaller) if there has been at least 3 days since the last construction and they have the resources. If the gamerule “villagerBuilding” or “mobGriefing” is disabled they will not build, though they will still buy wood. A hired Builder can be instructed on what building to build next and where, as well as tell you how much wood they need for it. I don't like the idea of this. Villagers are quite derpy, detecting the AI on what and where to build would be difficult. And, the fact that players can "hire" the villager to build kind of discouraged the building aspect from players.

    Traders look like Farmers, with their brown robes, but these roving merchants had an adventurous spark that the provincial life just didn’t satisfy. They rove about with small chests on their back and have a nice, diverse selection of trade items as well as quite a few emeralds. They can be all over the Overworld, and aren’t tied to a village. A hired Trader following you can reduce the costs of trades you make with his mercantile skill. Why would these villager follows you around?

    Arquebusiers are a low class defensive villager present in all villages (even if there’s just one). With a blue coat and cap, brown pants, and their arms by their sides instead of folded in their sleeves, they are effectively “guards” who are a ranged complement to Iron Golems’ melee tank role. In case they die, you can create more by giving any low-class villager a musket outside of the trading menu. They will lose their previous trades but become an Arquebusier. Because they have a musket and not a bow, they can shoot up to 24 blocks away (letting them defeat Skeletons 1 on 1), and deal 4 hearts of damage per shot. Just like you, they have to reload the gun after each shot. If they enter melee range with an enemy they will hit them with the arquebus, knocking them back and dealing a bit of damage, but not much. A hired Arquebusier will attack on your command like a Wolf, as well as be told whether or not to attack other players not on a “whitelist”. In other words, you can order a hired Arquebusier to attack all players that they see except for you and your friends (who you select on a scoreboard list) or to ignore other players. This lets you use them as guards for your house or just to keep your village safe. If an enemy has their own Arquebusiers they will fight them too. You can dye a hired Arquebusier’s coat various colors like a Sheep, to tell yours from someone else’s. Wow, you really adored steampunk guns added to Minecraft, eh? I think it would be more fitting for village "guards" to use bow instead. Let's just improve the current Fletcher to be able to use Bow and guard the village. Arquebusier (which could be easily just renamed to Musket imo) is a bit too overkill for derpy villager imo.

    The Alchemist is a high class Priest villager just like the Clerics, but instead of trading for various magical items they buy and sell potions as well as potion supplies. They live in an Alchemist Shop, where they formulate potions and splash potions. If there are heavily wounded villagers nearby, they will throw a splash potion of healing. If hired, they will prioritize you for potions of healing, and can attack monsters with both potions of healing and harming. So the village has THREE defense mechanism now (wow). I like this, thought i'm not really into the part with it being hireable (like many previous villagers). Besides, constant healing is OP, and also discourages the player on brewing their own potion.

    Printers are high class villagers part of the librarian profession. They work in Print Shops, where they will use a printing press to create random books. These books are either humorous fiction (filled in a Mad Libs style, e.g. “Jeb the Creeper was feeling glad”) or small pre-written/semi-random informative pieces, signed with a randomly-generated name. Below are some examples:
    • The Soldier’s Comrade (a small, basic book describing combat tactics like sword cooldown and shield blocking, framed as a basic book for soldiers)
    • The Enchanter’s Weekly (featuring a random selection of partially decoded enchantment names and effects, framed as a sort of magazine for enchanters)
    • The Terrors of the Night (featuring basic information on some monsters, framed as a sort of safety book for lost villagers)
    • The Miner’s Handbook (featuring information on where ores best generate and tips for mining, framed as a guide for miners by an expert)
    • The Outcasts (a book detailing the Illagers and why they were cast away from villages, framed as a historical writing of sorts) Not gonna happen. Mojang want the players to interprate the lore of Minecraft. Not explaining them in detail.
    In my opinion, this is the kind of things where it would be just cool for like one or two minutes. And besides, it created the problem of language inconsistency due to how this book would be programmed..

    There are some villagers that have more emeralds than others; and then there’s Financiers. These high-class, wealthy Testificates flaunt it with gold-colored, embellished robes and fine hats. Trade-wise, they come with a lot of various valuables- gold, emeralds, and even a few diamonds- and can be a way of exchanging the valuables at a set rate (since they’ll accept gold for so many Emeralds, or vice versa, for instance). If hired, they will provide a slight discount on their value exchanges. Please no, this will discourage mining and instead farm with this guy anyway.

    High class Leonardo da Vinci types of the Villages, Engineers wear glasses, have orange robes, and concern themselves with redstone. They live in Engineer Houses where they have a few different basic Redstone doodads (dispensers, pistons, etc.) that work as very basic “tutorials” for players on Redstone. At night they can be seen looking up at the Moon with a Telescope from the top of their Engineer House. They also trade various things such as Gears, Telescopes, and Redstone. Hired Engineers can identify redstone items with an outline on your screen, letting you anticipate things like tripwire traps. Not sure about this one.
    Hired Help
    All Villagers now have some kind of special ability when hired. Hiring costs vary by villager but are generally lower for low class and higher for high class or Arquebusiers.There can be a maximum of eight hired villagers following you at any one time, but you can have as many hired ones as you want that are standing still. If your global popularity falls enough, your hired villagers will refuse to follow you anymore, marked as such in their GUI.All villagers have three options in their GUI after hiring: "stay still", "follow me", and "wander". The first and second are just like Wolves. The third option causes them to randomly wander like normal, and they will stay in a village boundary if they do this. They will ignore the "stay still" command to run for safety if they're in danger.

    Nitwit- "Hold This For Me, Please" Nitwits will allow you to freely give and take items from their inventory when hired. This lets you use them as "walking chests" sort of like Llamas.
    Farmer- "Green Thumb" When a hired Farmer's with you, any crops you harvest or seeds you acquire tend to be dropped in greater amounts. A hired Farmer standing around also accelerates the speed at which crops grow, since he can tend to the crops better. Or, use a bone meal which supposedly is much cheaper than hiring a farmer.
    Librarian- "Ancient Knowledge" Having a Librarian following you enables you to decode up to 20% of the names of random Enchantments on an Enchanting Table, allowing you to make potential guesses at what it is. Enchanting table already spoils the enchantment it gets.
    Cartographer- "Mapmaker" Though you can fill out a map yourself on your travels, Cartographers can do the same. A button on their GUI marked "Map" causes them to start or stop mapping depending on whether it's toggled. If they have paper they'll keep making maps, all in the classic Woodland Exploration Map black and white style. In Creative they can do this instantly. This kind of discourages the exploration aspect.
    Priest- "The Power Of Notch Compels You!" When followed by a Priest, the Wither effect from any monster ends twice as fast, and you deal 1.5 times damage with any weapons versus undead mobs, owing to his religious books instructing on their weaknesses. This may be nitpicky. But it's too gimmiky for it to be considered useful. And considering that you may bring this in the nether. It might as well die quickly.
    Blacksmith- "That'll Buff Right Out" The rate at which your armor and weapons degrade is reduced by 1/2 when there is a Blacksmith following you, since he can help you fix random wear and tear on your items. That's a bit of an awkward game design. And besides, armor and weapon degradation is not really that much of a hassle. Keeping this villager alive however, is.
    Butcher- "The Best Cuts" Mobs that drop meats will drop 1-2 more pieces on average when a Butcher is following you, since he knows how to get the most meat out of mobs. Again, it's too gimmicky and i don't think players would find hiring the villager worth it. And it would be annoying to keep the villager alive.
    Baker- "Daily Special" Eating prepared foods (bread, cake, etc.) with a Baker following you doubles your hunger pips gained from eating them. Same thing with the previous one.
    Miner- "Riches Of The Earth" Ores mined with a Miner following you drop 1-2 more of their item form on average. He will also throw any ores he mines himself to you while following you. Also the same.
    Lumberjack- "Timber!" If a Lumberjack is following you, any trees you cut will instantly drop all their logs from the cut up (similar to the Treecapitator mod). Cutting this log will take longer and will degrade your tools more, to balance things out.
    Builder- "Yes We Can!" Builders that are hired have a special "Building" button on their GUI. With this you can select various Village buildings from a menu, as well as see the wood required to build them. If you select one, you can then right-click a place on the world; the Builder will construct it there at once if he has the required items. i'm sorry, but building task should only be for Player imo.
    Trader- "Mercantilism" With a Trader following you, any village trades will only cost 0.85x as much as normal, since he can use his bartering skill to lower the deal for you. Too gimmicky.
    Arquebusier- "Your Orders, Sir?" Arquebusiers that are hired have a "Orders" button on their GUI along with the usual three commands. This button opens a menu containing "Ignore All", "Attack My Targets", "Attack Everybody", and a whitelist menu. "Ignore All" causes the arquebusier to ignore all players except for those attacking them first. "Attack My Targets" is the default option and causes the Arquebusier to attack players you attack, just like Wolves. "Attack Everybody" is obvious; everybody but you will get shot at, useful if you want to put a few Arquebusiers back at your base in SMP as guards. The whitelist menu displays all players currently on the server and allows you to select which ones you want exempted from "Attack Everybody"; so you can have your friend come in your castle without getting a gunpowder-laden reception. Perhaps change this to Fletcher.
    Alchemist- "Mixing Specialty" Having an Alchemist follow you causes all potion effects caused by you (i.e. not from, say, a Witch's splash potion) to last 1.5 times longer. Same problem with how much of a hassle this is.
    Printer- "Copy That" A hired Printer can copy an Enchantment Book for a price. The price is generally 10 Emeralds times the level of the enchantment book, so Power V (for instance) will cost 50 emeralds to copy. Too overpowered.
    Financier- "Valued Customer" A hired Financier will only charge you 0.8x as many valuables for an exchange as normal. For example, if it cost 10 Emeralds for 10 Gold (not the real exchange rate, but just an example), you would only need 8 Emeralds for that 10 Gold. How would the game calculate this if the trading unit is not emerald, or instead. Gravel and Emerald, for example.
    Engineer- "Watch Out!" As long as you have an Engineer following you, hazardous Redstone devices (pressure plates, TNT, tripwires, dispensers) will be marked with red outlines to warn you. Again, same problem. Too much of a hassle and too gimmicky
    New BuildingsPlaces to store friendly faces.Note: I'll go back and construct all of these, then link a picture later.

    General Any shop (blacksmith, church, etc- not a house) is guaranteed to have 1-2 villagers of its profession spawn there.
    Bakery Bakeries are simple wood buildings containing a few furnaces and chests with wheat, milk, and other items. A single Baker is guaranteed to spawn here.
    Print Shop A small wooden hut with a Printing Press inside as well as library shelves. A single Printer is guaranteed to spawn here.
    Engineer House A wooden house, medium in size, with a fenced off roof accessible by ladder.
    Garrison A small cobblestone building with a backyard “firing range” with a red wool block as a target, as well as a slab roof with ladder access. Two Arquebusiers are guaranteed to spawn here.
    Tavern A wooden building with log corners and an inside area with tables, chairs, and a jukebox and chest. The chest contains a few random music disks (generally song ones, not creepy ones like 13 or 11). This is marked as a socialization spot, meaning that villagers like to go in here to socialize. It will be built by non-hired Builders as soon as a village hits 15 population to signify its size.
    Alchemist Shop A medium-sized hut on legs, not dissimilar to a Witch Hut. Inside, it contains chests with potions and a Brewing Stand. An Alchemist is guaranteed to spawn here.
    Village Mine A small wooden hut that functions as an entrance to a mine belowground, travelling diagonally downwards around 30 blocks. One Miner is guaranteed to spawn here.
    New Items and BlocksDoodads that you see cropping up in and around villages.

    Gear Recipe: 4 iron ingots Gears are a method of transmitting Redstone power. They can only be placed on walls, but do not lose power as they turn and do not attach to Redstone trails, allowing more compact contraptions. They are the primary form of power in Engineer Houses and are traded by Engineers. Redstone blocks and torches do not affect them.
    Dynamo Recipe: 2 gears, 1 redstone, 6 iron A simple machine that converts Gears going in to Redstone going out and vice versa. When it is powered the gears inside will spin. It also refreshes Redstone power just like a repeater.
    Telescope Recipe: 2 iron, 1 glass The telescope is based off of Galileo’s telescope. When you right click with it in hand you will zoom in a very far distance with a circular overlay on your screen.
    Arquebus Recipe: 3 iron, 3 wood, 1 string [arquebus] Ammo recipe: 1 gunpowder, 1 iron, 1 paper [paper cartridge x2] The arquebus is a matchlock musket based off of guns first invented in 1450 during the late years of the medieval age. It shoots farther, flatter, and stronger than the Bow, with 8 hearts of damage, and its bullets ignore 50% of enemy armor. However it is also quite expensive, and its loud boom, flash of light, and cloud of smoke gives away your position easily. If it starts raining or snowing, the gun can misfire, making a “click” 50% of the time and requiring that you try to fire again. After shooting you must reload by holding RMB, taking 3 seconds, and are slowed to sneaking speed. It uses paper cartridges for ammo. When it’s loaded, little smoke particles will periodically pop up from the gun, since a matchlock uses a burning matchcord to light the gun. Can't you just rename this to Musket. It's more generally known and also way more easier to be said.
    Airship Recipe: 3 wool, 2 iron ingots, 1 furnace, 2 gears, 1 boat The Airship is a small steampunkish zeppelin, basically a boat with a propellor attached and with four ropes attaching it to a larger wool balloon. It can be entered or exited just like a Boat, and fuelled with coal via right-click just like a Furnace Minecart, though a single piece of coal will only power it for around a minute. When powered, the Airship emits smoke particles from the propellor. Like a sheep or hired Arquebusier, you can dye the balloon various colors from its standard white, as well as apply your banner to the side. The Airship can be flown by using WASD, Ctrl to descend, and Space to ascend, just like flying in Creative mode. It flies relatively slowly and has a height maximum of 100 Y (so it can’t go more than 38 blocks above sea level at any time) but can stay stationary while flying. It overall serves as a cheaper, fuel-hungry, slow, but nonetheless useful alternative to the Elytra- and because it can hover in place, you can use it instead of dirt scaffolds while building big in Survival mode. Mobs can enter an Airship just like a Boat or Minecart, staying in the back, but they cannot control it with the exception of a few. Sorry, but this is a bit too ridiculous for Minecraft theme.
    Wilted Poppy A Poppy that's wilted and dried to a brown color. No purpose, but can be planted. Dropped by Rusted Golems, and is only available from them. So adding things for the sake of adding things?
    New IllagersOutcasts of all stripes, unified in their unhealthy hatred of people who don't knock before they come in.Illagers now have popularity and can even be hired; but their popularity works in reverse with Villages. In other words, if you have 10 global popularity with Villages, you have -10 global popularity with Illagers. You need at least 5 (positive) global popularity with Illagers (that's -5 for Villagers, for reference) to keep them from attacking you, and 10 for them to consider being hired. Don't really like the fact you can hire these guys, i don't know why. Hard to explain.
    Apprentice Evokers

    Apprentices are similar to master Evokers, but lack a Totem of Undying, gold trim to their robes, or their rarity, being more common. They can cast a straight row of Evocation Fangs or the defensive attack, but can’t summon Vexes. Evokers are similarly modified; they have a 50% chance of using their Totem of Undying on death, returning them with a white glow in their eyes momentarily and summoning 3 Vexes immediately, as well as a defensive fang attack. If there’s just one more Evoker left in a Woodland Mansion they won’t use their Totem of Undying so you can get your hands on one. Perhaps Master Evokers can have some sort of Cloak to differenciate them more. And i think splitting the two apprentice with one that can only summon weak Vex and one that can only summon fang would improve the suggestion.

    Instead of having a militia force, the Illagers simply hire their guards and grunts with their large stocks of Emeralds. These Illagers aren’t crazy cultists or evil mages, but just thugs, pirates, or robbers who work for the Emeralds. Wearing brown hoods and purple coats, they can be very nasty fighters indeed. The Brigand is the second most common type of Illager mob aside from Vindicators. Armed with an arquebus, Brigands fight much like hostile Arquebusiers, though they have poorer marksmanship in return for an extra 4 hearts of health. They rarely drop their Arquebus in good condition. Rename Arquebus with Musket. And probably rename them to Reaver as other Illagers profession always ends with an -er.
    Stainless Golem

    A freshly-produced Iron Golem, the Stainless Golem is an Illager-controlled monster with 25% more health than the rusty, vine-covered Iron Golems used by Villages. The Stainless Golem is a lethally dangerous fighter, but is restricted by its slow speed and melee range. You’d better be ready for a hard fight when you see this monster guarding the upper levels of Woodland Mansions. Perhaps just make them an obsidian golem which moves slower but tougher than normal iron golem. Stainless golem just makes Iron golem less unique.
    Guard Dog

    Quite simply, a Wolf with a purple collar and “angered” skin that guards the lower levels of Woodland Mansions alongside Brigands. Not very strong, but can distract you and deal some damage while nearby Brigands open fire. Firstly, Guard Dog is quite uncreative name. And secondly, their appearance are also quite unoriginal. Rename the guard dog to Worg. And change the appearance to black dire wolf with small dark purple tint.

    With thick goggles, black scarfs, and dashing scarlet red coats with white and purple trim, Aces are the flying elite of the Illagers. Piloting personally maintained Airships with black balloons, and packing powerful arquebuses with which they are keen shots, Aces are determined to rule the skies in the name of the Woodland Mansions. Aces will begin spawning once you build an Airship at the rarity of Witches, and generate both in the air and on foot in Woodland Mansions. Flying in their Airships, they can spot you from 48 blocks, though they will only start shooting at 24 with their arquebus. The airship and Ace have differing health; destroying their airship will cause them to fall to the ground, though with Feather Falling they won’t take much damage, and can fight just like Brigands, though with less health in exchange for being better shots. I don't really like the idea of airship, so i also don't really like the idea of this too. I'm sorry, this must be well thought. But Airships are too overkill with it's big size, complex model, and complex mechanism. But i personally don't think airship fits in Minecraft.
    Rogues GalleryIf you've committed enough crimes against villages, the Illagers will take a liking to you; maybe even let themselves be hired out. They bring unique abilities to being in your party, more often combat-oriented. Because of mutually contradictory popularity, you can't have both Illagers and Villagers hired at once; and either way, they'd attack each other (or one run from the other, more often). Again, i don't like the fact that encouragement of crime (especially on games for everyone, with wide audience from childrens) exist. And, as the "perks" the Illagers gain is way worth than the villager.

    Vindicator- "Here's Johnny!" Hired Vindicators not only give you the same bonuses as Lumberjacks- the ability to cut down entire trees with one log cut from the bottom- but they can also smash through doors and barricaded doors with frightening speed. They also can knock down an enemy's shield, just like normal, and generally receive a little bit of a speed and power boost when hired.
    Apprentice Evoker- "Feel The Fangs" While true Evokers can't be hired- they consider themselves above some wandering rabble like you- their apprentices can. They will use their Evocation Fangs gleefully and can be a seriously powerful threat against enemies. If you are being attacked in melee, they can summon a ring of Evocation Fangs around you that won't damage you but which can tear up your foes.
    Brigand- "Stand And Deliver!" Brigands have the same order system as Arquebusiers, but can also commit robberies with a "Rob Villagers" button on their GUI. A robbery occurs when a Brigand sees a Villager with no defensive mobs or other players around. They will point their arquebus and make angry grunts, and the Villager will fearfully throw all of their emeralds to the Brigand, who will give them to you or hold them until you arrive. Once they empty the pockets of one mark they'll move onto another. This marks the only time where they won't attack villagers on sight, and they won't attack a villager that has already surrendered their money.
    Ace- "Forward Observer" Aces can outline monsters and even other players up to 64 blocks away, having a nice vantage point from their Airships. If an Ace loses his airship he will gladly enter one that you've built and repaint the envelope black, though you can disable this with a GUI button. He also has the order system of Arquebusiers. He tends to fly close to you so that you can issue orders, but will fly higher up in battle, and won't enter small spaces (such as 3x3 corridors or caves), preferring sky-exposed blocks if possible. This doesn't apply if his Airship is destroyed; then he'll just follow you normally as a Brigand or Arquebusier would.
    Stainless Golems, Evokers, and Guard Dogs can't be hired, but if you're attacked they will come to your defense assuming you have a high enough popularity with Illagers.
    And i also don't really like the idea of "hiring" NPC.
    Misc. MobsGuys that aren't Illagers or Villagers, but still useful for Testificate improvement.
    Rusted Golem

    These heavily rusted, vine overgrown, hunchbacked Golems, leaking flakes of rust and oily tears as they move, have not received maintenance or even a little cleaning for decades. They used to be the protectors of Zombie Villages, but for whatever reason they survived the zombie siege that destroyed theirs and its tiny garrison. Their mechanical noises are slow and strained, and sometimes they emit a sort of mumbling that can be construed as crying. Fallen into a despair at their failure to save the Villagers who they were made to defend, they pace around the empty streets, mumbling mechanically to themselves, and clutching long-wilted poppies with textures not unlike dead bark. They have become so insane that they will attack you in a mad rage if you harm a zombie villager within the limits of the zombie village; about the only thing you can do for them now is destroy them. While they are still a hard fight- being Iron Golems- they are not as difficult as the moderately well maintained Village golems or the freshly-produced Stainless Golems, having only 80 health (40 hearts) and a tendency to charge in a straight line before turning around, leaving them open for attack. On death they drop iron ingots and a Wilted Poppy.
    In ConclusionSo there you have it: the Update Civilis.This will constantly be expanded and revised as time goes on- hence the changelog up there- but I'd greatly benefit from your feedback! Feel free to post your two cents down there and generally let me know what ya think of it and what could be better!
    If you like this a lot, and really want to contribute, here's some ways you can help me make this suggestion even better:
    • Suggest! Whether you have a fun idea for a Printer's book, or something you think should be tweaked, it's responses from the community that makes suggestions like the Update Civitas great.
    • Because I'm totally crap at NovaSkin and Blockbench makes my head explode, being skilled at either of the two would be a godsend for me. I won't hide that I'm a crap MS Paint artist even with a Wacom tablet, so having some genuine models/skins to put up for each new villager or illager would be a major help if you feel like making one.
    • If you like this suggestion enough, feel free to post the below linked image right into your signature:
    And most of all...
    Thank you for reading!
    Responses in Gold.
    I Love the formatting in this idea, It's a good read and i can read it over and over again.
    Some of the suggestion really fits Minecraft, but others... I'm not a big fan of.

    Some Criticism:
    • The Villager Hiring Mechanism is a bit too gimmicky and i don't think it's too worth it for the player. Perhaps entirely change how the villager hiring works or just remove it. (it's also too complex to be in vanilla gameplay)
    • Rename the dang Arqiu.. Arque.. Arquibus? To Musket. It's easier to spell, and also easier to be said. And sure it may have something to do real world consistency. Musket is more generally known.
    • The printer books have a lot of problem. First, the idea that you want to guide new players is great. But a. new players wouldn't get emerald so they can't trade with the printer. And b. it is very unlikely for new player to find a village. and c. even if they do find it. They still won't know the existence of the book anyway. So the only reason for players to buy the book is... just to read it for the first time.
    • Villager looks weird with Musket. Made them seem like a tough guy. Perhaps remove it and change it to be Fletcher where the guy shoots Bow and Arrow.
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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    As for cloud terrors. Perhaps it could use the model of DnD monster Stirge: https://goo.gl/images/7MWCN4


    Have it as some sort of Pterodactyl with less facial feature to indicate their short life span.

    As for how rare it spawn. Quite rare, as rare as magma cube in the nether i guess? But keep in mind that this creature spawn "naturally" inside other mobs. Not outside.

    As for the attack? I guess it deals 2 hearts of damage but ignores armor. So it's not THAT big of a deal to be surprised. But it's dangerous if it appears in a big flock. Though it's very unlikely.

    And the original concept is that it doesn't affect the player's life. Only death.

    As for name: Cloud terror is one, but there's other alternative like Sky Matriach, Cloaker, Winggidon, Levicyte.

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    Eh. I would change the "eye" to be blue. Red seems too "out of the place" in a blue dominant dimension. And the balloon should be white.

    I think the enggineer should be renamed to the overlord. Sounds more menacing, also enggineer is too commonly used in redstonery.

    And im still confused. I thought the Automaton was the race of the entire robotic unit, not the name of a single unit variant.

    Sounds more fitting as a race.

    Perhaps change the name of the current automaton to Marauder and keep the name automaton as the name of the robot's race.

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