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    Well.... this is awkward.

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    posted a message on The Frist Dimension- A 50 Person Team, 1.5 Years in the Making

    Support this is definitely a different take on the 4th dimension of Minecraft.

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    Quote from Forumic»

    My ideal version would probably be 1.6 Beta. Why? Well 1.7 Beta changed some things, that made the game feel less like Minecraft. I personally love the old feel of Minecraft, what some would call "true" Minecraft, where the game still had sensible stuff (no stupid updates) and the game had hope. (And no, it's not nostalgia, like many say. I started Minecraft when it was at 1.0.0.)

    This statement is a bit contradicting with your next argument.

    What this means, is that if I could have decided, I would have stopped the game's development in 1.6 Beta.

    Are you one of those people who hates piston moving because it's not "minecrafty'?

    The modders have always done a better job at developing the game than the developers themselves

    No, they're not. Although yes, there are some amazing mods created by the community. The majority of them are just cliche crap, overpowered stuff, and things that don't even fit into the game. If my forum experience has taught me is that the community isn't the brightest on design decision. And those "great mods" sometimes doesn't account balance, bug fixing, and compatibility. This statement is very biased and seems to think that a developers responsibility is to only add features.

    , so they should have just realized this and stopped. (Releasing new updates for the game hinders mod developers.

    As far as I can tell, although big. More people play the game in vanilla way since mods are pretty complicated to install back then.

    I do have to say, I don't understand why the modding community never stuck with a specific version of the game and only developed mods for that version, we could have some amazing mods nowadays...

    Uhhh I don't know? maybe not everyone has the same opinion as you? Some modders actually like the new addition Mojang adds to the game or maybe the coding changes made more possibility within the modding scheme? Anyway, how does having the modding community stuck in one version suddenly means having amazing mods? Where did you get that idea? And we do have amazing mods nowadays. Have you seen quark? betweenlands? aether? tinkers construct? And you didn't even account Minecraft's code limit that couldn't otherwise support complex features added by mods.

    But anyways, back then, the game was still challenging and interesting, although, a bit lacking of content. But the content there already was, was good. Think about it, does 1.6 Beta really have anything that bothers you content-wise?

    How does having lacking content somehow challenging and interesting? And we need more reasoning for those lacking content to be "just good" even though stuff like the nether could obviously be greatly improved.

    To me, not really. For example, it didn't have creative mode. Believe it or not, the lack of creative mode was healthy for the game. This encouraged people to actually PLAY the game instead, and find tricks and tips to share with people.

    I want players to only play the game in MY WAY. You know if creative is being treated only as a mod, we wouldn't have tons of amazing creations by the community so I don't get how that would be healthy.

    Sure you could download mods that essentially gave you creative mode, but that didn't affect the normal player Giving the game creative mode, granted normal players to instantly access all content of the game and fly through the world. It seriously makes the game boring that you can get a shortcut to everything, without cheating or modding.

    How would you know that giving players creative mode is "boring". Who gave you the idea that players don't enjoy building without fear or experimenting with Redstone? Did you know some player ignores survival mode because they like Minecraft being a building game?

    It takes away from the game. Another thing that was bad, was command blocks. I know people will dislike me for saying this, but command blocks were another thing that again, further made people play the game in creative mode and ignore survival. The game was turned into a scripting language, and servers turned into minigame servers, and again, not many playing survival mode... This is the problem.

    Here's probably a more sensible reason why many people prefer mini games and creative. Survival in Minecraft is... boring. There's not a lot you can do when the game is old back then. After you build a very big castle or do other projects, the motivation is created by the player and only by the player back in the beta days. Why should I do another survival with a community created a challenge if all I get is bragging rights? Thing is, after the player has completed survival, they wouldn't have the motivation to play the game again, and that's not healthy. So, when they're done with survival mode, they'd go to adventure maps, mini-games, and building in creative mode. And I can't see why that can't be a bad thing since it made the game has longer age.

    Imagine 1.6 Beta, where mod developers have infinite capability to make good mods, as the game isn't updated anymore, and with them just taken to a worse direction update by update. Amazing classic mods that still used to be good like Aether and Better than Wolves.

    Because good mods like Thaumcraft, Beetwenland, and Erebus does not exist. And every good mod only exist in beta. Also, where did you get the notion of "stuck in one version" means "infinite capability". Have you seen the newest Aether, I'm pretty sure some amazing features wouldn't exist in there wouldn't exist if Mojang doesn't update the game's code. I might get a lot of hate with this statement but some stuff from better than wolves like wolf block is just derpy.

    I seriously wish the modding community just gave up on the newer game, went back to the time when Minecraft was still Minecraft, and made it good, and fixed it's problems.

    I seriously wished the community would fix the game while the developers did nothing to the mods and just stay passive about it because that's totally gonna make the game better.

    Imagine the good old 1.6 Beta (keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who started with 1.0.0) with good mods, and bug fixes. No more waiting for mod developers to develop updated versions for newer versions, just download and play. I would be stoked.

    Why do you (repeatedly) tell yourself that good mod only exist if Mojang doesn't update the game? If the game doesn't update, then I'm pretty sure Minecraft won't be this popular and would just be a closed niche video game.

    And I still don't get with Mojang not updating the game and the game's code, where would hope come from? There wouldn't be hope if the game's longevity relies on the modders. If there's an aspect in the game's code that can't allow the community to bend the game to another limit. And how would you solve console version since it doesn't allow mods?

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    I WIN! for now

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    posted a message on What's your greatest forum moment?

    Post your greatest forum moment, from awesome to ugly. From nice to not nice. This thread could give a brief insight on how the forum worked before it got archived.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    For those of you who do not know, the Frist is being reborn and are more active in the Discord than the forum thread
    (click the word Discord to join the Discord channel)

    Hello everyone, I'm AaronBlader. But in the Discord channel, people know me more as Unknown But Awesome, one of the many texture artists that are actively participated in the brainstorming of the Frist and texturing other people's concept to make it come to life. Seeing how outdated the information is given on this forum thread and how this forum will be archived, I'm making one last post to the forum regarding this Dimension and the new stuff the community have come up with.

    I. Amphure
    Amphure is a highly burnable material, so burnable that bringing this material to the overworld will catch it on fire. The initial purpose of this material is to fuel furnaces and campfires into the Frist since the dimension is so cold, Coal and Lava doesn't do much to it.

    II. Frospal
    Frospal is a new gem that can be found in the Frist. I made the color based around Cyan Dye to avoid it being too similar to Diamond (light blue). The gem is so cold that throwing into water will turn it into ice in a 3x3 manner. The game has many potential uses, the established one includes extinguish the Player from fire in the nether and creating Frigid Tablet.
    III. Frigid Tablet
    Frigid Tablet is the item that will be used to access the Frist dimension. We still do not know how to use it so maybe you can hop into the Discord sever to give us ideas.
    Oh, and it's made out of Frospal.
    IV. Gasteel
    being a play word of gas and steel, Gasteel is the primary material used by the Automatons to craft their factories. It is also the material most of the Automatons are made of.
    Oh, and did I mention the factory also has a lamp variant?

    V. Conclusion
    There are a lot more things that the Frist offers which you can check out in the Discord link and thank you for reading my post.
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    posted a message on Many non edible foods should be edible
    Quote from uwu_chan_owo»

    Mostly just a realistic nit pick. Many will be against this idea mainly because of the over abundance of food in the game, but I will still suggest this assuming that one day Mojang updates the hunger system.

    I would avoid using the term "realism" as a foundation on why should the suggestion be implemented into the game. Mostly because Minecraft isn't a realistic game.

    Sugar: Would only offer a half hunger bar, but would give a small increase of speed for ten seconds, and then slow you down for five seconds. This would demonstrate sugar highs.

    Seems pretty gimmicky considering I can do that with Suspicious Stew with the absence of slowing down debuff.

    Eggs: Would give a full hunger bar, but would have a chance of making you hunger sick.

    This item already has a preexisting right-click function (which is throwing).

    Brown Mushrooms: Would give you a half hunger bar

    Again, already has a preexisting right click function.

    Red Mushrooms: Would give you a half hunger bar, but would poison you similarly to getting poisoned from a pufferfish.

    Why would the Player want to eat that? Also, like the brown mushroom with the preexisting right click function.

    Pumpkin Seeds: Would give you half a hunger bar. Can be cooked for a full hunger bar

    Cocoa Beans: Would give you half a hunger bar

    Dandelions: Would give you half a hunger bar (dandelions are edible in real life, and are highly nutritious)

    Okay, pretty much the same criticism as above. The only reason why I see this being suggested is realism which is already a pretty weak foundation for a suggestion. Overall sorry but No Support.

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    pretty simple game. You can use an image too.

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    posted a message on Post your Minecraft derpy moment

    Post your Minecraft derpy moment. This is a moment where a normal player would've executed so easily that they tend to forget the process which means obviously getting blown up from behind by creeper (unless the player already predicted the creeper movement) doesn't really count.

    Mine was when I was frustrated finding where I can craft diamond pickaxe in the recipe book even though I have 3 diamond, not realizing I only have 1 stick. Another one was when I spawned a freaking wither under my base thinking somehow it's a good idea.

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    posted a message on A New World
    A New World
    "fun world building forum game"

    A New Word is a simple forum game I created on top of my head when I was bored. The goal of the game was simple, to create an alternate world (can be fantasy or steampunk) from a collaborative effort. In the "game", a poster proposes a premise for a new world, a template and a theme the world will have. This could be medieval fantasy, sci-fi, space, even an alternate universe where everything is made from candy. As more and more user suggests new creatures, cultures, how climate work, the law of physics in there. The more detailed the world will be.

    This is how I envision the conversation in this new forum "game" will have:

    User I : Boarant is a species of ant that scours throughout the lake of Lakias. they're name are from the combination between a Boar and an Ant. They're meat are usually hunted by race of Arathi as a source of vitamins
    User II : The Boarant has high vitamin value because of their primary source of food; the Tealberry that they eat which gave them enhanced strength and made their meat more nutritious to the people of Arathi.

    Notice how important word that is arcane to our reality is bolded? I believe that when a new concept is created that has a link to other creation made by other users. There should be a hyperlink that let the reader go back to the original concept of the creation. So essentially, we're making a Wikipedia of a fictional world that we created. This rule could change.
    Also please remember that this is created for fun so don't expect expert level word writing in this thread since the world that will be created is the byproduct of the community,
    1. Follow all the forum rules i don't think this warrants lots of explanation
    2. Expect plot holes and inconsistency I think its part of the fun to see the users tried to fix inconsistent lore within the world or try to make an agreement between 2 conflicting ideas of a concept.
    3. Make sure your idea fits the world you can't expect a steampunk giant robot that shoots lasers in a prehistoric world. Basically, try to make your ideas as fit to the world as possible.
    4. Have fun this is just a simple forum game and not an expert writing course obviously
    The Start
    Before we start adding in ideas to make a world richer. We need to establish an idea of what the world as a whole would look like. It could be a prehistoric world filled with cavemen and shamanic magic or a sci-fi world where constant planetary scale war is happening. That's up to you guys.
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    posted a message on Hollow State

    Have you play it thought? Have you play other game with similar mechanic. Also, just because you "feel" something wrong doesn't mean it is wrong.

    I mean i can "feel" that having invisible creeper which spawns near your bed ad upon killing exploding, destroys the area in 30x30x30 blocks and deletes every single item the Player has to be implemented in the next update is bad. Well, i guess i'm wrong because i use the word "feel"

    What a laughable scenario. You know it would be your fault if you leave the bathroom AND stay AFK knowing that you're in a multiplayer server. By that logic i would remove the penalty of item dropping because of death with that scenario.

    People make accident. That's the part of being human. No one can and shouldn't strive for absolute perfection in a video game.

    What if a player get diamond and after so long finally finds it, then suddenly killed by unsuspecting creeper. Then the Player come back, when suddenly he got shot by a skeleton. Then the get back and get swarmed by zombies.Then the player get back to the diamond again, realizing the Diamond despawned. Yeah, we should make Player not drop Diamond upon death!

    Bad comparison

    Idk, git gud

    wtf is git gud. A meme?

    Now you're just spouting nonsense. Apparently making games better in multiplayer is bad now. Can't wait what next bad thing will be marked.

    I don't think that's what he meant.

    Maybe this specific mechanic can apply to the Easy mode. Maybe

    you call that easy mode?

    No worries, at least your not a bigger snowflake than the other people on another forum. This is after all the internet where we can freely say all we want without oppressive restriction.

    the forum still have rules so...
    You're one of those people who believe in "toxic masculanity" and "wee need to protact da kidzz" are you? You know what? I think Minecraft can get some great things with its more toxic community. And good job on being triggered by the word as silly as "Filthy Casual", knowing there's probably a lot worse word that exists.What are you even trying to say here?

    What a comment MrStealYourSanity. Just a little advice, perhaps make yourself sound less like a jerk and actually shrink that ego of yours.

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    posted a message on Hollow State

    Calling someone a masochist repeatedly won't prove a point. Also, a bit hyperbolic to say that all dedicated gamer are now a "masochist". Also props for calling a masterpiece that is Dark Souls is for an extreme masochist.

    calling people casual for not accepting your sadist desire implemented into the game also won't prove any point. And please, Dark Souls is a masterpiece because it may be hard, but it's fair. and being ganked by diamond armored dudes isn't the definition of that.

    Use shield to deflect. Eat food since the food regen rate made the game laughingly easy. Keep an eye out for many hostile mob. Keep your base lit up. Have you realized that the implementation of these made small things like base building or trying to be careful around lava to be more intimate and daring? Also remember the fact that Wither Skeleton is 3 block high.

    I think this feature is easy therefore everyone thinks it's easy.

    Try that ingame if that's very easy. Fight usually becomes chaotic and with you paranoid on death more, the fight becomes exciting.

    And that's a good thing?

    Well perhaps in this mode the peaceful mode is finally get more recognized and not just a cheap mode and the survival actually becomes a real survival mode.

    There's no such thing as a real survival mode. Your vision of this survival is so twisted and unfair to the point where I thought even Dark Souls has a much fairer. If you die there, you may lose like 25% of your health, but at least it stays that way to the next death and you don't lose your stuff.

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    posted a message on Hollow State

    The soul heart mechanic is interesting but I'm afraid that could be tedious.

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    posted a message on Overhaul the Nether - Thoughts from a Veteran of 8 Years

    The new Netherack color choice is nice, how about using JAPPA's netherrack, it'll look less ugly.

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