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    > Look around the room.

    This command is probably redundant if everything in the room is established to be empty.

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    For those of you who doesn't know this, Minecon LIVE we get the option to choose which 3 biomes will Mojang develop next. The biomes are Badlands, Mountain, and Swamp. Personally i choose the mountain because they lack a lot of exclusive feature and only have Llama and emerald ore.

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    Quote from erictom333»

    I don't support the potion renaming you've suggested. Why? Because I want potions to sound systematic in name. "Potion of Swiftness II" sounds more systematic than "Enhanced Swiftness Potion".

    Well, it goes down to personal preference I guess. While I get where you're coming from, how would you rename the extended potion with a unique name because adding greek number after the potion name only makes sense towards enhanced potion? Also, the direction I went with this suggestion is to make the potion as compact and distinguishable as possible, keeping "of" in the potion is, in my opinion, adds unnecessary length that obstructs the inventory UI.

    And even if you may not like the name change, you can easily modify it using language resource pack :)

    Also, the Extended/Enhanced modification isn't futureproof. What if a future update adds extended enhanced potions? Or level 3 potions?

    With all due respect, I don't get this argument. I mean based on that logic wouldn't almost all suggestion be not futureproofed? It's like saying how the hunger reworking suggestion is bad because Mojang may add a mechanic in the future that conflicts the user's suggestion.

    As for level 3 potion, maybe naming it "Bolstered Potion" or something based on the material may work, who knows?

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    Quote from deadpisces»

    First, awkward potion. If the awkward potion is the only "non-potion" that gets a unique texture, then there would be inconsistencies. You must include new texture for the mundane and thick potion otherwise you wouldn't get my support.

    This comes down to personal preference. On the one hand, it would be great seeing new textures for those two potions. On the other hand, it would feel kind of redundant since those two potions are useless and could misdirect player into thinking that those two potions have some significance on brewing.

    The colored cork idea while sounds good on paper is horrible in practice. With the glint that surrounds the potion, the color of the cork would still be indistinguishable so yet another failure for attempting to create the solution.

    But I've explained the next point that the glint would be removed. Also, even with the glint, one can easily compare which of the two is enhanced or extended or regular simply by looking at it. Even if it is still difficult, at least they're different instead of sharing the exact same texture.

    The change from a layer of glint to full-fledged gif seems pretty redundant. I'd argue that the animated GIF is more jarring than the enchantment glint so no support on this one either.

    This is pretty subjective.

    The last is the name change, I don't personally like it but seeing that you can change it with a resource pack is useful, however, I don't see the need of it. No Support

    • to make them more compact and covers less in the inventory menu
    • to make potion even more distinguishable with the colored name when scrolling through the Hotbar
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    Quote from Leed»

    Wow, I didn't know people could be this ignorant. You even just resorted to looking for a reddit post where someone found a extremely rare enchanted book to try and prove all of AFK fishing is way to OP. That book is only possible with the best of the best luck and circumstances.

    Your statement actually supports my case. So not only is this a tedious, monotonous grindy mechanic, it also very heavily relies on luck. Justifying OPness from "effort" by minimizing the chance of obtaining a godly item to 1 out of 1 thousand is still broken, period. While luck can make an aspect of a game exciting, like a random encounter of a dungeon. But luck in AFK fishing is just tedious and broken, no one should get a very big advantage over pure "luck".

    Please check the attachment below to see what I just got out of a night of AFK fishing.
    I already have the best fishing rod, so half of the slots are now being taken up by worthless fishing rods I don't need. Same goes with the bows.

    Saddles? Junk. I don't need one right now and I don't need the 10 I get from AFK fishing every night.

    But if you get those saddles from exploring, or defeating raids. Suddenly the value of that "worthless" item suddenly becomes a worthwhile treasure you can at least keep. That's the broken thing about AFK fishing.

    Leather boots? Lillypads? Bones? Hooks? Nametags? Bottles? Cownfish? Rottenflesh.

    Clownfish can be useful for water breathing potions thought. Name Tags can be useful if you don't want a certain mob to despawn or for your pet. Actually, your statement made me even realize that the existence of AFK fishing can greatly diminish the value of the variety of Minecraft items, which makes them even more harmful to the game.

    Worthless. I already have the couple name tags I need and you don't need them very often.

    And that's the thing! AFK fish farm broken nature made what's supposed to be a cherished rare item you used on special pets, animals, or any mob into a worthless junk that yu excessively get, thus reinforcing my previous point. :)

    I went over the books and most of them had worthless enchantments. I only took a efficiency 4 book from that entire chest.

    I mean you're getting what is essentially a level 30 enchantment from doing nothing. So it's still broken.

    The rest of the seven hours was thrown away. The reason I have that broken fishing rod in my hotbar is because I accidentally pulled it out of the chest, so I am not lying when I say I only could salvage one thing from all of that.

    You can grindstone that enchanted items for a hefty amount of experience. You haven't even shown what's the enchantment are for it to claim it's junk.

    That is 1/54 slots of useful items. I often search through multiple chests and only find a mending book every couple days or so.

    The fact that it relies very heavily on luck and allows you to access powerful items makes AFK fishing a broken mechanic.

    Nowhere do I see diamond blocks, fully enchanted diamond gear, fully enchanted books, stacks of wood. Just none of that.

    With all due respect, you can't just give what you think is a "powerful" item and concludes that because you didn't get said specific item makes them balanced. That's like saying finding a diamond block randomly in bonus chest is balanced because it's not enough to craft an entire set of armor and enchant it.

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    Quote from Leed»

    Again, most of those enchantments are junk. Mending is rare and I don't see a downside to getting it from a night or two of AFKing. Seriously, mending isn't game breaking and it would suck to remove this feature.

    Image result for afk fishing enchanted books

    Those were from a Reddit Post about someone showing their spoils from AFK fishing. He even obtains this on his first day. You can't convince me those are "junk enchantment". And I have seriously never heard someone actually said mending isn't game-breaking before you. Even the YouTuber I watch Ph1lza who majorly plays hardcore describes mending book as "broken".

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    Title lolololololPotions are useful for many Minecraft players. However, they are pretty flawed visually. The appearance of the potion and how they look like in the user interface can be greatly improved. Today, I'm going to suggest improvements to Minecraft potions in order to make them more visually appealing, easier to manage, and accessible to more players. Since this is a tweak to the potion visual design, there won't be major gameplay change.

    I. Awkward Potion

    It sometimes bugs me how awkward potion looks exactly the same as a mere water bottle despite being created out of a magical plant straight from the depths of Heck. This seems trivial at first, but then I realized that without giving the player some indicator of progress. Some new player might think they're wasting their material or did something wrong. Giving the player a new visual for the awkward potion alerts them that they've done something new that is someway crucial to brewing. Even if you didn't have the previous problem, double-checking the item name to make sure the thing you're going to add material to is in fact an awkward potion and not a switched out water bottle is pretty tedious. So I present you the texture that I have created:

    This is an awkward potion in case you're confused d:
    As you can see, the texture I have created matches the ingredient to create this thing (nether wart) and also make them obviously appear differently from a water bottle. With the new texture, no longer should you double-check if the slot is filled with water bottles or awkward potions. Also, it aesthetically looks more pleasing and adds a bit of a flavor into the game.

    II. Extended & Enhanced Potion
    Have you ever struggled to choose which regeneration potion from the creative menu has longer durability? With this tweak, you won't have that problem anymore. Extended Potion refers to potion which effect's durabilty is extended by adding redstone into the potion. Enhanced Potion refers to potion which effect's potency has been increased at the cost of the effect's durability which can be created using glowstone.

    Regular Potion, Extended Potion, and Enhanced Potion will have different colored cork as shown in the picture below:

    yea I forgot to change the "Regular" font color, sorry d:
    With the regular potion having brown/orange cork, extended having scarlet cork, and enhanced having a yellow cork. I hope that this could make potions easily more distinguishable. Originally, I thought of adding ribbons that partially cover the glass bottle. However, I realized that would cover up too much of the liquid.

    III. Potion "Glint"
    Personally, the enchantment glint that covers makes potion seems jarring to look at. The "magical wave" the item emits not only looks overwhelming but can also make some potions with similar liquid color more difficult to differentiate. So, I propose to remove the enchantment glint from potions and instead replace it with:
    A fancy liquid animation. I do admit this may not be everyone's favorite so maybe there's some sort of toggle in the options menu since this is only a cosmetic change anyway. As you can see, the GIF makes the potion looks more "magical" and less jarring personally speaking. And this is obviously would not be the representation of the final product. Point is, remove the enchantment glint and replace it with fancy new animation.

    IV. Potion Name
    Potion name will be slightly changed to make them more compact and covers less in the inventory menu. Example:
    Potion of Swiftness —> Swiftness Potion
    Splash Potion of Swiftness —> Splash Swiftness Potion
    Potion would also have a different name if they have different modification in them (Extended and Enhanced). They'd also have different font colour.
    Extended Swiftness Potion
    Enhanced Swiftness Potion
    As you can see, the color of the font resembles the material used to modify the potion. This is useful if you have multiple potions in your hotbar and you're in a situation where you don't have the time to check which potion is the modified or regular one. This tweak can be easily reverted by changing the language file inside the game in case someone doesn't like it.

    That's the suggestion. I hope that even if you don't support this suggestion, you'll have a fantastic time reading it. I've worked hard to make this suggestion looks uniform. Also, apologies for much grammatical error since English isn't exactly my native language. Thanks for reading.
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    Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the benefit of AFK fishing, you have to realize one thing: it is not fun. The only reason people like AFK fishing isn't because it's engaging or there's something satisfying about it. It's the fact that you can get item, rare ones even, at the cost of virtually nothing. Good game design is when Player enjoyed getting engaged in the game they're playing. The rewards shouldn't be the only thing that keeps the player engaged, but also the journey.

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    What's your favorite non-mobile storage block? Chest or Barrel?

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    posted a message on Add to the Story with One Sentence.

    Suddenly a portal appeared, making entrances for the Avengers.

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    posted a message on The Outer Islands (End Expansion)

    You've arrived at the stronghold, 12 pearls does it for the portal. You step through, arriving on an obsidian platform hovering beside an enormous floating island of strange rock. Obsidian monuments tower over you, and the roars of a huge dragon fill the sky, beams of light shooting out at it from strange crystals. The battle is legendary, you take down the beast, what once was the ruler of a forgotten dimension now lies as a corpse in the center of a battleground. Collecting the large egg, you now have two options, head home, or head further into the strange land. A floating beacon leading to lost islands hovers far in the sky, leading deeper into The End. You decide to head further in, good choice. You arrive at a shattered archipelago, towering purple branches replace what before was obsidian. You head further in, and see what looks like a forest. Strange sounds can be heard echoing across the landscape, weird blue trees dot the area, a blanket of odd moss coats the endstone, and you see the glowing eyes of a monster in the distance. Beware, as you've just entered The Outer Islands.


    The End, the finale of a world, and now the most stale part of it. The main island is just a floating island with some obsidian towers. The End Islands aren't really that interesting, either, they are just more of the original islands bunched up together, with chorus fruit and a few buildings scattered here and there. The only reason we ever actually go to the end is to beat the dragon, and after that we mainly just grab an elytra and farm some shulkers. This update will bring a whole new light (no pun intended) to the end, and give players the urge to explore The End. It would have new biomes, creatures, items and structures along with other things.

    Changes to the normal End island

    Before we address the rest of The End, I thought we should start off at the normal island, where everybody begins, fights the dragon, ect.

    Something not that many people care about, but right now, the starting platform is a 3x3x1 obsidian square hovering just beside the island, or you spawn underground, within the island, having to dig your way out. The underground spawn needs to be gotten rid of, it's bland, not much we can do with it, I'll be changing the 3x3x1 obsidian platform spawn, into an actual good spawn platform. Below is what I want to change it to. I don't like the fact that a Player has to spawn in a platform in the middle of nowhere, especially if it requires Player to do tedious bridging just to get into the actual challenge that's supossed to be. In fact, players have to spawn immediately near the main island. Also avoid using Purpur-related material to maintain outer end's integrity. I'd reccomend more obsidian variant instead.

    It would also be a bit farther away from the island then where it is now, with little stepping stones players would need to hop across to get to the island, just to add a bit more difficulty. I know what you want to do here, but i won't exactly call this type of thing "difficult". Even if a Player is uber bad at parkour, they could still bridge over to the main island anyway. Hence why i said why creating difficulty on accessing the main island by having separator is just unnecessary.

    Next, we have the portal to get home. Right now, it's a bedrock circle with a pillar in the middle, 4 torches and of course, the egg. I'd like to change it to this. Some criticism. First of all, it's too wide. Secondly, why did you just add detail block around the cage (which is the reason why i said it's wide) but also you keep the original bedrock design there. Not trying to ne rude but have you seen Endergy's idea about the main end redesign? He replaces the ugly placeholder bedrock with a new detailed block that blends well and pleasing in the eye but doesn't take up a lot of spaces. My point is you could do a lot more than just adding more block around a current existing (crappy) structure.

    The last change to the original island would be blue flames on the crystals, to more fit The End, instead of the original red flames. Why blue? When i thought of the End i thought of purple. That color would look jarring.

    The last change would be that when you defeat the Ender Dragon, the eyes of Endermen would change from colored purple to being colored green, sort of as if the Ender Dragon had control over them. This seems pretty unnecessary. Firstly, "quasi-lore wise" there's not really a reason that indicates an enderman's action is actually fully influenced by the dragon seeing that even near player they won't automatically attack. Secondly, enderman eye are purple because stuff related to teleportation are either purple or have hint of purple. And thirdly, what would this add beyond saying "fun fact, the enderman is actually controlled by the dragon and their eyes are used to be green". Basically, this seems like adding stuff for the sake of adding stuff. (it also kind of illogical even if the enderman are freed since their behavior would be the same anyway)

    Outer Island Generation

    Ok, now we're onto The Outer Islands, the main part of the End Expansion. The Outer Islands themselves are just the new name I'm giving to the End Islands, a feature already in the game, but they would be getting a large makeover, so I thought I'd rename them to The Outer Islands. Wait, i thought that's their name the community adopted.

    Right now, the End Islands are all just a ton of bunched together main end islands, with a ton of small islands, and they are all at the same height. Outer Island generation wouldn't include all islands in all directions, but instead large archipelagos spread throughout, not too far away from each other but not too close statistic needed. Islands would also not be at the same height, some of the islands could be above, and some could be below. The new biomes I'm proposing would also be less common than the normal chorus fruit biomes. The new biome raritys would go like this, chorus (most common, normal end islands), blue biome (not as common, forest biome), red biome (uncommon/rare), and purple biome (rare).

    Chorus Biome

    The most common Outer Island biome, and mostly like the old End Islands, Chorus Fruits with the occasional End City. That all stays the same, instead I am suggesting a few more features to add to this biomes.

    End Beacon

    About as rare as a Desert Well, this beacon has the possibility of spawning in this biome on one of the tiny floating islands. It is mainly for aesthetics, unless, of course, you want the beacon. What does the beacon do? What does it look like? We need more reason than "just for aesthethic" obviously seeing that this thing is as rare as desert well (which is mind you, very rare)

    End Village

    The equivalent to a normal minecraft village except it is found in the end. They have all of the ordinary village structures, but converted into end bricks and purper blocks. I didn't go ahead and make this one, because it's pretty easy to guess how an end village would look. Perhaps instead of farming crops, they could be farming Chorus Plants or even some of the plants which I'll get too later. "Why don't we take this overworld feature and put it in another dimension" no support for this one.

    Purper Ore and Purper Ingots

    A new ore found specific to the Chorus Biome. It drops like iron or gold does, and you need to smelt it into Purper Ingots. 4 purper ingots in a crafting grid makes purper blocks. This might be nitpicky but can't you pick a better name?

    Oh and you also haven't mention the use of this material so until you do so (and change the name obviously) support pending.

    Swap Pearl

    The Swap Pearl is a combination of an Ender Pearl and 4 Chorus Fruits. Instead of acting like a normal Ender Pearl, which teleports you to the thrown destination, the Swap Pearl needs to be thrown at an entity, and replaces there location with yours. Now this is interesting, however i am afraid what griefers would do with this. Anyway, what'd happen if it doesn't hit an entity, or if the entity is large like the Ender Dragon for example.

    Smoky Quartz Ore, Smoky Quartz Blocks, Smoky Quartz Dust

    Smoky Quartz is a new ore I'm proposing to add to The End. It's an opposite to Quartz, which is found in The Nether, where as Smoky Quartz is found in the End. It starts off as an ore, Smoky Quartz Ore, and drops Smoky Quartz when mined.

    Pssst, also, if this seems familiar, it's because I made a full post for this on SnapshotMc, and I realized it's an end idea so I put it in here.

    From there, Smoky Quartz can be used for building purposes, and it can be crafted into darker equivalents of Quartz. Below is a photo that I didn't make like the rest, so I'll give credit to Thaumcraft, because that mod has Smoky Quartz in part of it, I'd make my own texture, but I'm still a beginner and am not good at converting blocks to darker colors yet.

    Now these other photos below I did make.

    Smoky Quartz can be taken a step further, combining 4 Smoky Quartz with a Nether Star gives the Smoky Dust Block.

    Smoky Dust Block works like sand, and has gravity. When stepped on it gives the Wither Effect. This could work great for players who want to make convenient mob farms, and the requirement of a Nether Star balances it out. If for some reason you want to craft it into its components, you can do so. Placing it in a crafting grid gives 9 Smoky Dust, and 9 Smoky Dust can be crafted into Smoky Dust Block. Smoky Dust, when dropped, gives the Wither Effect for 3 seconds whenever you pick it up, the stack size does not effect this. The dust can also be used as a replacement for Black Dye or Ink Sacs if you (for whatever weird reason) don't have those but have these on hand. This thing is uber expensive. First, there's a lot of mob farms design that doesn't even use expensive material. Secondly, we have wither roses, why would Player want to waste their hard earned nether star when instead they could use a much cheaper alternative. Also, why does an end biome now have signature effect from the nether? This block seems like it's from the nether not the end.

    Biome Chunks

    Biome chunks will explain what the Endermen actually do with the blocks they pick up. There will be scattered, uncommon chunks which you can stumble upon sometimes, which have overworld biomes in them. Below is an example of a Biome Chunk. I'm pretty sure Enderman picks up 1 block and place it randomly in the overworld doesn't equate to a miniature perfect replica of the overworld. Overworld blocks also looks a bit jarring in the end.

    Blue Biome

    Better name plz.

    The Blue Biome is the second biome in line, and rarer then the Chorus Biome. It can resemble medium to heavily forested area coated in a Blue Moss. The trees are blue and give a unique wood. It may seem opiniated but i'm not a huge fan of trees in the end/nether. especially if the trees looks mundane with a bit of recolor.

    Galctoak Trees This may seem small, but make the name easy to said please. You can easily say Shulker but you can't say Yatraecbothrn for example

    Puns aside, this is just another wood type. The rest of the biomes have unique trees though, this tree is just like a normal tree, though. If you want to add tree in the end, make it weird and very unique. You can do more than just recolor of an oak tree. rehashing stuff from the overworld and add small modification to it is uncreative.

    Blue Levitator

    This plant can be found in the Blue Biome. When stepped on, it levitates you off the ground, height enough that you take 1 damage (half of a heart), so don't go afk on one. What makes you think a Player would AFK nearby a levitating plant? Also, even if they are, they'd either stuck in a floating position if they'd just fall into the plant or they'd just take 1 damage and then... live.

    Blue Levitators can be brewed with an Awkward Potion to make a Potion of Levitation. This potion is self-explanatory. Mojang have said no to levitation potion due to OPness and stuff.

    Blue Grass

    A simple aesthetic block, a blue version of the normal grass (one block tall, not the double tall or block that spreads, the plant one), just to make the Blue Biome look better. "Why don't we take this overw-" ok you get the idea

    Blue Slimes, Blue Slimeball, Blue Slime Block

    Blue Slimes are a new mob that spawn in the Blue Biome. They do as much damage as normal slimes, but spawn more commonly then normal slimes do in the Swamp Biome. They also bounce higher. When the smallest ones are killed, they drop Blue Slimeballs. In a crafting grid, 9 Blue Slimeballs can be crafted into a Blue Slime Block. With normal Slime Blocks, when you jump on it, it launches you into the air, and each fall onto the block after that is lower. Well, with Blue Slime Blocks, when you fall onto it, it launches you a tiny amount into the air, and you steadily increase in height after you fall back onto it."Why don't we-" i'm not even gonna try. At least rename the mob into "Ender Slug" or something, that'll at least keep the mob's integrity.


    Phantoms would be a natural spawn in this biome.Also rejected by Mojang. Phantoms are associated with insomnia, and making them spawn basically tell the player that "hey, you should sleep or this monstrocities will eat you". But you know what happened when you sleep in the end.

    Red Biome

    Again, the name...

    The second rarest biome (out of 4 biomes), the Red Biome has a coat of Red Moss on the floor, instead of the Blue Moss of the Blue Biome, or no moss. It is also harder then the previous biomes. Wait, blue biome is common? What color palette did you think the end will have? I think having red and blue is jus overkill.

    Enderblood Trees

    Blood seems to fit more in the nether but okay.

    Enderblood Trees trees that spawn in this biome. Now this biome is like a plains biome, and so trees aren't as common as the Blue Biome. They can be cut into planks like normal wood, but when stripped into a stripped log, they drop 0-3 Blood Rope. When 2 Blood Rope are combined with an Iron Ingot, you get a Rope Anchor. This can be shot through a bow, and creates a sort of zipline you can walk across. Why do you want trees in the end? Why red? It seems more fitting in the nether. And obtaining blood rope through stripping wood is just awkward seeing that when other trees are stripped, it is mainly for aesthethic.

    Phantom Nest and Crimson Phantoms

    Phantom Nests are huge, built into large Enderblood Trees or hanging from the islands. They are hollow, and have a new block, Membrane Combs (built from phantom membranes and having a honey comb pattern) built into the sides. These nests have Crimson Phantoms, which group in packs. Crimson Phantoms protect the nests. Ender Chests can be found inside the nests, yielding good loot (I mean you did just pass a dungeon of annoying Crimson Phantoms) and these Ender Chests are also crimson in color. Mojang rejects Phantom in the end.


    Endermen in this biome are colored white, and have red eyes. When killed, they drop Hover Pearls. Hover Pearls, when thrown, fly for about 2-5 seconds into the air, and these pearls also are slower then Ender Pearls, and then stop for about a second, they will then teleport you to that place in the air. They are good for if you fall into the void and need to quickly get out. But they hover pretty slowly (2-5 seconds) which doesn't really give Players much time before death. Also, how high does this pearl go because the distance the player could get when falling into the void is pretty high. And if it's very high, it'd be suck if player accidentally throws it and then wait for the inevitable fall damage.

    Purple Biome

    The Purple Biome is the rarest of the 4 end biomes. Strange purple towers and plants dot the landscape, with a strange Purple Moss which gives a mysterious effect (it occasionally gives off the Ender Effect).

    Enderlights and Enderstingers

    These plants are not just plants, but entities. They bob around in swerving motions, but are still anchored to the ground. They are each about 2 blocks tall. Enderlights swerve around and give off a glow, similar to a flashlight (as the name suggests). When killed, they drop Enderlight Pustules. These can be brewed with an Awkward Potion for a Potion of Glow. This potion, when consumed, lets you glow, illuminating the area for a short while. I mean we have night vision potion so i'm afraid this item would be useless. Enderstingers, when killed, drop Enderstingers (what would I say, Enderstinger Stingers). These can be brewed with an Awkward Potion for a Potion of Nausea. Enderstingers swerve around, too, like Enderlights. But, the Enderstingers try to sting you, and inflict Nausea and Poison when they hit you. What's the point of nausea outside of PvP? Mobs doesn't give any care about nausea effect.


    These are peaceful creatures that fly around this biome. They drop Enderpearls, but fly around in the air and are hard to hit. Avoid rehashing overworld mobs into the end.

    Purple Towers

    These towers are large, purple towers made of Purple Gelatin and Purple Crust. Purple crust is decorational, and has a cracking looking surface. Purple Gelatin, when broken, gives 6-12 Gelatin Pieces. These can be eaten for half a hunger, or you can put 9 in a crafting grid to get Purple Gelatin. Purple Gelatin looks sort of like Congealed Purple Slime from the Tinkers Construct mod. The Purple Towers have large bases, a medium sized middle and a large, bubble shaped dome on the top. This dome contains miniature ecosystems that resemble the rest of the Purple Biome. The "this is edible" thingy seems very random and doesn't serve a huge thematic purpose but okay.


    These are large, isopod-beetle looking creatures about the size of the Ravager but a bit smaller. They are not that fast, but get angry easily and can do some damage. They can also flutter there wings and fly for short bursts, but can't go really high. When killed, they drop 0-2 Enderpod Scales. Enderpod Scales can be used to make Enderpod Armor. This Armor has several uses. Enderpod Armor cannot be enchanted once, with an Enchanting Table, but you cannot use Enchanted Books on them. This is because Enderpod Armor already has Thorns 3 and Swap Pearls Resistance when you make it. Enderpod Armor is purple. Swap Pearl Resistance would be an Enchanted Book you can only find in The End, in End Beacons or Purple Towers. So basically you can't enchant it at all? Anyway, why did you just tell me now that Swap Pearl Resistance can be found in the End Beacon, you said it was only for aesthethic. Even so, i can't see the value of this enchantment since you haven't mentioned a mob that actually uses Swap Pearl so this enchantment would only work in multiplayer.

    Variants of Enderpods also exist in the Overworld and Nether. Stonepods, which can be found in Mineshafts and Strongholds, and Magmapods, which can be found in the Nether. Stonepods drop Stonepod Scales, which can be used to make Stonepod Armor, which is grey. Stonepod Armor has Haste 2 and Glowing already on it. Magmapods have fire resistance, they drop Magmapod Scales, which can be used to craft Magmapod Armor, and this armor has Fire Resistance and Thorns 2 on it. Glowing is already an exisiting potion effect. You haven't mentioned Stonepod and Magmapod armor strength compared to other armor. Also permanent fire resistance is OP and devalues the potion very much.


    In conclusion, The Outer Islands, A whole new End is a suggestion that in my opinion would bring people back to The End, for looting, building and exploring. It expands upon the current end and adds in new features never before seen. I'd love to hear your guys feedback in the comments below, this took me long time to brainstorm ideas and write this all out. Bye

    The idea of expanding the outer island is definetely not new. However, the feature suggested in this suggestion has many flaw. First, the biomes listed aren't as creative as i expect. They're basically trees with different colour. The biome name is pretty uninspired and also mess with the end colour scheme. Some of the mobs are either rehashed from the overworld or straight up from the overworld (Phantom),However there are unique mob like Enderpod. In conclusion, i'd say a very minimal support since things like smoky quartz, altough their use are unbalaced, can be a pretty good decorational block.

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    posted a message on Hollow State
    Quote from hyper041»

    I love this idea and think it could actually be a very good addition to the game. You also explained how things would work very well so there isn't any confusion.

    please tell me you're joking

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    Quote from buffowatts»

    I'd like to see Microsoft push the PC version more. The PC (java) version is by far the best version and has the most potential. But I do agree with those that are saying minecraft is on too many platfoms. If all the platforms could access the same servers than I'd disagree with this notion. But pushing minecraft PE was a bad idea.

    As much as I personally prefer the java edition, the bedrock (which you seem to refer as PE) has more potential. Existing in a lot more hardware, having crossplay, and the modding API. I think the community handles java version better while Mojang is killing it with handling bedrock. And can someone explain what "too much platform" even mean? It's frustrating enough to see the game you desire doesn't run on specific hardware you bought, and it also widens the audience. I also don't get the statement of your disagreement with cross-platform play (unless it's a competitive server then it's logical due to unfair advantages on certain hardware).

    I don't think Mojang pushing the bedrock edition, while could've been greatly improved, a mistake. The other version of Minecraft before better together lacks so much update to the java edition that it frustrates that part of the community, hence leading to said community begging for Mojang to make the update earlier which results in toxicity.

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    Quote from KaijuRizard3»

    More people actually play the bedrock edition tho.

    And also the one which gains more sales than the Java edition.

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    Quote from SirJake»

    As a hosting company we still see a strong demand for the game with a huge amounts of requests for hosting. However I agree there are too many platforms and they really messed everything up when they tried to prevent people from making money from the game.

    I don't get the gist of "too many platforms". I thought having the game released through as many platforms would mean reaching to new audiences which is a good thing. As for the "preventing people from making money in the game", they don't prevent it, they limit it so that unethical practices like the pay2win server won't exist which is arguably a good thing. And although this may seem controversial, the marketplace is technically a platform for Minecraft creators to earn money.

    Being able to make money from hosting a custom server with mods or plugins is something that keeps games alive. Look at games such as Counter strike source etc which had big communities and people would donate to help pay the bills.

    Mojang still allows donation for modders and many more, All they did was ridding those pay2win servers which are good riddance IMO. So I don't get where this statement comes from if you're talking about the EULA than many people now supports it.

    I give it a few more years before it really dies off unless they make some great changes

    IMO Mojang has done great changes. While the updates could've been improved, you can't deny this new addition makes the game alive.

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