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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps

    Hello everyone, and welcome!
    Kendra (username bobulus1) and I (username Johannus) are a husband-and-wife team of Minecraft players and builders. We hope you like the stuff you'll see here. This isn't exactly our day job, but content will come as we find the time. Thanks for checking out our work; we hope you enjoy it!

    What's New? 17 Aug, 2017
    We're back! After a long absence and a two-year-old daughter, we've scraped together enough time to finish an old project, The Bucket List! We had to brush up on our redstone and all the new features of command blocks, but we think you'll see that it was worth it. Enjoy!

    The Bucket List NEW MAP!
    - Puzzle - [v1.0/1.12.2]

    Bucket List (v1.0, MC1.12.2).zip

    Modular puzzles are back and better than ever! The successor to our popular Monster Mash, this map demonstrates dozens of uses for the bucket, Minecraft's most underrated yet overpowered item. The tech that makes it tick is brand new, using command block features that didn't even exist when we made the Monster Mash, so the Bucket List promises to be a splash.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.11.2 using a customized Painterly Pack texture.

    It's the familiar format of The Monster Mash with improved tech below!

    You have a bucket, so you know just what to do here.

    Even undead hordes are no match for the mighty bucket!

    no_leaf_clover demonstrated ninja-fast bucketing and provided some excellent feedback. He even got the dragon egg!

    Jenyo seems to have enjoyed himself, but it's hard for me to be sure because my French is basically non-existent! It's exciting to be able to reach people around the world and enjoy Minecraft together.

    Monster Mash
    - Puzzle - [v1.3/1.7.2]


    This map is a series of puzzle chambers. Each one focuses on a particular mob, so you'll need to know what it can and can't do in order to solve each puzzle. Don't worry if you get confused or stuck, because there's an in-game book with hints and a few spare keys lying around. Completing all puzzles unlocks the Monster Mash, a wild party going on at the end of the line. But the fun doesn't have to end there...

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    A few of the starting puzzles, focusing on the passive mobs.

    A few of the last puzzles, focusing on the aggressive mobs.

    A page from the in-game book that describes the Cow puzzle.

    Just need to make a few more cakes...

    Tbontb24 made a five-part video within 24 hours of the initial release! The poor guy had to suffer through some icky bugs and misunderstandings that we've tried to smooth over in the updated versions. Thanks so much!

    rsmalec has also released a great video and some very helpful feedback, and he has issued a challenge to all comers to beat his time. Take a look and see if you can best him!

    Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast have also made a video that we hope you'll enjoy. It's exciting to see people we've been watching for years play something we've made!

    Team Tuxedo saw fit to grace our work with their posh dinner jackets. Most dignified!

    Search for "Minecraft Monster Mash" on YouTube to find more, including many in languages I don't even recognize!

    The Birthday Cake
    - Adventure - [v1.0/1.7.2]


    Happy Birthday! This short adventure celebrates your birth with a truly enormous cake in a truly enormous kitchen. With an ant-sized perspective, explore the kitchen and acquire what you need to reach your monumental cake. Light all the candles and enjoy!
    This map includes a heavily customized Painterly Pack resource pack (please support Rhodox; his work is incredible). You could play without it, but everything will look a lot less tasty and a lot more cement-y.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using the included resource pack and a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    Happy Birthday!

    The refrigerator, like everything else, is way too big.

    Someone left the water running... and the stove!

    Please use the provided resource pack (shown left), or your cake will look awful (shown right).

    - Survival - Sky - [v1.1/1.7.2]


    This survival map adds specific challenges and interesting platforms to the survive-in-the-sky adventure we all know and love. At first, you'll only have access to one platform from the central hub. Traveling to the Nether will allow you to reach other portals and, through them, other platforms, each with new resources. You'll need these resources to complete the challenges listed in the in-game book. They'll generally aid you in your survival as well, so be sure to visit these other platforms.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    Your starting platform. Nothing fancy here.

    The central hub. From here, you'll access other platforms once you unlock them.

    A dark skeleton castle. It has great treasure and terrible monsters.

    You'll find things unheard of in most sky survival maps.

    - PvP - Capture the Flag - [v0.9.1/1.7.2]


    This map is a PvP capture-the-flag battle with 8 unique classes, each with specific equipment, status effects, and self-replenishing abilities. You and your enemies have access to secret tunnels, tree hideouts, cactus clusters, and more. Flag carriers are slowed, so assault your opponents with strong allies. A good mix of classes and valiant teamwork are the keys to victory.

    Who will you choose?
    • Champion: Slow yet incredibly durable, the Champion is unstoppable.
    • Knight: A sharp blade and sturdy armor make the Knight a fearsome foe.
    • Ranger: An unending hail of arrows and the blessings of nature belong to the Ranger.
    • Assassin: Able to vanish and teleport, the fragile yet merciless Assassin easily kills his enemies.
    • Beastmaster: With a pack of wolves and a strong axe, the Beastmaster can hunt down anything.
    • Pyro: Insanity has set in for the Pyro, who is armed with fire and creepers.
    • Alchemist: The drug-swilling Alchemist hurls deadly concoctions in all directions.
    • Medic: With bandages and powerful blessings, the Medic will aid any allies.

    WARNING: This map is almost done, but there are still a few bugs to work out, mostly balancing the classes and a few minor graphic things. Consider this an open beta.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    The Red castle. It's ready for an assault!

    The battlefield. It's a classic Red vs Blue!

    The central fortress. Capture it for your team to activate a Resistance boost and a secondary spawn point.

    Part of Red team's class selection room. Which will you choose?

    A Valentine's Surprise
    - Adventure - [v1.0/1.7.4]


    I made a tiny map this year as a Valentine's Day present to my wife. Use the power of love to bring happiness to a country farmer and his flocks, but watch out for the loveless zombies!
    This map has a few custom textures, some drawn heavily from Rhodox's Painterly Pack. Please be sure to use this resource pack on top of your regular textures (remember, you can stack resource packs now).

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.4 using the included resource pack and a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    Welcome to the farm!

    These candy hearts look delicious...

    Defend the farm with the power of love!

    22 Nov, 2013: We've hit over 5,000 downloads and 10,000 views! Thank you so much!
    12 Dec, 2013: We've hit over 10,000 downloads, and we're just shy of 25,000 views! Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and interest!
    13 Feb, 2014: We've hit over 15,000 downloads and over 40,000 views! Hooray!
    17 Aug, 2017: Just shy of 25,000 downloads and 90,000 views! Three years will do that, I guess!

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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Wow, you weren't kidding on the failsafes. Sorry about all the times you got stuck there, and no worries about getting frustrated, it was completely understandable.

    Thanks to your videos, though, we now know how we can improve the map for others. We'll get a v1.2 up probably tomorrow.

    EDIT [11/5]: There we go, v1.2 is up. There's a good number of fixes in there.
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