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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps

    As a heads-up, we've posted a 1.12.2 version of the map with some small changes. Thanks again to our early players for their feedback!

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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps

    We're glad you enjoyed it! Your videos were great to watch; you're kind of a ninja with those rapid-fire buckets! Do you mind if we link to your video in the main post (at the beginning of this thread)? Thanks for the great feedback!

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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps

    We're back! After a long absence and a two-year-old daughter, we've scraped together enough time to finish an old project, The Bucket List! We had to brush up on our redstone and all the new features of command blocks, but we think you'll see that it was worth it. Let us know what you think, and enjoy!

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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    We want to thank everyone again for their interest, videos, and feedback to our maps. We've been away for a while, but we're back into the swing of map-making.

    Also, we recently decided to merge all of our Minecraft Forum pages into one place to make it easier for everyone to find all of our work. See something you missed before? Give it a try!

    Lastly, we're releasing a new map, "A Valentine's Surprise", for everyone to enjoy. Have fun!
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Quote from Terrivel_World
    I just recorded a little something for my channel. I gotta say the concept behind all the rooms were really clever and admirable. That said, I have to report my problems during my run (and as a reminder, i NEVER looked at the hint books):

    Horse room: since horse riding is a new thing, i didn't knew how to ride and jump - that is my fault; the horse mechanics is the less wonky of all rides inside minecraft, even the mods - that is the game's fault; however, while under the bridge in the back wall, i dismounted and glitched through the walls, leaving my horse and the only saddle behind a fence i could never jump on.

    Golem room: the problem with zombie pigmen is that golems rarely interact with it. Tried to spawn a lot of then to see if that would kick it the mechanic - it didn't. Here and there, slowly but surely, all it did was push the golems towards the fence and never to the bottom of the area where they needed to "work". Eventually, both golems died...

    Villager room: I almost ­ed it up! I knew the mechanic behind it, but it started to over trade, trying to find a better deal. At the brink of my resources, i dared to press the button again and spawn more villagers. One sold me a bookcase for one emerald :D

    Slime room: Was i really suposed to finish it by placing a pig in each pressure plate? Because that's what I did - i didn't even spawned a slime to solve it.

    All the other rooms were tense and/or fun. The spider room gave me trouble, because after doing what i was supposed, took several "walks" to the spider actually manage to trigger the door. And the silverfish and wither room got maddening scary at some points.

    To finish it, it is said that you can hold the three levers for a surprise, but never found where I was suposed to use it.

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Those darn golems never behave dependably. For us (in 1.7.2), they always attack the zombie pigmen immediately... As for the slimes, well, I guess we'll need to change those pig spawn eggs into something else; the idea was to make leads to tie the pigs up. Just consider yourself clever! As for the levers, they're kind of a secret thing, so we don't want to give anything away... Just look around very carefully in the last room of the map.

    Quote from PansySkyplaysMC
    I have downloaded it from 2 different sites, and both times it gave me an encryption message stating "do you want to copy this without encryption?" it gave me the option of yes , no, and cancel. Oh this pop-up came when I tried to extract it to a ne folder so I cold put it in my mc. This happen to anyone else?

    I've seen this sort of thing before; I think the issue is that you're probably on a Windows machine, and these files were zipped on a Mac. As expected, these two operating systems don't always get along very well, and that encryption thing is one result we've seen at work. Just say "yes" and everything should extract just fine. Sorry for the trouble.

    Quote from DarkLeviathan8
    Hello just mentioning a little bug, well not a bug but a repeater was missing in the redstone of the Wolf section. It cause the system to not open the doors :(

    EDIT: In the regular Spider section, there is no string between your tripwires... how am I supposed to activate them? XD

    Hmm... there was indeed a redstone bug in the wolf room in the first version we posted, but that's been fixed for a while now. Make sure you were playing the latest version; we've fixed quite a lot of bugs and made a lot of improvements.

    Last of all, we want to thank everyone again for their continued support and interest in our work. We've just hit 10,000+ downloads, and we're just shy of 25,000 views! Thanks, everyone!
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Tell me my good sir, have you made any other maps at all? Would love to check them out if you've put half as much time into them as you've done with this one!

    Yes indeed! We keep all of our stuff together at our blog to make it easy for people to find everything. I recommend the Birthday Cake for a .5-1 hour adventure or the SkyQuest for a longer survival game. Everything also has its own forum page, so feel free to leave comments on the respective pages.

    We love the videos, by the way, and we're looking forward to more!

    Quote from PenguinJ2

    Hi; I created a 5 parter video of your map; I must say that it is very good!

    The videos are not uploaded yet, however you can tune into my channel at:
    Alternatively, I will post when a video is uploaded.

    Thanks! Feel free to post your videos here; we're always happy to see how people tackle the puzzles.
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Quote from qwertyuiopthepie

    I must say, I was really expecting this thread to be a ton more active, what with the Yogscast and all.

    Yeah, me too, but the download count is still strong, which we really appreciate.

    By the way, v1.3 is now up!

    We've made massive changes to the map as a whole. Not a single room is exactly how it used to be (at the very least, there's a message to tell you once you've solved each puzzle), so if you've played the Monster Mash before, you might want to check it out again. Now there's not one, not two, but three secrets at the end of the map; to those of you making videos, we recommend you re-download the map before entering the last room, as it will be much more fun for everyone.

    Lastly, we want to thank all of you again for the excellent feedback, especially those of you making and posting videos. We've learned a lot about how to make improvements just from watching others play. Thanks so much!

    P.S. For those of you who may be confused... The old versions of the map said that Johannus was the creator of the map. That's my Minecraft username; Kendra's username is bobulus1. New versions will list AaronAndKendra. We didn't steal this, Johannus isn't our father, it's just us.
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Quote from Slendered

    I'm playing this atm and I found 3 glitches/cheats.
    1. In the ocelot chamber you can spawn the ocelot in the pressure plate hole and then run to the player pressure plate. Therefore completing the mission.

    2. In mooshroom my mushrooms did not grow. I ran out of bonemeal and yeah.

    3. I'm not sure if this is my fault but when I complete a task and go out are the iron doors meant to close? If they are then mine aren't closing.

    I am playing on 1.7.2 so if you could fix these thanks! :)

    Quote from JordanTH

    Found this map through the Yogscast, and decided to have a go myself. Unfortunately I didn't manage to save my time, but I still was able to complete most of the rooms.

    I did run into trouble in the Iron Golem, Mooshroom, and Cave Spider rooms:
    In the Iron Golem room, the Golems killed all of the zombies, and nothing happened. I assume that they were supposed to knock them into the tripwires on the ceiling, but it never happened. I also tried attacking the golems to see if they'd attack me and send me flying up there, but they didn't reply and just died. I had to fly up there in creative mode to get them to trigger.

    In the Mooshroom room, I ran out of bonemeal before I could get the giant mushroom to grow. I ended up having to go through over a stack before it worked. Maybe give the player more bones.

    In the Cave Spider room... I just couldn't figure out what to do. I didn't want to read the hint book (well, ok, I actually forgot it existed), and I just had no idea what to do. I assumed that I had to make the cave spiders climb the walls to trip the wires, but... nothing I did caused that to happen. They just followed me around above me. They didn't fall through the holes, either. All I was able to do was occasionally jump up and kill them, which didn't seem to accomplish anything. Again, was able to trigger them by flying up in creative mode, but that doesn't really count.
    Despite this, I still had a lot of fun with the map. My favorites include:
    • Burning down the forest in the Blaze level
    • Using a splash potion of fire resistance on a pig so I could pull it through lava so I could have it stand on a button, which is quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever done in Minecraft
    • Fighting the Ender Dragon. I climbed one tower with an End Stone staircase under the cover of invisibility, then used the bow to take out most of the rest of the crystals on the pillars. I ran around shooting the rest from the ground, and only ever climbed one tower. I felt like a marksmanship pro. I later used the anvil in the Monster Mash room to rename my bow to "The Dragon Slayer" (I also named my sword "The Puzzle Solver")
    Also, amusingly enough, I wasn't sure what to expect from one of the rooms (I don't remember which one it actually ended up being), because I didn't recognize the portrait, and all I could think was:

    Great work, I'll have to check out some of your other maps! :)

    Quote from joostlek

    I'm too pro at the finish, you had to die, but i killed them all and i had a party with the mooshoorms.

    The only thing is, the doors keep open so all the mobs are f***ing around all time. so please do something against that plz

    EDIT: Wait what? Do u had to defeat the ender dragon???? and please use the command blocks more :P

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! When you make the map yourself, you get used to how you *think* things should be, and that makes it really easy to overlook flaws. Having this much exposure is really helping us refine the map into a better experience.

    A few notes:
    - The iron golem room tends to cause trouble for a lot of people. It's since been compressed and thus made easier. Hopefully it'll work again.
    - The mooshroom room shouldn't need so much bonemeal if the mushroom is placed with enough space surrounding it; that means it pretty much has to be exactly in the middle of the room, which isn't a very fair situation. An updated version makes that location much clearer.
    - I (Aaron) don't like cats (Kendra disagrees), so anyone completing the ocelot room by quickly spawning the ocelot is just bypassing obnoxiousness, and I'm fine with that. Take a look at the Bat room (rapidly becoming known as the Mr. T. room) to get a better idea of how I handle obnoxious mobs.
    - Most of the puzzle chambers leave their iron doors open when the level is over, but the mobs can still be contained by the wooden doors. Still, it is the Monster Mash, and I kinda' like having mobs spilling all over. It's up to you!
    - The cave spiders are willing to climb those walls, but they tend to need a push from another spider to get started. That puzzle takes a lot of spiders at once; I think an update is in order such that the room spawns 3 or 4 at once to help with that.
    - The horse puzzle is giving people some trouble; its jumps are being shortened.
    - The slime room has been completely redone.
    - The villager room was built back in 1.4.1, long before coal and wheat could be made into blocks. While we like the ingenuity of some of our players, we've since removed those items from the room.
    - The Monster Mash room itself is indeed laggy, mostly due to 128 Bottles O' Enchanting. We've since dramatically reduced the number of mobs and the amount of experience. Also, We didn't want to give too much away, but there's a secret way to encounter the End Dragon and the Wither; you just have to find it... You're not required or expected to die in that last room.

    Lastly, we're waiting for some of the editor mods to be released for 1.7.2 before we can make some of the changes that we'd like, so please be patient as we get an updated map out soon!
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Quote from Zalder

    The Yogscast is playing this and linked here.

    Get ready. :P

    Get ready indeed! The download count has skyrocketed.
    We want to give a huge thanks to Simon and Lewis and the rest of the Yogscast for their playthrough, as well as a huge thanks to the community for their interest and great feedback.

    Quote from rsmalec

    Part 1 of my playthrough!

    Remember folks - I want to see if you can beat my time! Leave your time as a comment here in this forum or on my video!

    There it is, then! See if you can beat his time and let us know how it goes. As always, we're thrilled with constructive feedback, and we've already made some changes to the map for a future update. rsmalec, it's great to see your video and how you're approaching the puzzles; the living feedback is awesome.
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Quote from Svendabomb

    It is always good to see a creative puzzle map. :)

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    Quote from qwertyuiopthepie

    i'm downloading it right now. Rsmalec sent me so I can't say no.

    Finished it. Spoilers below!

    Apart from a couple puzzles that were rendered utterly unplayable (like when the zombies killed my iron golems before they could trip the wire) and the incredibly boring ender dragon fight (Not your fault, Mojang's), it seems like a pretty solid map. The puzzles were pretty easy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. One thing I didn't like is having to go through 20 pages of book to check the guide for the last few stages. Also, there's no rules involving using things from previous rooms, which breaks a lot of puzzles if the player takes the lack of mention in the rules as a reason.

    Overall, solid map, with few flaws. What flaws there are are generally unimportant.

    Yeah, that Iron Golem puzzle has given us trouble from the start... It may need a complete overhaul. It seems like your rule suggestion is a good one, too. Thanks for the feedback; we'll post a version with a few changes sometime soon that will hopefully take care of some of these issues.
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Quote from rsmalec

    I just played through your map on a random whim, and wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I will be posting a rating and review here on Thursday, and I should be able to get a video up on my channel around November 18 (sorry for the delay, I have 6 other series already in-progress).
    I'm going to send you a PM letting you know the 1 place I got stuck in the map, but other then that I thought it was VERY well done and clean. Great work!

    I like your random whims! Thanks for checking out the map. We'll try to take care of that issue you mentioned, and we're looking forward to the videos and such.
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Wow, you weren't kidding on the failsafes. Sorry about all the times you got stuck there, and no worries about getting frustrated, it was completely understandable.

    Thanks to your videos, though, we now know how we can improve the map for others. We'll get a v1.2 up probably tomorrow.

    EDIT [11/5]: There we go, v1.2 is up. There's a good number of fixes in there.
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps
    Tbontb24, thanks so much for your playthrough! We've watched it and we love it. Thanks for finding that bug on the wolf one, I guess I forgot to reconnect that wire.

    Is it alright with you if we link to your video within our blog? Also, we're excited to see the rest!
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    posted a message on Aaron and Kendra's Adventure Maps

    Hello everyone, and welcome!
    Kendra (username bobulus1) and I (username Johannus) are a husband-and-wife team of Minecraft players and builders. We hope you like the stuff you'll see here. This isn't exactly our day job, but content will come as we find the time. Thanks for checking out our work; we hope you enjoy it!

    What's New? 17 Aug, 2017
    We're back! After a long absence and a two-year-old daughter, we've scraped together enough time to finish an old project, The Bucket List! We had to brush up on our redstone and all the new features of command blocks, but we think you'll see that it was worth it. Enjoy!

    The Bucket List NEW MAP!
    - Puzzle - [v1.0/1.12.2]

    Bucket List (v1.0, MC1.12.2).zip

    Modular puzzles are back and better than ever! The successor to our popular Monster Mash, this map demonstrates dozens of uses for the bucket, Minecraft's most underrated yet overpowered item. The tech that makes it tick is brand new, using command block features that didn't even exist when we made the Monster Mash, so the Bucket List promises to be a splash.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.11.2 using a customized Painterly Pack texture.

    It's the familiar format of The Monster Mash with improved tech below!

    You have a bucket, so you know just what to do here.

    Even undead hordes are no match for the mighty bucket!

    no_leaf_clover demonstrated ninja-fast bucketing and provided some excellent feedback. He even got the dragon egg!

    Jenyo seems to have enjoyed himself, but it's hard for me to be sure because my French is basically non-existent! It's exciting to be able to reach people around the world and enjoy Minecraft together.

    Monster Mash
    - Puzzle - [v1.3/1.7.2]


    This map is a series of puzzle chambers. Each one focuses on a particular mob, so you'll need to know what it can and can't do in order to solve each puzzle. Don't worry if you get confused or stuck, because there's an in-game book with hints and a few spare keys lying around. Completing all puzzles unlocks the Monster Mash, a wild party going on at the end of the line. But the fun doesn't have to end there...

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    A few of the starting puzzles, focusing on the passive mobs.

    A few of the last puzzles, focusing on the aggressive mobs.

    A page from the in-game book that describes the Cow puzzle.

    Just need to make a few more cakes...

    Tbontb24 made a five-part video within 24 hours of the initial release! The poor guy had to suffer through some icky bugs and misunderstandings that we've tried to smooth over in the updated versions. Thanks so much!

    rsmalec has also released a great video and some very helpful feedback, and he has issued a challenge to all comers to beat his time. Take a look and see if you can best him!

    Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast have also made a video that we hope you'll enjoy. It's exciting to see people we've been watching for years play something we've made!

    Team Tuxedo saw fit to grace our work with their posh dinner jackets. Most dignified!

    Search for "Minecraft Monster Mash" on YouTube to find more, including many in languages I don't even recognize!

    The Birthday Cake
    - Adventure - [v1.0/1.7.2]


    Happy Birthday! This short adventure celebrates your birth with a truly enormous cake in a truly enormous kitchen. With an ant-sized perspective, explore the kitchen and acquire what you need to reach your monumental cake. Light all the candles and enjoy!
    This map includes a heavily customized Painterly Pack resource pack (please support Rhodox; his work is incredible). You could play without it, but everything will look a lot less tasty and a lot more cement-y.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using the included resource pack and a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    Happy Birthday!

    The refrigerator, like everything else, is way too big.

    Someone left the water running... and the stove!

    Please use the provided resource pack (shown left), or your cake will look awful (shown right).

    - Survival - Sky - [v1.1/1.7.2]


    This survival map adds specific challenges and interesting platforms to the survive-in-the-sky adventure we all know and love. At first, you'll only have access to one platform from the central hub. Traveling to the Nether will allow you to reach other portals and, through them, other platforms, each with new resources. You'll need these resources to complete the challenges listed in the in-game book. They'll generally aid you in your survival as well, so be sure to visit these other platforms.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    Your starting platform. Nothing fancy here.

    The central hub. From here, you'll access other platforms once you unlock them.

    A dark skeleton castle. It has great treasure and terrible monsters.

    You'll find things unheard of in most sky survival maps.

    - PvP - Capture the Flag - [v0.9.1/1.7.2]


    This map is a PvP capture-the-flag battle with 8 unique classes, each with specific equipment, status effects, and self-replenishing abilities. You and your enemies have access to secret tunnels, tree hideouts, cactus clusters, and more. Flag carriers are slowed, so assault your opponents with strong allies. A good mix of classes and valiant teamwork are the keys to victory.

    Who will you choose?
    • Champion: Slow yet incredibly durable, the Champion is unstoppable.
    • Knight: A sharp blade and sturdy armor make the Knight a fearsome foe.
    • Ranger: An unending hail of arrows and the blessings of nature belong to the Ranger.
    • Assassin: Able to vanish and teleport, the fragile yet merciless Assassin easily kills his enemies.
    • Beastmaster: With a pack of wolves and a strong axe, the Beastmaster can hunt down anything.
    • Pyro: Insanity has set in for the Pyro, who is armed with fire and creepers.
    • Alchemist: The drug-swilling Alchemist hurls deadly concoctions in all directions.
    • Medic: With bandages and powerful blessings, the Medic will aid any allies.

    WARNING: This map is almost done, but there are still a few bugs to work out, mostly balancing the classes and a few minor graphic things. Consider this an open beta.

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.2 using a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    The Red castle. It's ready for an assault!

    The battlefield. It's a classic Red vs Blue!

    The central fortress. Capture it for your team to activate a Resistance boost and a secondary spawn point.

    Part of Red team's class selection room. Which will you choose?

    A Valentine's Surprise
    - Adventure - [v1.0/1.7.4]


    I made a tiny map this year as a Valentine's Day present to my wife. Use the power of love to bring happiness to a country farmer and his flocks, but watch out for the loveless zombies!
    This map has a few custom textures, some drawn heavily from Rhodox's Painterly Pack. Please be sure to use this resource pack on top of your regular textures (remember, you can stack resource packs now).

    Images acquired in Minecraft 1.7.4 using the included resource pack and a custom Painterly Pack texture.

    Welcome to the farm!

    These candy hearts look delicious...

    Defend the farm with the power of love!

    22 Nov, 2013: We've hit over 5,000 downloads and 10,000 views! Thank you so much!
    12 Dec, 2013: We've hit over 10,000 downloads, and we're just shy of 25,000 views! Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and interest!
    13 Feb, 2014: We've hit over 15,000 downloads and over 40,000 views! Hooray!
    17 Aug, 2017: Just shy of 25,000 downloads and 90,000 views! Three years will do that, I guess!

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