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    Name: Skater1787 IGN Eric IRL
    How often do you play Minecraft: Well, I'm fairly obsessed with it, seeing as almost every building I look at I try to imagine how you would build it in MineCraft. I play it very often. :D
    What do you like to do in Minecraft: Mine, build, make farms, and Redstone! :D
    Link to some of your creations (image/video - if you have)*: I don't have any pictures or videos, but I've built some pretty nice stuff.
    What is your opinion on the server idea and rules*: Sounds AWESOME, As long as it's completely Vanilla! Hopefully I can play. :D
    Why do you want to join this server: Love playing Vanilla MineCraft, I mean, other servers such as factions, PVP, etc. are fun, but they get pretty boring after a while. I love MindCrack also, My 3 Favorite people are either EthosLab, PauseUnPause, or GenerikB, but I also enjoy watching DocM's World tour. :D
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