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    posted a message on Gravity Falls RP (Accepting)
    At least wait until this falls on the second page to double post... You're not going to get people right away.
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    posted a message on Attack on Titan RP (Reboot)
    ((I hate to say it, but if there was a titan right now, literally everyone in the camp would die because we haven't even started training yet.))
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    posted a message on Why .9 repeating is actually equal to 1 using actual algebra!~
    I remember another thread a while ago debating this. It was very... intense. There is no way to stop it now.

    The war has begun.
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    posted a message on If you could make a new forum section...
    Quote from FireHazard128

    I would make a Crazyness section where people are allowed to say random nonsense when they're bored.

    Like a General Off Topic section?
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    posted a message on Disadvantages of smoking
    Quote from Vairean

    The addiction made them do it.
    That's why I steer away from that thing.

    Yup. Because people are addicted to smoking before they even start.
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    posted a message on [CHILL] The Storm [ALWAYS ACCEPTING]
    This is not, and never will be, a server.

    Thanks to Raxray for the wonderful banner!

    Hello and welcome to The Storm. Despite the name, this is actually a chill RP which means there are no character applications, and it's pretty laid back. You can just come right on in! The setting is a small neighborhood where everyone basically knows each other. All over the news, there were many warnings of one of the worst storms (but not a hurricane) striking this neighborhood. And you're one of the people in caught in the storm.

    Here are the few rules. If you refuse to comply, I will be more than happy to ban you from this RP.

    1. No god-modding, power-gaming, meta-gaming etc.
    2. You can be anyone, but be realistic.
    3. The minimum post length is 5 sentences, not including OOC. Also, be descriptive in your posts. I don't want:
    He ate pizza.
    He left the pizza shop.
    He got in his car.
    4. Romance is allowed, but please "make it realistic, not Degrassi." -lexiuno.
    5. Please use OOC marks for OOC. I don't care whether it's (()) or [OOC][/OOC] or ****, just use them.
    6. Cursing is allowed and actually encouraged to make it more realistic.

    Here's a bit more on the setting:

    The neighborhood is right near the beach and within walking distance is a small, family-owned store that sells all kinds of goods such as groceries and sandwiches. Everyone's house is pretty close to each other's, and many are occupied with families. If you drive 15 minutes away, there is a mountain range.

    It is currently 10:30 A.M; however, storms make it very dark, so keep that in mind.


    Have fun!

    ...And Lexiuno made us a signature!

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    posted a message on [CHILL] The Storm [ALWAYS ACCEPTING]
    ((I'm going on a two-week long vacation today and don't know if/when I'll be able to post. I am appointing Dub a mod and he is the only one who can control my character, but please only control her when necessary. Dankie.))
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    posted a message on What age should kids start dating?
    Quote from krtshv

    17-18, at least.
    Young kids think that every person they have a crush on, every boyfriend / girlfriend they have is "the love of their life".
    Let's just put it simply, kids are small, abnoxious little vermin that have no knowledge or experience whatsoever regarding their life.

    And adults are arrogant, egotistical, self-centered people who feel they have the right to place themselves above anyone they deem subordinate.

    Seriously, stereotypes aren't cool.
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    posted a message on What age should kids start dating?
    People really shouldn't date until after they're married.
    OT: I'm not allowed to date until I graduate highschool, so my lack of experience is probably going to hurt me in the end. I know that's what happened to most of my other siblings.

    As far as my opinion goes, the youngest you should date is probably when you start highschool because most of the people you're around will be older/the same age as you and the relationship will be far more mature along with there being various different kinds of people to learn from.
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