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I was introduced to Minecraft because of my brother, (czilla0912) and haven't stopped playing since. Since then, I grew from newbie to experienced player. The forums can be even more fun than Minecraft itself at times. I am a writer and role-player; you can find me in the roleplay section. I also consider myself some sort of an OTer due to how I often lurk around the Politics News and Science, General Off Topic, and occasionally Culture Media and Arts. I am practically always on the forums, so don't worry when I'm not.The story of how I became the writer I am today is a pretty fun one. Over the summer, I decided to RP for the first time, not completely understanding what it was (like most newbs). Over time, my writing skills improved tremendously and I became a well-known RPer. But as school started and people began to drift away, all the good RPs were being taken over by one-liners. It was a shame for me and my excessive amount of free time, but I'm still breathing. I tend to occupy my time now in the other off-topic threads. I am also the editor for one of my favorite Minecraft books, The Book of the Nether by WayofTime. Well, I hope to get to know you. See you around the forums!

Interests Music, anime, rping, video games, and tea.

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